By Lydia Herrera 1ESO B Dear Diary, Saturday- It was a lovely and sunny morning so my sister Cristina, my mum and

I decided to go out on a bike ride to get some air and exercise. We were out for over an hour cycling in the park. On our way back home we bought a tub of ice cream to eat later. My Aunt, Uncle and cousins came for lunch and when we finished eating, we all went onto the trampoline and did a lot of jumping. One of the games we played consisted on putting different sized balls on the trampoline and you have to jump around without the ball touching you, it was really fun. Once it started to get cold, we went inside and watched Night at the Museum 2. One of my cousins thought it was the best movie he had seen in his life, but I never thought that at all, it’s a good film but not the best. For dinner we had a little buffet and ate ice cream (the one we has bought earlier). It got really late and I was quite sleepy, so I could not wait until my cousins left, they went to bed eventually and I went directly to bed.

It was a lovely Sunday morning and my parents decided we should all go to The Tower of London. It was a really sunny day so it was a very good idea. We went to the Tower Hill tube station where there is a big sundial clock on the floor which has the history of London written all around the edge and you can read it as you walk along. We also saw a statue of Julius Caesar which was next to part of the original Roman wall that had surrounded London. We had lunch in a local restaurant and then went for a walk around the area. We stopped for a rest and sat on a bench to eat a chocolate chip muffin (which was very tasty). From the bench we saw The Tower of London and the River Thames and saw boats passing by. My mother told us that one day we would take a boat all the way to Greenwich to see the Cutty Sark ship. After our little rest we went to the souvenir shop. I later spotted an ice cream van and asked if I could have one. I had a very nice Chocolate ice cream, it had sprinkles and chocolate sauce which melted a bit too quickly, but it was delicious! After the ice cream it was time to go home. When we got home we watched Doctor Who, and I have to say it was pretty scary!

Monday was a cold day, which was good as I went to the Westfield Mall to see a film with Camilla and Tamara. It was called Nanny McPhee and the Bing Bang, and it was a really funny film. After the film we went to Gap to see if there were any clothes that we liked but there weren’t. We went to Claire’s and saw loads of things that we liked, Camilla saw these weird and funny glasses which we tried on and took a picture. We also saw wigs at the back of the shop and tried one on, it was funny! My mum picked us up and dropped Camilla home. Tamara came over to my house to spend the night. We played on the trampoline and I kept on falling down and Tamara just could not stop laughing. We tried to do some skills but it never went very well, I hurt my neck and Tamara just kept falling on top of me. We went on my swing and both sat on it, and I have to say Tamara is quite heavy! When Tamara got off me, I was swinging and I was trying to show her something, but I just kept falling off. I do not know how I fell, but I just did, Tamara again started laughing and so did I. It began to get really cold and we went inside. After dinner we went on the laptop and spoke on msn with friends. After a while we went down stairs to watch a film called Bring it on: All or Nothing. It is about cheerleaders doing competitions. After that film we watched Jump In, and this film is about jumping ropes. We were really shocked when they jumped and starting doing flips in the air. It was amazing how fast they jumped! By the time it finished it was 11:45 pm so we decided to put our pyjamas on and we started reading magazines and discussing them. After a while we prepared ourselves for bed and went to sleep. In the morning when we woke up we went on the trampoline with a skipping rope and started jumping with it. My mum had previously arranged to visit my cousins, so even though I did not want to take Tamara home we had to. After dropping her off, my family and I went to my cousins’ house where my auntie had made fresh lasagne, which I thought was very nice and yummy. After a late lunch we played on the PS3. Later on we went to Laser Quest where we were split into two teams with one having flashing green lights and the other flashing red lights. I was in the green team, in the game we went into a dark room which had red and green and blue flashing lights and a mist that made everything foggy. I chased my cousins around this big room and really enjoyed sneaking up on them behind all the little walls that were there. The good news is my team won! After Laser Quest we went back to my cousin’s house and played hide and seek and on the Nintendo WII Fit. Sadly, we needed to go home and have a long rest because we kept on waking up very early.

On Tuesday morning I went to Primrose Hill with my dad and my sister. Primrose Hill is located on the north side of Regents Park and London Zoo. The Hill is one of the highest hills in London and the view you get is quite spectacular. When we got to the Hill we decided to try and run to the top, but did not realise how steep and high it actually was. The Hill felt more like a mountain as we struggled up and later found out that it was nearly 78m high. However, the climb was worth it as the view was gobsmacking. Some of the famous buildings I recognised when I went to up Hill were the BT Tower, which is the tallest building in the West End and the London Eye. My father pointed out the top of Saint Paul’s Cathedral and some buildings in Canary Wharf. We could also see inside the bird cages of The London Zoo. After looking at all we could see from the Hill, we needed to walk downward, which was a lot easier than running up. When we were driving home we decided that we would take out my sister’s new board game called Cluedo and work out what the rules were and then have a game. Unfortunately, only one thing spoilt the game for me, I did not win- my brother did.

On Thursday evening my father decided to paint the spare room and put a new wooden floor because he was bored looking at the old carpet. I decided to help him and paint the walls with him to make it look more like an office. We painted the walls light green and put down recycled wooden flooring from another room which I think helped the look. He managed to fit his big office table and comfortable office wheelie chair, which he got for Christmas, as well as a multi gym that we all use. During my Easter holidays I went to many places. I had a really fun time and I hope the holiday coming up is as much fun as this one.