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5-week program - 1st week FREE | 2 days/week | $150
With guidance from current firefighters, Sports Academy has developed a firefighter-specific
training program for the demands of todays firefighter. With the use of full turn-outs, 100ft of
uncharged fire hose, forcible entry tools, and our state of the art sports performance equipment,
our program trains for critical movements and actions important to firefighters.

Actual Oxnard College Fire Academy Cadet Testing Results:


Test 1

Test 2

DB Farmers Walk 80 lbs

Hip Press - 325 lbs

50% Increase





10 Reps

20 Reps

Test 3

Test 4

Treadmill Climb

Infinity Horizontal Rope Pull

7 min

17% incline

6 min
5 min
4 min

16% incline

3 min

145 ft

2 min
1 min

Test 5
Standing Lat Pull Down 120 lbs



179 ft


For More Information or to Register Contact:

Larry Anguino, Sports Performance Coach |
or Call Sports Academy | 844-472-1476
1011 Rancho Conejo Blvd
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

On the cover: LAFD Golf Invitational - Mountaingate Country Club

Inset photo by: Mike Meadows

Barham Blvd - Hollywood
2 November 2016

Photo by: Barry Hedberg




NO. 3

2016 LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament

Generous sponsors and happy firefighters gathered

at Mountain Gate Country Club for the 19th annual golf
classic to raise monies for the Widows, Orphans
& Disabled Firemens Fund ...................................................06

Toys Spark Community Service Award

The Board of Honorary Awards presented the Crystal

Flame Community Service Award to FF Mike Marquez
for his continuing dedication to the Spark of Love Toy Drive ...14

Presidents Message ..........................................................................05
Help Wanted/Volunteers Needed
Can you spare a few hours to spark some love? .............................15
Battalion News ...................................................................................17
The Retired Guys ...............................................................................34
Department in Action
Major Emergency in Little Tokyo ..................................................36
Train vs Truck in Sun Valley ..........................................................37
Station Fridge .......................................................................................38
Innovation Makes Work EZer
LAFD engineers develop new spanner ..............................................39
110 Reasons to Party
Make this your fire stations holiday party ........................................43
Retirement Dinner Announcements ...................................................45
Mailbox ...............................................................................................46
Memorials ...........................................................................................49
Dollars and Sense
Are you leveraging reward points? ...................................................51
LAFD History
55 years since the Bel Air Fire .........................................................52
Minutes of the Board of Trustees .....................................................55
Classifieds ...........................................................................................57
Engine Company 52 ...........................................................................60

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association.

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November 2016 3

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Barry Hedberg
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Jim Coburn

Tom Stires


To contact a chaplain, please call Senior Chaplain Rick Godinez at (213)

797-2404 or the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 576-8920
Greg W. Gibson...................Chaplain
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4 November 2016

Welcome Movember!

The goal of Movember is to change the face of mens health.
The growing of moustaches during this month is to raise awareness of
various cancers such as prostate cancer.

This month is about celebrating Thanksgiving, which has always
been a big day in my family. Whether you are working in the fire station or getting together at your families homes, take a moment and give
thanks for what you have. Sometimes we miss the little things when
there are other distractions.

The Historical Society put on yet another wonderful event on
October 8th to recognize our fallen firefighters and their families. Jim
Finn and his staff and volunteers did a fabulous job of paying tribute to
our LAFD members. Rick Godinez and the Chaplain Corps once again
showed why we have the best Chaplains in the Fire Service. A special
thank you to Jack Wise and the Fire Hogs for their continued support of
our widows.

Our 2016 LAFD Golf tournament was a great success, especially
for our organization, but also for just about everyone who made it out
to support our cause. A HUGE THANK YOU is hardly enough to all of
our volunteers, staff and supporters who devoted their time, energies and
money. Its a humbling experience to hear people express their gratitude
about this organization, even more so when it is coming from someone
who has been helped.

Our Open House party is Saturday, November 5th from noon until 4:00pm. Weve got a great caterer ready to deliver a delicious spread
for you and the drinks are on the house! This year we are honoring
long-time LAFRA Trustee Dennis Mendenhall for his decades of dedication to our organization. No need to RSVP just show up and enjoy.
Hope to see you there.

On Saturday, December 19th, we are throwing a Holiday Dinner
Dance in honor of LAFRAs 110th anniversary. Therell be lots of good
food and drink and entertainment at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. Why
not make this your stations holiday party? Weve even got a discount
rate when you buy a table of ten with your co-workers and their better
halves. So break out your holiday best and join us you can dance until
midnight and then spend the night at the Club with a special firefighter
room rate.

Robert D. SteinTalker Steinbacher
(323) 259-5200

Many members have asked how to get paperless Explanation
of Benefits (EOB).

Members on the Relief PPO Plan may obtain information,
including EOBs online. You can also opt-out of receiving snail mail
statements altogether. You also may sign up for electronic deposits/
transactions (such as co-pays or other reimbursements) rather than
receiving checks in the mail.

To get started, follow these simple instructions:

Click or enter the following address in your URL browser

Click on MEMBER in the top right corner of the page

Type LAFRA in the Company Name box

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Click on the item you wish to explore (for example: Claim

Status, Request ID Card, etc.)
Enter Username and Password information at Site Sign In OR
register if you havent done so already.
Then click Sign In.

For electronic deposits/transactions:

Once signed in, click on Electronic Transactions Setup link
located in Links box on the right of the screen (see sample below)

On the Electronic Transactions Setup page, follow the required


Enter and confirm your Email Address

Select Enable to authorize EFTs (Electronic Fund

transfers) to your bank account

Enter Name on bank account

Enter and confirm Bank Routing Number

Enter and confirm Bank Account Number

Click NEXT and continue the required steps
For questions, call (866) 99-LAFRA or (866) 995-2372
November 2016 5

f you didnt go or participate in this

years LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament to benefit our Widows, Orphans &
Disabled Firemens Fund, well, you missed
out on a heapin bucket full of camaraderie,
seein ol buddies and enjoyin the beautiful
scenery that the Mountaingate Golf Course
has to offer. Im not a golfer but I can appreciate how someone might get addicted to
hittin golf balls on this course.

And thanks to the Relief Association, I got my own golf cart to cruise around
in and talk with, and sometimes harass, the
golfers. Take for instance Ken Buzzell. Ken
played last year and I got to witness one of
his swings that probably wouldnt get him
invited to a major tournament, but he
also didnt forget my comment. So I
sort of got the retired Captain II Evil
Eye look at this years event. As I was
talkin with Ken at this years

6 November 2016

tournament I noticed a gaggle of golf carts

huddled around his, which were pretty much
blockin the golf cart roadway. So I said, This
reminds me of a brush fire and havin parked
apparatus blockin the street so no engines can
get to the fire.

Well, I got the look again and was reminded that when he was an A/O he never took
a Truck to a brush fire. As far as Im concerned,
Ken Buzzell walks on water for his tireless efforts protectin our pension and our benefits, so
issuin an F-1104-GCI (Golf Cart Infraction)
can probably wait until the 2017 Invitational
Tournment. See you next year Ken!

Its also a good thing that there were no
Cops cruisin around on the course. I think the
only hole that didnt provide some kind of refreshment was the one displayin a brand new
Ford Mustang from Vista Ford. Dont hold me
to it, but I think it was Hole #6 on the Lake
side and if you shot a hole-in-one, it was yours.
It was yellow, so I was almost tempted to re-

move myself from my cart to test my luck, but

since golf requires standin AND swingin, I
remained seated.

In-n-Out Burger had their mobile
trailer on scene and provided burgers, chips
and drinks to the warriors on the course. Volunteers were shuttlin burgers, drinks and snacks
out to the players to maintain their energy levels. Those volunteers, whether they were assistin with the food, pickin up trash or just
insurin everythin ran smoothly, all deserve a
big Thank You.

Many thanks to the sponsors of this
great event and to the numerous golfers who
came out to participate and to help raise funds
for our Relief Associations Widows and Orphans.

If youve never been to this event, think
about for next year. Its great fun. In fact its
more fun than ridin an 800 rescue because you
get to go home at night.

November 2016 7

8 November 2016




November 2016 9

10 November 2016

November 2016 11

Our Kind Sponsors

Beacon Pointe Advisors, LLC
UBS Financial Services, The Princeton Group
Symons Capital Management
AllianceBernstein L.P.
Andrew Roth, M.D.
Arthur Lipper, M.D.
Fisher Investments
MCL Health Management, Inc., Dr. Michael Luciano
Principal Global Investors
Robert F. Meth, M.D., A Medical Corporation
Ronald Carlish, M.D.
Synapse Orthopedic Group, Edwin Haronian M.D. Inc.
Robert Fenton, M.D.
Lavi Spine & Orthopedic Medical Centers
U.S. Bank Institutional Trust & Custody
Lazard Asset Management Co.
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California Casualty
Cherry Car Care Products
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Ernest Agatstein, M.D. & the Paletz Agatstein Urology
Medical Group, Inc.
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Lazaro V. Alonso, A Medical Group
Los Angeles City Councilmember Jose Huizar
Los Angeles Police Revolver & Athletic Club, Inc.
Mitchel Silverman, M.D.
Portfolio Advisors, LLC
RCP Advisors
Recovery Associates
St. James, Inc.
City National Bank
Chester Hasday, M.D.
Robert Davidow
Bernard Monderer, M.D.
Laura Wertheimer Hatch, M.D., Inc
Los Alamitos Cardiovascular, Stuart Fischer, M.D.
Robert B. Gerber, DDS
Behrooz Broukim, M.D., Inc.
Collective Color
12 November 2016

cascade of several thousand golf balls

all plummeting towards a bullseye of
one small hole in the middle of a green
can be a lot of fun to watch. And its even more
fun if its your ball that ends up at the bottom of the
hole (see the prizes below).
At many golf tournaments, ball drops are accomplished with a front end loader, crane, helicopter or
even a hot air balloon. But who needs any of those when
you have a 100 foot aerial ladder firetruck ready and
The numbered golf balls arent too hard to sell; from
$5 to $10 each depending on how many you buy. Especially
when you see the big prizes you could win (see the prizes
below) or when you realize that all the proceeds go to the
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund. Seems like Tim
Larson mustve sold a million em at the Pechanga Reunion.

LAFRAs specially designed ball drop bag was designed a
few years ago by Trustee Steve Domanski. Its suspended from
the end of Truck 88s fully-extended aerial and this year, Darlene Magno from sponsor Montrose Travel, had the honor of
pulling the cord. After a few hard tugs, the balls came tumbling
down in a torrent. LAFRA volunteer Lydia Andrews makes sure
that each numbered ball corresponds to a donor and that all the
balls are in the bag. Juan Albarran, the most honest man who
used to be on the LAFD, supervised the finale and made sure it
was all on the up-and-up.

Ball Drop
Winners and Prizes:
1st Place Greg Scarborough $ 2,500 cash.
Ticket sold by Grapevine Ad
2nd Place Gerald McHale 3-Day Baja Mexico Cruise
for two, Donated by Montrose Travel
3rd Place - James Morrow HDTV, Donated by Symons
Capital Management. Ticket sold at Pechanga Reunion
4th Place - Jim Stine - Go-Pro, Donated by The Law
Offices of Hart, Mieras & Morris, Inc. Ticket sold
at Pechanga Reunion

November 2016 13

he LAFD Board of Honorary Awards

presented the Crystal Flame Community Service Award to Firefighter Mike
Marquez for his continuing dedication to the
Spark of Love Toy Drive. The Award is bestowed upon a sworn member who has gone
beyond his or her regular duties, demonstrating
exceptional compassion and personal commitment to the community.

14 November 2016

Michael Marquez joined the LAFD in
1990. He currently serves on the B Platoon at
Fire Station 76, where he is dedicated to community service and to supporting needy families across Los Angeles.

Marquez was one of seven children
raised by a single mother. Holidays were especially hard for the Marquez family, as the budget for gifts was tight. Thanks to an annual toy
drive at the neighborhood church, Mike and his
siblings would receive donated gifts.

Along with his work as a firefighter,
Marquez manages the LAFDs annual Spark
of Love toy drive for needy children. In this
capacity, he opens and operates what has become known as Toy Central in November,
where he orchestrates various charity groups,
churches, and organizations throughout the city
who represent children in need of toys. After
receiving donations, he and his team catalog
them to ensure the toys go to those children
who would normally not receive a gift during
the holidays.

Until January, Marquez dedicates himself to managing the collection of toys from
all of LAFDs fire stations and across various

donation sites. In addition to managing the

departments toy program, Mike has become
a mentor and role model to the LAFD Cadets
who assist him with the Spark of Love toy program. Young men and women who are pursuing their dream of becoming LAFD firefighters
are inspired by Mike Marquez and learn from
him the true meaning of service to the community.

Mikes three children help out by volunteering their weekends to the program. The
real credit goes to my wife, who doesnt see me
for two full months during the holiday season,
Mike says. Shes willing to put her birthday
and our anniversary aside so I can run the program.

Mikes involvement and efforts with
the Spark of Love program earned him a nomination for Firefighter of the Year in 2014, as
well as many certificates and awards. Still, he
embodies the kind of modesty that characterizes most LAFD firefighters. If you ask him,
Mike will say hes not doing anything out of
the ordinary. But the thousands of families
whose lives are touched by the program would
say otherwise.

Toy Central Opens

on November 25th

The Friday after Thanksgiving officially marks the opening of the LAFD Toy
Program, which runs for six weeks. LA City is
the lead agency for all of Los Angeles, Ventura,
Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Even toys donated through sites set up by
ABC7 are filtered through Toy Central, the
drill floor at Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center.

Every toy that comes through Toy
Central must be counted, sorted, allocated and
distributed. Its a huge warehouse type operation with very intricate logistics. After the toys
are sorted, they are allocated to more than 700
certified charitable organizations. The toys are
transported to the closest fire station to the requesting organization for distribution by the
firefighters there.

The success of the program each year
can be attributed to all of the hard work from all
of the wonderful volunteers, as well as the media partnerships. KABC TVs Spark of Love
campaign is an invaluable resource for getting
the word out to the community.

According to Program Coordinator
Mike Marquez, The cadets are the ones that
make this thing work. Some of them are here
for hundreds of hours each.

Volunteers Needed
Firefighters are needed to make this program work. You can show-up any day at
FHMTC from the day after Thanksgiving until after New Years to help out. You can even
bring the kids it will be a fun day for all, picking up and delivering toys to fire stations
all over the city.

If you are headed downtown on a detail or training, when your shift is over,
please gather the toys from your station and drop them off at Toy Central. They are
always short on drivers and even this little bit really helps.

If you need more information, contact Mike Marquez at FS 76-B.

November 2016 15

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Dennis Mendenhall
815 Colorado Blvd. 4th Floor
Los Angeles CA 90041
16 November 2016

Andrew Gocke promoted to A/O at FS 9-A

Daniel Martinez promoted to Engineer at FS 9-A

Jeremy Ingham promoted to Captain I Ingham at FS 9-A

Six acres in Elysian Park on 9/22/16.

Photo by Mike Meadows
November 2016 17

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interest alwaYs
comes first

What we do
Provide unbiased financial advice and investment management for firefighters
Always advise our clients max out deferred comp as the best way to build wealth

What we dont do
Advocate annuities or insurance products as these high cost products arent in
our clients best interest
Visit our website for our Q3 2016 investment newsletter. | 562 - 433 - 1400 |

5941 Naples Plaza Long Beach, CA 90803
18 November 2016

Thomas Griffith promoted to A/O at FS 12-A

Marvin Toledo promoted to Engineer at FS 12-A

95s raises a flag in honor of Fireman

Robert Looney, a 30 year LAFD veteran, who recently passed.
What do they do at 62s when the
kitchen drains are clogged and ya
cant run water? Adapt and overcome!

November 2016 19

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20 November 2016

Firefighters extricate a man trapped beneath his car

on Barham Bl on 9/18/16. Photos by Mike Meadows

Eleven year old Aidan traded one

of his drawings for a patch at FS 27

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

annual PD/FD BBQ at FS 27 on 9/14/16.

TF 35 at the Childrens Hospital

Disaster Olypmix on 9/21/16.
November 2016 21

12521 El Dorado Place,

Victorville, CA 92392
Phn: 1-800-971-4808
Fax: 1-800-971-4809
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Dr. Ann Abdulla

22 November 2016

Structure fire in the 7000 blk of Bevis

Ave on 9/1/16. Photo by David Blaire

On 9/18/16 firefighters extricated a trapped

driver on Roscoe Bl. Photo by Rick McClure

Physical Rescue on Woodman Ave on 9/21/16

Photo by Rick McClure
November 2016 23

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24 November 2016

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Medical Plan may cover this examination.
Contact your plan provider to verify.

B/C 10 helps 109s load hose on Mulholland

Drive on 9/30/16. Photo by Rick McClure

The Dozer Unit hosted its Swamper

Class and invited Crew 3 to participate.

114s welcomes Vin Scully home from SF at Van Nuys

Airport on 10/2/16. LAFD Photo by Patrick Butler
November 2016 25

Team Buzzard Bait

20th Annual

Hwy 10
We invite you, your family & friends to
VEHICLE AREA.which is located in EAST SAN DIEGO CO.
WIN C ASH AND PRIZES, in an off-road
adventure ride. Bring motorcycles, quads, buggies
or four-wheel drives.
LOOK for red and black "B" signs ON HIGHWAY
78 South Side between Split Mountain Rd and the
Blu Inn. Follow green course markers.
The family ride will be on Saturday the 14th.
Raffle satrts at 3:00 PM sharp. The ride should take
about 2-4 hours, figuring out the clues ???????

Palm Springs






Blu Inn

January 13 - 16, 2017

(MLK Holiday weekend)
DOUG WEBER FS 17-C OR CELL 951-453-2520

Fee for the ride will be $20.00 PER PERSON.

All proceeds benefit the


26 November 2016

A/O Mark Carcamos last shift and last

fire at FS 11-C. Photos by David Blaire

TF 29 joined Fire Commissioner Jimmy H. Hara, MD

at the annual Kheir Center fundraiser
November 2016 27

David Bowden promoted to Engineer at FS 11

Trevor Insley promoted to A/O at FS 29

Engineer Andrew Schmad (FS 20) and wife Christa welcomed

their second child, Charlotte Lynn on 9/2/16

Scott Kwasigroch promoted to Engineer at FS 6

28 November 2016

Structure fire in Sunland on 9/18/16.

Photo by David Gardner

Two car T/A at 1 13114 Van Nuys Bl

on 9/5/16. Photo by Doc DeMulle

On 9/19/16, LF 98 handled an auto

on Fillmore St. Photo by Rick McClure

Companies handled a fire in a spray booth in

Lopez Cyn on 9/20/16. Photo by Rick McClure

LF 64 handles an auto on the 110 on

9/25/16. Photo by Tod Sudmeier

Fire in a vacant commercial on So Main St

on 9/30/16. Photo by Tod Sudmeier
November 2016 29

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30 November 2016

210 W 47th St. on 9/19/16

Photos by Yvonne Griffin

E 86 handled an auto on the 134 Fwy

on 9/1/16. Photo by Rick McClure

Physical Rescue NoHo on 9/10/16.

Photo by Mike Meadows

96s celebrates station moms birthday

Members from Fire Station 96 attended
a lavish birthday bash for Bea - their Station Mom - last month. Its still up-in-the-air
whether Bea adopted the guys from 96s or
they adopted her but whatever the case, they
are family. The guys filled an entire table at
the party and presented Bea with a firefighter
work vest, personalized with her name, rank
and an LAFD logo.

Now a few other stations in the Valley know of Bea. She is very generous in
delivering goodies like cookies, muffins and
breads to the hungry firefighters. But FS 96 is
the only station she calls home. She has been

November 2016 31

instrumental in raising funds for the firehouse

to buy computers, exercise equipment, an
ice machine, and two awesome refrigerators.
She has also helped appropriate tools for their
work room, including a welder, reciprocal
saw, power washer and more.

Bea really is a North Valley icon of
volunteerism. In addition to her firehouse
involvement, she belongs to the Chatsworth
Historical Society and is president of the
Chatsworth Coordinating Council. She is the
one most responsible for acquiring the items
that go in the auction baskets for their annual
event that raises money for B students
to buy books. Bea also helps out at the Los
Angeles Fire Department Foundations annual
event at FS 88.

Thanks to Micki Taylor DeGaetano
for this story.

One unit in an apt house in the 9800 blk of

Roscoe on 9/11/16. Photo by Rick McClure

Companies demo a school on 9/27/16.

Photo by Adam Van Gerpen

Truck 94 on the roof of 4252 W Victoria

Ave on 9/18/16. Photo by Yvonne Griffin
32 November 2016

Auto vs Motorcycle on West Adams on

9/17/16. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

A roof fire on the McDonalds at 2838 So Crenshaw Bl on 9/3/16. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

School tour at FS 58 on 9/19/16

November 2016 33

got an e-mail from Kurt Fasmer. He now

lives in Georgia, no mention of any city or
town, but he did say that old friends David
and Patsy Perez stopped by their house while
motorhomin across the country.

David was the A/O when Kurt was the
pump Engineer at FS 89. Kurt didnt mention
what year(s) this all took place but he did mentioned many names includin Ron Gardner,
Sam Brown, Pat Shanley Tom Bureau, Gene
Geer, and Jerry Updegraft. Im sure some of
you remember those guys. Kurt also talked
about the great crews at 89s and the good
times enjoyed by all.

Sorry Kurt, my computer deleted your
pictures. It wasnt my fault, honest! Send them
again and Ill include them in next months article.

him, you quickly figured out that he was a class


His dinner was classy as well. It took
place in El Segundo, at the Automobile Drivin
Museum where there were probably 30 vintage
cars on display. There was everythin from old
Fords and Packards to a small number of modern cars as well. Off of the main floor, where
the cars are showcased, is a large room where

his dinner took place. It was really nice and the

food was even better.

Of course the amazin thing about Scott
was the fact he never got in trouble. He wasnt
perfect, but he was like them sea birds that fly
just above the water. Smooth, quiet and undetectable by radar. Scott, it was a real pleasure
workin and hangin out with you. I know you
and Toni will enjoy a long and happy retirement.

Scott Akahoshi retired after servin the
citizens of Los Angeles for 36 years. Scott was
an A/O and worked 28 years at FS 15 B. I
dont know how many of you knew Scott, but if
you had the opportunity to work near or around

34 November 2016

Akahoshi Party

Unfortunately it seems many California
drivers view pedestrians as movin targets. Ive
read numerous articles callin for lower speed
limits in hopes of reducin the number of these
accidents, but its fairly uncommon to see people drivin the posted speed limit.

The laws prohibitin talkin or textin on
a phone while drivin are also ignored by many,
so why would a sign showin a slower speed
limit work?

Hes my solution: High Voltage. Say
about 20 thousand volts surgin through the
drivers seat if the driver ignores the posted
speed limit or is usin his/her mobile device.
This high voltage idea may sound inhumane or
cruel, but it would be only voltage, no amps.

Amperage is the killer. A dose of high

voltage alone just makes your toes tingle and
the hair on your head stand on end. So if a
family member walks into the house after
drivin the car, with their shoes smokin and
sportin a Mohawk hair-do, well, youll know
exactly what happened.

Bruce Bickly and his wife, Joan, invited
friends over for their annual July 4th BBQ. Im
not sure how much work Bruce did in preparation for this get-together because I only saw
him sittin behind the BBQ. Oh wait, I did see
him flip the brisket over twice with that limp
wrist he used to throttle up Pump 214 with.

Just kiddin Bruce. You and Joan put on another great party and its always good to see
old friends. Thanks for the good time and the
whether the glass is half empty or half full are missin the
The glass is refillable.

Bickly BBQ
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November 2016 35

Little Tokyo

Battalion 1 was first on scene at 3rd & San Pedro Streets in Little Tokyo on a reported
two story pre-1933 commercial building with heavy smoke showing. Firefighters forced
entry into a ground floor business, attacking the blaze with multiple hose lines. The business reportedly housed pressurized butane, lighters and matches including other smoking
paraphernalia. Due to the heavy and flammable fire load, and being unable to safely
access the second floor, firefighters were ordered to exit the structure and go defensive.
Firefighters were also ordered off the roof as a section started to collapse. Several ladder
pipes, a wagon battery and numerous handlines brought the fire under control in less
than two hours. Approximately 130 firefighters battled the blaze.

Photos by Martin Nate Rawner, Yvonne Griffin, Mike Meadows and

LAFD Photos by Harry Garvin

36 November 2016

Sun Valley

Photos by Rick McClure, Mike Meadows and Adam VanGerpen

Firefighters treated 21 victims when Metrolink train #212 heading south toward
Los Angeles on the Antelope Valley line struck a tractor-trailer in Sun Valley on
September 6th, 2016. No one was critically injured.

November 2016 37

38 November 2016

s firefighters, its pretty much in our

blood to solve problems. Heck, we
do it every morning sitting around the
kitchen table, sipping coffee, and sharing our
own versions of how Id do this or how you
should do that. Then we all get up from the
cozy comfort of the kitchen and go about the
duties of the day, leaving all those wonderful
solutions right there on the table. So
heres a little success story we can
be proud of.

A couple of
years ago, while out
doing annual hydrant
testing, one of our
guys hurts his back
trying to get a stem
open on a hydrant. Theres not much room to
operate, and he has to get in an awkward position. When it finally feels loose enough, he
pulls up on the wrench, only to realize it wasnt
quite ready. And thats when the pain sets in,
shooting right up his back!

This injury was enough to put him off
duty. But he thinks to himself this is so ridiculous and shouldnt have to happen! He takes it
one step further and decides its about time to
try something different.

And so begins the process of designing
a new spanner that would tackle the various
problems we have with what weve been using.
After several designs and several trips to a mechanical engineer, a final design is complete.

Then a couple prototypes are made, some small

changes, and finally . . . the EZ SPANNER
comes to life!

Finally, we have at our disposal a
ratcheting, multi-functional, customizable,
fire hydrant spanner! Yes, I know . . . you

thought of that already right? But you never actually went out and had it made now, did you?
Well, dont worry, now you dont have to!

The EZ Spanner is the brainchild of 15
year LAFD veteran Engineer Dennis Garrison.
After getting the wrench made and turning his
creation into a business, Dennis realized that running the day-to-day operations, sales, and product development
of a start-up company was impossible
to do alone, and not in the best interest of his new company. So naturally he
turned to his co-worker and close trusted friend
Dan Will to join the company. Dan brings his
outgoing personality, persistence, and experience to the table. Dan has been invaluable in
attracting impressive sales and managing relationships with distributors and vendors.

Since Better Tools, LLC launched its
first product, the 4-hole ratcheting EZ Spanner
Wrench, Dennis and Dan have brought to market seven additional products. Dan and Dennis
both share the vision of bringing better, safer
and more efficient innovative products to fellow firefighters around the world. It has proven
to work for them during individual testing
they know it will work for you! The EZ Spanner line of tools have been selling all over the
country for about the last year and half. Take a
look at the website and get on
board to support our own guys in their effort to
make our job a lot EZer!

November 2016 39

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40 November 2016

November 2016 41

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You can help

first responders
preserve and grow
their assets.


Retired firefighters
interested in becoming
Financial Advisors with a clear path to
financial independence, call us at 818-914-7468.

21031 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1101

Woodland Hills, California
818.914.7468 |
Tamar Securities, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser. Advisory services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where Tamar Securities, LLC
and its representatives are properly licensed or exempt from licensure. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Investing involves risk and
possible loss of principal capital. No advice may be rendered by Tamar Securities, LLC unless a client service agreement is in place.


42 November 2016

P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA 90041

(800) 244-3439

November 2016 43

44 November 2016

MARK GOZAWA, Captain I, FS 23

MARK CARCAMO, Apparatus Operator,

FS 11-C



The Odyssey Restaurant - Garden Room

15600 Odyssey Drive, Granada Hills CA

San Pedro Fish Market & Restaurant

1190 Nagoya Way, berth 78, San Pedro, CA

Dinner - 5:30 PM

Social Hour: 5:00 PM Dinner: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Buffet - $50 includes tax, tip & gift

Buffet - $50 includes tax, tip & gift

Call Fire Station 11 - (213) 485-6211 or

Casual Attire. RSVP by October 21, 2016

Call Rosa Mercado - (213) 893-9857

Mail check (Payable to: Arson House Dues)
1700 Stadium Way, Room 105, LA 90012
RSVP by November 8, 2016

CORI TIPTON, Battalion Chief,

Homeland Security
Frank Hotchkins Drill Deck
1700 Stadium Way, Los Angeles, CA
Luncheon 11:30 AM
Menu & Price - TBA
Call Jennifer Corona - (213) 202-9925
or cell - (213) 706-6183

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Tax Resolution Services
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Taxes & Consulting for
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Call for Solutions!

November 2016 45

Send your letters & comments to the editor at:


Uncle Dick [Koenig] worked at
Fire Station 39 for over 20 years. He retired the year before I came on the job. As
I went through my career I received nothing but glowing remarks regarding my
uncle Dick.

He was known by many things and
one being that each and every time he got
off the phone with my Aunt Teresa (his
wife), Dick would say, I just got done
talking to the most beautiful girl in the

WW II and Iraqi Freedom.

There he choked on a piece
of lobster at a birthday party
to celebrate his 90th birthday. Twelve EMTs from
the Portland Fire Department worked on him, finally
restoring breathing after 13
minutes. He was transferred
to a level 1 trauma center in
Portland and received outstanding care. However, his
injuries were so extensive
that he never recovered and was removed
from life support two days before his birthday. He died as he lived - serving veterans.

His past contributions included
President of the Fire and Police Protective
League and the development of the pension system that reflected the uncapped
cost of living being passed on to Fire Department retirees. He lived a life of service
committed to helping others and was devoted to the end to the Fire Department.

Dear Board of Trustees,

Beverly King

Dear Mr. Dolan,

William and I send you this donation in memory of Major General Richard
E. Steere (ret). His remarkable career began as an under graduate at Stanford University. As a student he worked as an engineer on the University fire department. His
memories of driving the ladder truck as a
student were always joyful.

His career of 36 years in the U.S.
Air Force included 100 missions in Vietnam and on to head Air Force System
Command and Commander of the Armament Division.

Please take this donation in pride
and honor of the General from William
and I.
Judith Steere Hassoldt
Rolling Hills, CA

God bless you Uncle Dick,

Dear Jim Dolan:

Kevin Kearns

Thank you for the beautiful flag
and letter on Jims [Miller] behalf. I know
how much he liked his job. I found it very
touching that you knew him.

My family and I wish to thank you
and the Relief Association for the beautiful flag display. Jack [Holman] would have
been so proud to know how the Relief Association has been so helpful to me during the very stressful weeks. Thank you all

Thank you,


Ginger Miller
Middleton, ID

Gloria Holman


Jerry [Jervus E. King Jr.] died in
Portland Maine on September 10, 2016.
He was the planner for a Navy Military
Reunion of 200 people who served on
42 different ammunition ships between

46 November 2016


I had the privilege of working for
[Ryan] Troy Bonar at the Personal History
Unit just before he retired. In October of
1987, I was a short term investigator for
Milege Peaks. I enjoyed both my assignments at the PHU and was inspired by the
high caliber of candidates I investigated
for the LAFD. Thank you Troy for your
service and kindness. May you rest in eternal peace with our loving Savior, Jesus.
James Jure
LA Firemens Relief Association family,

Thank you so much for the beautiful flower arrangement and support the
last few months with Willie [Wheeler].
We both so appreciated it and we loved the
Thanks again,
Brenda Wheeler & Casey Chalthon

Wally [Berger] was truly all those
nice things every one above has said and
more. He also served our country as a U.S.
Marine. He was a good dad and friend. Ill
miss his words of wisdom during those
weekends repairing rigs at the shops. You
will be missed Brother!
Mike Porper

Protect Those
with Special Needs
Firefighter Justin Mendence set up a special needs trust to ensure his
son and entire family is taken care of in the best manner possible.
You want to think everybodys going to take care of your kid because

If I handwrite a will,
A Special
Needs Trust
Helps You:
everybody loves him, but unless you have a plan in placeyoure planning
to fail. Leaving it to chance is not in me and my wifes vocabulary.

Set up long-term funding for living expenses & care

Determine who will be the primary caregiver
Create an advisory group of experts to help caregivers make
sound decisions
Ensure your childs assets are protected & well-managed
Ensure your child maintains eligibility for special services
I sleep a little bit easier at night knowing that my son is set up for his
entire life, Justin said.

Whether you care for a child or adult with special needs or not,
everyone should consider setting up an estate plan. Ask for a
Getting Started Kit today by emailing Relief Association
Development & Marketing Director Marlene Casillas at
November or calling (323)
259-5217.2016 47


On December 7, 2016, the Los Angeles City Firefighters Association will vote on this years 2016 Firefighter of the Year. This honor
of distinction and recognition is given to a member of any rank, who, not by any single act, has distinguished him/herself as one of
outstanding character, dedication, and loyalty to the Department, the Fire Service, and to the citizens of the community.
To be eligible for consideration, nominees must have been an active LAFD member for at least one day during the nominating year, and
a member of the California State Firefighters Association/Los Angeles City Firefighters Association.
Candidates will be judged on an overall career and life that exemplifies the best qualities of those who are honored to be part of the fire
If you know of such a person, and would like to nominate him/her for this prestigious award, submit your application NO LATER than
December 5, 2016, to any one of the nominating committee members listed below. The nomination must include the nominees name,
rank, assignment and a statement of why the member should receive the award. Photos and other documentation may also be submitted.
Please attend the Los Angeles City Firefighters Association meeting on December 7, 2016 at 0830 Hours, Fire Station 59 Training
classroom, 11505 Olympic Blvd. and present your nomination IN PERSON. All Los Angeles City Firefighters Association members
are welcome, and encouraged to attend the meeting and presentations, and to show support for the individuals being nominated.
Presentations may be subject to time limits depending on the number of nominations received in order to provide fairness to all nominees. These time limits will be announced prior to the start of the December 7, 2016 membership meeting and will be strictly enforced.
The nominee cannot be present during the meeting.
The election will be held in closed executive session following the nominations, and only members of the Los Angeles City Firefighters
Association Board will vote.
Reminder, applications must be submitted no later than December 5, 2016.
Following personal notification of the winner by the Vice President, public announcement will be made by Department teletype.


Robert Cordobes, (310) 977-5041
James S. Dolan, (562) 400-1298
Adam VanGerpen, (818) 486-9939


NOMINEES NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________

PHONE:__________________________________ RANK:___________________

(Include Department, Community, Church, etc. work) (Attachments are encouraged)
NOMINATORS NAME:_______________________________________

48 November 2016


Norman C. McShea, Engineer.
Appointed December 17, 1951.
Retired on a service pension June 29, 1980 from FS 92-B.
Passed away September 8, 2016.
Richard J. Koenig, Engineer.
Appointed September 24, 1946.
Retired on a Service pension June 1, 1976 from FS 39.
Passed away September 18, 2016.
Walter L. Henry, Engineer.
Appointed February 20, 1960.
Retired on a service pension June 29, 1990 from 100-C.
Passed away September 19, 2016.
Donald L. Bain, Captain I.
Appointed November 24, 1962.
Retired on a disability pension December 19, 1996 from FS 40-C.
Passed away September 21, 2016.
Henry O. Huizinga, Jr., Engineer.
Appointed July 12, 1949.
Retired on a service pension April 13, 1979 from FS 50-B.
Passed away September 23, 2016.
Richard L. Wyckoff, Engineer.
Appointed April 1, 1957.
Retired on a disability pension April 21, 1988 from FS 49-A.
Passed away September 29, 2016.

Shirley A. Gilbert, spouse of Harold A. Gilbert, passed away September 11, 2016.
Jo Anne Wheeler, surviving spouse of Raymond E. Wheeler, passed away September 16, 2016.
Onie E. Gordon, surviving spouse of Forrest L. Gordon, passed away September 20, 2016.
Gloria Rohloff, surviving spouse of Daryl D. Rohloff, passed away September 23, 2016.
Lassie M. Bullington, surviving spouse of John Bullington, passed away September 26, 2016.
Shirley M. Moore, surviving spouse of Robert A. Moore, passed away September 28, 2016.
Mildred L. Tribbey, surviving spouse of Joe A. Tribbey, passed away September 29, 2016.
Leslie A. Reed, spouse of Edward J. Reed, passed away October 7, 2016.
Catherine Romps, surviving spouse of Donald J. Romps, passed away October 14, 2016

November 2016 49

Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

September 2016


memory of my father Major
General Richard E. Steere (ret.)
LAFD Golf Club
CYNTHIA M. SMITH in memory
of my father Richard Mandichak

DANIEL J. KEMP in memory of

Jere Souter

STEVE HO in memory of
Robert Looney


memory of Peggy Cota, widow of
Ted Cota


KOCH GIRLS in memory of
Jerry King


memory of Robert Looney


THOMPSON in memory of
Norman McShea, Engineer LAFD

JOHNL. PECEL in memory of

Lane Kemper


memory of Robert Looney

memory of my wonderful wife
Marilyn Spreeman

LES & TINA SERNA in memory of

Robert Looney

CLEO LOONEY in memory of my

husband Robert Looney
JOHN W. POTTER in memory of
Jim Cadam & Loland Driggs
BOEING MICAP in memory of
Robert Looney
KIRK P. BINGHAM from the
Firefighters Breakfast at Mimis
memory of Carrol M. Williams
WAYNE R. LANGNER in memory
of Jere D. Souter
50 November 2016

FIRE STATION NO. 63 from the

Fire Extinguisher Fund

JOAN RUSSIAN in memory of

Robert Looney
GEORGE & JAN ROSS in memory
of Chuck & Elaine Norman
memory of Peggy Cota, widow of
Ted Cota
memory of Robert Looney
ARCHER R. MORGAN in memory
of Jerry King
JIM & LYDIA RIVERA in memory
of Robert Looney

memory of Bob Looney


BUTTERFIELD in memory of
Robert Looney


in memory of Marilyn Spreeman


memory of Robert Looney


memory of Robert Looney

memory of Robert Looney


memory of Robert Looney

ELARIA TRUJILLO in memory of

Robert Looney


memory of Robert Looney

VERA TRUJILLO in memory of

Robert Looney


memory of Robert Looney


Mike Mastro, President/CEO

Firefighters First Credit Union

Are You Leveraging Your Rewards Points?

There are many different credit card programs available to
you and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which card is the
right one for you.

Dont be Fooled

We did a comparison of the various programs available, and you
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*Be sure to check the disclosures and fine print as many have
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We found that during our recent credit card conversion many
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I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase our new Visa rewards
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This platform provides many additional features that we did not
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The new rewards platform provides additional flexibility on
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It allows us to run promotions to earn extra points, such as the

4x 3x 2x 1x points campaign.

It also provides additional redemption criteria such as event

tickets, gift cards, activities such as amusements parks and

sports, electronics and much more.

Plus, you now have the option to redeem your points for 1%

cashback, which will show as a credit on your credit card


Merchant Awards

An enhancement to the rewards platform is the inclusion of
Merchant Awards, which can be found under Earn Points. These are
award points that are in addition to the points you earn through your
card purchases.

Options include in-store and online awards.

For example, you could earn five points per $1 at Home

Depot on purchases of $50 or more (maximum 10,000
Points). Add that to the 4x rewards campaign, and you would
be earning a total of 9x rewards points at Home Depot.


While the new platform does not have the old travel vouchers,
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You can still redeem points for air travel much

like the airline rewards programs, cruises and


You also have more freedom to book your travel

to your specifications, and leverage the best rates

available whether it is taking advantage of

special rate fares that become available, or going

through a travel site such as Trivago or Expedia.

When you pay with your Firefighters First CU credit card you

are earning points on that purchase, plus you can then redeem

points for cashback on your card, which essentially pays for

your booked travel.

Check out our ad on the back cover to learn how to earn up to
4x rewards this holiday season. PLUS we are removing foreign transaction fees through the end of the year, so it is one less thing to think
about when traveling abroad.

To learn more about our products and services or if you need
assistance with your account, please contact a Credit Union Representative at (800) 231-1626 or stop by an office.
Without the support of our founding department, Los Angeles Fire
Department, and the Los Angeles City Firefighters, we would not be the
premier financial institution we are today. Thank you for your loyalty.
Together we are stronger.
The more business we do together as a Fire Family,
the greater the financial reward will be for all members!
Have a safe month!

Mike Mastro
Material provided is for your information and convenience only.

November 2016 51

Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD History - The Bel Air Fire, November 6, 1961

he Bel Air fire or conflagration was one

of the most significant fires in the history
of the City of Los Angeles not only because of the number of structures destroyed but
because it was followed by legislation by the
City to mitigate such disasters in the future.
Franks story: On November 6, 1961, I was
a two year Fireman working at FS 92 on Pico
Blvd. in West LA. We had a beautiful 1958
Seagrave engine, shop #60013 at the time.

It was already warm that morning, with
a Santa Ana wind blowing from the north east.
One of those days when you knew you were
going to have some action.

We were about to have our 8 a.m. lineup at the front of the apparatus floor when we
looked up through the opening apparatus floor
doors and saw the huge loom-up coming from
the Santa Monica Mountains right in front of
us. We didnt wait for the dispatch as Captain
Jack Skinner told us to suit up and respond. Engineer Gene Hoppy Hopkins started the rig
as Vince Cortazzo, Bill Stephens, and I jumped
on the tailboard for one of the most memorable
shifts we ever had on the department. Fireman
Jack Holman would respond and join up with
us later making it a six man engine. This was
the day of the Bel Air fire.

As we approached the fire we encountered the fire blowing horizontally across the

Life Magazine photo of some of the destruction.

52 November 2016

road in front of us. The rig stopped and we

watched from the tailboard as Capt. Skinner
and Engineer Hopkins (both experienced veterans of the LAFD) discussed a plan. The plan
was to drive through the fire which we did.
When we got out the other side our hose had
dozens of small smoldering burn holes from
the embers and my dungaree pants leg was on
fire. All of those fires were put out without the
use of water.

The fire was moving very fast when we
met the chief on the ridge and it seemed like
night as the sun was covered by heavy black
smoke. We were told to try to get ahead of
the fire and protect structures, the majority of
which had wood shingle roofs. These houses
were already burning blocks at a time, sending
burning wood shingles into the air, transporting
them by 50 MPH winds far ahead of the main

Many of the streets had no water so
we used our tank, and a few times our axe and
Hayward to pull burning shingles from the
roofs that had just ignited. While on one of
the roofs, Vince Cortazzo and I were hit by a
full Borate drop from a low flying tanker. I left
some of the borate residue in my black helmet
as a reminder.

We traveled from block-to-block and
house-to-house using the hit and run technique, saving many homes from total destruc-

tion. We were effective because of our experienced Captain and Engineer, and a great crew
of firemen that never gave up.

Engine 92 was at the corner of Roscomare and Anzio Road. A beautiful home with a
wood shake roof that had just taken off. The
roof was ablaze. I advanced an inch and a half
inch line into attic of the home, attempting to
save the interior. Engineer Hopkins, who was
out with the rig, noticed the roof was starting to
weaken, rushed inside and told me to get out.
As we made our way through the hallway to the
outside, part of the roof collapsed. A big chandelier fell right between us. It was a close call,
but only one of many that we and other firemen would face throughout the day and night. I
have always owed Hoppy a great debt of gratitude for getting me out of the house. On a sad
note, Hoppy Hopkins, who retired as a Captain II, passed away in his 90s - still playing
golf. He had a long and rewarding life, making
a positive impact on so many fellow firefighters
as a mentor and teacher.

That evening we wound up somewhere
in Brentwood, south of Sunset, putting out
roof fires and structures after the burning embers had landed west of the Sepulveda Pass. I
certainly had my baptism by fire on that day
and night. It was an experience burned into my

After an article in the LA Times was
written about the fire by Cecilia Rasmussen,
I received a call from a man who lived in the
house Engine 92 was trying to save on Roscomare. There was a picture in the article of Engine 92 in front of the house (I was inside in
the attic with a hose line). The man who called
was Rob Barry and he invited me to meet his
family and to see the house 45 years later. I
took him up on the offer and with great anticipation drove up Roscomare to the house. It was
amazing! For one thing we saved more of
the house than I thought. Robs father had the
house rebuilt with minor modifications and it
looked much the same as it must have before
the fire hit it. Robs brother and mother were
there. The boys were both in school on the day
of the fire. They all had unbelievable stories to
tell of what they went through.

The LAFD did have a 50 year anniversary of the fire at Fire Station 71 during a major
rain storm. We wanted to get Old Engine 92

over there but some of you remember what it is

like to drive an open cab rig in the rain so we
all just told some great stories about that day a
half-century ago.

Engine 92 on Roscomare Rd, taken by LAFD photographer Fireman Frank Manwarren on Nov. 6th, as we
were trying to save this home. That white coating on the
Engine is from a borate drop.

This is the same house when I visited in Nov. 2006.

Hoppy Hopkins with Engine 92, Shop # 60013 - 47

years after the Bel Air Fire

The Bel Air-Brentwood conflagration
would become the worst in the Citys history
and at the time ranked 5th in American history with more than 484 homes and 21 other
structures destroyed within six hours. The fire
perimeter was 19 miles, involving over 15,000
acres and a loss of $25 million (in 1961 dollars). Because of the rapid response by the
LAFD and the LAPD, thousands of people
were safely evacuated with no lives lost and a
minimal number of injuries.

The Sayer fire in 2008.

Changes were made to prevent future
conflagrations. As a result of the fire a new
brush clearance ordinance in the City was
passed, but it would take years to get a noncombustible roof ordinance passed. The fire
department started doubling the assignment of
resources into the brush area to assist with a
strong initial attack followed by the purchase
of our first water dropping helicopters.

The Bel Air fire loss was superseded 47
years later by the Sayre Fire, also known as the
Sylmar Fire. The November 2008 wildfire resulted in the loss of 489 residences, the worst
loss of homes due to fire in the Citys history.
The fire was first reported at 10:29 p.m. on November 14, in Sylmar. On November 20, the
fire was 100% contained and had burned 11,262
acres and destroyed more than 600 structures:
480 mobile homes, nine single-family homes,
104 outbuildings and 10 commercial buildings.
There were no fatalities, just minor injuries to
five firefighters and one civilian.

The LAFD Historical Society has the
original Engine 92, Shop # 60013, the 1958
Seagrave that Hoppy Hopkins drove to the
fire. I took Hoppy to see his old rig and he told
me a story about when he was moving the rig
at the fire by himself, a hot power line fell on
the front of the rig. He knew not to get out, and
needing to relocate fast, he drove through the
wire as it arced and sparked. He showed me the
crease on the front of the rig that is still there
today as a mark of the battle.

Retired Engineers Mark Howell and
Tim Griffin have been working on this rig in
the LAFDHS shop and soon you will see it
in running condition with a plan to have it on
display at the Harbor Fire Museum at Old Fire
Station 36 in San Pedro. By the way, for a very
short period of time it was first assigned to Fire
Station 40 on Terminal Island in the harbor.

The LAFDHS also has one of our first
helicopters (a Bell 47) under restoration by Jeff
Moir, retired LAFD helicopter pilot.

The Bell 47 helicopter under restoration

On Saturdays during the month of November we will be playing Design for Disaster the LAFD movie about the Bel Air Fire at
our Hollywood and Harbor Museums.

Bill Stephens and I are the only members of Engine 92 that day here to tell our
stories. Rest in Peace Captain Jack Skinner,
Engineer Hoppy Hopkins, Fireman Vince
Cortazzo, Fireman Jack Holman.

It is time again to celebrate the birth-

.S. Marines raising the American Flag

on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima, WWII.

November 2016 53

day of the U.S. Marine Corps, the 241st. at the

Hollywood Fire Museum on November 10th.
This tradition was started 25 years ago by Sgt.
Major Bill Staples and Master Sgt. Dave Navarro (both LAFD retired) who still organize
the event. Retired USMC Col. Michael Chene
will be the guest speaker. I am sure he will have
some interesting things to talk about. Marines
and friends of the Corps (military, LAFD and
LAPD members) are all invited to attend. We
have a raffle, many displays and there will be
S.O.S for breakfast on the traditional mess hall
metal trays.

For many years we have displayed our
1937 American LaFrance engine in the Hollywood Museum. This unique rig was the first enclosed cab engine purchased by the LAFD and

nicknamed Lulubelle. It was assigned to Fire

Station 68 on West Pico. In 2015 we were fortunate to have Bodie Stroud Industries in Sun
Valley and the American Restoration program on the History Channel film a complete
restoration of the rig which aired last January.
Even after all this it still needed brakes. These
rigs were known to have poor brakes, so the
LAFDHS needed some help. We bought the
parts and the LAFD Supply and Maintenance
Division assisted by replacing the old brakes
and a booster assist mechanism so it would be
safe to drive for another 79 years. Their great
work was very much appreciated by our Society. Our president, Jim Finn, presented a plaque
in appreciation to the workers and supervisors
at the Shops. We also thank Chief Terrazas for
giving the green light for the job. This rig is
part of our great history!

The Lulubelle awaiting new brakes.

L to R: Chief Terrazas; Jim Finn; Daniel DeLeon, Equipment Repair Supervisor; Mark Clark, Equipment Superintendent; Dante Mickelson, Senior Heavy Duty Equipment
Mechanic; A/C Wade White, S&M; Arman Serobyan,
Equipment Repair Supervisor; Guy Patenaude, Senior
Automotive Supervisor.

Calendar for November 2016

* Fridays from 0800 to 1200 are work days on the Ralph J. Scott Fireboat
54 November 2016

The Hollywood Museum is located in Old Fire Station 27 at 1355 No.
Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA 90028. The
Harbor Museum is located in San Pedro
City Hall at 638 S. Beacon St., San Pedro
CA 90731.

Anyone interested in joining our
great cause by becoming a member, or
volunteering to work, or make a donation
of money or an LAFD item may contact
us by mail:
LAFDHS Museum & Memorial
1355 No. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323 464 2727. But remember we
are currently staffed part time, so leave
a message and we will return your call.
The fax number is 323-464-7401. Our Email is: Web site
at If you want to
look at some great LAFD history check and check the LAFD
web site for information and events at We look forward to
hearing from you and seeing you at the
The Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society is a non-profit 501 (C) (3)


September 7, 2016
called the meeting of the Board
of Trustees of the Los Angeles
Firemens Relief Association to
order at 10:15 a.m.
Bob Steinbacher, President
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary
Trustee Juan Albarran
Trustee Gene Bednarchik
Trustee Tim Freeman
Trustee Mike Sailhamer
Trustee Rick Godinez
Trustee John Jacobsen
Trustee David Peters
Trustee Steve Ruda
Trustee Mark Akahoshi
Trustee David Ortiz
Trustee Craig White
Trustee Joe Vigil
Trustee Steven Domanski Pension
Trustee Doak Smith Pension
Todd Layfer - Executive Director
Liberty Unciano Controller Treasurer
Trustee Frank Aguirre (Excused)
Trustee Chris Hart (Excused)
Trustee Steve Berkery (Excused)
Trustee Chris Stine (Excused)
Trustee Tyler Tomich (Excused)
Trustee Tim Larson Pension
David Lowe, Retired
Barry Hedberg, Retired
James Coburn, Retired
Dave Wagner, Grapevine Editor
Jim Dolan, Asst. Secretary

INVOCATION & Flag Salute
Rick Godinez led the invocation.
Steve Ruda led the flag salute.
Bob Steinbacher entertained a
motion to ratify and dispense with
the reading of the minutes of the
Board of Trustees meeting held

August 10, 2016. Gene Bednarchik

so moved. David Peters seconded.
There was no further discussion or
Motion carried to ratify and
dispense with the reading of the
minutes of the Board of Trustees
meeting held August 10, 2016.
1) Bob Steinbacher announced
this years LAFRA Open House
Honoree, Dennis Mendenhall.
Mendenhall has supported the
Relief Association for many years
as Trustee and is a part of the
Supervisory Committee. Open
House is on November 5th.
2) Bob Steinbacher informed
the Board that Todd and he met
with our neighbors to discuss the
increasing population of homeless
tents near our buildings. He
indicated that this would be an
issue to address with the City of
Los Angeles and So. Cal. Edison
since the homeless population is
utilizing those areas owned by the
City and Edison.
3) Bob Steinbacher referred to
the LAFRA 110th Anniversary
Dinner Dance and indicated that
they will create flyers containing
cost information and location. He
indicated that we will also handle
ticketing on the LAFRA website.
4) Bob referred to the 110th
indicated that Trustee David Ortiz
has stepped up as the chairman for
this project. He asked that Trustees
let him know if they would like
to help with the planning and
coordination of creating the
yearbook. He projected that
they would print approximately
6,000 units with distribution in
December 2017.
5) Bob Steinbacher informed that
the LAFRA Health Fair will be
held next April 2017 at the Frank
Hotchkins Memorial Training
Center. He indicated that this will

enable more participation from the

active members.
6) Bob Steinbacher referred to the
utilization of the RB Code and
indicated that we will now receive
quarterly reports for us to review
from the City.
7) Bob Steinbacher provided a
brief update on the Pension Board
Meeting and their discussion
concerning medical plans.
8) Todd Layfer provided a brief
building updated and indicated
that we will begin sprucing up
the exterior area of the building
and adding landscaping work in
preparation of the LAFRA Open
9) Bob Steinbacher referred to
the election of President and Vice
President for 2017 and indicated
that they needed to vote.
John Jacobsen acting as Vice
President entertained a motion
to accept the election of Bob
Steinbacher as President for 2017.
Gene Bednarchik so moved. Craig
White seconded. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve the
election of Bob Steinbacher as
President for 2017.
John Jacobsen entertained a
motion to approve the election of
Jeff Cawdrey as Vice President for
2017. Gene Bednarchik so moved.
Craig White seconded. There was
no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve the
election of Jeff Cawdrey as Vice
President for 2017.
10) Bob Steinbacher informed
the Board that the Over-the-Line
Tournament has been canceled
due to lack of participation. He
thanked Sean Millet for his efforts
in planning this event.
1) Bob Steinbacher referred to

the Colorado Springs Memorial

and indicated that the travel
arrangements have been made for
those attending.
2) Bob Steinbacher referred to
the Annual IFEBP Conference in
Orlando, FL and indicated that
he needed to know as soon as
possible whod be attending so
that the travel arrangements could
be made.
1) Todd Layfer provided an
update on the Golf Tournament
and reported that so far, golf
sponsorships were at $148K. He
reported that in 2015, the all in
revenue collected was $152K. He
indicated that they will have 120
2) Todd Layfer reported on the
Hope for Firefighters Committee
wrap up lunch and indicated that
overall the event was a success.
He indicated that they discussed
the topic of using water for the
muster games. He indicated that
there were suggestions made for
next year which include the use of
portable restrooms.
3) Todd Layfer and Liberty
Unciano presented the Quarterly
Expenditure review through the
month of June 2016.
David Peters presented
following motions.


The committee recommends and

I so move to pay the usual and
customary bills in the amount
of $923,749.79. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to pay the usual
and customary bills in the amount
of $923,749.79.
The committee recommends and I
so move to pay professional fees in
the amount of $157,229.70. There

November 2016 55

was no discussion or objections.

Motion carried to pay the
professional fees in the amount
of $157,229.70.
The committee recommends and I
so move to approve $500 for the
Recruit Graduation Ceremony.
There was no discussion or
Motion carried to approve $500
for the Recruit Graduation
The committee recommends and I
so move to approve $300 for the
9/11 Memorial Ceremony. There
was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve $300
for the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony.
The committee recommends and I
so move to approve $500 for the
LAFDHS Memorial Ceremony.
There was no discussion or
Motion carried to approve $500
for the LAFDHS Memorial
David Peters presented
following motion.


The committee recommends and I

so move to accept the applications
to the Medical Plan. There was no
discussion and no objections.
Motion carried to accept all
applications to the Medical Plan.
The committee recommends and
I so move to approve entering
into a 4-year contract with Health
Scope Benefits effective January
1, 2017 through December 31,
2020. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to approve
entering into a 4-year contract
with Health Scope Benefits
effective January 1, 2017 through
December 31, 2020.

56 November 2016

Doak Smith presented
following motion.


The committee recommends and I

so move to pay:
The Sick & Injury benefits in the
amount of $43,788.80
The Estate Planning benefit in the
amount of $6,829.40,
The Life & Accident Death benefit
in the amount of $12,000
The Life & Accident Withdrawals
in the amount of $2,866
The Relief Death Benefits in the
amount of $45,000
There was no discussion or
Motion carried to pay the above
Relief benefits.
Bob Steinbacher informed the
Board that there was a request
from a retired chaplain to do a
service for an out-of-state LAFRA
member that has passed. He
indicated that they are looking to
create a funding mechanism to
help with these types of services.
Dave Peters motioned to approve
up to $300 one time for chaplain
travel expense. Steve Domanski
seconded. There was no discussion
or objections.
Motion carried to approve up to
$300 one time for chaplain travel
Doak Smith read the names of
members who recently passed
and asked for a moment of silence
from the Board.
John R. Boyd
William G. Ritsch
James H. Cadam
Hollis B. Williams
Robert D. Looney
John N. Parkinson
Francis L. Zitko
Ryan T. Bonar
Walter Berger
James L. Miller



Doak Smith presented

following motions.

1) LAFD Annual 9/11 Memorial

Ceremony @ FHMTC
September 9th
2) LAFD Historical Society 9/11


September 11th
3) Colorado Springs Memorial
September 15th 18th
Tournament September 19th
5) LAFDHS Annual Firefighter
Memorial Ceremony
October 8th
6) Sacramento Firefighters
Memorial October 15th
LAFRA Open House
November 5th
IFEBP Annual Conference
November 13th 16th
(Orlando, FL)
LAFRA Holiday Party
December 17th


The committee recommends and

I so move to accept the donations
in the amount of $4,827.43 to the
Widows, Orphans & Disabled
Firemens Fund. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to accept the
donations in the amount of
$4,827.43 to the Widows, Orphans
& Disabled Firemens Fund.
The committee recommends
and I so move to approve the
financial assistance applications
for surviving spouses, active and
retired members. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve the
financial assistance applications
for surviving spouses, active and
retired members.
The committee recommends and I
so move to advance funds for both
active and retired members. There
was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to advance
funds for both active and retired
Andy Kuljis informed the Board
that the elections notices will be
published in the September issue
of the Grapevine. He indicated
that the candidate application
period to run for Trustee opens
October 1st and closes on October
14th. He indicated that the Group
2 Trustees will be up for this years
Rick Godinez referred to the
upcoming Golf Tournament and
indicated that they have been
targeting new sponsors and have
been very successful. He asked
that the Trustees remember to
thank the sponsors for their


Greg Malais Saturday,
September 10th B @ The Odyssey
Restaurant (Albarran)
David Marino Saturday,
September 10th B @ Bistro
Garden (Steinbacher)
Frank Morales Saturday,
September 10th B @TAP Fish &
Brewery (Godinez)
4) Robert Dale Shrode Sunday
September 25th A @ The Turner
Backyard (Steinbacher)
Bob Fogelman Saturday,
October 1st C @ Fire Station 5
6) Michael McKnight Sunday,
October 9th B @ Valyermo Ranch
Mark Carcamo Friday,
November 4th A @ San Pedro
Fish Market (Kuljis)
8) Jeff Coffey Friday, October
14th C @ Frazier Park (White)
Bob Steinbacher entertained a
motion to adjourn. David Peters
so moved. Craig White seconded.
There was no discussion and no
Motion carried to adjourn.
The Board of Trustees meeting
adjourned at 11:43 a.m.

Bob Steinbacher, President

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Dave Wagner -


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November 2016 57

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November 2016 59

Circa 1924

Circa 1979, left to right, Tom Crowe,

John Cooper, Wally Longworth, and Capt

Engine Company
No. 52
Fire Station 52 was located across from Paramount Studios in Hollywood at 1010 North
Van Ness Avenue from 1924 until 1988.
1924 photo courtesy of
1979 photo courtesy of Joy Longworth

60 November 2016

Senior Vice President
Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley
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