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Nathaniel Diaz

Mr. White
AP English Literature
12 October 2016
Reflection Paper
The most vital information that could be extrapolated from the multitude of sources that I
examined over the course of my research pertained to certain amendments that could be made
in regards to the execution of Model United Nations conference, and guidance in reference to
how I could most efficiently organize and prepare for events such as a workshop, seminar or
conference. Perhaps the most crucial information that I could utilize for the project I plan to
complete originates from a suggestion from seasoned conference organizers, that being the
need to stagger a series of smaller scale workshops, lessons, and eventually conferences,
rather than preparing for one large conference that would likely fail without proper experience
and advertisement. Of course, this entails amending the large, all or nothing conference that I
was planning to prepare, in favor of an escalation of event scale so that schools that I invite are
fully knowledgeable of future planned events. Effectively, this will imprint in the county wide
collection of schools an impression of Santa Susana as a center of MUN activity.
The concept of advertising via a repetition of events rather than advertising for a single
event further incorporates itself within the realm of advertisement, as the UNA-USA also advises
that a focus on self promotion be present when preparing for any event, let alone a conference
involving multiple schools. This essentially entails that I prepare flyers for school-wide
promotion, invitations to other schools sent periodically to at least present them the option of
considering the conference I am organizing, as well as a website for reference for anyone
curious enough to participate. The intricacies of the preparation, such as position designation,
preparing volunteers, and preparing as a committee chair while also becoming knowledgeable
in MUN committee topics all fall under this umbrella of organization but are fairly secondary in

importance compared to the aforementioned information gathered from the official MUN
organization and its affiliated website.
In regards to the content of the conference itself, it's necessary to improve the
educational and cooperative worth inherent in MUN to its full potential, The most potentially
effective method, as suggested by a former supervisor of the national MUN program, is a focus
on encouraging evidence of work, whether it be tangible or auditory, rather than technique
gathered through sheer participation and experience in previous conferences. By emphasizing
the research papers and content of resolutions compiled during committee, it is then possible to
incentivize delegates to pursue work rather than simple presentational flair through research
paper awards. Awards that recognize the excellency of delegates will be, in accordance to the
observation made by the MUN supervisor whose research I have scrutinized, be critiqued
mainly in terms of the content. Based on information gathered in statistics from an investigation
of a certain year of the NMUN, this amendment to the course of a conference will contribute to
the lack of preparation often observed in novice, and even intermediate, student delegates.
Thus, an environment conducive to actual resolutions rather than competition to speak
constantly or with passion for points would be fostered.