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High School Health Science Yarsi Mataram

Program: D3 of Midwifery
Final Project Report :June 2015
Case Study : June 2015
Nurul Asrjati (058 SYE BID 13)
Midwjfery Care in Breech Birth
xii + 74 pages + 2 tables +2 appendices
Maternal mortality rate (MMR?) recorded 359 per 100 thousand live births.
Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR?) in Indonesia is the highest in A SEAN. Factors
cause of maternal mortality in Indonesia dominated by hemorrhage 42%
eclampsia /preeklampsi 13%, miscarriage 11%, infection 10%, childbirth 9%, and
other causes 15%. The mortality rate (MMR) in 2014 were 117 people with the
cause of death were bleeding (39%), infection (5.4%), eclampsia (17.4%),
childbirth (4.3%). In 2014 maternal mortality rate in West Lombok found 7 cases.
Number of maternal complications cases found in Narmada Public Health Center
in 2015 were 60 cases. Among of those cases, there were 20 cases of breech. This
study is aim to perfbrm midwfery care management in pregnancy with breech in
Narmada Public Health Center through 7 steps of Varney.
This case study shows that there are differences between the management
gave to research subjects. Mrs A conducted breech procedure with the standard
procedure of Narmada Public Health Center because the condition of Mrs A is
complete exposure while Mrs R recomended to take to provice hospital because
she came with 4 cm exposure and posible to take to higher health care facilities
because in public health center is not allowed to assist breech patients.
Researcher expected to be able to apply the theory they have learned about
the breech and observe how the managing do in the field.
Keywords: Midw very Care, Childbirth Breech
References: 24 literatures (2006-2016)