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Historical Society Incorporated

July – August 2010
Newsletter No. 46

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor On top of this, the Avondale Community Library has
asked me to give a wee talk on St Ninian’s on
1990-1991 Avondale Oral History Wednesday 22 September, and the next day I’ll be at Pt
Project: tapes to CD Chevalier Community Library talking about the
Auckland Asylum history. More on this in future issues.
Ron Oates, the chairman of the Avondale History Group
from the early 1990s, earlier this year gave AWHS an Rosebank Horticultural Study
almost complete set of copies of the Avondale Oral
History tapes, prepared in 1990-1991, the interviews by John Adam presented his report on progress to the
Kathleen Murray. Society at the June meeting, and posed the following
questions to members:
When I saw an opportunity appear last month for funding
♦ What were the hedges/shelter trees around or-
from the Avondale Community Board, although it hap-
chards on Rosebank?
pened between the Society’s meetings in April and June
♦ Are there any known memorial trees in church
— I contacted our Treasurer, Alison Turner, and with her
grounds or school?
agreement and help, put in an application. We are
fortunate that John Russell, of St Jude’s Church, agreed ♦ Why did the Auckland Harbour Board withdraw
to help out with the project, undertaking the work and from their proposal to reclaim around Pollen Is-
providing us with a quote. land in the 1950s-1970s?
♦ Does anyone have any further information/photos of
The project: John is currently digitising 49 cassette tapes the Riversdale Road agricultural experimental cen-
for copying onto CD format, in order to prepare 4 sets of tre?
a CD version of the 20 year old Avondale Oral History The study is expected to be complete (preliminary stage) by
Project. The total cost is $1357, and the Avondale Com- the end of July.
munity Board have sent a cheque which has been banked
in our projects account in the second week in June. The Heritage Lunch at Mill Cottage,
sets will be for: AWHS, St Jude’s, the Avondale Commu- 14 August
nity Library and the Sir George Grey Special Collections
in the central library in the city.
West Auckland Historical Society organise heritage
Hopefully, the project will be completed in July. When I lunches and dinners at Mill Cottage, Sel Peacock Drive,
have more of an idea of when, I intend liaising with our Henderson, as part of their society’s fundraising.
Avondale librarians to see if a special hand-over
ceremony could be arranged at the library, involving Let me know by the end of July (ph 828-8494) if you’d
Kathleen Murray who did such a lot of work all that time like to attend the Saturday lunch, 14 August, $25 each
ago to help ensure that this part of our heritage exists. person. We need a minimum of 10. 12.30 pm.

Auckland Heritage Festival HOMEMADE SOUP AND DAMPER

I had thought, this year, I might duck my head down and CASSEROLE OF BEEF
just attend some of the events this year, not participating MASHED POTATOES
on behalf of the Society. Famous last words, as the old CARROTS
cliché goes. BEANS

St Judes Church are planning a second photographic ex- APPLE CRUMBLE CUSTARD CREAM
hibition this year, to be held Saturday 18 September and GRAPES AND CHOCOLATES
Sunday 19 September. Along with that, they are organis- BRING YOUR OWN WINE JUICE ETC.
ing a special “pioneers in the cemetery” event at the WE SERVE TEA AND COFFEE
George Maxwell Memorial Cemetery, Saturday evening
on the 18th September. I’ve been asked top help out with Apologies: - I forgot to add Jean Jones to the list of those
both of these events. very kind enough to give me plant pots this year! Sorry,
Chisholm’s Butcher Whau River history
at Rosebank Market
I had a couple of emails in mid-May from Gilbert
A new business in Avondale Brakey, convener of the Friends of the Whau group,
has been named after one of who said that his group were now interested in organ-
Avondale’s early landowners ising a history project for the river, as they mentioned.
from the mid 19th century, I was asked if I’d be interested in assisting in pulling
Robert Chisholm. Tony this together, and (as I do this for a living in my other
Edmonds, the new proprietor life) I invited him to give me a scope so I could give
of Rosebank Market (corner the group an estimate. I haven’t heard anymore about
Elm and Rosebank Road) has their plans at this stage.
dubbed his butchery section “Chisholms”, and has been
in contact with me and the historian for Clan Chisholm St Ninian’s Sign Update
with regard to the story behind the name, and general
Avondale history. I haven’t seen any sign of work-in-progress at St Ninian’s
church yet, but the SLIPs project for a 150th anniversary
He has even offered to hold a sausage sizzle, at the time
commemorative sign has been approved by the Commu-
of writing, at the new shop, with part of the proceeds
nity Board, around $700. There might be something of an
going to AWHS in thanks for help with information, and
unveiling ceremony, depending on timing and weather.
to have one of the walls in the shop decorated with info,
photos and clan colours regarding Chisholm and early
Avondale. Keep an eye on the shop, Sundays 11am-1pm. GMMC interpretive sign
It’s great to see a new local business involved in At long last, it looks like the last of the third intended
increasing awareness of our history as part of their signs for Avondale’s heritage walks, the George Maxwell
commercial plan. Memorial Cemetery sign outside thye cemetery on Rose-
bank Road, may indeed come to pass. A SLIPs project is
Tait Park upgrade, and signage on the drawing board at time of writing.

A year ago, I appeared before the Avondale Community Thine, O Lord, is the Victory
Board to request that the lettering on the sign at Tait Park Tony Goodwin’s book, on the stories behind the names
(corner Community Lane and Rosebank Road) be re- of the men and women on the Avondale Baptist Church
stored after it had been obliterated underneath anti- Roll of Honour, is published, thanks to a grant from the
graffiti paint. A history of the park was also prepared. Avondale Community Board. Tony, a Society member,
I’m pleased to say that the signage lettering has now been came to speak to us at a meeting earlier this year.
restored. I saw it as I attended a meeting on-site at Tait
Park on 10 June. A project is being considered, spear- Not resting on his laurels, he has, I understand, already
headed by the Avondale Community Gardeners, to have embarked on another project.
Tait Park itself restored and made into a true community
park space.
Pt Chevalier Memories
The brand-new (since April 1) Pt Chevalier Historical
Some of the proposals had a vision which I think would Society has taken on responsibility for further publication
enhance the park, and help raise awareness that this was of a corrected version of this book, first published late
originally a gift from 1927 by Avondale’s second Mayor, last year. Cost will be $25 per copy, plus P&P, payable to
W J Tait to the community as a park and playground. It the PCHS. Publication (hopefully) sometime next month.
has become a bit of a backwater area over the years, but Contact me for details.
as Avondale now has a strong organisation in the Com-
munity Gardeners group, I have hopes of seeing Tait Park Clerihews, Comfits & Candied Spiel
looking a lot better than it does now.
Another book by AWHS member John Bentley. He has
Hopefully Auckland City and its successor will take on loaned me a copy, so I’ll put in a review in the next
board the proposal for an interpretive sign, explaining newsletter.
who Mr Tait was, and how special the park is.
Next meeting:
Rosebank Trees Saturday 7 August 2010, 2.30 pm
The Society agreed at the June meeting to support the Lions Hall, cnr. Blockhouse Bay Road
Tree Council's request to Auckland City to have the oak and Great North Road.
and pohutukawa at 317-321 Rosebank Road included on This will be our 8th Annual General
the schedule of protected trees.