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Edu Toys, Inc sells a wide variety of educational products to its customers through

its Web site. Jennie Dobson, director of information series at Edutoys, recently
developed a relational database to store critical information that the management
team needs to more effectively serve EduToys customers. The database, which is
provided by in the file EduToys.mdb, consists of five related tables: Company,
Customer, Inventory, Order and Toys.
The company table consists of the following information on each of the 159
companies that manufacture and supply products to EduToys: identification number,
name and telephone number. The customer table maintains following data on each
of the 307 customers who purchased at least one item from EduToys electronic
store during 10 months of operations (i.e. Jan-Oct 1998): identification number, last
name, first name, age, gender, street address, city, state, zip code, and telephone
number. The inventory table consists of following information on each of 201
products that EduToys purchases from its various supplier: identification number,
name, quantity in current inventory, quantity on order, and expected delivery date
of order. The order table records the following information for each of the customer
transaction that took place during the first 10 months of 1998: transaction
identification number, date, customer identification number, customer credit card
number, product identification number, and quantity purchased. Finally the toys
table maintains the following on each of the products sold by EduToys: product
identification number, company (i.e. supplier) identification number, product name,
type of product, appropriate age group for the product, unit price, and detailed
product description.
As part of analytics team with EduToys, you have been asked by your data scientist
to prepare a memorandum that responds to the following questions. Your data
scientist encourages you to make extensive use of the database in completing the
assignment. Also, she wants you to retain copies of all
Excel spreadsheets that you prepare to generate the needed information.
Note: Use Excel to answer first 2 questions, save it in respective Excel spreadsheet
and use Cognos to answer 3rd questions, and save output in PDF format.

Use Excel to Answer

1. How do EduToyss past customers break down by age and gender?
2. Which of the EduToys past customers have spent amount that falls in the top
20% of all transaction (as measured in dollars)? Report the first name, last
name, street address, city, state, zip code for each of the customers.
Use Cognos to Answer
3. What proportion of all given transaction were conducted through the use of

each type of credit card (including American Express, Discover, MasterCard

and Visa)?