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A day trip to Cyberjaya University

Suggested Time: 10.00am-1.00pm
Date: 3rd October 2014 (Friday)
Location: Cyberjaya University
Guests: 30 students and 5 lecturers from UTHM, Johor




Cyberjaya University staff greet
students and lecturers upon arrival.
Guests are directed to the selected
areas around the university. Warm-up
and introduction sessions about the
University begin.
Visit to Faculty of Media and
Students are organized into groups.
The teams are led by a team leader
each. The tour to the faculty begins.
A stop at the ‘product branding’
informed on how labels and posters
for products are made. Students get
a chance to see samples of labels
and posters on display. There will be
a question and answer session
between the guests and the host.
Students are directed to the cafeteria
for lunch break
Tour concludes
Wrap-up session by the host. The
university staff escort the guests
back to the bus.

30 students and 5 lecturers from UTHM went for a trip to Cyberjaya University in order to visit the Faculty of Media and Technology. We learned that the university students used their creativity and resourcefulness to market local products overseas. we wanted to make a comparison between local products and overseas products. During the tour. Firstly. Secondly. especially those who are interested in business. we took down some notes and interviewed the facilitator on how local products could be marketed overseas. Last but not least. The conducive environment in the faculty as well as the well-informed facilitator helped us learn more about product branding. we wanted to get to know the university in detail especially regarding the faculty’s operation. Conclusion . we wanted to be exposed to different products and the labeling process.Cyberjaya University Field Trip Report Introduction On 4 October 2013. We arrived there at 10. Trip objectives There are 3 objectives in total.00am. The question and answer session between guests and the facilitator took half an hour. We planned to visit the university and also its product branding workshop tour to find out the comparison between local and overseas products’ labeling. Field observation We were assisted by a facilitator who explained to us in detail about product labeling. This will definitely benefit students in future. We also managed to obtain many informative brochures and posters about product labeling.

00pm.Our trip ended at 1. We highly recommend this trip to IT/Arts/Business students who are interested to learn more about product labeling and branding. We all learned something new and beneficial. . It can be concluded that the trip was successful and all objectives were achieved.