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Classroom and Laboratory Safety Rules

AP Physics C/AP Calculus BC/Honors Trigonometry/Math Analysis

General Classroom Safety Rules
1) Student tables are used for writing or performing experiments, not sitting on or standing on.
2) All students are to remain seated and listen to any school wide announcement that occurs
during class.
3) In the event of an emergency students are to follow practiced procedures as well as listen for
the directions of the instructor.
4) Students are attentive and listening while the instructor is providing directions for any activity.
5) As this is a laboratory based classroom eating food in class is not allowed.
6) No items are allowed in class which violates any policy set forth in the Parent and Student
7) Students are to refrain from engaging in any activity that may be potentially hazardous to
themselves, or other students.
8) Do not throw items across the roomthe trashcan is not a basket and this is not a basketball
9) Students are to refrain from engaging in any non-class related activity on the iPads. This
includes communicating with other students, playing games, or looking at unauthorized

Laboratory Safety Rules

1) Students will not use, or remove from storage, laboratory equipment outside of the context of a
classroom activity or laboratory procedure, or without the permission of the instructor.
2) Students will follow all laboratory safety procedures regarding a given apparatus or equipment,
covered in the laboratory handout.
3) Students will refrain from bringing any food into any laboratory investigation.
4) In the event of an emergency, students will follow school emergency procedures previously
practiced, as well as any directions provided by the instructor.
5) Students will wear close toed shoes, safety googles when appropriate, and hair ties when
conducting any laboratory experiment.
6) Students will be aware of others in the context of the laboratory experiment, and take care not
to put other students in danger through careless use of equipment.

7) Students are to respect and use laboratory equipment properly; any misuse or unsafe use of
laboratory equipment will result in significant penalties, including, but not limited to, writing a
graded paper on laboratory safety regarding the equipment being utilized.
8) All experiment design labs must be authorized by the instructor before the procedure is
implemented. During this authorization process, we will discuss any safety concerns related to
the procedure.
9) Before conducting any experiment, students are to have passed the school-wide laboratory
safety quiz taken at the start of each year.