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I want to talk to you about the emotional intelligence.

I would like to draw your attention about the topic with some questions:
Why some people seem to have been provided with a special gift that allows
them to live very well although they dont have a better intelligence?
Why not always the most intelligent student finishes being the best
Why some people are more capable to deal with misadventures, to overcome
obstacles and to see the difficulties under a different gaze.
According to Dr Daniel Goleman, who is a psychologist and the discoverer of
the theory, the emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize feelings and in
addition to that is the ability to perceive, understand, reason, and manage the
emotions of oneself and others. It also involves the capacity to be aware of
emotions and how they affect and interact between people.
This psychological abilities allow to express our emotions in a balanced way,
and whats more it gives the possibility of understanding to the others,
allowing us to use this information to guide our thoughts and behavior.
Characteristics of emotional intelligence


motivates ourselves
allows us to persevere in the effort despite the possible frustrations
concedes us to control our impulses
allows us to defer gratification
regulates our moods
prevents us anxiety that interferes with our rational faculties
allows us to have empathy and confidence

The control that each person reaches on these skills is essential to determine
why some people are successful in their lives while another one with a similar
intellectual level, finishes in a deadlock.
To summarize I am giving you an overview for the emocional intelligence at
Daniel Goleman says that the intellectual conditions are not the only guarantee
of success in the professional field of work.
If an employer wants to obtain the best thing of its employees, not only its
talent but also enthusiasm and commitment, must guarantee the following
thing to them:

First: The company must provides to the person with the work tools and teach
to him what to do
Second: It must explain him how to do it.
Third: It must make him feel that its work has a significant value, that with it
contributes to the growth of the company and that can be recognized for that
To conclude my presentation I tell that you can learn to be more emotionally
intelligent developing the necessary skills.
There are emotions called basic as happiness, sadness, anger,

but we can

learn others according to the environment in which people live, the education
that they receive and the type of emotional life they live.