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Barry Turi // A2 Media Studies // Pulp Studios

Planning Brief
Project name:



5 minutes
December 2016

Group members:

Barry Turi

Genre and length:

Brief overview of production:

Who is your target audience?

What representations are present in this


How will you verify whether product is

successful and meet the expectation?

Ifaz Chowdhury

John Staples lives in Raveback City a town

which suffers badly due to its every-increasing
crime rate. His pregnant wife was killed in the
city as a result of a gunfight gone wrong while
he was in Afghanistan serving the Task Force.
Depressed and still finding a way to overcome
this emotional obstacle, he decides that he
and his city has experienced enough suffering
and creates the persona of Incognito. Using a
black mask and his weapons from the army to
take down criminals, he uses a strict moral
code to seek justice for Raveback City,
becoming a vigilante.
The target audience for Incognito is 15-40
years. The short film explores sensitive topics
which only mature audiences should
understand, and includes some element of
gore as well. I feel that only audiences who
are exposed to similar texts of higher
certification should be eligible to watch this
short film.
John Staples is a very insecure man due to his
wifes loss, and is constantly battling with his
inner demons. The use of low-key lighting will
convey his mood to the viewer, as well as the
use of the black and white colour code.
Prolonged long takes will deliver the message
that Johns suffering is prolonged, developing
a sympathetic representation that my
audience can latch on to.
A pre-questionnaire and a post-questionnaire
will be released to the audiences of Incognito
to determine if the short film was a success in
their eyes. The pre-questionnaire will be
important as constructive feedback will be
acknowledged and any changes to the film
can be made before its initial release. The
post-questionnaire will tell me if the audience
enjoyed the film, and will let me know how well
I did during the production stages.