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Project Charter:

The existing capacity of plant is 5000 barrel per day .We intend to increase the plant
capacity from 5000 barrel to 6500 barrel per day.
The Project comprises of ________of capacity 33000 barrels. This tank fulfills the buffer
stock requirements of the plant.

The scope of work and deliveries for this project includes:

Construction Preparation
Land survey
Tank Foundation
Manufacturing of new tank
Link to existing tank

The phases of this project are following:

Pre-construction Phase
Resource Acquisition Phase
Fabrication Phase
Testing & Handover

Time Frame
126 days from ________

Business Case

Plant has 6900 tons of Oil consumption per day.

Increase the storage capacity by 1.5 Million Barrels.
This newly constructed storage tank increase buffer stock capacity for more
than 9 days.

Business Features
Due to capacity enhancement of plant, it would be help to store the product.

Major Tools/Equipment Required

Dump truck
Re-claimer & soil stabilizer


Construction waste handover to scrap yard contractors.

Miscellaneous waste would be dump in underground pits in north-west of the

Project Charter:
Acceptance Criteria

Fulfill the tanks dimensional characteristics

3rd party audit would be conducted regarding assessment of construction

Key Stakeholders

Operations department.


API RP 620
ASME B31.3

Hiring & Training Policy

Interviews to be conducted by HR & Project Manager. Selection criteria would be

strictly merit based
HR would identify TNA of project team based on skill matrix chart.

Organogram Of Project team

Communication Policy

All formal & informal communication would be via email.

Informal communication would be on telephone
Legal documents to be send via courier /fax

Project Charter:

Project Budget
The overall cost of designing and manufacturing is estimated Rs. ____ and assuming
no change in to current economic conditions and specifically steel prices and
availability of qualified labour. This cost estimated as provided in October 2012 and
includes a contingency of 15%.

Constraints, Assumptions, Risks and Dependencies



Risks and

Time Constrain

Budget Constrain

The transport times between the batch processor and the

storage tanks are negligible.

Storage of finished products is not relevant, as all products

are immediately shipped to the customer.

The production system operates only on weekdays, for

eight hours per day

Estimated Project Schedule

Incearse in Future cost of steel

Project Scope Creep

Project Teams Shared Work Experience creates poor working


Approval Signatures

[MD EPRF], Project Client

[Chairmen], Project

Project Manager