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#31 FALL 2016
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air War over
the sinai
by kyle Lockwood


he skies over the Sinai Peninsula have seen their fair share of conflict
since the formation of the state of Israel in 1948. Following Israel’s
declaration of independence in May 1948, its Arab neighbors
declared war and launched an invasion of the newly formed Jewish state.
There was limited action over the Sinai during the period, although the
Israelis did launch bombing raids against the Egyptian airfield in El Arish.
The first large-scale air campaign over the Sinai occurred in 1956 during
the Suez Crisis. When the Israelis launched Operation Kadesh, Israeli Air
Force P-51s were used to cut telephones lines in the Sinai Peninsula. Israeli
bombers targeted Egyptian positions, and transport aircraft were used
to drop paratroopers behind Egyptian lines. Aided by French and British
aircraft, the Israelis were able to secure air superiority over the Sinai.
Following the conflict, the United Nations established the UN Emergency
Force (UNEF) that saw the deployment of peacekeepers to the Sinai.
Conflict erupted again over the Sinai in June 1967. Following the expulsion
of the UN peacekeepers from the Sinai, war appeared imminent. The Israelis
launched Operation Focus, a surprise attack on its Arab neighbors. The
surprise attack caught the Egyptians off guard, and within hours hundreds
of Egyptian planes had been destroyed. With the Israelis securing the airspace
over the Sinai, ground forces were able to overwhelm Egyptian troops. The
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America-made P-51 flown by the Israeli Air Force.



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southern Revolution: With the American victory in the northern colonies, Great Britain
diverted its attention south, towards the resource rich Southern colonies to continue its war
against the revolution.
• Pax Romana at Sea
• Chemical Warfare in World War I
• Prelude to the Crimean War


JULY 2017

armies of the White sun: An analysis of the Second Sino-Japanese War, 1937.
• Belisarius & Reconquest of Africa
• Modoc War 1872-1873


• Angolan Air War

• Omani Insurgency 1970

JULY 2017


SEP 2017

• New Orleans, 1815

agricola: Analysis of the Roman general Agricola and the Roman attempt to conquer Caledonia.
• Odyssey of Lew Wallace
• Kircholm 1605 Swedish-Polish War

• Battle of the Somme

cold War Hot armor: Analysis of armor combat operations during the Second Indochina War.
• Barbarian Migrations in the Roman
• Siege of Santa Fe 1680

enduring Freedom: Analysis of the US-led coalition against the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the
aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.
• Iraq-Iran Air War 1980
• Soviets in Egypt 1970-1972


• Breaking the Phalanx: Current Doctrine

Putin’s War: Analysis of Russian military aggression in the 21st century, and the potential conflicts
that may arise between the West and Russia.
• ISIS vs US
• Indo-Pakistan War 1971


MAR 2017

objective Havana: A what-if analysis of combat operations against Castro’s Cuba during the height
of the Cold War.
• Iran-Iraq War1980-1988
• Rise of ISIS



FeaTURe aRTicLes
modern Battles: Analysis of current operations to relieve Mosil from ISIS control
• US Commandos in Korea
• Myth of Modern Airpower

FeaTURe aRTicLes
great northern War: The Swedish Empire rose to power under the military might established
by Gustav Adolphus. By the 18th century, Swedish supremacy in the Baltic was threatened by the
rising power of Russia.
• Battle of Tours
• Nez Perce War
• Nieman Front: Polish-Soviet War
War Returns to europe: An analysis of the breakup of Yugoslavia and military operations in
Slovenia and Croatia in 1991.
• Battle of Culloden
• Battle of Fort Stevens
• The Rise of Islam

• The Lowry Rebellion

• War in Tibet

combat vet: A history of American combat operations during the Vietnam War, and the
influence that conflict had on the future of the US military.
• Russians in Syria
• Asymmetric Warfare
• Terrorism, Insurgency, and
Global Guerilla Warfare
musketeer: Analysis of the Anglo-French invasion of the Sinai Peninsula during the Suez
Crisis in 1956.
• Battle of Mogadishu
• War with China

• Siege of Sarajevo

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FEB 2017


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operation sealion: One of the great what-if’s of World War II. Analysis of Germany’s plan to invade the
British Isles.
• Rommel Drives Deep
• Vella Lavella: Halsey’s South Pacific plan
• First Battle of Tomaszow Lubelski
strike & counterstrike: History of the Soviet counterstrike against the Axis push towards Moscow
in the winter of 1941.
• Polish-Czech Alliance
• 1st Marine Raider Battalion
• I Remember: Op. Market Garden
midway: Analysis of an important turning point in the Pacific War against Japanese aggression.

AUG 2017

• Norwegion Resistance
• Battle of the River Plate
• Nazi Cossacks
commandos solo: History of British commando operations in Northwest Europe 1940-1945.


• The Defense of Java: 1942
• Buffaloes and Alligators

AUG 2017

Bastogne: Analysis of the organization of the US Army in World War II and how it paid off
during the Battle of the Bulge.
• Military Intelligence in the Pacific
• Italian Conquest of British Somalia


OCT 2017

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• German Black Sea Fleet

• Operation Beowulf

escape Hell’s gate: History of the Battle of the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket between German
and Soviet forces during World War II.
• Liberation of Strasbourg
• Serbian Puppet Forces
• Japan’s Death Throes

While the Israelis were able to achieve a higher kill ratio than their Egyptian counterparts. Get 1 Free voucher. The Yom Kippur War was the last conflict between Israel and Egypt. After rebuilding their air fleet and acquiring advanced surface-to-air missiles. we are describing more detail for several of the games further along in development. and we added a new elephant rule to provide for the historical tactic the Romans employed to allow the elephants to pass through their lines. the Egyptian air force was able to counter the Israelis. Now is your opportunity to use those vouchers on almost everything Decision Games and Desert Fox Games have in stock. We are especially proud of the 300th issue of Strategy & Tactics. for a limited time. and in the future F-35s). We’re also making them available in this Dispatch for a purchase of $100 in Decision Games products. While Israel had been receiving significant military aid from the United States following the Six Day War. Zhukov’s War (World at War #50). just tear out the page and send it in). Get 1 Free voucher. Get 1 Free vouchers from the Spring Dispatch. single author publication provides an indepth look at the first 20 months of the WWII East Front conflict with more maps (and 40% longer than our regular magazines). and the West Bank. Third and fourth is what we are calling “Quality Check. You’ll find a star next to any pledge proposal that has pictures online. We also have a great deal (while it lasts!) to obtain all four of our recently released Special Editions along with all the bonuses. He also has a great tutorial series of videos on YouTube. Egypt too began to receive military aid. First is our pledge program survey (especially with regard to whether the new games should enter the pledge program and the series idea). So you could buy five folios for $100 and then get the three Special Editions with a Buy 2. We’re also releasing an update/reprint of Zama from way back in Strategy & Tactics #153 – Zama is part of the Battles of the Ancient World series. We also have D-Day at Tarawa for PC. and utilize variants on the popular Commando Solo mini-game series. The peace treaty proved valuable for both the Israelis and Egyptians. The issue included a retrospective of Strategy & Tactics. Let me take these items one at a time. Following the Camp David Accords. games 3 . the other three games will still be available with a Buy 2. The pledge program is continuing to be upgraded while we are changing our development program to provide more thorough testing and quality checks. with the Israelis having gained control of the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt and Syria attacked Israel commencing the Yom Kippur War. but haven’t used them yet. So. Many of you took advantage of the opportunity to qualify for Buy 2. Following the Six Day War. I’ll also provide an update on the pledge program and an overview of our surveys. bells and whistles. we have a special offer to get all four of these games and publications (along with the map poster) for one low price. a conversion of the D-Day at Tarawa board game (the player handles the Marines while the AI runs the Japanese). while the Egyptians lost over 230 aircraft. The Egyptian air force currently possesses over 220 F-16s (Americanmade fighter jet) as well as a number of other modern fighters and multirole aircraft.Dear Fellow Wargamers: W elcome to our Fall 2016 edition. We’ve eliminated the survey response box (considering 98-99% respond online) but we left a line in front of each question (or a blank space for comments/suggestions) in case you want to make notes before completing the online surveys (or after responding. F-15s.” We’re asking that you rate our S&T Press and DG games that have been released since last summer on several areas so we can gauge how we have been doing this past year in terms of game quality. Get 1 Free vouchers. Look for more information regarding the Yom Kippur War in Modern War #25 with the article “October War” and join the conversation on Facebook! Dispatch #31 | d e c i s i o n Egyptian Air Force planes destroyed during the surprise attack of Operation Focus. there is always a possibility conflict will again erupt over skies of the Sinai. We released three Special Editions this summer. We also released our first Special Interest Publication (aka Book-a-zine) on Barbarossa. We have four new games we are considering for the program. The surveys are set up online and can be completed separately for convenience. The system rules were updated for Chalons a few years ago when we started the folio series. We also updated and enlarged the game from World at War #1 and re-released it as Barbarossa Deluxe. and a unique North African map poster was also published at the same time. Dave produced an excellent folio introductory game on Tannenberg if you haven’t tried his games yet. Desert Fox Games continues to carry many rare and out-of-print games. In this Dispatch. one each for our three magazines: October War (Modern War #25). Check out their extensive collection of back issues of magazine games as well as unique games (some going back to the 1960’s). The Israelis officially declared the loss of 102 aircraft (from both fronts) during the war. Don’t forget SPW Games. On 6 October 1973. We have four surveys online that we would appreciate your feedback. two by Lewis Pilsipher (designer of Britannia) and two from John Poniske (Modern War #24 LZ Albany and others) that we are combining with three others already in the Pledge Program so we can survey interest in an American History series. While we are on the subject of the Buy 2. given the current state of affairs in the Middle East. This single topic. you’ll see we have two new mini-games: Ceres: Operation Stolen Base and Phobos Rising!. the Golan Heights. project developer for Desert Fox Deluxe also provided a 32-page extended designer’s notes and support document that is available on our E-rules page. Second is a follow-up to the HexWar survey we ran in the spring to identify specific games for potential digital conversion. These two games are prequels to the forthcoming Free Mars boxed game. The Israelis also have a number of American-made fighters (F-16s. In the following pages. Once these copies are sold out. While peace remains steadfast between these two nations. and Desert Fox Deluxe (Strategy & Tactics #300). Thanks for all your support! We appreciate your patronage! Doc » continued from page 1 war came to an end on 10 June. a peace treaty was signed between Israel and Egypt in 1979. let me repeat they are good on almost everything from Decision Games and Desert Fox Games (a few exceptions apply – see page 22). They have a great WWI series and are running a 20% off sale. the Israelis and their Arab neighbors fought a low-intensity conflict known as the War of Attrition. six days after the outbreak of hostilities. This issue we are featuring three new games plus an update/reprint of a folio game. Chris Perello. The limited time aspect is that we only have 25 copies of Strategy & Tactics #300 with Desert Fox Deluxe set aside for this Exclusive 4-pack offer (see page 3 for details). losses were significantly higher than previous engagements.

one player or the other gets bonuses. Turns cover one month for most of the year. both portrayed as a point-to-point system (since most of the major actions were fought over key points or lines of communications). victory goes to the one able to carry out the chosen strategy. Strategic options abound for both players. The map scale is 10 miles per hex. with differing penalties or bonuses depending on the chit and side chosen.99 #300 SEP-OCT 2016 FEATURES: The Rommel Factor | Bannockburn | 300 Issues of Strategy & Tactics #25 SEP−OCT 2016 MILITARY HISTORY IN THE MAKING THE STRATEGY & TACTICS OF WORLD WAR II FEATURES: Yom Kippur War: The Sinai Front | Syria’s Blunder | Before Blackhawk Down | The Falklands War #50 OCT−NOV 2016 FEATURES: Zhukov’s War | Zeros vs. During certain turns. application of air and naval power. There are two theaters of operation: Sinai and Golan. The turn sequence is built around a pair of move-fight impulses for each player. American Bombers | The Slovak Uprising | U-Boat Attack Yom Kippur THE 1973War ROMMEL FACTOR Not In Stores Desert Fox Deluxe October War Zhukov's War Desert Fox Deluxe is a combination of two previously published games covering parts of the North African campaign–Desert Fox and Trail of the Fox–expanded with additional rules. one commanding the Israelis.SPECIaL EDItIOn GaMES eXcLUsive 4-PacK oFFeR FoR $189. Fast and furious action alternates with quiet periods as both sides strive to build up forces and supplies. the end of the Soviet winter counteroffensive. October War is a wargame of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. One side allows the player to move first and attack. Axis satellite corps. from July 1942 . units. and initiative determination.July 1943. two months during winter. the end of the first German offensive. but with a twist. Turns cover one month each. There are two players in the game. but allows for large units to break down into smaller units. and finally the end of the game after the final German summer offensive. Each chit allows a player to move and attack. and maps to cover the war in the North African desert from the Italian invasion of Egypt in 1940 to the Allied clearance of Africa in 1943. with specialist battalions and a few Italian and Vichy French divisions. and the game emphasizes critical factors of the conflict. with separate phases for events altering the situation (like the frequent Commonwealth campaigns elsewhere in the Middle East). allowing selection of the first chit to open the action. The turn sequence is built around the random drawing of chits to determine who moves first. and the other the Arabs. contents • • • • Two 22” x 34” maps & one 11” x 17” map 560 counters Magazine with historical background BonUs map Poster contents • Two 22 x 34 inch maps • 352 counters • Magazine with historical background $60 $70 contents • Two 22 x 34 inch maps • 352 counters • Magazine with historical background $60 4 Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n games . Covering the pivotal middle period of the titanic struggle between Hitler's Germany and Stalin's USSR. the other side flips the sequence. Logistics is a paramount consideration given the vast distances. The map covers the eastern front from Leningrad to the Sea of Azov at 20 miles per hex. while units are mostly regiments and brigades. representing organizational flexibility and cohesion. Chits come in several varieties. while maintaining a reserve to contain sudden enemy action or exploit an opportunity. Most units are Soviet armies and German divisions. The game is driven by drawing of event markers that represent major tactical and strategic factors that affected the course of the campaign historically. Victory may occur at one of three times during the game.

Operations Blue & Kremlin. It was broken following a Carthaginian attack on a stranded Roman fleet in the Gulf of Tunis.95 $19. Made & Printed in U.S. with the Carthaginians led by Hannibal.decisiongames. while for the Soviets they’re armies. and fleets. designed by Ty Bomba. Inc. and elephants are included. Special rules for leadership. colonial loyalties European balance of power. Both scenarios begin with full historical set ups. Stores All Rights NEW Barbarossa Deluxe The American Revolution A strategic-level. Despite being outnumbered. the Carthaginian homeland. Each turn represents a year. fortresses. social. With that victory the Romans had effectively won the war. including the Caribbean region and Atlantic Ocean. There’s a full campaign game. Rules cover: politics in North America and Britain. www. if the Soviet player is able to carry out his strategic comeback more efficiently than did historic counterparts during the second half of the war.decisiongames. Decision Games. The opposing armies met near the town of Zama. if the German player is able to do significantly better than his historic counterparts by advancing so quickly he causes the overall political. What If: Manstein’s Gambit. Each extra-large hexagons on the two-sheet map represents 55 miles. economic and military collapse of the Soviet Union. and honors of war Zama is a simulation of the climactic battle of the Second Punic War: the decisive struggle between the Roman Republic and Carthage for control of the Western Mediterranean.95 Contents • • • • Two 22” x 34” maps 352 counters 32-page full color rules booklet 116-page campaign analyses with over 20 maps $65 Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n games Zama contents 5 . while the other leads the Americans along with their French and Spanish Allies. Zama is part of DG’s Battles of the Ancient World series. Made & Printed in U. Playing time for the campaign scenario is about eight hours. with each experiencing triumphs and defeats.000 men) of regulars. Inc. 1942-45. one of history’s greatest commanders. the Romans were able to defeat the Carthaginians. while the short scenario can be fought through in half the time. covering the entire Russo-German STRATEGY & TACTICS 297 | MAR–APR 2016 Not In CopyRight © 2016. Designed by Joseph Miranda (originally published in Strategy & Tactics 270). The Road Back. All Rights Reserved. two-player “mini-monster” of intermediate complexity. and What If: 1942 (assuming the war didn’t start until a year after its historic date). C1 www. along with individual leaders of general and admiral rank.A.S. Hessians. a ceasefire was negotiated. Decision Games. along with a short scenario that ends in 1778. massacres. is a strategic two-player wargame of intermediate complexity. Each brigade-equivalent unit of maneuver represents two to four battalions (about 1. 1942. 1943. the game may again end earlier than it did historically. partisans. contents • One 22” x 34” map • 228 counters • 16-page full color rules booklet • 17 x 22” map • 100 die-cut counters • One Standard & Exclusive Rules booklet for this series $34. Indian sovereignty. militia or Indians. that emphasizes simple but realistic design features to show critical aspects of classical era combat. The large-size counters provide corps as primary units of maneuver for the Germans. Play may end sooner than the historic termination time.5004. Following the Battle of the Great Plains in 203 BC. One player commands the British. The two nations clashed for over a decade. Roman General Scipio Africanus led an invasion force into North Africa. Likewise.eXcULsive oFFeR save $66 The American Revolution Decision in North America Copyright © 2016. missile fire. 1943. sieges. There are six scenarios include: the Grand Campaign. The full order of battle is the most complete ever published in any simulation at this level. 1941-45. Operation Citadel. The point-to-point map depicts all of North America from the Mississippi east.A. It covers the entire struggle (1775-82) at the continental and intercontinental levels. Determined to finally win the war. The war began in 218 BC.

Four increasingly difficult missions must be completed to win the campaign game.A. Your success will help ensure Mars is secure from Earth Federation forces and ready to support the Rebel fleet gathering Copyright © 2016. Quick to play. The player must complete one of four missions to win a scenario.decisiongames. Merrill’s Marauders is a solitaire game covering missions behind Japanese lines in the Burmese jungle by Merrill’s Marauders and British Chindits. four increasingly difficult missions must be completed to win the MINI GaM GaMe ser erIIes campaign game. All Rights Reserved.A. A game ends when the player is unable to complete a mission. a unique Operation Stolen Base card system counts down the time remaining and provides challenges and opportunities at every orbit. shop. Success means Mars has been secured and the Martian Revolution. Combat is resolved using a quasitactical system with opposing units taking turns firing at one another.S. Made & Printed in U. Your task force must defeat the earth federation ships in the area and seize the primary surface base. additional ships arrive and pods are constructed to increase strength and Ceres: technological capabilities. Decision Games. Operations points are expended to recruit the special ops team.A. Combat is resolved using a quasitactical system with opposing units taking turns firing at one another. Made & Printed in U. Inc. Copyright © 2015. Made & Printed in U. along the way. shop. Insurgency on Mars Your team will be able to recruit additional members. ire a t i l So Minutes to learn. and acquire shuttles to speed movement. Quick to play. shop. Victory can increase the number of operations points available. Decision Games. A deck of event cards controls the opposition forces (OPFOR).The player starts with a handful of team members and a few gear enhancements. .com 2015_SF_Minis_Covers-v2. Each mission card grants the player a specified number of operations points to reach certain objectives. Decision Games. Decision Games. Historically Accurate. Inc. Moving across a map MINI GaM GaMe ser erIIes depicting the Martian geography from Olympus Mons to Valles Marineris. MINI GAME SERIES Merrill’s Marauders Commandos in Burma 1943-1944 it [Sol Minutes to learn.indd 4 6 aire New 5/16/16 3:30 PM Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n games ] The game uses the Commando series rules. Quick to play. but heavy losses can reduce them. Quick to Play.AVAILABLE NOW Folio & Mini Game Series minutes to Learn.decisiongames. or complete all four progressively more difficult missions to win the campaign game. Operations points are expended to recruit the special ops team. A deck of event cards controls the opposition forces (OPFOR).com Copyright © 2016. then to move and attack on the map. Earth Federation forces will attempt to stop Phobos Rising! the team from completing its missions. In this game the player takes command of a Rebel team attempting to complete missions critical to initiating the Free Mars Revolution.S.decisiongames. Inc. All Rights Reserved. New Copyright © 2015. Each mission card grants the player a specified number of operations points to reach certain objectives. or complete all four progressively more difficult missions to win the campaign game. A unique card system counts down the time remaining and provides both challenges and opportunities at every turn.indd 2 5/16/16 3:30 PM Phobos rising! insurgency on mars merrill’s marauders 1943-1944 Phobos Rising! Insurgency on Mars is a solitaire game depicting the heroic actions of an elite team attempting to secure key facilities on Mars. obtain specialized gear to enhance skills. ceres: operation stolen Base long range Desert group 1941-1942 Ceres: Operation Stolen Base is a solitaire game depicting the actions of an elite rebel task force attempting to seize the largest source of water in the Solar System shortly after the outbreak of the free Mars revolution.decisiongames. Minutes to learn. Inc. shop. A game ends when the player is unable to complete a mission. Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) is a solitaire game covering British commando operations against the Axis forces in North Africa.S. then to move and attack on the 2015_SF_Minis_Covers-v2.A.S. Victory can increase the number of operations points available. air Solit e In this game the player takes command of a rebel task force attempting to complete missions critical to securing the Ceres water base. MINI GAME SERIES Long Range Desert Group Special Operations Against Rommel 1941-1942 it [Sol aire ] LRDG uses the Commando series rules. begins with a general uprising across the colonies bases and ships in the Solar System. Minutes to learn. depicted at the start of the Free Mars game. Made & Printed in U. Historically Accurate. The player must complete one of four missions to win a scenario. but heavy losses can reduce them. All Rights Reserved. Quick to play. Your success will ensure Mars and other colonies have a major source of water for survival and the earth federation will be forced to haul water up the deep and costly gravity well from earth. All Rights Reserved.

The Allied player has to clear German East Africa and control all the supply centers on the board. Aircraft are rated by type for combat power. with combat hinging on unit quality more than numbers. each enabling certain actions. and a deck of cards controlling the communists. and bombload. Artillery and cavalry have distinct Latest Crop of "Miranda's Minis" $12. The US player has to bomb crucial targets in North Korea. A Union army ascending the Red River to take the Trans-Mississippi Confedreacy’s “capital” was caught strung out while marching. Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n games 7 . while leaders accentuate combat power. with combat hinging on unit quality more than numbers. Wilson’s Creek covers the first major battle of the Civil War west of the Mississippi. while the surprised British can react only slowly. while the Communist player tries to inflict maximum losses. and Israeli forces to seize the Suez Canal and remove Gamel Nasser from power. speed. Colonial militia. with combat hinging on unit quality more than numbers. light infantry. with the player commanding the allied units and a deck of cards controlling the Egyptians. A British failure will leave Burgoyne isolated deep in enemy territory. the Germans have speed and initiative. The Americans arrive on separate routes in a deep fog. Germantown covers the 1777 attack by George Washington’s Continental Army at the British force occupying Philadelphia. The QuickPlay rules portray warfare during the muzzle-loading era. Artillery. each enabling certain actions. The game uses the solitaire Cold War Blitz mini-game rules.PLACE ORDER online at shop. while leaders accentuate combat power. with combat hinging on unit quality more than numbers. The Confederates must win quickly before the Union host gathers. with players holding a hand of cards.95 each Lettow-Vorbeck covers the East African campaign of 1914-18. The QuickPlay rules portray warfare during the muzzle-loading era. The player also has a deck of cards to enhance unit capability and to control the length of the game (but the Egyptian cards can affect it too). and riflemen add differing capabilities to each army. Khe Sanh ‘68 covers the 1968 siege of the US firebase by communist forces in Vietnam. The QuickPlay rules portray warfare during the muzzleloading era. and light infantry add differing capabilities to each army. The game uses the Air Wars mini-game rules. Suez ‘56 covers the 1956 invasion of Egypt by British.95 each Quick Play Mini Series $9. Artillery and cavalry have distinct functions. cavalry. The QuickPlay rules portray warfare during the muzzle-loading era. First Saratoga covers the first attempt by Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne to break through an American line during his drive down the Hudson River in 1777. The Allies have the numbers. Mansfield was a collision south of Shreveport. with players holding a hand of cards. while grenadiers. while the German has to avoid both outcomes. Louisiana. The player also has a deck of cards to enhance unit capability and to control the length of the game (but the communist cards can affect it too). while grenadiers. Colonial militia. The game uses the solitaire Cold War Blitz mini-game rules.decisiongames. Nathaniel Lyons’ ounumbered Federals must strike quickly at the disorganized Confederates to gain the upper hand before weight of numbers tells. The game uses the Hand of Destiny mini-game rules. and Confederate mounted infantry have distinct functions. French. Artillery and cavalry have distinct functions. with the player commanding US and ARVN units. MiG Alley covers the air war over North Korea in 1951.

19 Feb . WWII and Modern. The series takes only minutes to learn and once one game is played. Shiloh: Grant Surprised Stone River: Turning Point in Tennessee 19th Century Battles Pedregal: Santa Anna At Bay BattleS of Ancient World Chickamauga: River of Death Frayser’s Farm: Wasted Opportunity Pea Ridge: St . 1941-42 Merrill's Marauders: Commandos in Burma.d & Printed Napoleonic Battles Saalfeld: 10 October 1806 in U. lit air e] rate. 40 counters and a rules sheet.S. Saladin American Civil War Chantilly: Jackson’s Missed Opportunity 1 Sept 1862 Salem Church: East of Chancellorsville 3-4 May 1863 Mansfield: Crisis in the Pine Barrens 8 April 1864 Wilson's Creek: Opening Round in the West 10 Aug 1861 Hand of Destiny Khyber Rifles: Britannia in Afghanistan Custer’s Final Campaign: 7th Cavalry at Little Bighorn Air Wars Eagle Day: The Battle of Britain Cactus Air Force: Air War Over the Solomons MiG Alley: Air War Over Korea 1951 Commando Congo Merc: The Congo 1964 Border War: Angola Raiders Long Range Desert Group: Special Operations Against Rommel. The eras covered are: Ancient. Fire & Movement World War I for WWI battles.A. AD 533-534 Chalons: The Fate of Europe Zama: Hannibal vs Scipio Marengo: Morning Defeat. 19 th century. 1943-44 Sci-Fi Battles for the Galactic Empire VISIT OUR SITE FOR MORE INFO @ SHOP. & Pike & Shot for early gunpowder battles) with a short Exclusive rules sheet for each individual game to capture the unique aspects of each battle.17 Mar 1945 Kasserine: Baptism of Fire Saipan: Conquest of the Marianas Scheldt: The Devil’s Moat Shanghai Incident: 28 January -2 March 1932 El Alamein: Rommel at Alam El Halfa Mortain Counterattack: The Drive to Avranches Modern Battles DMZ: The Next Korean War Golan: The Syrian Offensive Lebanon ‘82: Operation Peace for Galilee Naktong Bulge: Breaking the Perimeter Showdown: The Coming Indo-Pakistani War Musket & Saber Napoleonic Battles RIES E SE AM IG MIN MINI SERIES up rt Gro el m Dese Rom nge inst g Ra s Aga tion Lon 942 pera ial O Spec Musket & Saber Quick Play American Revolution Battles First Saratoga: Burgoyne’s Gambit 19 Sept 1777 Germantown: Washington Strikes 4 Oct 1777 -1 1941 [So tes to Minu ick to . ngame n Games ecisio Decisio shop. y Accu ricall Histo ed. Quick to Play Ava i l a bl e n o w Complete your collection today! The Folio Game Series provides dozens of games using the same 8-page Standard rules (Musket & Saber for 19 th century battles. Battles of the Medieval World for medieval battles. Afternoon Victory Leipzig: Napoleon Encirlced American Civil War The Mini Game Series provides a variety of introductory games that are designed to be played in about an hour.DecisionGames.Folio Game Series & Mini Game Series Minutes to Learn. Made Reserv All Rights s. Inc. players can immediately play other scenarios with the same standard rules. Then Huzzah! 8 Pike & Shot Early Gun Powder Battles Breitenfeld: Enter the Lion of the North Pavia: Climax of the Italian Wars Battles of Medieval World Acre: The Third Crusade Opens Arsuf: Lionheart vs. 58-52 BC Belisarious’s War: The Roman Reconquest of Africa. Battles of the Ancient World. Some games come with cards that drive the action with various commands and events. Each game includes an 11 x 17 inch map sheet. Fire & Movement for 20 th century battles. games Cold War Blitz Suez '56: Anglo-French Intervention Khe Sanh '68: Marines Under Siege Sci-Fi Ceres: Operation Stolen Base Phobos Rising! . Some titles also include 18 mini cards. August 1914 Vimy Ridge: Arras Diversion World War II Battles Aachen: First to Fall Arnhem: The Farthest Bridge Bastogne: A Desperate Defense Cauldron: Battle For Gazala Crusader: Battle for Tobruk Iwo: Bloodbath in the Dispatch #31 | d e c i s i o n 19th Century Battles Molino Del Rey: Gateway to Mexico City 8 Sept 1847 Ancient Wars Caesar’s War: The Conquest of Gaul. Qu learn ght © Copyri 2015. Each game can be played in about 90 minutes allowing for multiple games to be played in an afternoon or evening. FOLIO SERIES Fire & Movement World War I Battles Gaza 1917: Gateway to Jerusalem Loos: The Big Push Masuria: Winter Battle 1915 Meuse Argonne: The Final Offensive Suez 1916: Ottoman Strike Tannenberg: East Prussia. play.

95 1618 Showdown: Indo-Pakistani Dispatch #31 | d e c i s i o n games 9 .95 1604 Chickamauga 19.95 1612 Bastogne 19. Box 21598 | Bakersfield CA 93390 | shop.95 1723 First Saratoga 9.95 1714 1715 Long Range Desert Group Merrill’s Marauders 12.95 1602 Marengo 19.95 12.95 1609 Cauldron 19.O.95 1615 Golan 19. RES.95 1718 Khe Sahn ‘68 12.95 1635 Shanghai Incident 19.95 1621 Breitenfeld 21. South America.95 1607 Shiloh 19.95 1707 Congo Merc 12.95 1623 Pea Ridge 19.95 1624 Pedregal 19.95 1708 Border War: Angola 12.95 1626 Lebanon ‘82 19.95 1724 Germantown 9.5%) + country (UPS or USPS) Shipping + Phone TOTAL ORDER = Zip email VISA/Mc/disc (ONLY)# Signature Exp. 7.95 1717 Suez ‘56 12.95 1639 Zama 19. International ships USPS only.95 1722 Wilson’s Creek 9.95 1706 Cactus Air Force 12.95 1709 Saalfeld 9.95 1630 1631 Iwo (Solitaire) Masuria 19.95 1617 DMZ: Next Korean War 19.95 1716 MiG Alley 12.95 Stones River 19.95 19.95 1625 Loos 1915 19.95 1711 Chantilly 9.95 1638 Battles for Galactic Empire 19.95 1633 Suez 1916 19.95 1636 El Alamein 19.95 1627 Vimy Ridge 19.95 1705 Eagle Day 12.decisiongames.95 1614 Crusader 19. Asia LIMITED TIME OFFER! Earn One Buy 2 Get 1 Free Voucher with each product purchase over $100 ONLINE ORDER* *Discount not reflected at checkout.95 1620 Arsuf 19. a sales representative will review each order & apply any discounts.95 9. & CVV (661) 587-9633 | (661) 587-5031 fax | P.95 1713 Lettow-Vorbeck 12.95 1603 Leipzig 24.95 1702 Belisarius’s War 12.95 1628 Meuse-Argonne 19.95 1634 Gaza 1917s 19.95 1701 Caesar’s Wars: Gallia 12. Folio / Mini Special Shipping* UPS One rate for number of games shipped per the chart below.95 1720 1721 Phobos Mansfield 12. Further details & exceptions on page 22. Envelope Shipping: 1-2 folios/ 1-3 minis Name Address City.95 1619 Acre 19.95 1719 Ceres 12.95 1703 Khyber Rifles 12.95 1637 Mortain Counterattack 19.95 1712 Salem Church 9.the Decision Games folio/mini series QTY Stock # FOLIO SERIES Title Price TOTAL QTY Stock # Title Price TOTAL MINI SERIES 1601 Chalons 19. State Subtotal TAX (CA.95 1610 Kasserine 19.95 Custer’s Final Campaign 12.95 1710 Molino Del Rey 9.95 1704 1605 1606 Frayser’s Farm 19. $15 UPS Ground $40 Europe 25 Canada 45 Australia $8 USPS Priority Mail (1-2 folios/ 1-3 minis) 45 UK 24 Canada Priority Int'l Mail (1-2 copies) Pacfic Rim 34 World Priority Int'l Mail (1-2 copies) 38 SHIPPING CHARGES US ships UPS Ground.95 1629 Battle of the Scheldt 19.95 1611 Saipan 19.95 1613 Aachen 21.95 1616 Naktong Bulge 19.95 1622 Pavia 19.95 USPS International Box Shipping: 3 or more games 40 Canada 60 Australia 50 Europe.95 1632 Tannenberg 19.

. australia.0) The ‘45 The Forgotten War Korea Thirty Year’s War Quad USN Deluxe Wacht am Rhein War in the Pacific War in the Pacific Extension Wellington’s Victory Dg Box games Adv. Pacific Theater Ops Africa Orientale Italy Exp Atlantic Wall Axis Empires: Dai Senso! Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg! Battle Cry of Freedom Battles of the Ancient World: Vol II Battles of the Ancient World: ALL Beyond the Urals Cherkassy Pocket China: Middle Kingdom D-Day at Peleliu Drive on Stalingrad Emp 1st/Nap 1st Battles Empires at War Empires of the Middle Ages Fly Circus Bomb & Camp Exp Fly Circus Complete Set Flying Circus (Basic) Highway to the Reich Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest Land Without End Leningrad Lightning: D-Day Lightning: North Africa Lightning: Poland Lightning: War on Terror Luftwaffe Napoleon at Waterloo Napoleon’s 1st Battles Napoleon’s Last Battles (2015) Nine Navies War NUTS! Bulge-Card (N/S) Operation Kremlin Over the Top! Pacific Battles.5%) + (UPS oR USPS) ShiPPing + TOTAL ORDER = FLat RatE SHIPPInG CHaRGES US ships UPS Ground. asia LIMITED TIME OFFER! earn one Buy 2 get 1 Free voucher with each product purchase over $100 onLine oRDeR*: PLACE ORDER ON PAGE 24 or online at Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n games *Discount not reflected at checkout.b OX G a M E L I St I n G QTY TiTLe PRice ToTaL QTY 10 120 35 240 120 120 50 40 80 25 50 60 60 60 50 40 120 40 55 23 170 120 50 25 20 20 23 20 50 30 40 60 50 40 40 50 50 PRice Patton’s First Victory RAF Rebels & Redcoats Vol 1 Rebels & Redcoats Vol 2 Seven Days Battles Storm of Steel (updated) Struggle Galactic Empire (v 2. 1 TiTLe ToTaL 30 80 50 50 40 160 60 40 50 40 80 160 420 40 160 SUbtotal TAX (CA. 7. vol. $16 UPS Ground (USPS Priority Mail add $5) 33 Canada 37 South america 47 europe.decisiongames. Further details & exceptions on page 22. RES. International ships USPS only. a sales representative will review each order & apply any discounts.

Covers the strategic and production aspects of Der Weltkrieg Series for WWI and completes the Weltkrieg series. The series covers all of World War I in Europe and the Middle East using a standard system with rules that apply to all its games. May 1917 (10th Isonozo).Greece: 1915-18. XXXX XX 8th available from Improve Communication Deal with Mistakes Understand Reality Handle Subordinates Leverage Technology Avoid Failure Decision Games | Po box 21598 | bakersfield. Gorlice-Tarnow Breakthrough. $69. aVailaBle from 4 4 For more info visit shop. Watch them now and see for yourself. The 1916 Brusilov Offensive Romania: Transylvanian Gambit. $79. By learning how to play Tannenberg.95 $63. October 1917 (Caporetto) and June 1918 (Albrecht and Radetzky).95 $95.95 OttOMan FROnt Five separate scenarios $63. each covering a major WWI campaign fought in France or Belgium.Gallipoli: 1915 and Makadoya Cephesi . and the system recreates intense combat and lulls.spwgame. Irak Cephesi . Galicia: The Forgotten Cauldron.Mesopotamia: 1914-18. First is the representation of terrain the maps use hexside rather than in-hex depictions.95 Contains five different games: Kalfas Cephesi . The series uses simple systems. That triples the amount of information on the map while adding realism and accuracy to movement and combat.95 ItaLIan FROnt: 1915-1918 Contains five scenarios: May 1915 (1st Isonzo).95 tHE WEStERn FROnt: 1914-1918 SPW introduces Tannenberg: The Introductory Game is an easy way to get into the Der Weltkrieg series.t 250B% ox Se OFF 20% OFLOFW ES BE M E GA H T ON Introductory Game to the Der Weltkrieg Series GAMES IN THE SERIES tHE EaStERn FROnt: 1914-1917 PLUS Rules to Link the Games PLUS East Front Campaign Game Contains six different games: Tannenberg: Eagles in the East. Tannenberg is also a great way to get first-timers into wargaming.95 $19.95 components: • 140 Backprinted Counters • One 17in x 22in Map • One 16 page Rulebook • Ziplock Format Watch the Step by Step Videos at www. which accurately depicts the effects of combat action and attrition. and they give examples from the game. SinaiFilistin Cephesi: $23.95 + shipping 6Lw 2 6 easy to Read and easy to apply ideas on How To: X 3R 2 1 XX 8 5 8 5 5 8 2 4 XX XX 4 25 ” — Brian Guinn President of 4G Companies A diversified merchant bank headquartered in Dallas. and get into one of the most playable and innovative systems available.95 +SHIPPInG $39. $119. Serbia the Defiant. Losses are by strength point. representing the need to replenish ammunition. May 1916 (Strafexpedition). Find Paths to Success Improve Performance Develop Leadership Handle Risk Plan Successfully Maximize Productivity Deal with Conflicts 8 1 i recommend it to any executive who wants to unravel the lessons of the past and apply them to the challenges of today.Caucasus: 1914-17. Canakkale Cephesi. Follow the introductory videos on the SPW website. $49. The rules are short and to the point. For a low price you can experience why so many rate Der Weltkrieg among their favorites. Units can’t fully attack or defend without supplies.95 tHE GRanD CaMPaIGn Connects the other titles in Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n games 11 . The video tutorials are an easy way to learn.DecisionGames. Ca 93390 (661) 587-9633 | sales@decisiongames. Not a stand alone game.95 $55. Supply is simple and effective. and it’s not odds dependent. Contains six scenarios. $ Conquer the Business Battlefield! (Media / Tutorial Videos) is able to really draw fascinating parallels “ Dave between history and the business world of today. you will know how to play the others. The combat system takes into account every strength point.

enlarged and updated third edition) New editions of the D-Day series: Omaha. PLEDGE PROGRAM UPDATE (01 Oct 16) After nearly 15 years. The game with the most interest of any project in the fall survey was Imperium Romanum III. Our fall survey also revealed why we were getting a mixed message regarding the Star Force trilogy. it was clear Alpha Centauri was the draw and Star Soldier not so much. This was a tough category with many war game customers either loving the entire category or fully in the store section and manage your pledge account personally. It is up to our customers to place pledge orders to move them forward. Once we separated the three original titles. We have been surveying our customers to determine what games to keep in the program as well as what priority to give to categories/lines/series (D-Day. Some games. It was time to start over. and a mix of components. make changes or updates to your list or customer information.decisiongames. We have decided to work on a series of games focused on topics from American History. Updates about shipping are included in our What’s New page. visit the pledge area of the Decision Games Shop. The magazine game update/reprint category will not be part of the pledge program.) The Decision Games Pledge Program has published many games over the past 15 years. Campaign for North Africa was already given a green light for completion and is underway however the GOSS series has priority for Doug Johnson. We will use the order totals to determine priorities. and provide feedback in the Dispatch survey about this new line. The science fiction category received one green light for Star Force: Alpha Centauri plus Free Mars being added to the pool. and Advanced ETO (2e) were all selected for the future pool and designers are being recruited (Eric Harvey is already on board for AETO2). We will add games to the Pledge Program through the surveys we conduct. We will be proceeding with selected updates/ reprints as our print schedule permits. Pledge orders will receive up to a 25% discount from the final retail price. War in Europe. review the pictures of may of the games/kits. First World War. This project was fast-tracked for publication in 2017. We encourage you to take a look at the online pledge section. The Wellington’s Victory series came in fourth and two games (Quatre Bras and Austerlitz) will be added to the future pool. The 12 highest rated topic was Lucky Forward (green light) while the next two (Operation Mars and Alamein) in the polling will go into the pool for future selection. Doug has recently finished a thorough update of the GOSS system rules as well as updating all of the Exclusive rules (these can be found on the E-rules page for DG boxed games). we are listing the projects that are active in design and development first. and soliciting additional designs to fill in the series. The remaining games appear to have interest. Dispatch #31 | d e c i s i o n games . Too many games and other projects were in the program for years without moving forward. The GOSS series was close behind. possibly reprinting various magazine issue games and Special Editions. and Wellington’s Victory). a science-fiction line. but whether they have enough support to merit publication will be determined by future pledge orders. So we’ll start with Alpha Centauri and let the pledge orders determine whether we go on to Outreach. a category of SPI and other game updates. like Westward Ho! And Rails to Victory may double the component set and will be intended for 4-6 players. We’re still searching for an Associate Game Developer to head up this category (check the What’s New page on the DG site of you’re interested and want to know the part-time job requirements). let’s review the categories. Designer Joe Youst is already working on the Iwo Jima and Lucky Forward designs. We will be retooling some past designs (Westward Ho! and Rails to Victory). but maintain a co-operative or co-opetition basis for the games in general. We will provide estimated pricing based on the latest information we have about the game components and print pricing however the final price is subject to change (largely due to the variable costs of paper and shipping). 2016-published Barbarossa Deluxe (zip-lock enlarged update of World at War #1 Barbarossa) Decision in North America: The American Revolution (zip-lock update of S&T#270) 2016-Releasing now Zama (update of S&T#153 game in BAW folio series with Chalons-style counters ) 2017 Imperium Romanum III (boxed. a deck of cards. For your convenience. Third was the variety update group. check your list. GOSS. He will return to developing CNA in October. Summarizing.D ecisio n P ledge progr a m Pledge Program Overview The Decision Games Pledge Program is an online preorder system for gamers to “pledge” their support to purchase future games thereby directing our efforts to the games customers have the most interest in seeing published. and a Euro-style line. This led to six games being given the green light to start or continue design and development with a goal of publishing all six games in 2017-2020. and Peleliu Olympic & Coronet (zip-lock update of World at War #27 game) 2018-2020 Alamo to Appomattox Campaign for North Africa D-Day at Iwo Jima Lucky Forward: The Lorraine Campaign (GOSS) Star Force: Alpha Centauri 2021+ It’s up to you! Register now at shop. (Pledge orders close when components start arriving in our warehouse and begin collecting payments. then the games that need further support before they can move into design and development. Chris Perello will finish development of Alamo to Appomattox (a green light game) and then we’ll see what the situation is for a WV sequel. Accounts that are not kept current will have their pledge orders cancelled so that we keep accurate count of pledge orders. the six games in the 2017-2020 “green light” group are moving forward in design and development. We’ll continue to use future Dispatch surveys to review game proposals for inclusion in the Pledge Program. The Euro-style category is also tough due to our main focus being on war games/conflict simulations and in part because the titles are all over the place topic-wise. The D-Day series proved most popular so the game idea with the most interest (Iwo Jima) went into the green light set. Tarawa. First. Pledges are a commitment to purchase a game when published and current payment information is required in order to make pledges— credit card information must be kept current in order to maintain a pledge order. The other games will be reviewed annually to determine whether they will move up to the green light group. adding some new designs (Bleeding Kansas and Company Clash will join Banana Wars – all designs from John Poniske). To pledge for additional games. plus too many pledge orders were not completed when games were published. we decided to reboot our pledge program in 2014. Our intent for the line is to bring a more historical flavor to each game (rather than the traditional Euro-games with just a thematic element but little if any history simulation). Our goal is create games for 2 players with a folio-sized map.

1857. Pledge $60). B3. There will also be some specialized units. Est. This will have several different races of sentient beings. A deck of cards will generate specialized capabilities for each sentient race as well as game events. cities and locales. and a campaign scenario. 12-16 counter sheets. Zhukov’s Grand offensive to destroy the German 9th Army still at the gates of Moscow. Discussion about the components resulted in adoption of an enlarged map (3 map sheets versus 1 ½ in the original and second edition) and larger combat unit counters (678 large combat counters plus 200 half-inch markers). Retail $200 (Est. 12 counter sheets. Est. Pledge $150). Est. B5. Game units will include: star forces (four ships each). such as local forces of varying capability. Retail $200 (Est. This game would recreate the uncertainty faced by 13 . Pledge $120). Beyond the ACW proper. the fight for Tractor Factory. Est. Retail: $100 (Est. B7. Ty Bomba is working on the design. Some other new features will include markers for deserted/ruined cities and an optional plague rule. These short campaigns will give new players an excellent place to start playing and veteran players will have two scenarios that can be finished in an evening. Austerlitz. streamlined but realistic procedures allow the realistic portrayal of unit assignment and supply expenditure. 560 counters. One mounted map. there will be a method for generating alternative starting times and situations for the Civil War. streamlined rules plus the complete AOI add-on. First World War. and star soldier strike commands. reflected in different capabilities and objectives. Est. This game is currently in design. 55 cards. full color play aid cards. A3. An update of the SPI classic. Doug Johnson (developer) has thoroughly updated the GOSS system rules along with the Exclusive rules for the first three GOSS games (those are posted on the E-rules section). War in Europe. Fort Driant. Cairo. card stock ships and stands. This game should start alpha testing in January —contact Doc. Smaller scenarios for Mount Suribachi and the Amphitheater would be included. Retail: $160 (Est. This GOSS series game would present Third Army’s Fall 1944 offensive to just before the Germans launch their Ardennes Offensive further north. Joseph Miranda has started the design work. star gates. Est. conducting operations. Star Force Alpha Centauri covers the initial human penetration into interstellar space. The battles of Metz.PLEDGE GAMES for 2017-2020 A1. Rules for Japanese banzai charges and the tunnel network would be created to show the nature of fighting on this volcanic island. naval zones. a Mexican-American War mini-game. gathering intelligence. industry. Two-plus USMC divisions drive to clear the volcanic island. Play test kits with the new components are expected in September. Three to four maps. A4. with new updated graphics and artwork! AETO2 will feature an improved map set. allowing for the linking of individual scenarios into one grand game. navigable and non-navigable rivers. A thorough update of the ground system to better simulate the blitzkrieg in the west. Lucky Forward: The Lorraine Campaign (6 Sep-13 Dec 1944). We expect to release in Q3 2017. Retail: $80 (Est. Nine maps plus several half. B4. A2A is a grand strategy game of the American Civil War in the style of Krieg! Map includes terrain. Air and naval units will be included. weapons packs for star forces. One mounted map board. Pledge $225). This game is starting alpha testing. operations on the Eastern front. Three maps. GOSS series game. Campaign for North Africa (SPI). Pledge $150). Est. The map has been given a graphic update.11 Nov 42). Pledge $120). Campaign Analysis. B6. Est. This project was fast-tracked for publication in 2017. The air war is updated and enhanced and the OOB presents the latest research with all units at a battalion level (armor in companies and air units in squadrons). B2. strategic objectives. The new design will include a new map at the same scale but specifically created for this WWI conflict. A6. there are two introductory scenarios: Alamo. each with their own psychology. Stalingrad (solitaire). with the map showing the local group of stars in three dimensions. 16 counter sheets. Retail: $80 (Est. Advanced ETO (2e) will be a thorough update of the popular AETO game. The game would mate to Wacht am Rhein (2012). But the Axis forces might have broken through and continued on to Alexandria. Many scenarios will be included along with a Grand Campaign scenario. illustrated rules booklet. and the Suez Canal. Designer Eric Harvey has completed most of the design work for this update. Scenarios will include start dates of 1853. There is no paperwork or data tracking in this remake of the SPI classic. enabling a player to tailor his emphasis on building units. and a 48-page full color rules booklet. A2. Strategies are many and varied but the ultimate goal is to demoralize the opposing faction’s population through military. Campaign Analysis. one deck of cards. Counters represent the corps and armies of the war. Doc and Al (Nofi) met with a second group of play testers in Austin recently to get them started on testing the new scenarios and optional rules. Retail: $80 (Est. Retail $200 (Est. Three maps. election results. Operation Mars (25 Nov-20 Dec 1942). and nova inducing conversion bombs for when things get really desperate. The players each choose cards to play each turn. eight counter sheets. Cards provide the strategic-political-economic direction for each side. Pledge $75). and technology factored into the conflict. 10 counter sheets. 55 cards. Alamein (1 Jul. supply centers and other features affecting the game. and possible intervention. Est. allowing more options for both simulations. Four maps. two counter sheets (352 counters). Est. Pledge $150). two 48-page rules booklets. Est. It would encompass the battles centered around Rzhev. manpower. We are seeking play test groups currently—contact Doc. Retail: $160 (Est. Pledge $150). Napoleon’s most decisive victory was brought about by a successful French deception causing the Coalition armies to overextend their lines. Smaller scenarios would depict the offensive on both the western and eastern sides of the Rzhev Salient. Command and control cards drive the action. Five maps. updated OOB cards. roads/ rail.and full-sized displays. Retail $200 (Est. Smaller scenarios would allow the players to game smaller periods of time in each of the four months making up the campaign. Est. Retail $200 (Est. Pledge $60). Four to six maps. state and national politics. and the unique situation in North Africa along with enhancements to the air and naval systems to improve simulation value. GOSS series game. Pledge $60). illustrated rules booklet. Pledge $150). 200 cards. Wellington’s Victory series. economic and political victories while sustaining your own population’s will to continue the fight. This game is currently in design. Retail $300 (Est. Dispatch #31 | d e c i s i o n games PLEDGE GAMES for 2021+ B1. or building up supplies. 16 counter sheets. These cards lead to new units and result in events. This would be the city fight at a battalion level with scenarios for the initial rush. A5. wood/plastic markers. 2 December 1805. and 1865 with the differences in population. full color play aid cards. a mini-game of the War for Texas and Manifest Destiny. Est. The events include all of the key events such as the Emancipation Proclamation. two counter sheets (352 counters). D-Day at Iwo Jima. Counters will be mostly division-level with stacking generally one corps per hex. Rommel’s DAK is checked and then defeated in a series of battles. Imperium Romanum (3e). Alamo to Appomattox. and a 48-page full color rules booklet. One mounted map board. We will also be publishing a separate but related Stalingrad Special Interest Publication (like Barbarossa) in December 2017. and the German counteroffensive attempt against Patton using the new German Panzer Brigades would all be here. In addition. while the larger campaign scenarios would show the operation in a larger scope using multiple maps.

It needs the pledges to get the “green light” and move into a retooling phase as discussed in the overview. at Ligny. from 20 to 75 years. It needs the pledges to get the “green light” and move into alpha testing and artwork. from 1848 through 1881. perhaps decisive. tea. Each of the six Rounds represents a very long period of European medieval history. Each of the eight Rounds represents a long period of northwestern European medieval history. Initiative as well as victory is based on morale. militia. Special weapons include artificial intelligence missiles. gold. Skirmish and Destruction) players manipulate political position and cubes representing factins and migrants on the map through a series of political contests. Bleeding Kansas offers two players a simple card-driven game that plays quickly and leaves players with a better understanding of a complex historical issue. Historians consider the struggle between pro and antislavery forces to be the crucial conflict that led to the Civil War. cybernetic attacks and enhancement of human warriors via nano-technology. compounded by conflicting orders from Napoleon. Two mini-game prequels were published in 2016. with the US cavalry. No player is ever eliminated before the end of the game. The game is won by the player with the greatest wealth. and reap the profits of trade.” and ends in 1215. There’s plenty of action. the French left wing under Mashal Ney encountered Wellington’s army at the crossroads of Quatre Bras. The focus of the game is on clever trading designed to buy low and sell high as well as create an Dispatch #31 | d e c i s i o n games efficient network while disrupting your competitors. Design work is finished on this game. and optional orders of battle. Design work is finished on this game. which chronicles the collapse of the empire built by Charlemagne and his father and grandfather. C7. but with additional forces and units representing several types of spaceships. betrayal.) C4. and even the last-place person can come quickly come from behind to win at the last minute. C5. Euro-style games All games will include mounted maps. The game begins with the successful barbarian invasions of the West Roman Empire. Players manipulate cards that include a Start deck from which officers and non-commissioned officers are drawn. Quatre-Bras. Pirates. spices. two counter sheets. including the rise of the Merovingian dynasty and the succession of the Carolingian dynasty. each will find his progress slowed by determined Roman legions. the player moves and attacks with new factions in an effort to score points by achieving that faction’s goals. C1. Each turn. Wellington’s Victory series. Multiple strategy choices for both sides ensure an element of doubt. The map shows the Solar System out to Jupiter. and other commodities. Retail: $160 (Est. and settlements. Design work is finished on this game. 16 June 1815. The game pits a Union and Confederate company against each other across a battle mat where two hands are drawn and committed simultaneously. France. East India Company. It also needs endorsements in the Pledge survey (especially if you are not pledging for this game now – we need to know you are interested in seeing this game in our pledge program. Barbaria. A game of alliance. and maneuver. intimidation and outright clashes.) C3. Manage your empire with ships. three counter sheets. troops and a variety of combat options. hidden entry. In each turn players take actions to move pioneers into new territories. The player who accumulates the most wealth by the end of the game wins. Both sides need a quick victory to enable intervention. 14 C2. and ends with the Mongol invasions cut short by the death of the Great Kahn. rake off profits from new industries. and 1215 AD (Rise of the Nation-state). set up trading networks. Unknown to Ney. Retail: $80 (Est. Design work is finished on this game. the chicanery of the gods.both sides with variable deployment. The map covers the Western Roman Empire from the Rhine and Danube River lines west to Latetia (modern-day Paris) and south to Rome. Pledge $60). C6. the new western Emperor. Opportunities abound to discover new goods and products. the player moves and attacks with new factions in an effort to score points by achieving that faction’s goals. This is an historical game for three or four players. There are three scenarios. Frankia. Spain. The map shows the US divided into the historic territories of the era. Four maps. The scenario begins in 843 AD with the Treaty of Verdun dividing the Frankish empire following the death of Charlemagne’s son. The system is based on SPI’s Battlefleet Mars. warehouses. the fabulous city of Rome. It also needs endorsements in the Pledge survey (especially if you are not pledging for this game now – we need to know you are interested in seeing this game in our pledge program. It needs the pledges to get the “green light” and move into alpha testing and artwork. Est. Movement. It needs the pledges to get the “green light” and move into alpha testing and artwork. Cards representing the various military-political-economic groups that are maneuvering for power are included. Cards represent famous personalities. It needs pledges to get the “green light” and move into alpha testing and artwork. Indians. Company Clash is a deck-building game representing the clash between two historical Civil War companies on the fringe of a greater battle. critical commercial firms (such as Wells Fargo and the Union Pacific) and historic events. Influence. on their own or at the behest of other players. the date of the great Battle of Bouvines. The three-player Rise of the Nation-State that begins in 1215 is a relatively static situation. Cooperation. build railroads. Free Mars (SPI). Est. 3-D playing pieces and/or large tiles. The Merovingian Rise scenario follows the barbarian assumption of power from the decrepit West Roman Empire. with displays for each planet. This game uses a simplified and shortened version of the systems developed for the game Britannia. ground units and special forces. may try to steal your cargoes and attack your locations. Two to six players compete to create the greatest company as they set sail across an 18th century global map. and famous outlaws all involved. Along the way. Italy. Each chief attempts to win by being the first to lead one of his tribes into the heart of the empire. The Carolingian Collapse scenario. Uncertainty. The Wandering of the Peoples—The Voelkerwanderung. on average more than a century. and other actions. and perhaps even the backstabbing diplomacy of his comrades. plagues. Two days before Waterloo. This game is set in the mid-5th century AD. and a Generic deck to recruit terrain. seven counter sheets. the cry is heard. artillery. delayed the French advance for several critical hours. . Design work is finished on this game. two card decks. and Germany. Two maps. plus full-color rules with lavishly illustrated examples of play. Earth’s colonies are rising up against an oppressive Terran Federation. 843 AD (Carolingian Collapse). Using card symbols (representing: Politics. Design work is finished on this game. sharpshooters and battle flags. One represents pro-slavery forces. Two maps. Westward Ho! Two to six players take the role of powerbrokers building the American west. where Napoleon and Blucher have come to grips. It needs pledges to get the “green light” and move into alpha testing and artwork. rum. It ends with the era of Charlemagne (Charles the Great). Bleeding Kansas refers to a period of territorial violence that occurred in Kansas between 1856 and the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861. This is an historical game for four players. a Faction deck to recruit troops. Each turn. Trade in ivory. “Free Mars!” This is a science fiction wargame of revolt across the Solar System in the late 21st century. This game uses a simplified and shortened version of the systems developed for the game Britannia. Many of the nations can be seen as the precursors of modern states such as Britain. he faced only a thin line of troops as the bulk of Wellington’s army raced to the front. Est. B8. B9. Retail: $80 (Est. starting in 406 AD (Merovingian Rise). From the colonies of Mars to the orbital stations of Earth and to the outposts on Jupiter. Pledge $120). Pledge $60). Migration. the other abolitionist forces. emperor Louis “the Pious.

Businesses such as the United Fruit Company and the Standard Fruit Company sought to control the Caribbean banana. C9. and reviewing our games published over the past year. Please list the games you intend to purchase in D11. 0=No) __D11. Frankia __D16. Design work is finished on this game.  Protecting and promoting economic concerns lay at the root of US military intervention. 0=No). Regarding the concept of a series of games on American History or mail in your marked up Pledge Section from this Dispatch. sugar and tobacco trade. the Axis wins World War II and the players lose. Not pledging now but will buy these games when published (1=Yes.C8. It needs the pledges to get the “green light” and move into a retooling phase as discussed in the overview. 1=Yes/now. and cooperation becomes necessary because. 0=No)? Regardless of whether you pledged. 0=No) __D9. The user interface got high marks. 3=probably won’t pledge or buy regardless. the respondents overwhelmingly wanted to see more DG/S&T Press games converted to the (the game apps available for download from Apple. Objectives for each turn are generated by Operation cards (such as the buildups for D-Day and the Manhattan Project). Steam. 5=neither hot nor cold to the game. US intervention in Latin-America involved the US Marine Corps. Banana Wars is a delightful. we have reviewed the games DG and S&T Press have published over the last few years and selected 20 of the most popular games for this survey. showing critical cities and track lines. are you in favor of this game line utilizing Euro-style components and game mechanics (1=Yes. (1=Yes. if certain operational requirements are not fulfilled.) __D14. Banana Wars (1898-1935). please rate your interest level in the following four games (10=Pledged for it. The new American History series within the Euro-style group (0=No. 2=Yes/already pledged) If you answered yes to any of D4-D7. how satisfied were you with the games you received from the pledge program? (Rate 0-10 with 0 being very dissatisfied to 10=very satisfied) After reading the update of the DG Pledge Program and the current proposals. It needs the pledges to get the “green light” and move into alpha testing and artwork. Did you review the online pictures of the prototype game components (1=Yes. We have broken this into three sections so you can easily skip over a section if you prefer. 9=Will pledge for it in the future. while the AI challenge was seen as the weakest aspect (though Online Pledge Survey forms at http://www. With regard to the game apps. 2=Yes/already pledged) __D7. Not pledging now but will in the future (1=Yes. 1=Yes) __ D2. 0=No)? __D13. Army and Navy. Barbaria __D15. Players vie to build a rail system that can move the most men. and sometimes native politicians deposed. If you are not pledging now. we’re going to talk about HexWar. 1=Yes/now. The survey respondents were solidly in favor of seeing regular additions to the site. 1=Yes/now. 6=might pledge or buy after seeing more information. skip to D11. The design is based on actual World War II US Army railroad doctrinal publications. 7=consider pledging or buying after seeing more information. Battles with native rebels were frequent. Pledge Program __ D1. In general. Our doughboys became their enforcers. 2=Yes/already pledged) __D5. Dispatch #31 | d e c i s i o n games 15 . 4=probably won’t pledge or buy unless I see something new in future information. occupied. and HexWar direct). In addition. This supported Keith Martin-Smith’s statement that he intended to add a game every two months. Have you pledged for DG games in the past? (0=No. The site was considered to be running well with the user interface the strongest aspect of the site. weapons and supplies needed for the Allies to win in the European and Pacific Theaters of Operations. are you pledging for games in: __D12. Caribbean nations were invaded. The Euro-style (C) group (0=No. 2=Yes/already pledged) __D6. The Green light (A) group (0=No. Which games did you pledge for and receive? (please list) __ D3. Bleeding Kansas __D17. __D8. Design work is finished on this game. In this respect. The game can be played by two-to-six. the results were similar. __D10. SurveyS We would appreciate your feedback regarding several areas including our Pledge Program. 1=Yes/ now. The weakest aspect of the site was the variety of games. Rails to Victory. the Hex War web site and apps. Company Clash __D18. 2=definitely won’t pledge or buy. please answer D8-D10. then HexWar. and the map is divided into the historic transportation zones.strategyandtacticspress. Not interested in any of these pledge games. all with a similar game (the subscription game play site). The even better news was that the respondents wanted to see the Fire & Movement series added to the site and that would open the potential for 20+ games to be added. Any other suggestions or comments: __D4. card-driven whack-a-mole game in which the US player stamps out insurrections while the Insurrecto player creates an unending string of crises to exhaust US resources. What two games in the pledge program have the most interest for you right now (regardless of whether you pledged for any games)? HexWar Confusion Alert! First. The results from the spring surveys are in! With regard to the subscription site. the feedback was good. ideally one game every two months. Take charge of America’s World War II struggle to run its railroads so as to win the war most quickly and efficiently. 8=strongly consider pledging for it after seeing more information. The Future pool (B) group (0=No. 1=this is one of the worst game ideas I have ever read.

American Civil War __ E31. game apps. Fire & Movement series (WWI. how many hours spent reading rules and studying components. Pacific Subs-311 World at War __ E7. Purchased a HexWar app more than 6 months ago D. H  istoricity (10=perfect feel for historical battle or campaign. pick up to 10 games you are most interested in seeing released on the HexWar. In this survey we are concentrating on seeing what your opinion is on our games. A past subscriber to HexWar. 0=useless) E.).g. A current subscriber to HexWar. Drive on Stalingrad __ E40. Fall of Rome-181 __ E3. Bakersfield CA 93390 Dispatch #31 | d e c i s i o n games . With regard to the HexWar. More games for the Battles of the Ancient World series __ E25. French & Indian War __ E26. Goeben-287 __ E5. Participated in a free trial to HexWar. Desert Fox Deluxe __ E41. With regard to the HexWar. 5=average. pick up to 10 games you are most interested in seeing released in HexWar game apps (1=yes or most interest. Rebels & Redcoats series __ E27. Franco-Prussian War series __ E33. 0=absolutely no connection with historical battle or campaign) G. US CV BG-14 __ E16. Cobra __ E42. Ceres: Operation Stolen Base __ E19. Counter quality (10=flawless. We ask that you enter the name of the game. Leningrad series (Moscow sequel scheduled for S&T) __ E38. Map quality (10=flawless. Number of times played in the past 12 months B. Panzers East-45 __ E11. Battle for Germany __ E43. World War I __ E34. Pledge Survey. Twilight’s Last Gleaming series (battles from 1800-1845) __ E28. magazine games compared to other magazine games. E1. Please rate these recent games on the following: A. Midway-54 __ E12. Operation Jubilee: Dieppe-265 __ game play subscription site. Dien Bien Phu-17 __ E17. 5=average. Purchased a HexWar app 4. while those who had tried the subscription site and preferred the apps were the most satisfied with the AI. Olympic & Coronet-27 __ E9. 0=no or less interest). Drive on Moscow __ E37. site (1=yes or most interest. 0=useless) F. The survey includes 20 of the nearly 50 solitaire games DG has published or are in the pipeline. We want your opinion on the map and counter quality. 0=worthless compared to other similar games) Online Pledge Survey forms at http://decisiongames.D A. Modern) __ E36. Rules clarity (10=flawless. we want to know whether you enjoyed the game and whether the game was a good value compared to similar games (e. What other games would you like to see converted to be HexWar game apps? 16 E23. WWII. Alamo __ E30. 5=average value.6 months ago site? QUALITY CHECK Quality is something we are striving for in everything we publish. C. Digging a little deeper it was apparent that those respondents who were subscribers (and thus used to playing against other players) were the most likely to see the AI as weak. Then. Vikings __ E21. etc. are you (or have you): Circle A . Never purchased a HexWar app For the following list of 20 games. 5=average.still seen as strong or adequate by more than half the respondents). Never subscribed or participated For the following list of 20 games. Blue & Gray series (original B&G system rules) __ E32. We have listed all of the games we have published in the past year. __ E24. Across Suez __ E44. Nine Navies War (War at Sea system) __ E35. Famous Division series __ E39. 0=no or less interest).net B. Phobos Rising! __ E20. Musket & Pike Quick Play series (minis and folios) __ E29. What other games would you like to see converted for inclusion on the HexWar. Decision Games. PO Box 21598. Overall value (10=fantastic value compared to other similar games. Lawrence __ E22.D A. If not played in the past 12 months. Game fun/enjoyability (10=best game played this year. Mike Force -35 Mini-games __ E18. net but never subscribed D. as well as the rules clarity. Purchased a HexWar app in the last 3 months C. Hardest Days-19 __ E8. The guidance provided by the respondents as to where to focus future efforts was on converting published solitaire games and secondly on converting the F&M series as above (with AI for the apps).com/wpsite/d31-surveys/ or mail in your marked up Pledge Section from this Dispatch. are you (or have you): circle A . S&T __ E2. 0=worst game played this year) H. Armies of the White Sun-305 __ E6. Bastogne-56 __ E13. Voyage of the Atlantis-74 Modern War __ E15. Ghost Division-38 __ E10. 0=useless) D. Sink the Graf Spee!-66 __ E14.

First Crusade (S&T#299) 6 7. Mansfield (mini) 22. Duel in the North (World at War #48) 7 8. Panzers East (World at War #45) 16 17. Kandahar (Modern War #21) 14 15. Special Edition) 1 2. Mortain Counterattack (folio) 10. Barbarossa Deluxe (Special Interest Publication & Special Edition game) 5. Suez ’56 (mini) 18. First Saratoga (mini) 21. Khe Sahn ’68 (mini) 19. D-Day at Peleliu 2. Phobos Rising (mini) 12. Wilson’s Creek (mini) B C D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Dispatch #31 | d e c i s i o n games 17 . Battles of the Galactic Empire (folio) 8. Merrill’s Marauders (mini) 15. El Alamein (folio) 9. Zhukov’s War (World at War #50. Race to Baghdad (Modern War #20) 17 18. American Revolution (update/ reprint of S&T#270 game) 6. Gates of Vienna (S&T#295) 18 QUALITY CHECK Decision Games A 1. LZ Albany (Modern War #24) 5 6. MiG Alley (mini) 17. Korean Battles (S&T#296) 15 16. October War (Modern War #25. Crete 1941 (World at War #47) 11.QUALITY CHECK S&T Press Games A 1. Operation Gertrud (World at War #49) 4 5. Desert Fox Deluxe (S&T#300. Lettow-Vorbeck (mini) 16. New World Order Battles: Kiev & Ulan Bataar (Modern War #22) 12. Wellington’s Victory 3. 1863 (S&T#297) 13. Zama folio game (update/ reprint of S&T#153 game) 7. Fallujah 2004 (Modern War #23) 8 9. Yamato Unleashed (World at War #46) B C D E F G H E F G H 9 10 11 12 13 14. Long Range Desert Group (mini) 14. Special Edition) 3 4. Churchill’s Balkan Gambit (S&T#298) 10. Special Edition) 2 3. Napoleon’s Last Battles (reprint/update with extra counters/OOB info) 4. Shanghai Incident (folio) 11. Germantown (mini) 20. Ceres: Operation Stolen Base (mini)) 13.

list of alternate games is appreciated. MFG 3W 3W 3W ACIES ADTCH ADV ADMW AEG AEG AEG AEG AH APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL APL ASM ASM ATG ATG ATG ATG AYG AYG BRO CAF CB7 CG CG CG CG CG CG COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA title Battle Cry Dark Crusade Never Call Retreat Braccio da Montone Fighting Gen Patton Brigadier Joshua. Prussian Army exp GMT C&C Nap. Mountain Storm Over Stalingrad April’s Harvest Black Wednesday Force Eagles’ War GD 40 Hunters from Sky In Their Quiet Fields (2nd ed) No Better Place to Die Strike Them A Blow This Terrible Sound Bull Moose-1912 Elections Desert Victory 1806: Rossbach Air Cobra Devils Den Last Days -Grand Armee Risk (1993) Chicago Poker Heart of Africa Mesopotamia +card Sutter’s Mill Waterloo Kanev Incredible Victory Royal Navy Ironbottom Sound Alhambra Alhambra Dice Game Alhambra Gardens Alhambra Power Sultan (#5) Aqua Romana Architekton Chicago Express Chicago Express Expansion Eketorp Enuk Flandern Fresco Fresco: The Glaziers Exp Fresco: The Scrolls Exp Highland Clans Inka Lucky Loop Metro Montego Bay Samarkand Shogun: Tennos Court Exp The Thief of Baghdad Thebes Tombouctou Turbo Taxi Price 15 49 20 45 5 4 3 9 30 49 35 30 35 95 65 50 44 44 60 60 65 45 43 60 40 49 132 50 35 36 40 25 35 20 30 35 45 45 45 40 50 85 75 40 40 40 30 60 25 60 40 60 35 25 63 40 25 35 30 35 35 60 63 25 40 60 60 25 . Moscowa Landships Legion of Honor Lobositz Mighty Midgets (booklet) 18 Price MFG 45 45 50 70 150 20 60 25 15 25 15 35 20 20 38 20 15 40 60 60 60 35 30 40 65 30 20 15 60 65 20 30 13 20 20 10 25 70 80 60 55 30 35 25 40 20 49 50 60 35 36 40 34 40 18 95 65 40 32 80 65 45 70 150 46 75 50 30 COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA COA CSM CST CST CST CST DOW EGD EGD EGD EGD EGD EGD EGL EGL EGL EGL FBI FFG FFG FFG GALATC GMT GMT GMT GMT GMT GMT title Price Monmouth No Sailor But a Fool (booklet) Operation Spark Painter’s Guide WW2 Camo (booklet) PanzerKampfe (booklet) Persian Incursion (Harpoon) Prague Sea of Dragons (Booklet) SFE: Brute Force SFE: Mediterranean Shattered Armada (booklet) So Atlantic War (booklet) Speed of Heat Supermarina I-Vol II Supermarina II (booklet) War Without Mercy Beda Fomm Algeria Marcher Lords The Final Frontier War Plan Crimson Ticket to Ride Dice Expan Armada China Moon Europa Knights Brave & Bold Savanah Cafe Tony & Tino Age of Mythology Attack! Conquest of Empire Lord of Rings Children’s Berserker BSG: Daybreak Expan LOTR Trivia Netrunner Core Set Moonshot A Distant Plain Africanus (zip) Battle for Normandy Exp (Zip) Blackbeard Blue Cross White Ensign Bomber Command 64 32 45 20 16 65 88 25 70 60 40 32 60 56 20 64 38 20 23 23 23 20 40 25 50 25 15 15 60 30 90 20 30 40 20 40 25 78 20 59 60 60 40 command & colors GMT C&C Ancients Exp 4 GMT C&C Napoleonic Basic GMT C&C Nap. (cards) GMT France ‘40 GMT Gathering Storm GMT Genesis GMT GD: Fighting Formations GMT Grand Illusion GMT Hellenes GMT Iron & Oak GMT Ivanhoe (Reprint) GMT Kutuzov GMT Leaping Lemmings GMT Manifest Destiny GMT Medieval GMT Mr Madison’s War GMT Newtown GMT Next War India-Pakistan GMT Next War Taiwan GMT Night Fighter GMT No Retreat Italy GMT No Retreat North Africa GMT Nothing Gained but Glory GMT Pacific Typhoon GMT Pax Baltica GMT PQ-17 GMT Prussia’s Glory 2 GMT Rebel Raiders GMT Risorgimento GMT Roads to Moscow GMT Samurai GMT Silver Bayonet GMT Stalin’s War GMT Sun of York GMT The Supreme Commander GMT Tyrant (zip) GMT Twilight Struggle Deluxe GMT US Civil War GMT Unconditional Surrender GMT Unhappy King Charles! GMT Virgin Queen GMT Winds of Plunder GMT Wing Leader GMT Won by the Sword GMT Zero GREN Journey HAN Time the Game HEX Sparatcus Imperator HGC Great Northern War HJ Norway 1940 JKL Scanderoon JKL Treasure Island Lion Rmp Challenge LOO Chrononauts: Lost Identities MAT Desert Bazaar MB Battleship (1971) MDG Space Junkyard METGM Dimension Demons (zip) METGM Hot Spot (zip) MFG Domaine MFG Eurorails MFG Express MFG Hell Rail Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n games Price 79 85 60 80 15 15 55 105 69 85 35 69 59 25 65 35 55 45 57 65 85 85 35 65 65 65 40 55 69 35 69 65 55 64 45 55 55 65 10 60 75 70 65 89 45 69 55 45 25 10 51 65 50 30 40 25 5 25 15 35 10 15 40 35 13 20 MFG MFG MFG MFG MFG MFG MFG MFG MFG MFG MIH MIH MIH MIH MMP MMP MMP MMP MMP MMPG MMPG MMPG MMPG MMPG MMPG MMPG MMPG MMPG NMB OMGA OSG OSG OSG OSG PB PHA PHA PHA PHA PHA PWG QD QD QD QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG QNG title More Cosmic Encounter Pack N Stack Quo Vadis Roman Senate Silverton (2nd ed) SoC/Event cards SoC/Fisherman of Catan Exp SoC/Great River Exp SoC/replacement cards Streetcar Lodz 1914 (zip) Pierce the Reich Turning the Tables (zip) White Ensign (zip) A Fearful Slaughter A Most Dangerous Time Screaming Eagles So. vol I GWAS: Plan Gold Napoleon in the Desert Op. Some games are one of a kind. Russian Army exp GMT Caratacus (zip) 60 70 55 55 55 20 combat commander GMT CC: Europe GMT CC: Fall of West Pack (zip) GMT CC: Resistance GMT CC: Sea Lion Pack (zip) GMT CC: Stalingrad Pack (zip) GMT Clash of Monarchs GMT Crown of Roses GMT Cuba Libre GMT Dead of Winter GMT DiF Fighters (ziplock) GMT DiF Sqdrn Pack#2: Bombers GMT Dominant Species Card Game GMT Enemy Coast Ahead 79 30 55 27 35 65 79 69 79 10 10 29 55 MFG title east Front series GMT EFS: Crimea GMT EFS: Kiev to Rostov GMT Fading Glory GMT Falling Sky GMT Flagship: Coyote (cards) GMT Flagship: Promo. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.Hebrews vs Pagans Abandon Ship Arcana Monkey Lab Straw Foreign Exchange AirLines (card game) AirLines 2 (card game) Avalanche: Invasion Italy Bitter Victory: Sicily Digging (card game) Granada GWAS: Med (2nd ed) GWAS: Med. excludes SPW products. Lutzen La Bat. Austrian Army exp GMT C&C Nap. Cannibal Panzer Grenadier PG: Beyond Normandy Red God of War Red Vengence Res Publica (card) Soldier Emperor SWWAS: Great Pacific War Strange Def-France 44 Frontiers: Liberty or Death Werewolves-Millers Beer Money Lunch Money Lunch Money Sticks Exp Recess 1812 Co Heroes Russia 1941-42 The Cossacks are Coming Tempus Dr Who card game EuroFront MasterFront MedFront Mid-East Peace Victory Pack WestFront Admiral Triology Russo Japan Baltic Arena BAR Primer (booklet) Baron’s War Borodino 41 Bywater’s War Devil to Pay (zip) Fear God/Dreadnaught Fires of Midway Flight of the Eagle Flint & Steel (booklet) Fontenoy Hell of Stalingrad La Bat D’ Orthez La Bat. See page 22.EARN BUY 2 GET 1 FREE VOUCHERS With each $100 purchased in Decision Games or Desert fox products.

Gracias Guatamala Cafe Hambergum: Antverpia Hanging Gardens Hare & The Tortise Havana Heavens of Olympus Hermagor IDO If Wishes Were Fishes In the Shadow of the Emperor Key Harvest Khronos Krysis Leader 1 Lost Cities Board game Lowenherz Magna Grecia Mall World Masons Maya Medieval Merchant Merchant of Amsterdam Meridian Message to the Czar Ming Dynasty Mogul Mousquetaires du Roy Myrmes Navegador Nefertiti Nefertiti Expansion Niagara Olympos Pantheon Phoenicia Pinata Ponte del Diavolo 20 30 35 70 20 12 40 38 30 40 60 40 30 20 75 35 60 55 45 12 50 20 50 15 35 30 45 45 40 44 35 28 50 55 30 60 40 80 45 33 40 28 40 40 40 25 40 35 60 55 60 50 25 50 50 40 50 30 25 Power grid RGG Power Grid RGG Power Grid: Anniversary Ed RGG Power Grid: Factory Manager RGG Power Grid: Stock Companies 45 80 45 30 MFG title Price Power Grid Expansions RGG Australia/India RGG Benelux/Central Europe RGG Brazil/Spain & Portugal RGG China/Korea RGG Italy/France RGG No. Europe/UK/Ireland RGG Quebec/Baden-Wurtetemberg RGG Russia/Japan RGG The Robots 15 15 25 15 15 20 15 15 10 RGG RGG RGG 35 45 35 Pressure Cooker Puerto Rico Quilt Show Race for the galaxy RGG Race for the Galaxy RGG Alien Artifacts Expansion RGG Brink of War Expansion RGG Gathering Storm Expansion RGG Rebel vs Imperium Expansion RGG Xeno Expansion RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG Race the Wind Rails to New England Ranking Rattlebones Rio de la Plata (Dings & Dents) Roll for the Galaxy Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition Expansion Roll to the South Pole Samuari Card Game Siesta Soccer Tactics World Sole Mio Space Alert: Next Frontier Exp Space Dealer Strozzi Surf’s Up Dude Tally Ho! Techno Witches Temporum Those Pesky Garden Gnomes Thurn & Taxis: Power & Glory Thurn & Taxis: Roads to Rome Tichu Tiffin Tikal Time Pirates Tin Goose Toppo Torres Toscana Traders of Genoa TransAmerica Tzolk’in: Tribes Exp Unexpected Treasures Upon a Salty Ocean Ur Utopia Vino Where’s Bob Hat? Women & Men Yeti Slalom Ystari Treasure Box Zooloretto Gorilla Expansion Zooloretto Polar Bear Expansion Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n games 35 25 25 25 25 25 60 60 40 60 50 60 40 35 30 40 30 12 30 60 35 45 25 30 50 30 30 30 15 40 45 40 60 15 45 30 40 35 40 20 50 40 60 40 12 30 23 35 10 10 MFG RGG RGI RHG SDI SFG SFG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SG SJG SJG SJG SJG SJG SJG SJG SJG SJG SLS SMCN SMCN SMCN SMCN SMCN SMCN SMCN SMCN SMGC SMTC SMG SMG SMG SMG STGM TF TF TF TILSIT TILSIT TILSIT TILSIT TILSIT TILSIT TLC TLC TLC TPS TPS TPS TPS TPS title Price Zooloretto XXL Expansion Maj Battles Gen Patton Legend Begins (zip) 1862 Red Dragon Inn Tiki Mountain Aleutian Campaign Allenby’s Blitzkrieg Czechoslovakia Defiant Eureka Stockade Fall of France First Strike ‘62 Hamel 1918 Illusionary Fortress Iwo Jima Kaiapit Milne Bay NAM 65-75 Poland Crushed Pusan Perimeter Russo-Georgian War Somlia Intervention Struggle for New France Switzerland Conquered Terror War Yelnia Cowpoker Frag Gold Ed Munchkin Blender Munchkin Fu 2: Monky Biz Munchkin Mission Impossible Ninja Burger 2: Sumo Size Revolution Palace Exp Snits Revenge Super Munchkin Bells of War Battle Ship (zip) Battlestations (zip) Divine Wind (zip) Line of Battle (zip) Man of War (zip) Naps Last Triumph Ortona Power & Resolution (zip) Origins plus Age Reason exp Sagunto Greenland (2nd ed) Neanderthal Pax Pamir Pax Porfiriana Collector’s Ed Starship Captain History 2nd World War Part 1 Grand Army of the Republic Viceroys Courtisans of Versailles Grand Alchemist Joan of Arc Space Pigs Thieves of Bagdad Vox Populi Award Show Easter Island Zombies! 6. list of alternate games is appreciated. excludes SPW products. High Bohn & Bohnaparte My First Bohnanza Bohnanza Ladies & Gangsters Bohnanza Princes & Pirates Exp Bolide Tracks 1 Boxcars Cabale Cafe International Canyon Cape Horn Caprice Capt’n Clever Price 75 55 60 45 15 50 40 33 40 50 30 60 55 40 40 50 38 25 45 25 20 25 25 25 50 35 35 25 33 35 25 caRcassone RGG Abbey & Mayor RGG Castle RGG Traders & Builders 18 30 18 RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG 28 55 25 30 40 55 15 25 45 30 35 60 45 50 40 40 50 Cartegna II Castle For All Seasons Cavemen Caylus Magna Carta Celtica Cinque Terre Coloretto Concordia. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Anniversary Edition Funny Friends Furstenfeld Galaxy Trucker Expansion Gloria Mundi Gnummies Goblins Inc.66 Fill in _______ Battle of Marne Battle of Midway Battle of Stalingrad Battle of Tours Joan of Arc’s Victory 35 40 30 20 30 25 30 30 30 25 30 55 30 30 25 25 25 45 30 35 30 25 35 35 35 25 12 50 17 17 25 17 25 20 18 20 25 25 25 25 25 25 30 25 68 80 35 35 35 55 35 40 30 25 48 20 50 25 48 32 10 25 10 35 35 30 35 30 19 .Germania expan Copy Cat Corsairs Credit Mobilier Cuba Cuba: El Presidente Exp Darjeeling Dawn Under Doge Doge Ship Dominion RGG Dominion RGG Dominion Big Box RGG Dominion: Empires RGG Adventures Expansion RGG Alchemy Expansion RGG Base cards RGG Dark Ages Expansion RGG Guilds & Cornucopia Expansion RGG Hinterlands Expansion RGG Intrigue Expansion RGG Prosperity Expansion 45 100 45 45 30 18 45 45 40 45 45 MFG title Price RGG Seaside Expansion 45 RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG Duell Edison & Co El Cabellero Elfenroads Evergreen Famiglia Fast Flowing Forest Fellers Fifth Avenue Fiji For Crown & Kingdom Forgotten Planet Formidable Foes Fossil Friday Friedrich. See page 22.EARN BUY 2 GET 1 FREE VOUCHERS With each $100 purchased in Decision Games or Desert fox products. Some games are one of a kind. MFG RALP RALP RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG RGG title Caverns Deep Final Frontier 20th Century 20th Century Limited Adam & Eva Alan’s Adventureland Albion Alexandros Andromeda Arctic Scavengers w/Recon Arctic Scavengers Recon Exp Assyria Asteroyds Augsburg 1520 Australia Bausack Bean Trader Big Manitou Black Friday Bohnanza.

116 121-127. MFG TPS TPS TPS TPS TPS TPS TSK TSR TSR TSR UBR UBR UGG UGG UGG UGG UGG VaeV VaeV VaeV VaeV VG VG VN VPG WARF WDG WDG WDG WDG WDG WDG WDG WDG WDG WDG WDG WDG WE WOG WOG WOG WOG WOG WOG WOG WOG WOLF XTR title Price Metaurus: Italy 207BC Poltova’s Dread Day Saratoga 1777 Siege of Syracuse 415BC Valmy Campaign 1792 Victory of Arminius Hob Lepoard II Buck Rogers Moscow 1941 WWII New England Sunken City Assyrian Wars Blitzkreig General (2nd ed) Morse Code Pasaran Triumph & Fall Desert Fox (zip) Bellum Gallicum (zip) Inkerman (zip) Lion & the Sword (zip) The Marshals III (zip) Open Fire Gulf Strike (1st ed) Moscow 41 Vanished Planet Perikles Anzio: Fight Beachhead 1944 At Neuve Chapelle Bosworth Field 1485 Confederate Rebellion Don’t Tread on Me Lodz Mollwitz Pavia Red Menace Shield Wall: Hastings 1066 Vietnam Solo We Shall Fight on the Marne Fire Team Blood of Noble Men Chainmail Cowboys For Honor & Glory Forged in Fire Hold the Line MedWar Sicily Prussia’s Defiant Stand Swords of Glory Back to Iraq (zip) 35 30 35 35 35 35 50 30 40 40 30 40 66 47 79 21 30 27 27 27 27 40 50 75 25 50 25 30 38 35 35 30 30 30 35 25 30 33 45 40 50 50 50 50 60 45 60 20 20 LIMITED TIME OFFER! earn one Buy 2 get 1 Free voucher with each product purchase over $100 onLine oRDeR*: *Discount not reflected at checkout.1-3. 26. 4-6. 5. 16. excludes SPW products. 49-52. 20.1. 145 22-27.1-4. Charles Knights of Justice Duel in the Desert Glory Road Dunkirk Condottieri Okinawa Race for Tunis Empires: 1914 Bloody Keren Anvil-Dragoon Camp of Marlborough Fallen Eagle magaZines Fire & movement 1 2-10. 83. 36. 3-6. 39-40. 8-11 30 25 25 40 P45 20 ea 10 command 1 Blitzkrieg ’41 2 Sunrise of Victory 5 Hamburger Hill 6 Krim 8 Jutland 9 Inchon 11 Hougoumont 12 Chaco 15 I Am Sparatcus 16 Storm in West 1918 18 Tet 19 Port Arthur 21 Blood & Iron 22 Antietam 23 Sekigahara 24 Czech ’38 26 When Tigers Fight 29 1914: Glory’s End 32 Bunker Hill 37 Mukden & Moscow Option 38 Great War in Near East 39 World War 1862 40 Buena Vista & Moscow Burning 42 Hell B4 Night/Blitz 40 43 Chattanooga 44 Dark Victory & 2nd Front 45 Ironclads at Hampton Rds 46 End of Empire 47 Perfidious Albion & Attila 48 1812 War in Canada 49 Waterloo: Retreat to Victory 50 Back to Iraq (2nd) 53 Iron Dream command game only-no mag 39 World War 1862 44 Dark Victory & 2nd Front 50 Back to Iraq (2nd) 51 Meuse-Argonne Warmaster Chess vol 1-3 (one set) Wargamer vol. a sales representative will review each order & apply any discounts. 18. 59. 34. 143. 29. 95-108.1-6. 45. 42-44. 54-56. 12-29. 110. 31-32. 23. 50-55.2-3.1 4-5.1-2. list of alternate games is appreciated. 38. 35-38. 4. 46-47.1-3. 25. 15.1 12 Aces High 17 Nap at Austerlitz (punched) 18 Birth of a Nation 19 Sturm Nach Osten 22 No Trumpets No Drums 23 Decision @ Kasserine (punched) 24 Lawrence of Arabia 25 Never Call Retreat 26 Race to the Meuse 27 Peter the Great 28 Port Stanley 29 Lodz: Blitz in the East 31 Clash of Steel 32 Napoleon at Lutzen Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n games P85 100 P75 P30 80 P40 25 50 P50 P60 30 30 40 40 45 P40 50 40 35 P25 35 25 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 25 35 15 25 15 15 25 50 35 P40 P50 P50 40 P50 P30 P15 20 P40 P15 P25 P30 MFG 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 57 58 59 60 61 62 title Holy Roman Empire Khyber Rifles West Wall Unconditional Surrender China Incident Hath No Fury Hellfire Pass Fight on the Beaches O’Conner’s Offensive Wellington MacArthur Custer’s Luck House of Sa’ud Struggle for Stalingrad The Red Baron Napoleon vs. See page 22. 48.EARN BUY 2 GET 1 FREE VOUCHERS With each $100 purchased in Decision Games or Desert fox products.3-6. 62 61. 39. 21. 53.1-6. 3. 19. 24. 21. 4-6. Some games are one of a kind. 113-115.1-2. Further details & exceptions on page 22 20 MFG XTR XTR YAQ YAQ YAQ ZMG ZMG ZMG ZMG ZMG ZMG ZMG ZMG ZMG ZVE ZVE ZVE ZVE ZVE ZVE title Price Black Gold (zip) Wahoo! (zip) Neck & Neck Timeship Beastlord Ares Project Camelot Legends (card) Middle Kingdom Pandemic Lab Expan Pandemic On Brink Exp Pandemic State of Emergency Pandemic The Cure Silent but Deadly Night Take Stock Barbarossa 41 Battle for Danube Samuari Battles Samuari Ninja Attack Starter Kit Tank Combat 20 20 30 20 25 50 25 15 40 35 40 50 25 15 70 50 83 44 70 30 magaZines WiTH games aRes (oss 2014) 1 War of the Worlds 2 Invasive Species 30 30 against the odds 2 Khe Sanh 3 Kesselschlacht 4 Napoleon at Ibe Berezina 5 North Wind Rain 8 Fortress Berlin 9 Suleiman Magnificent 12 Chennault’s First Fight 13 Bittereinder: 2nd Boer War 15 Cactus Throne 18 Golden Horde 20 Fatal Attraction: Galilipoli 22 Paukenschlag 27 The Pocket at Falaise 28 Tarleton’s Quarter 30 Lash of the Turk 32 Birth of a Legend 33 Meatgrinder: Vietnam 1975 34 Right Fierce & Terrible 35 Boudica: Warrior Queen 36 Defeat to Victory: Burma 1944 37 Bloody Honor: RCW 39 Brave Fellows: Durrenstein 1805 40 Liliburlero: Battle of Boyne 41 Circle of Fire: Siege Cholm 1942 42 Thunder Upon the Land 43 Islands of the Damned 44 Vercingetorix 45 Red Dragon Blue Dragon ANN #2 Look Away! ANN #3 Op. Cartwheel ANN #5 Four Roads Moscow ANN #6 Beyond Waterloo ANN #7 Folorn Hope ANN #8 La Bataille de Vauchamps ANN #9 Set Europe Ablaze 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 40 40 40 40 40 45 45 45 45 45 50 50 MFG title Price Camp Study #3: Bradley’s D-Day 45 ares (sPi) 1 World Killer (Punched) 7 Rescue from the Hive 8 Ragnorak (Punched) 9 Delta Vee 11 Albion Special Editions 1 & 2 Mag w/incomp game: .1-2. 6 17. 31. 29. 111. 79-88 91-98. 28. 68-76. 32. 37.5 14. 101-108 Price P30 P40 P25 P30 25 P25 P35 P15 25 20 P30 P45 P15 P45 P45 30 50 25 20 P30 15 P45 25 P20 15 P25 P75 P55 40 25 15 10 6 7 8 20 15 10 20 12 10 6 7 PLACE ORDER ON PAGE 24 or online at shop.1-6.56 89.5-6. 41. 2. 90 6-8. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. 5-6. 78-79.1-3 moves 33. 80-93. 57-59. 30. 22. 49. 6. 63-77. 73. 21 12-20. 150 The general 13. 137-139. 40-48.1-4. 60-67. 27. 136 149.77 33-35.1-2.decisiongames. 6.1.

76. 15. 192. 228 241-243. 59. 293. 249 218 Chancellorsville/Plevna 143. 98 138 Eylau 15 10 S&T PUNCHED W/MAGAZINE 152 118 185 202 Case Green 56. 204 291-293. 28 29. 208. 168. 136 49. 32. 224. 246. 284-286. 255 260-262. 220 117 No German Plain 137. 199. 64.COLLECTIBLE MAGAZINES EARN BUY 2 GET 1 FREE VOUCHERS With each $100 purchased in Decision Games or Desert fox products. 248. 264-266. 195. 266. 264. 288 166. 32-35. 152. 48. 35. 297. 76. 202. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. 63. 271. 248. 234. 69. 9-15. 282. 201. 216. 160. 256. iss # Title STRATEGY & TACTICS MAGAZINE W/ GAMES 43 48 49 51 57 59 62 63 64 66 68 69 70 71 72 77 81 83 89 90 92 94 96 97 98 102 109 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 121 123 124 127 128 131 133 135 137 138 140 142 143 144 146 147 148 150 151 152 153 155 156 157 159 160 162 167 169 175 176 177 179 American Civil War Sixth Fleet Frederick the Great World War I Panzergruppe Guderian Plot to Assassinate South Africa Veracruz 1847 Raid! Siege of Constantinople Kharkov Tannenberg Crusades Battle for Cassino Armada Paratroop Tito Kaiser’s Battles Sicily Monmouth Iwo Jima Nordkapp Singapore Trail of Fox Central Command Monty’s D-Day Target: Libya Patton to War Battle of Abensberg Battle of Eckmuhl Kanev Manchu No German Plain The Tigers are Burning Horse Soldiers Indian Mutiny Campaign in Valley Fortress Stalingrad Rush for Glory Africa Orientale Donau Front Baton Rouge Sideshow Men at Arms Eylau Objective Tunis Red Beach One:Tarawa Rio Grande:Valverde Chad: The Toyota Wars Italian Camp: Sicily Holy War: Afghanistan Cropredy Bridge Italian Camp: Salerno Vittoria/Friedland Case Green Felix/ZAMA Italian Camp: Anzio White Eagle Eastward Roman Civil War Zeppelin Italian Camp: MedWar Clontarf/Saipan Austro-Prussian War Battles of Atlanta I Germania Blood on the Tigris Hundred Years War First Afghan War Price 50 60 60 65 70 30 45 40 40 55 55 40 45 50 50 40 40 45 40 50 60 45 50 60 40 60 45 55 40 45 35 35 55 50 60 40 45 35 20 40 40 20 60 60 25 20 20 20 20 25 35 15 50 35 25 30 25 40 85 60 25 25 85 55 85 55 100 20 iss # 180 181 196 199 201 208 212 214 216 218 219 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 230 232 235 236 237 239 240 241 242 244 245 246 248 249 252 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 288 289 290 291 Title Price Reinforce the Right! Fall of Rome Vietnam Battles Forgotten Axis: Finnish Crimean War (SPI) Back to Iraq Rough & Ready: Mex-Am. 203. See page 22. 34 42. 5 6 7 10 10 MODERN WAR MAGAZINE W/ GAMES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 SE: Red Dragon/Green Crescent Oil War: Iran Strikes Somali Pirates Six Day War Drive on Pyongyang Decision Iraq Vietnam Battles: Iron & Snoopy SE: Holy Land War by Tv Target Iran (solitaire) Greek Civil War Dragon V Bear Next War in Lebanon Carrier Battlegroup SE Red Tide West Visegrad: Coming War-Europe Dien Bien Phu (solitaire) Green Beret: Vietnam (solitaire) Red Dragon Falling Race to Baghdad (solitaire) Kandahar (solitaire) New World Order Fallujah Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n games 50 30 30 30 30 30 30 50 30 30 30 30 30 40 50 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 iss # 24 25 26 Title Price LZ Albany SE October War Invasion Afghanistan 79-89 (solitaire) 35 60 35 MW MINT GAME ONLY-NO MAG 8. 77. 254. 23. 17-19. 286-291. 114. vol II: Minsk Pacific Battles I: Guadalcanal Sedan Keren. 214. 24. 38-50 37 with Normandy Map *Not all issues available. vol III: Crisis Ukraine: Dubno Pacific Battles 2: Nomonhan Op. 153. 49 25. 273-277 279-281. 270. Civil War Bat. 273. 43. 295-301 293 with Waterloo Map 300 with War in North Africa Map *Not all issues available. 17 8V Holy Land Variant counters 44 30 24 8 MW MAGAZINE W/O GAMES* 3. 301 64. 44. 191. 269. 71. 148. 146. 257 212. War Marathon & Granicus Asia Crossroads: Great Game Chancellorsville/Plevna Span. 235 251V Variants: 227. 6. East Africa Green Hell: Battles in Burma Norway 1940 Hinge of Fate. 26 3. 243 35 35 35 35 35 35 60 55 50 40 44 30 28 25 24 22 20 18 17 15 8 S&T PUNCHED-NO MAGAZINE 64. Shingle: Anzio SE Guards Armoured Strike North EFB vol IV: Winterstorm Bloody Ridge: Guadalcanal Ghost Division France Fights On Stalingrad/Rampage SE Mare Nostrum Pacific Battles 3: Shanghai Patton’s Third Army (solitaire) Night Fight (solitaire) Panzers East (solitaire) Yamato Unleashed Crete 1941 Duel in the North Op. 30. 252. 245. 7. 289 226 Middle East Battles 140. 5 6 7 10 21 . 278. 150. 105 The Tigers Are Burning First Arab-Israeli War Invasion Taipei 10 25 30 35 50 85 S&T MAGAZINE W/O GAMES* 236. 186. 21-26 *Not all issues available. excludes SPW products. 200. Anaconda 2002 Ticonderoga: NY Campaigns Tobruk Reconquista Soldiers: Trenches 1918 SE In Country: Vietnam War of the Pacific Fail Safe Jackson: Shenandoah Valley Duel on the Steppe Sparta V Athens SE Hindenburg’s War War of Austrian Succession Angola Warpath 35 100 85 45 45 25 25 30 35 22 25 70 75 40 30 50 22 75 22 30 23 30 30 23 23 23 24 24 125 24 24 24 24 25 25 25 25 26 25 25 25 30 30 30 30 30 30 50 30 30 45 30 30 50 30 30 30 30 30 30 50 30 30 30 30 30 50 30 30 30 iss # 292 296 297 298 299 301 Title Price North Cape Korean Battles 1863 Balkan Gambit First Crusade (solitaire) Kaiser’s War in the East S&T MINT GAME ONLY. 22. Pol & Fr 1939 EFB. 276. 220 227 CBI: Vinegar Joe’s War 274. Gertrud SE Zhukov’s War WAW MINT GAME ONLY-NO MAG 41. 7 WORLD AT WAR MAGAZINE W/ GAMES 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 22 23 24 25 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Greek Tragedy Arriba España! Destr Army Grp Center Coral Sea Solitaire Afrikakorps: Decision in Desert 1940 What If? Invasion Pearl Harbor Soft Underbelly: Italy 1943 Partizan! Leningrad 41 East Front Battles. vol 2 7 Years World War The Ottomans 1918 Sedan Campaign Twilight’s Last Gleaming 2 Middle East Battles CBI: Vinegar Joe’s War Old Contemptibles Downfall: Op Olympic Catherine the Great (solitaire) Cold War Battles: Angola & Budapest They Died w/Boots On!: Vol I Custer & Quebec No Prisoners! Camp Lawrence Winged Horse: Vietnam 65 1066: End of Dark Ages Twilight of Ottomans Died w/Boots On!: Vol 2 Pershing & Mad Anthony SE Drive on Moscow Triple Alliance War Manila 45 First Blood. 6 10. list of alternate games is appreciated. 223. Some games are one of a kind. 268. 241. Second Marne Nap Forgot Btls: EC & RSW New Mexico Campaign Hannibal’s War First Battle Britain Marlborough’s Bat: Ram & Malp Chosin San Juan Campaign Battle for China 1937 Black Prince: Crecy & Navarette Kaiser’s War Frederick’s War Cold War 2: Wurzburg & Kabul Shiloh: Bloody April Operation Jubilee Julian SE Russian Civil War When Lions Sailed American Revolution Second Kharkov Battle of Lepanto Reichswehr & Freikorps SE Sun Never Sets II Koniggratz (M&S folio system) Op. 50 27.NO MAG 159. 15 19. 295. 31. 23. 247. 39 9 25 25 25 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 50 30 30 30 30 30 35 60 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 60 53 44 30 24 20 WAW MAGAZINE W/O GAMES* 1.

EARN BUY 2 GET 1 FREE VOUCHERS With each $100 purchased in Decision Games or Desert fox products. $6 each or 4 maps for $20 only $7. 6". 0. or purchase $100 of Decision Games games (exclusions noted below). excludes SPW products. $5.95 .95 limited Quantity 22 sToRage counter Ziplock Bags 3 x 5 inch ziplock counter bags.95 for a roll of 100 bags. exclusions:Subscriptions.Limited Supply. Voucher cannot be combined with ANY other discounts or promotions. Sizes: Small (4"/8 pack). Some games are one of a kind. ed. Holds up to 100 counters per bag. $7. magazine Ziplock Bags 10 x 12 inch ziplock bags. newly released Decision Games productsand SPW games. Large (10"/6 pack). list of alternate games is appreciated. Extra thick for your game boxes.2) 1990 Just Became A Millionaire 1991 Deduction 1976 Bin’Fa: The Tao of War (tube) 1980 Double Cro$$ing 1988 Billionaire 1973 Hotels 1987 Jet World 1975 L.00 each 4 sheets for $10 sold in packs of 4 only. 1991 Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century 1988 Castles: (AD&D) 1990 Greyhawk Adventures: Howl from the North (AD&D) 1991 The Forgotton Realms: Kara-Tur (AD&D) 1988 Crazy Creatures of Dr. 4 x 8 inch ziplock counter bags. online services. Gloom 2012 Quicksand 1981 Price 20 30 20 20 20 20 20 20 250 30 35 50 20 40 80 35 30 30 20 20 30 40 80 30 120 20 20 60 75 20 40 90 10 10 30 10 20 120 20 30 20 20 30 80 10 20 20 2 y u B e e r F 1 t GeVouchers To receive a Buy 2. President 1967 Point of Law 1972 Quinto 1968 Stocks & Bonds 1964 Star Wars: Queens Gambit 2000 Sly 1975 Your America 1970 Babylon 5: Component Game System 1998 Duplicate Chess 1968 Concentration 40th Anniv Ed 1998 Through the Desert 1998 Point Blank 1979 Heavy Weapons Handbook 1992 Infantry Weapons World (bk) 1990 Twilight: 2000 (Version 2. 5/8 inch (176) and 9/16 inch (228) per sheet on white only. computer games.I.F. renew a game edition subscription for two years. no cash value. Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n games Tweezers Stainless steel blunt curved tip tweezers.95 for a roll of 50 bags Box Bands 4-way rubber bands. game of least value is free. Additional shipping charge for mailing in a tube).95 for a roll of 100 bags. shipping not included. Holds up to 200 counters per bag. (Please specify the style you want. Get 1 Free voucher order a new game edition subscription. 1960 Mission Command: Land 2003 Prize Property 1974 Rack-O 1961 Screaming Eagles 1987 Lost World Jurassic Park 1996 Trump: the Game 1989 Space Shuttle 101 1978 Finance & Fortune English Ed 1958 Flinch 1976 Game of State Capitols 1954 HeroQuest 1989 Monopoly (box damaged) 1961 Orbit 1966 Pollyanna: Dixie (1954 art) 1954 Shadowlord! 1983 Sorry! 1958 Star Wars: RotJ Battle at Sarlaccs Pit 1983 Tennis 1975 The Last Crusade 1995 Power 1981 Muckenstich/Danger/Zwickern 3-in-1 (English rules) 2012 El Grande +El Caballero 1996-98 Elfenland 2000 Taj Mahal 2000 The Cattlemen 1977 Upperhand 1981 Star Hop 1981 Award Show 2005 1991 Trading Cards Prem. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.E. Regular (8"/6 pack). ESTATE SALE MFG 3M 3M 3M 3M 3M 3M 3M 3M AH Amway Cadaco CGS Createk ELG FFG Gabrial GDW GDW GDW Hasbro Ideal KentExp Lionel MB MB MB MB MB MB MB MB MB MB Media PB PB PB PB PB PB PB PB PB PB PB PEG PGI QNG RGG RGG RGG S&R S&R TC TLC TSR TSR TSR TSR TSR WGG WPC title year Executive Decision 1971 Foil 1968 High Bid 1965 Image 1972 Mr. 30 180 30 30 20 20 30 10 40 100 30 50 30 15 30 MUG (26oz. Counters are 1/2 inch (280) . only $14. Game Supplies Blank mapsheets & counters The maps (22 x34) are large (19mm) hex in long (length of paper) or short grain (width of paper) or small hex (16mm) long only.77L) Decision games White print on black $ 9. only $8.

please list alternates whenever possible. EXP. list of alternate games is appreciated. + SHIPPING (for all orDerS. __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC. __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC. __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC. __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC. SIGNATURE CVV Further details on page 22 some items are one of a kind. STATE (PROVINCE) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ZIP (POSTAL CODE). PleaSe USe the tableS beloW) + + ORDER TOTAL UsPs international CANADA $ AUSTRALIA 40 $ SOUTH AMERICA 60 $ EUROPE 50 $ ASIA 50 $ 50 UPs USA UK 15 45 $ CANADA $ 25 AUSTRALIA $ 45 EUROPE $ PACIFIC RIM 40 $ 38 MAGAZINE SHIPPING CHARGES — Each shipment is limited to 2 copies maximum (sent via USPS Priority Mail). __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL QTY.5% to orDer SUbtotal) USA ships UPS Ground. QTY.EARN BUY 2 GET 1 FREE VOUCHERS With each $100 purchased in Decision Games or Desert fox products.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL QTY. all prices in US $ and subject to change. __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL QTY. ORDER FORM Please print legibly. __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL QTY.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL ORDER SUBTOTAL Flat Rate Shipping Charges + TAX (CalIfornIa reSIDentS onlY — PleaSe aDD 7.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL QTY. NAME ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LIMITED TIME OFFER! ADDRESS ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ earn one Buy 2 get 1 Free voucher with each product purchase over $100 CITY.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL QTY.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL QTY.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL QTY. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. a sales representative will review each order & apply any discounts. USA (1-2 COPIES) $ 8 CANADA (1-2 COPIES) $ 24 EUROPE (1-2 COPIES) $ 35 AUSTRALIA (1-2 COPIES) $ 36 Dispatch #31 | D e c i s i o n ASIA (1-2 COPIES) $ games 33 9/21/16 23 . Some games are one of a kind. __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC. __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC. excludes SPW products. __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC. __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC. credit memos will be issued on items that are out of stock.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL QTY.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL QTY.) PRICE $ ITEM TOTAL QTY. __________ ITEM ( MAG #/ GAME TITLE / ETC. COUNTRY ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PHONE __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ onLine oRDeR*: EMAIL __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ / / # (VISA/MC/Discover ONLY) *Discount not reflected at checkout. Please add $5 for shipping via USPS Domestic Priority Mail.

combined checks will be deposited at the time of receipt.3) + (UPS or USPS) Shipping Chart on Page 23 + VISA/Mc/disc (ONLY)# 24 Total DFG/Mags/Misc. per year Name City. 4. If paying by Visa. If the game portion is more than $100. & CVV Dispatch #31 | d e c i s i o n games Total SPW Games Total .Magazines & misc.96 Western Front $ 69.Place Your Order 1. please add $2.96 Business in the Trenches (book) $ 23.decisiongames. We prefer two checks one for preorders and one for currently available or subscription orders. Please print legibly and be sure to include all information. 1. only on the product that is purchased. Subscriptions: Note domestic US rates include shipping.0 Writing your order.” Note that there is no tax on subscriptions.2 Total the subscription and game portions of your order separately.magazines & misc. 2. entering them in the boxes noted. Offer expires 28 nov 2016.5%) and enter that amount in the box marked “CA Sales Tax. Choose Your Magazine(s) New Renewal 12 Subscription Units 6 Subscription units $259 $259 $259 $139 $139 $139 Strategy & Tactics World at War Modern War Overseas Qty + + $20 $30 Canada DG / desert fox games .95 63.95 63. Make sure to enter all subscriptions on the lines provided and game purchases on the remaining lines. please no Canadian checks) payable to Decision Games.” Indicate the delivery method by circling it onthe form. Make your check or money order (drawn on a US bank in US funds. 1. 1. TOTAL + Zip country SPW GAMES TOTAL + email TAX (CA. 1. coupons or discounts apply. all others please add per year as indicated on the subscription chart. Special Edition Exclusive 4-pack price $255 $189 Decision Games Total Qty Buy 2 Get 1 Voucher Games—See page 22 price Qty SPW GAMES price Tannenburg: Introductory Game $ 19. MasterCard or Discover please be sure to sign the form and include the full credit card number. Ordering multiple copies of games or subscriptions is denoted by marking the number in the quantity column and multiplying the quantity by the single unit price and entering that into the price column.0 No other offers.5 Total your amount and enter this figure on the final line.0 Pre-Publication offers.96 Ottoman Front $ 79.95 Italian Front $ 49.00 for insurance.0 Please include your phone number or e-mail address so we may contact you if there are any questions regarding your order. see 1.1 Enter each item on a single line using the provided order form or a separate sheet of paper (photocopies acceptable).95 95.96 Grand Campaign $ 79.96 Eastern Front $119.95 55.3 California residents compute their local and state sales tax (or 7.4 Compute the Shipping & Handling amount from the shipping chart and enter the total in the box marked “Shipping.95 39. Orders charged or checks deposited at time of shipping. Total Address Signature Subscription Total Total SUBscriptions TOTAL Phone + + Non-US Shipping. cvv and expiration neatly printed. 3. PO Box 21598 Bakersfield CA 93390 661/587-9633 fax 661/587-5031 shop. orders shipped UPS Ground unless otherwise specified (please provide a street address for this service). 1. State TOTAL TOTAL ORDER = Exp.95 DG BOX GAMES TOTAL + DFG .