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A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to Preserve and
endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.
Good morning everybody!
I’m chirag tyagi in today’s debate competition; I stand before you to
support the motion Batman, Spiderman and superman are not our real
Friends, we all think that Batman, Spiderman, Superman are our heroes
and we also become like them in our life.Sorry,but in reality they are
not our Hero in fact they are just animated characters. This can make
the audience wonder why the TV hero considers him/herself a hero
than some guy who’s never even saved the world once.
So then how can my opponent can claim that these animated
character superman, Spiderman and batman are real heroes?
My dear friends understand that “Heroes are made by the paths they
choose, not the powers they are graced with”
That’s why our fire fighters who save our life from fire are our heroes
our Police officers who fight against criminals, our doctors who us from
death they are our heroes.
That’s why those people who do work for the welfare of our society are
real heroes. But I fail to understand that why these animated
characters are becoming more popular than real heroes
When children are small they need a idol for their better future These
animated creatures create the feeling of violence in the minds of the
children’s whereas real heroes like fire brigade officers create a
impression in the minds of children they develop the feeling of doing
some work for the welfare of their society .
But now a day’s these heroes are not getting their right position in the
society many people are thinking for them they are just harming the
image these heroes. But my dear friends now you understand the
importance of these heroes in our life. So, now you understand that

spiderman. superman and batman are just misleading ideals and heroes like Police officers. fire fighters. Doctors should be our ideal and we should become like them in our life. Thank you! . military officer.