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User Manual

Getting Started
The Cruzer Android Application is a program developed using Java language. This app lets the
users and the Driver interacts via the application for Taxi bookings. This user manual will
explain the use of this Cruzer application. And this will be useful for the Android User, Driver
and to the Admin of the taxi company because it will give them an idea of how to use the
application carefully
Application Requirement
Application needs minimum Android OS running 2.3 Ginger Bread versions. Or above
HSDPA data speed is highly recommended to use this application
Allow GPS location to use with this application.
Guide for the User
The user is the general person who installs the application on the android device. The user who
gets registered to the application becomes the passenger.
Step 01 - User Registration
This is the user registration form in the application. The
user has to enter his Name, valid Email Address, Valid
Mobile Number, Password and Re-type the password in
order to get registered to the application. A registered
Email cannot be registered again, the mobile number
should be a valid number. Incase if the driver need to
contact the user, this number will be used by them. The
email address should be a valid one. In future if the user
has lost the password, the password can be retrieved
through the email

Step 02 - User Login

This is the User Login page. The register User can enter
the email address and the password to login in to the
Incorrect email address or passwords will popup errors
messages to re-type them correctly
This application can be used to request driver and taxis
only if the user is logged into the application.

Driver locations on map

This screenshot is the Google map page displaying all
the taxis and the drivers with their current location with
plotting the black icon marker of their location on the
map. Only available online drivers are visible here. The
drivers who are on rides will not be visible here due to
their status is offline.
The passengers current location is also shown on the
map displaying it in a blue color circle icon. The
passenger has to turn on his internet data and GPS in
order to let the application work fine

Step 03 Requesting Taxi / Cab

This is main form in the application where the
passenger can request the chosen taxi on the map.
When user taps on a taxi marker, this form will pop
up in order to request the taxi, the passenger has to
enter the pickup location and drop location, after he
has entered. The user can select the first option where
the app will find the users current location and make
it as the pickup location. Or the User can manually
enter the pickup location.

User Ride History

The screenshot shown here is the android page where the
users past ride histories are visible. The user can view
his past ride histories. The history display the driver
name, the pickup location and the drop location of the
ride, the date and time and the status of the ride, which
are completed, pending, cancelled, the accepted rides.

Driver Tracker
Once the driver has accepted the user ride request,
User receives a notification saying that the driver has
accepted the rise request. The user is given the rights
to track the driver till he reaches the users pickup
location by tapping on the Track button on the page.
This can let the user be aware till the driver reaches

User Edit Profile

This is the edit profile screen, which lets the user to edit
his basic information, his name can be changed and he is
able assign a new password to his accounts. The number
should be valid when giving a new mobile number

User Voice Search

The user voice search lets the user to input voice or search
by voice for taxi. this mechanism will recognize the voice
input of the user and find the driver by the nearest to the
user location.
The user can give a voice command Who is the nearest
driver, which let the application to find the nearest driver
to the User. In the same way if the user gives a voice input
saying The driver at Colombo The app will response by
shoeing the driver at Colombo and who is nearest to the
user from Colombo.
This voice search can be used only if the device supports
Google Voice Recognition. By tapping on the TALK
button the users can use the voice command.
Guide for the Driver
Driver Login
The screenshot shows the Driver login form, a company
registered driver can login to the application giving the
registered email address and the password. The driver has
to select the driver login from the menu to login to the
The main login cannot be used for the driver while it lets
only the passengers to login.

Driver Ride History

The screenshot shows all the passenger who has sent the
requests to the driver, this page is visible only to the
driver, the driver can select the passenger to view more
Set Online / Offline
There is toggle button for the driver to change his status
to online or offline whenever he wanted. Online status
will let the passenger look at the driver current location
on the map.
Offline status will not allow the driver location to be
visible in the passengers map

New Passenger Request

The is the page once the driver taps on a new passenger
request. The new request passenger details are shown on
the page. The driver has the right to accept the request or
cancel is, or if the ride is over he can tap on the ride
complete button.
Accept Request
The Accept button will let the driver accept the passenger
request. Once accepted, the passenger will be notified with
a notification message saying the driver has accepted
Cancel / Complete a Ride
If the driver wants cancel the request he could just tap on

the cancel button, when driver has completed the ride or the journey, he may need to complete
the ride by tapping on the complete button