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.We are an non-governmental organization of youth formed as corporate social responsibility programme of ExcelLink Indonesia based in Indonesia founded on 19th April primarily concerned on youth empowerment and aims to promote awareness among youngsters the importance of their participation in the progress of every nation. We are commited to empower commited and visionary young leaders to contribute together to our nation and environment.

Not only that. especially in Indonesia.Agriculture is an important sector in human life. the progress of the agricultural industry closed to decline. the adoption of technology in agriculture in Indonesia is still weak. Agriculture became an important source of food supplier for the survival of mankind. This is evidenced by the amount of land conversion and a rising rate of poverty among agricultural actors. Ironically. .


2017 organized by Youth Center to Act for Nation and ExcelLink Indonesia.ASEAN Student Youth Camp on Agriculture and Culture is a youth camp and learning programme visiting Thailand on January 25 . Worldclass Ranch Visit Exclusive Dinner Cruise International Student Discussion Agriculture Symposium Cultural Performance .29.

This program is intended throughout Indonesia. especially young students with 16-25 years of age aspiring to possess a global insight and willing to learn more. . They are also intended to intercommunicate with the youth from around the world.

00 16.00 19.00-18.00 18.30-22.00 Activity First Day.00 08. January 29th 2017 Check Out .00 09.00-18.00 14.00-14.00 14.00-21.00-19. prepare.00-14.00-16.00-21. pray Greeting and Welcoming Dinner Second Day. January 28th 2017 Symposium at Agriculture Katsesart University Visiting Royal Jelly and Gem Company Wat Arun Exclusive Cruise Dinner and Closing Ceremony Fifth Day.00 14.00-10.00 18.00-14.30 20.00 09.00 18. January 26th 2017 Pathum Tani Rice Research Center Khao Yai National Park Pray and dinner Third Day.00-20.00-21.00-18.00 09.Time 16. January 25th 2017 Arrival Assistance Check in hotel. January 27th 2017 Chock Chai Farm Saraburi Sunflower Farm Pray and dinner Fourth Day.

Founder and Advisor of YOUCAN Head of Program YOUCAN Treasurer of Program YOUCAN Secretary Of Program YOUCAN Project Graphic of Designer : : : : : Susano Arisandi Habibullah Gaiety Sabilla Aiska Rizki Ramdhani Fadhil Rasyida Nurul Kamilah .

Organisasi independen dengan pembiayaan mandiri. Inilah contoh anak-anak muda yang dapat membangun dan membanggakan Indonesia. Atase Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan KBRI KL . Luar biasa. Organisasi ini harus terus hidup. Nanti akan kami sampaikan kepada Bapak Jokowi dan jajarannya.Sc. Dr. Pasti didukung" Prof. Ir.“"YOUCAN ini luar biasa. Ari Purbayanto M.



Thailand people as well as the friendship ambassadors of both countries.Similarly. this proposal was made as a reference Agricultural and Cultural ASEAN Student Summit Indonesia .Thailand 2017. So it can run well and can ultimately increase the knowledge of Indonesian and Bangkok . th .

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