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Template for `Lesson Plan

Title of lesson: The ducks game (Counting numbers (1-10)).

Name: Mahra Bahkeet.
Date: 2016-11-2
Time: 1:20

Location: Ajman Aljurf.

Number of students: 25 students.
Grade: KG1 A.
Male and female ratio: 12:12.
Language: English.
Learning styles: Bodily-kinesthetic Linguistic Musical.
student intelligences personalities: High Middle Low.
How this lesson fits into prior & future learning experiences?
1- The learners will learn by different ways and while having fun. For
example: when they will sing the song, they will memorize the

*who are they

* how many
* what ages
* What grade
* male/female ratio
* native language(s)
* learning styles (and
student intelligences
* special needs
* prior learning
* how this lesson fits into
prior & future learning

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
1- Count the numbers from 1 to 10.
2- Learn the quantity of the numbers.
3- Identify the numbers.

*what specific skill or

concept would students
have learned or
experience by the end of
the lesson
* always expressed in
terms of student
* concrete, measurable &
* maximum of three
* include name of
curriculum guide &
objective numbers when
& where applicable
* goals are connected
to students


*how DAP are the
materials & resources?
* have all safety & health
considerations been
taken into account?

Materials & resources:

1- Dice.
2- 10 Ducks.
3- A small pool of water.

Technology integration:
Using the ducks and the pool of water can enhance the use of
developed learning.
Mahra and Shaikah will ask the students to sit in the circle time.
(Technique to call for circle time is: By shocking the bell and saying
circle time). Mahra and Shaikah will apply the numbers song and ask
the students to sing with them to engage them. After the song, I will
divide the students 12 student with me and the other 12 students with
Shaikah to do another activity. then, i will give them the activity while
they are sitting in the circle time and Shaikah will take her students and
sit on the table.
After giving them the rules, (The rules are: Eyes on teacher, be quite
while the teacher is talking, put your hand one if you want to answer).
The activity instructions are: Teacher Mahra will through the dice to
each child and they have to say the number then they have to put the
ducks in the small pool of water according to the number they get.

*remember technology is
a tool & is not just limited
to computers
*incorporate technology
when & if it supports &
enhances what youre
already doing
* do you have a plan B for
technology upsets?

Plan B: Is about using small colored stones and A3 paper with

numbers from 1 to 10. So, they have to match the stones with the
points that are on the numbers in the paper to get the shape of the
Engagement: I will apply the numbers song which is helpful to
attract the learners attention that because they will sing together
so it can be the best idea to attract their attention and they will be
Teacher will

what will you do to grab

student attention & to
interest/enthusiasm in the
Students will say the numbers that they can remember
from the song by rising their hands.

Open question: What are the

numbers that you saw and heard
from the song?

Ended question: Who can tell me

(By rising their hands), how many
chairs are placed on in this table?

*list the problems that

1- There are some learners that might talk to each other while
the teacher is talking and explaining.
2- There are some children who get bored very fast then they
just start misbehaving.
The ways to deal with these problems:
1- I will let the most children that are talking to each other sit
in another place which is far than his friend.
2- I will try to involve the children who get bored a lot more
than the others to not let them feel bored and misbehave.
To assist them. I will put on the pool of water for example 3 ducks
and I will ask them: What do you think, how much duck do we have
her? And one child can come and count (By rising their hands).

may occur
*anticipate at least two
*think of possible ways to
deal with those problems
when & if they occur

*what will you do to

assess learning?
*what will happen to
measure that the goals
were met?
* how DAP is your
* my assessments are
very tightly connected
to my goals


* sources that you may

have used/consulted in
building your lesson
(includes books,
websites, magazines,
journals, etc)
* use APA citation (refer to
Noodle Tools when in