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Digital Graphic Narrative Planning

Use this booklet to help structure your planning and collate your planning documents.

There are lots of things to consider in this project. Fill out each section in detail to show you have thought about each one. You
should imagine that this is a live project, so considerations like cost, quantity and codes of practice must be thought about in that
context rather than just as a college project.
As far as costs go there wont be a large investment of money considering I will graphically produce most of
my work on the computer. Although if I want to work from home I would have to consider buying some of the
software that I use here to work at home. If I where to try and take photographs or try to make any original
image using photos I would have to consider the camera equipment and the costumes into the costs. I would
also have to add in a lot of my own money into more fuel for transport.
Available resources:
The available resources I have are the computer equipped with software that I need to develop new images
that I need to use. Some resources like images that I need or camera equipment I will need to either acquire
by borrowing. The resources I would also need would be this story I am basing my work on and most of the
content surrounding it.

I dont think a major amount is needed since this story is mostly known though Britain because of the storys
affiliation with our patron saint George. A base amount of copys needed to fill the market would probably be
around 500,000 mark depending on the fact that its a well known story this could either make or break the
story as it could gain traction or be ignored.
Audience and Target Market:
My target Audience age I think has increased slightly since I have finished my storyboard. Since I am making
a childrens book I dont want too use any images that might upset or might not be that suitable for non-mature
audiences. Since I went for a slightly darker tone I decided to go up by 2 years of age keeping my ages
between 4-9 Making sure Im hitting most ages suitable for story telling. Clearly when thinking about a lot of
the design choices of the characters and even the type of story I was doing I was hoping to hit the English
demographic more than others because of the story of St. George (Being the patron saint of England.) I could
appeal to that demographic. Also the fact of it being a knight fighting a dragon and saving a princess I would
be appealing more to a male demographic rather than a female.
Quality Factors:
As far as quality Factors go Im their are dates when Im going through the work Ive already done just to do
some quality control through my work and add some more detail here and there so when I come to finish my
work I dont have to rush through some segments which were left unattended and might not be as good as
some other pieces of work.

Codes of Practice:
A constructive and co-operative relationship between book authors (and the agents and
Representatives acting for them) and their publishers is vital to successful publishing.
Dissatisfaction may arise, however, perhaps because a title is not the success the author and
Publisher hoped for, or because of lack of clarity or misunderstandings of the publishing
Contract. In order to help eliminate the causes of such misunderstandings, this Code of
Practice attempts to address some of the areas which may lead to avoidable conflict, and is
Recommended to PA members in their dealings with authors.

As far as regulation goes as long as a comply with some acts like the obscene publications act of 59 Which
restrict me of what I can put in for clearly obvious reasons like since this is a childs book. I can throw curse
words in there. Complying with these regulations makes sure that the content in which I produce would be fine
for the children to enjoy.

I understand most copyright factors. I couldnt imagine most of sources will be inspired by most images but
mostly all of my images will be Either illustrated or taken via photographs and changed and altered. I think the
only thing I would maybe use is font styles and edited textures. Again if I used their content I would have to
pay them a fee for using it. Other than these two things most of my content is self-made.

Ethical Issues:
Considering society today I dont think their will be problems with this book other than the odd person
demanding a specific change to a character to either add diversity or to stop defacing a people. I dont think I
would have that kind of backlash from people through considering Im basing my story on a fairy tale and one
that is widely known and culturally based in England. Maybe if people are upset at a sight of a dragon being
killed but I dont think that will be a problem.

A successful project relies on good planning. Considering all the resources you will need for a project and then assessing which
you already have and which you need will help ensure you are ready to start your project.
If there is a resource you dont currently have, then consider how you are going to get it before you go in to production.

Images needed for altering and

rotoscoping to add into book.
Images from online sources needed
either for information or use in some of
my created content such as textures.

Do you have


What do you need to do to get it?

I need to get the costumes together and gather equipment
needed to take nice photographs at a nice quality so I am able
to rotoscope over them and make them look more like images
from the book. This is more or less more of the important
resources that I need to continue on.
I just need to go searching for content related to my course or
to the story or even to the time period my story is set around
and to make sure that it is all sorted out together.

Production Schedule:
Delivering your project on time is vital. In order to do this, you need a solid plan of action. This will help you divide up your work in
to manageable chunks to be tackled one at a time. It will also allow you to plan which tasks need to be done in which order. It will
also allow you to track your progress each day. If you are falling behind, you will need to modify the way you work. If you work
faster than expected, you can clearly see what the next steps you need to take are.
Each session is a half day of college.
Session 1:Monday

Quality control update any work

Begin work on the pages of writing and start on a template

Add all the script writing into the templates and add them all together.

Session 2:Tuesday
Quality control update any work

Start drafts on the story work including base images for the knight the dragon and the princess.

Session 3:Wednesday

Quality control update any work

Begin work on the first few pages of the story

Find base images for the king and the monk.

Session 4: Thursday
Quality control update any work

Finish off work thats needed to be finished off.

Session 5: Friday

Quality control update any work

Start work on the middle group of pages that are needed to be made
Update any images that are needed to be updated like images of the crowds or images of the monk and
the king

Session 6:
Quality control update any work

Start work on the last group of picture pages

Finish any work needed for the middle group of picture pages or the start group before I start on the last
group of images.

Session 7:

Quality control update any work

Finish off any work related to the picture pages.

Finish off any writing ( Move to next session if the work load for picture pages is to big.)

Session 8:
Quality control update any work

Session 9:

Quality control update any work

Session 10:
Quality control update any work

Health and safety:

Your health and safety and that of those around you is very important. Just like in industry, an accident could prevent you from
working. Whilst we dont work in a highly dangerous environment, there are still risks. Some are short term, such as trips and
spillages whilst others, such as long term damage to eyesight or back problems, may affect you much later in life.
Consider the risks based on the activities you will be undertaking during the project. Explain how you could prevent them from
Ensure you reference appropriate pieces of legislation, design to protect people at work.

Health and Safety Issue

As far as health and safety goes I think it is very
important that since I am working from computer most of
the time. To make sure that my eyes get a rest from the
screen and can have time to adjust and to make sure I
dont strain them hard.
Since I will be going out side to take photographs and
create content there itll be dangerous places like roads
and areas that are highly congested will be hazardous
and since I will be traveling by car to get most of these
shots I will have to be careful whilst driving.

How can you prevent it?

By making sure I take a break and relax for like 5-10 mins
to be able for my eyes to adjust and to make sure they
dont strain.
By making sure I follow sighs and Im careful driving
shouldnt be a huge problem on the other hand walking
around could become more of a danger to others than
myself so I think that its best to make sure I look around
areas to see if they are clear and Im able to take shots
and make sure Im not in the way of people.