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Rothstein/McCollum/South Florida Tea

Party Connection Exposed in
Defamation Lawsuit against GOP
Guetzloe Lawsuit Establishes Link between Indicted GOP Moneyman for
McCollum and Greer and their attacks on Florida Tea Party and Paula Dockery.

(Orlando) Consultant and radio talk show host Doug Guetzloe has filed a lawsuit
that alleges a direct connection between indicted GOP money man and alleged
Ponzi-scheme guru SCOTT ROTHSTEIN and GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bill
McCollum and several GOP campaign consultants that have been engaging in a
relentless campaign of character assassination and defamation against Guetzloe
and State Senator Paula Dockery.

The suit was filed today in Orange/Osceola District Court (Case No. 2010-CA-
010855-O) against GOP consultants Michael Caputo (NY & Miami); Tim
McClellan (Palm Beach); Everett Wilkinson (Ft. Lauderdale) and Cheryl Matchett

The lawsuit also shows the connections between the South Florida Tea Party; its
officers and Rothstein as well as the connections between Caputo and Roger
Stone – both are self-described as "dirty tricksters" in national media. Wilkinson
of the South Florida Tea Party is involved in a bogus Federal lawsuit against
Guetzloe; his attorney Fred O’Neal and Nick Egoroff over the tea party name.
Interestingly the two lead attorney’s for the bogus Federal lawsuit are former
Rothstein law partners, Frank Herrera and Gus Sardina, who to date have
refused to reveal who exactly is paying for the federal lawsuit filed by Caputo;
Wilkinson; McClellan and Matchett.

The Rothstein associates have also been involved in ongoing attacks on Senator
Paula Dockery, incorrectly describing Dockery as a "liberal; a RINO (Republican
in Name Only: a socialist; pro-abortion; dishonest" as well as many other

"Rothstein was one of McCollum’s biggest financial supporters and the

defendants who have all disparaged Senator Dockery in numerous news
releases and blogs and their attorney’s are all Rothstein associates… there is no
‘coincidence’ in politics," stated Guetzloe.

The lawsuit also includes an email from a former RPOF employee who exposed
the involvement of GOP party employees; McCollum; Rothstein and Wilkinson as
early as December of 2009.

"Florida has very broad discovery rules and we intend to depose all the
defendants as well as McCollum and his campaign to discover the financial
source of these potentially illegal attacks," Guetzloe concluded.[06/12/10 5:34:36 PM]