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Optimization of a list in Excel with Variables

I have a list of 153 golfers with associated salaries and average scores.
I want to find the combination of 6 golfers that optimizes avg score and keeps salary under $50,000.

Illustrating a solution that is pretty close to what @ErwinKalvelagen suggested.


Column A is the names of the 153 golfers


Column B is the golfers salaries (generated by =RANDBETWEEN(50, 125)*100, filled down, then
Copy/Paste Values)
Column C is the golfers average scores (generated by =RANDBETWEEN(70, 85), filled down,
then Copy/Paste Values)
Column D is a 0 or 1 to indicate if the golfer is included.
Cell F2 is the total salary, given by =SUMPRODUCT(B2:B154,D2:D154)
Cell G2 is the number of golfers, given by =SUM(D2:D154)
Cell H2 is the average score of the team, given by =SUMPRODUCT(C2:C154,D2:D154)/G2
The page looks like this, before setting up Solver ...

The Solver setup looks like this ...

According to the help, it says to use Evolutionary engine for non-smooth problems. In Options, I
needed to increase the Maximum Time without improvement from 30 to 300 (60 may have been good

It took a couple of minutes for it to complete. It reached the solution of 70 fairly quickly, but spent more
time looking for a better answer.

And here are the six golfers it came up with.

Of the golfers with an average of 70, it could have found a lower salary.

In Cell I2 added the formula =F2+F2*(H2-70) which is essentially salary penalized by increases in
average score above 70 ...

... and use the same Solver setup, except to minimize Cell I2 instead of H2 ...

and these are the golfers it chose ...

Again - it looks like there is still a better solution. It could have picked Name97 instead of Name96

This is a simple optimization problem that can be solved using Excel solver (just use "Simplex Lp
solver" -- somewhat of a misnomer as we will use it here to solve an integer programming or MIP
You need one column with 153 binary (BIN) variables (Excels limit is I believe 200). Make sure you add
a constraint to set the values to Binary. Lets call this column INCLUDE; Solver will fill it with 0 or 1
values. Sum these values, and add a constraint with SUMINCLUDE=6. Then add a column with
INCLUDE * SCORE. Sum this column and this is your objective (optimizing the average is the same as
optimizing the sum). Then add a column with INCLUDE*SALARY and sum these. Add a constraint with
SUMSALARY <= 50k. Press solve and done.
I don't agree with claims that Excel will crash on this or that this does not fit within the limits of Excels
solver. (I really tried this out).
I prefer the simplex method above the evolutionary solver as the simplex solver is more suitable for
this problem: it is faster (simplex takes < 1 seconds) and provides optimal solutions (evolutionary
solver gives often suboptimal solutions).
If you want to solve this problem with Matlab a function to look at is intlinprog (Optimization Toolbox).
To be complete: this is the mathematical model we are solving here:

Results with random data: