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The new generation opted for imported products rather than its own, putting Madge Caf behind as

international coffee shops and tea houses in the City of Iloilo. This lead the researchers to made a study
on how Madge Caf handles the rise of western coffee shops, and how they will be able to keep up to the
changing taste of the people. This paper outlines how these rising establishments alter the taste and choice
of people on which coffee shop to choose. Also, this paper states the capacity of Madge Caf in
competing with these establishments, promote the heritage of Iloilo City, and preserve its legacy. To do
this, the researchers conducted a popularity survey on Starbucks, Moonleaf, Coffeebreak, and Madge to
see which of these coffee shops people prefer. Then, the researchers found out that Madge Caf is not
popular in the younger generation since they opt for westernized coffee shops due to the ambiance, taste,
location, and quality of service. People choose coffee shops that has a good ambiance and offers a serene
environment suitable for studying. The researchers also found out that the youth prefer imported products
and that Madge Caf offers low quality service. Thus the researchers recommend to put up lounge chairs

made of rattan and provide local magazines and brochures featuring Iloilos tourist attractions
and delicacies, possible expansion in rural areas. Also raise awareness among the youth and
improve customer service through proper training.