Dear Diary, I am going to write about my Easter holidays.

I am going to share my time in Spain, the River Thames, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and last but not least, Covent Garden. Most importantly, I am going to write about my time in ‘Death Trap’ and how scared to death I got. When I went to Spain I met these two brilliant friends named Matilda and Irene. We met when playing in the sea. We took some pictures for memories.

Here’s one of them. I am going to miss them terribly as they were great friends and ones to keep. I hope to see them again soon when I go back to Spain in the summer holidays.

When I got back to London, I went to Trafalgar Square. Many Polish people were gathered there to watch a live ceremony of the funeral of the Polish president. He had died in an airplane crash along with several other Polish military leaders. I also went to see the London Eye. My sisters and I bought delicious cornetto chocolate chip ice-creams with milk chocolate melted on top. There was an Easter theme at the London Eye. I took this photo when I was standing on the London Bridge.

From there we went to Leicester Square.

We had lunch in a restaurant called ‘Bella Italia’. I had spaghetti Bolognese while my sisters and mum had a pizza. There was nothing really anything amazing or exciting at Leicester Square, but I had a fun time.

The next day I went to Covent Garden. There was an Acrobat, doing back flips, rolly-poly’s in the air and cartwheels. For the grand finale, the acrobat put a stool on top of a table. On top of that, he put six wooden blocks, three on each side of the stool. He placed his palm on the blocks and started balancing on them. He kept his legs and upper torso completely straight. He held this up for around 30 seconds all together. This is a picture which shows around a quarter of the audience who were gathered there to watch the amazing act.

I then went to see and take pictures of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. My mum thought it would be a good idea if I took this picture

and showed the difference between the old monuments and the new monuments. The old monuments show palace-like buildings, such as Big Ben or the Houses of Parliament. The new monuments show contemporary style, such as the Gherkin or the Fourth Plinth. As I was near the Houses of Parliament, I thought I might as well go and take pictures of the River Thames. It was as dirty as ever, with coca-cola bottles and ice-cream cones floating around in the murky water. There were several people who were canoeing and making boat trips. I took pictures of the London Bridge.

My sisters spotted an attraction called 'Death Trap'. My mum was, and still is, an expert at haggling and brought the fee down which was £36 for a family of four, to £25 for my sisters, herself and me. We went inside and, suddenly, everything went dark. People who worked at 'Death Trap' were dressed up in costumes and fake blood. They would jump out of their hiding place and make you scream with terror. You were on level 6 and had to get down to level 1 passing through terrifying pictures and holes in which you had to put your hands in. I was having a good time, being jumped at and scared almost every 10 seconds. Then my youngest sister Olivia started to cry because one of the workers jumped out and grabbed her leg. My other sister Steff also got scared and began saying that she wanted mummy and that she wanted to go home. The funny thing is that when we got out of 'Death Trap', my sisters began saying, 'I want to do it again, please mummy, can we do it again?'. The attraction only lasted around 8-10 minutes but it was totally worth it.

Alexandra Pinilla-Taylor, 1 ESO B