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Post-Assessment Results

Post-Assessment Results

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Q e ion 1
Which of the following statements about giving and receiving feedback is no true?

Co ec

Good choice. You answered: Giving feedback is an opportunity to offer judgments on your boss or your peers.

Feedback should no be a judgment about another person. Feedback is intended to be an objective message about behavior and i
consequences, either to recognize a job well done or to suggest how to improve performance.

Learn > What Is Feedback? > Recognize the importance of feedback

Q e ion 2
In which of the following situations would feedback be lea

Co ec


Good choice. You answered: Maria checks her calendar and decides it is time to review George s job performance over the past

This situation calls for performance evaluation, not feedback. It is important to realize that a feedback session has a different purpo

than a performance evaluation meeting. Formal performance appraisals are conducted at regular intervals (usually every six month

least once a year). The focus of a performance evaluation is to review an employee s past work whereas feedback is given on an a
needed basis and looks to the future to determine how that employee can grow.

Learn > Deciding When and How to Deliver Feedback > Feedback sessions versus performance evaluations

Q e ion 3

You are the sales manager of a Japanese auto parts manufacturer. You have heard rumors that Brian, your North American sales representative, is impatien

potential customers. You suspect that his annoyance is negatively affecting his sales performance and therefore the company's North American sales overa
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When receiving feedback. REVIEW MATERIAL Learn > Receiving Feedback Openly > Tips for staying open during the feedback session Q e ion 5 “ infos s. You restate his comments in different words and then ask him to explain in greater detail. but they don t always carry the same weight as establi facts. The plan still needs some work. Folks are really tense about the pending merger and it has started to affect production. When giving feedback. You answered: Separate fact from opinion. what is the be Co ec way to deliver feedback? Good choice. redesigned the production timetable at your plant to facilitate faster overseas deliveries. Give relaters information and ask them for their opinion. Since Anna is a direc or — someone who seeks to establish authority and control — describing the areas of the plan that need w and soliciting her opinion is the most appropriate way to deliver feedback. you observe Brian's impatience with prospects firsthand. You assess his emotions and notice that his body langu signals impatience. I want to meet with the production division about the issue. is effective feedback. Kn your direct report thrives on authority and control. Knowing how popular you are in the plant. Anna. I d appreciate your advice. What is your be Co ec approach for providing feedback? Good choice. if you have five minutes. the best way to work address the issues directly and give them control during the feedback process. such as controlling his impatience with customers. To get the most out of your colleague s feedback. Sam responds to an emphasis on how his feedback will help to create a more stable and productive work environment. When giving feedback to directors. but is annoyed because he feels the materials reflect badly on the company.html 2/4 . You answered: Relater. make sure to focus on improving performance — don t use feedback simply to criticize. This is appropriate feedback for a relater. you should be prepared to separate fact from opinion. You suspect that his annoyance is negatively affecting his sales performance and therefore the company's North American sales overa recent convention. do you think the meeting is a good ide This feedback approach is designed for what type of person? Co ec Good choice. REVIEW MATERIAL Learn > Customizing Feedback > Behavioral typology Q e ion 6 One of your direct reports. You answered: Describe the areas in the plan that you think need work and ask Anna what she thinks should happ next. Focusing your comments on an issue that Brian can work on in the future. It is only your colleague s opinion that the market materials are poorly designed. you need to establish what specific aspects of the design are indeed poo need improvement. REVIEW MATERIAL Learn > Giving Feedback Effectively > Guidelines for effective feedback Q e ion 4 A colleague arranges lunch to provide feedback on the marketing collateral you recently developed. It s not that opinions should be discounted. You answered: Focus your comments on what Brian could do to control his impatience next time. What did you to get the most from his feedback? Co ec Good choice. That s not anybody wants. You decide that he is trying to be helpful.m hmm.8/28/12 Post-Assessment Results potential customers. He tells you that the materials are poorly designed and la creativity.

You notice. REVIEW MATERIAL Learn > Acting When Feedback Calls for Change > Affecting change Q e ion 9 In which of the following situations would feedback be lea Co ec effective? Good choice. providing feedback is not recommended when a change is too difficult for the person or beyond a person s control. such as those involving personality characteristics. Which employee is it? Co ec Good choice. REVIEW MATERIAL Learn > Managing Barriers to Feedback > Barriers to receiving feedback Q e ion 8 Which one of the following statements is true? Co ec Good choice. He is uncomfortable receiving affirming feedback — personal recognit awards — because he does not want to be set apart from others. Which of the following is the mo Co ec appropriate course of action? Good choice. insisting that the awards be shared with his team Andre s attitude is a barrier to receiving feedback effectively. however. Brigid remains ill-at-ease when talkin clients and seems unable to be genuinely “customer friendly. you know that you need to address the growing discontent within your team. You answered: Andre. REVIEW MATERIAL Learn > Acting When Feedback Calls for Change > Affecting change Q e ion 10 Troy is a market researcher for a multinational advertising firm. Colleagues have started to complain about her short workdays and lengthy personal phone conversations. Generally speaking.m hmm.html 3/4 .8/28/12 Post-Assessment Results REVIEW MATERIAL Learn > Customizing Feedback > Behavioral typology Q e ion 7 You have always encouraged your team to be open to giving and receiving feedback. You answered: Feedback needs to address behavior that the receiver can actually change. that one of your employees is unable to give or re feedback effectively because of his attitude.” Feedback is least likely to be effective in this situation Since Brigid has already received several customer service training program have not changed her behavior. You answered: Recognize that Troy is having a personal difficulty and explore ways to prevent it from having a nega impact on her work. Certain types of change. As the manager of the research division. You find out that a fam problem is diverting Troy's attention from work. can be too difficult — or impossible — for some peop Feedback should be limited to changes that are within the person s control. being “customer friendly” seems beyond her control. You answered: Even after receiving several customer service training courses. infos who declines personal recognition awards.

During your discussion. c detail Troy s job expectations and emphasize that they have not changed as a result of her new circumstances. All rights Post-Assessment Results Acknowledging Troy s personal problem and your intention to work with her is the best course of action.2. Privacy infos s.07272011 © 2011 Harvard Business School Publishing.m hmm. REVIEW MATERIAL Learn > Frequently Asked Questions v 11.html 4/4 .0.