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Be a super affiliate

Newsletter 1 Setting up
Dear Affiliate marketer,
Welcome to my first newsletter. Thank you for signing up. I will try my best to deserve
your trust and confidence giving you in every page of this website the material that I am
promising. I appreciate your time and your goals and it is my sincere wish not to
disappoint you.
I wish to work with you as my trusted partners and friends, helping each other to grow in
this business. So, if you are not pleased with the quality of the information that I am
transmitting to you, please let me know giving me suggestions how to improve my services.
I have been studying affiliate marketing since 2012 and it is only now that I am feeling
confident enough to launch my first website, but you and I will only be able to succeed if we
work together as I have said, as partners.
I am promoting EARNCOME training program in this website. I have read and tried
many other promotional products, some very good also, parts of which Ill be promoting
according to their relevance to this website. However, I saw no other to my taste, so perfect
and straightforward as this one. So, this is the main system that we are going to promote.
There will be a number of other setting up and promotional sites that we will be promoting
at the same time. They are all very good, and they are the ones that I am using, so I can talk
about them. If you have better ideas, we can share and try for mutual growth.
My ultimate aim is to become a super affiliate and that is what I wish for each of those who
will work with me. My mother was a teacher, I am a born teacher, a strict teacher, by the
way and I can assure you that those who learn with me and follow my instructions will
definitely succeed in their objectives because I am very persistent and never give up.
In this first newsletter, I am publishing as you see below, the plan of action for the first 12
weeks. I am charging a one time payment of only $9.95 for all the newsletters that you will
receive during the following 6 months, a total of 24, as a simple way of helping me because I
am going to invest all my time in building up this tutorial project just to help others grow
as well. For this, Ill have to do a lot of investigation myself. Once you have your own

website and start promoting it, you will soon recover this money and start earning your

Do you see the picture above? This is how I want my team to be. Grow, grow and multiply
endlessly, horizontally and vertically. This is my dream, make it your dream as well and let
us grow and grow and grow, endlessly. So, good luck to all of us, my dear partners. Off to
Once again let me remind you, I am not an expert, I am learning as I try, but I have a
tremendous will power and I will not rest until I get what I want. So now, my wish is to
become a super affiliate and to take all my partners to that level as well. Are you with me?
Then lets start immediately.
Below you see my plan of action for the next 3 months. Hopefully, it will keep you busy
and excited. As my step 2 of this newsletter, I am giving you step by step tutorials for
setting up the system. As I am sending you new tutorials only once a week, I hope not to
overload you with irrelevant information. I would advise you to have your own filing
system so that you can always review the information that I send.
The numbers in the table, show the weeks and the kind of material you will receive each
week for 12 weeks. Thus, you will receive content material in weeks 1, 5 and 9.
List building material in weeks 2, 6, 10 and so on. Each newsletter will be referring to one
of the pages of my website. In the about me page, of the website you will receive from time
to time general encouragement comments and other issues as they come up. So, keep on
consulting that page.
In every newsletter, youll receive simple and easy to follow tutorials and other free
material for you to set up a very effective affiliate marketing system to begin making
money online.
Once you sign up and make the one-time payment, you will automatically start receiving
the broadcasted newsletters through the AWEBER email broadcast system following the
established schedule:

List building
About me

1- setting up
2- learning the basics
3- auto-responder series
4- why brand

5- what content
6 - ways to build
7- getting noticed
8 how to brand
General information

9 - curation
10 social media
11 earn commissions
12- become an authority

2. Setting up your affiliate system

In order to have a successful affiliate project, you must have your own website,
otherwise you will have no control over your affiliate project. So, before we
proceed, here are the instructions to set up your system. For this you need 3
things: a domain, a web server and a site builder.
I can only advise Homestead which is the one I use. Homestead Technologies, Inc.
is a leader in web site creation, marketing and hosting business.
Homestead helps small businesses establish their presence on the Web, maintain
and promote their site, and sell or market their products and servicesall without
mastering programming or design.
I like Homestead for 3 reasons.
1. Because they have a prompt help service either through chat or community
or email. I was never disappointed with them.
2. In this site, you get the 3 basics for opening your online business:
3. The monthly price is affordable.
Here is information about another website system the HostGator which also
seems good. Please read carefully the information in both systems and decide for
yourself which you prefer. I have given you my preference.
A domain name, or URL is the website address that people will type into their
browser to get to your website (for example
My website address is:
A Domain name is your most important business address. Get one now clicking on
this link:

What is the difference between domains vs hosting vs website?

When you have a site visitor, they use your domain name to view your website. As
simple as it seems, there is a process that occurs from the time that the site visitor
types in your domain and presses enter.
When a site visitor enters your domain name into a browser, the domain is then
translated into your server IP address, then the server sends that user your site
files, which their browser represents to them as a typical web-page. So you see
that, without each of these 3 elements, you won't really have a web-site.
The three basic parts that make up any current day website are:
Domain Names
Web-Hosting Servers
Site Files

Please open any of the above links and read what each of the above terms mean.
Once you have your website set up, proceed to step 3

3. Setting up your AWeber autoresponder

Before we take any decision, we must know a bit about the reasons why we do
something. Now that we have seen the need of having a website and have set it up,
the next important basic step is to set up our email system.
Email is the most effective way of promotion and marketing on the internet. To be
able to use it fully you need to sign up for an email delivery service known as
An autoresponder is a simple yet effective email marketing tool which allows you
to send a series of scheduled follow-up emails to your customers; Automated email
marketing thus frees up your time and keeps readers engaged.
After having worked in the Internet for at least 2 years trying out different systems,
the conclusion to which I have reached is that AWeber is the best autoresponder /
email marketing for any business. No matter what niche you are in, use
autoresponder to keep good relationship with your customers, prospects and
followers. Always remember, No list, no money.
Keeping up with my trend of thought, before you sign up, go to the link below and
find out what is AWeber and how it can help you to succeed online. I tried other
autoresponders, but only AWeber satisfied me fully.

Are you ready to sign up now? Then, click on this link and sign up with AWEBER
filling in the form that opens up.
Once you sign up and complete the form, theyll create a unique Affiliate ID for you
so that you can start making money by promoting AWebers email marketing
Do you see this newsletter that you are receiving? It is through their newsletter
broadcast system that you are receiving it. I have submitted all the newsletters
that I want to send, the exact dates for each letter and the different URLs. Once I
set up the program with them, I can relax, because now it is their job to send.

Setting up your Paypal account

Finally, to deal with your transactions, you will need a Paypal account. So, if you
do not have one already, go to this link below, follow the instructions and open your
Paypal account. I have a personal account, not a business one:

And this is the end of my first newsletter. Next week you will get an introduction to
list-building. So, each week will teach you something really exciting if you are
anxious to learn, and persevere in your study. I will try to answer to whatever
questions you have.