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Senior Project Description

For my senior project I am imitating the forest floor by creating a water filtration system
with recycled plastic. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the effects of soil erosion on
water quality and the importance of vegetation. This project will incorporate my passion for
science and art to create an informational but visually appealing water filtration system and
brochure. Steps I plan to take to accomplish my senior project are research, create a schedule
that will create consistent data and keep me on task, gather all necessary supplies especially
ones that dont require me to produce more waste since my project is centered on
environmental awareness, and create a design for the system itself. I will be creating this
system using three recycled liter soda bottles, three recycled water bottles, grass seeds, soil,
and debris (such as leaves, twigs, bark, roots, pebbles and sand). Each of the liter bottles will
represent the different soil horizons or layers of the forest floor. The first bottle will have only
soil representing the A horizon with a stripped topsoil. The second bottle will have soil with
vegetation representing the O or organic horizon on the surface. The third bottle with have soil
with loose and partly decayed organic material representing O or organic horizon that is buried
by surface litter. I will add water daily to each bottle and record the quality of the watershed by
each forest floor. For the research aspect of my senior project I plan to investigate whether
different plants hold soil better thereby creating less erosion. This project will compile all the
knowledge Ive learned in my science classes throughout high school especially AP
Environmental Science to create and demonstrate an experiment. For my product I will use all
the research and information Ive collected to create a brochure that informs the public on the
importance of vegetation cover. By completing this project I plan to informs others of the
damage human activity has on the planet and the preventative steps we can take to put a stop it
such as not walking off hiking trails.