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~~ ™ arid eet eee a5 vet 7 : . : Exrmrtron cor 2503, €) ISMIT VIA: ._. PRECEDENCE: CLASSIFICA: at | . ~. Sho | (Immediate (0 TOP SECRET SHGREL LY GFeesimite Ey Priority (COSECRET ~ AIRTEL a ALL rnFora - gg AIRTEL __ Routine CLCONFIDENTIAL ee (CO UNCLAS EF TO tree 1! CUUNCLAS 1 ——— Date 7/12/83 (TAIRED — - | FROM: SA ae. aa) suBsect: ~efaNcEp / a OR ‘Ceammnsi vs Crona BHAGHAN; . FCI - X eNLTZED ~._ "+ Clas Lhe P| S (00: Portland); BY DEPARREZT if COWAITTEE (DROW. —Deolassity : . fnlarr at te Wag p ; NS Wufes a This communication an letterhead aS memorandum (LEM) are classified Seeret —in-thetr-entiresy— a ¥ eh ‘fen Ef ul | AY os be ie pAel e pe Title cf NY fed or: ie ig hig oF et rd nap ] F ‘aixtet t9/ radi a ie Legat, Bonn, ‘airtel to’ ‘pureatt aft Gortiada, 4/19/83. w i Enclosed for FBIHQ are ten copies of an LHM, dated and captioned as above, with two copies bbing designated to Legat, Bonn, one for the Liaison Unit, and qne for CI- Enclosed for Seattle are two copie the LEM, Classifiedfby c-3 yg-29hE- Teas Declasgify\en OADR : 4 <5 .*\@sureau_(Enes? 10) \. Ge (1-CI-3, B Unit) (}-Liaison Unit}— %-Legat, Bonn, Germat 2-Seattle (Encs. 2) 2-Portland Pe JUL25 1983 geet Pebg wo aseer (PU | this (gy. eesuent 158 gpgittel and enclosed UM aren response to 4 Permission for the dissemination of information in | enclosed LEM, originating with the Oregon District, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Seryjce (USINS), to] is) under a secret capt: ong nae been granted by ROBERT E. @X | KRUEGER, District Director, USINS7ortland, Oregon. Investigation of the Rajneesh Foundation International (RFI) is a major case with the USINS. Two INS investigators have bee: assigned, full time, in Portland, Oregon, to work this matter. (XX) They presently have a very productive source r porting on the RFI who is a West Germay shortly be returning to West German (8) 1 | | REQUEST OF THE BUREAI the Bureau is requested to provide FBI, Portland, the CM ce turn, could"be provided to INS, Portland, which would meet the requirements set out above. ey For information of the Bureau and Seattle, during | INS, Portland's, review of the hundreds of petitions for entry of the alien Sannyasiis by virtue of a marriage to an American, the majority of which occurred during the period of the Rajnee! move to Oreggn in 1981, identified the following information: (JK OFFering SUppOF Sm-Taw, a Sannyasin ro national. In support of his financial_ability to assume gH Do. ts \ : RET iu} pp 203-87) pu this obligation is 4 letter from dated 8/6/81, which stated that. Tu: atl Seattle, as a| Hw e pet: further identified b6 as DOB SSAN His vite is[ bred DOB and daughter, DOB L is now openly a Sannyasin, known ap are his wife and daughter. Hou fee presently reside at Rajneeshpuram City in eastern Oregon. is_a member of the Ruling Circle and has an official title o J Rajneesh Investment Corporation. He is a signer on the application for the Rajneesh Air Charter Service. U.S. Customs frequently clears him re- turning oft the ere aircraft entering the U.S. from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The Rajneesh is believed by all of those who look hard at it, as not being a religion but rather using religion to secure the tax freedom and various shelters offered by such a screen, It is a multi-million dollar operation that operates without scruples functioning largely as a country of their own. The acquisition of money and power is the motivating for, Loyalty is not to the U.S. but rather to the Rajneesh. Cd) FBI, Portland, is concerned that employment with[ “may have given hin classified access that would be saleal ie have no information that such is the case, however, his present affiliation with the RFI makes this a possibility. ou EAU REQUEST OF THE BUREAI The Bureau is requested to review the above information ortland requests permission be to determine the curren! bic and the degree of 4) in Lighy to open| classified access he may now, or Im the past, have had. Shere ~3*- K + U.S. Department of justice Federal Bureau of Investigation Portland, Oregon Giardia duly 12, 1983 apse cofar - (pu Bf gone? ee aN ty Goo RAJNEESH FOUNDATION, INTERNATIONAL oe This communication is classified secret in its entirety. The following information is for the exclusive use of your agency and may not be further disseminated without the ra » uw expressed approval of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): The following information is a summary of various documents provided by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (USINS) ,,Portland, Oregon, USA. ig) aia, there on He claims to have become enlightened at the age of 21. After a claimed career as a professor of Philosophy in India, he took to independent teaching about 1966 and acquired Soe Establishing headquarters in Bombay, he founded the KSeevan Jagriti Kendra," an ostensibly chayifable foundation for he PrOpaa Seton SE nis tex Opagation of his sachings in 1969. G oe 8 ' > It is said that undér the Guidance of a gifted disciple, XJ Ma Yoga Laxmi, also known as Laxmi Thakarsi Kuruwa, he moved to Poona, India, in 1974 with seven disciples and $100,000, In 1976, the name of the organization was changed to the Rajneesh Foundation, which claimed to continue the "charitable" activities Ru ~ sHpRET - Classifika by 6-3 Declass{f} on OADR This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency; it and its contents are not to be distributed outside (YU your agency. Mg- BEE 7 | . a - sppRer - RAJNEESH CHANDRA MOHAN BHAGHAN; uv of the older organization. During this approximate tit Rajneesh awarded himself the title "Bhagwan", meaning an unprecedented act in a country populated by gurus or "God-Men". Inasmuch as Rajneesh prided himself from youth on his ability to shock those around him, this and similar pronouncements earned him distinct unpopularity in his own country. Rajneesh early on sensed that the seeking youth of the west offered him more remuneration than traditional avenues, and with the arrival of westerners acquainted with "Esalen-type” group therapies, constructed a synthesis of Hindu philosophies and values and these largely experimental "therapies". The result was to draw large numbers of young, disaffected westerners, many (su of them educated white collar workers, to his "Ashram" at Poona. Rajneesh, under the urging of Laxmi, sought to gather — disciples under the name of, pico-sanniasings Sraditionally, the {__ term Jannyasin" in India nant an ascertic individual who had Tivh give up all worldly things in search of higher spiritual values. [> Rajneesh amended this and stated that all things should be enjoyed. His Sannyasins are enjoined to surrender totally to him, accept a new name, wear his photograph on a "Mala" or necklace at all times, wear only orange, and use one of his meditations for one hour a day, (AU Rajneesh drew his disciples from western Europe and the United states (U.S.) prior to his moving his operation to the U.S. in June, 1981. His lectures were attended by as high as 2,000 to 3,000 a day. The transcribed ‘lectures are claimed to have been published in some 365 books. He claims to have offered some 60 varieties of "therapies" at Poona, some of which were notable for their lack of controls and violence. There have been reliable reports of broken bones, rapes, and suicides associated with these. After the Jonestown massacre, the Rajneesh Foundation claimed to have moderated these activities, but it does not appear that that, in fact, occurred. Numerous reports exist of Poona "therapies" precipitating mental commitments. SEX The Poona Ashram, attracting as it did, numerous "lost" westerners, hosted and aggravated further difficulties. Drug use was common, and smuggling of drugs both into and out of India apparently was done, with some indications that the foundation aided and abetted it. Prostitution was similarly promoted at least tacitly as a means of raising revenue for the Ashram. Immigration overstays were endemic and fraud marriages to common- wealth citizens for immigration purposes very common. Ashram suicides were allegedly concealed, and there is some indication that one and possibly two murders occurred there. Similar allega- tions exist of Ashram attempts at bribery, intimidation, extortion, and the staging of we incidents. Most of these allegations have been corroborated. fern [ Jy, a 3 - sicrer - RAJNEESH CHANDRA MOHAN BEAGWAN; Yw RAJNEESH FOUNDATION, INTERNATION: Through the conversion of the Ashram into a literal workshop operating on free labor and the enthusiastic solitication of funds, the Rajn; Foundation has amassed a substantial In early 1981, the foundation apparently made a decision to seek greener pastures. The Indian governnent, hostile to Rajneesh, had begun efforts to revoke the Rajneesh Foundation's tax exempt status, the Ashram had outgrown its space, and it is believed thatthe U.S. with its first (/ amendment protections and tax laws offered more promise. ec} It_is thought that Rajneesh's health problems, real or imagined, offered what appeared to be an opportunity for him to gain entry into the U.S. Once in the U.S., the foundation then petitioned for him as a third preference religious teacher in spite of the fact that over the years Rajneesh had harshly condemned all religions. Similarly, hundreds of his Sannyasins, once in the U.S., married to remain here in spit Rajneesh's invectives against the institution of marriage. CH The same basic patterns of activity that characterized the Rajneesh Foundation's activities in India appear to be manifesting themselves in the U.S., and, indeed, many of the same key members are active in the U.S. There have, however, been significant defections from the organization in the past year. Qa In researching the statements of Rajneesh, a case can be made that Rajneesh is attempting to experiment with suitably pliant persons in an attempt to develop what he calls the superconscious man, and that he is seeking an environment he can totally control to carry out these experiments. He has said as much himself, and there is no reason to disbelieve him. Authorities in the field have characterized the Rajneesh Foundation as a "destructive cult", and stress that it has the potential for self-destruction in the Jonestown fashion. It is significant that one of the first structures planned at "Rajneeshpuram" was a crematorium, and that the Rajneesh himself apparently has a fascina- tion with death. At least four prominent disciples faye indicated that they would kill themselves or others for him. NU . wf “heyue RAJNEESH CHANDRA MOHAN BHAWAN; Que In the summer of 1981, RFI purchased a 64,000 acre ranch in Central Oregon for six million dollars. Thus far, they have invested about $40 million into the construction of their new Rajneeshpuram city or commune and continue to invest about one million dollars per month. The various barriers that stood in the way of their development were slowly torn down by their cadre of Sannyasin attorneys who work for nothing. The sleepy village of Antelope, Oregon, resisted but eventually crumbled. Of the 26 original dwellings, 13 have sold and six are for sale. Since the November elections, the mayor and city council of Antelope are all Sannyasins. A similar event took place in Laguna Beach, California, where Sannyasins slowly infiltrated the Church of Religious Science. Ultimately Sannyasins controlled the church and the original founders were left with a doctrine completely alien tg Ahem. The church and property were valued at $13 million. U In November, 1981, RFI filed a third preference visa petition in behalf of Bhagwan. They simultaneously sought a Labor Certification as a religious teacher. At the same time, Bhagwan filed his application for’ status as a permanent resident. On December 21, 1982, both of these applications were denied, however, on January 11, 1983, both were reopened by the USINS to avoid any possible violation. There are now 13 attorneys associated with, or representing Bhagwan. The Bhagwan is being denied entry on the basis that he entered the U.S. as a tourist with the pre~ conceived notion to remain. He is a tourist that has overstayed. There is high probability of fraud in Ranjeesh's initial entry to the U.S. It is further believed there are from three yg five hundred, if not more, fraud marriages in this group. Bu RFI maintains that their membership is 40 percent American. It is believed that this is closer to 20 percent. According to the American Consulate in Bombay, there was neygy more that 300 to 400 U.S. citizens in Poona at any given time. EU At any rate, alien membership far out numbers U.S. membership, perhaps by as much as ten to one. It is the natural desire of each Sannyasin to be with or near his Master. To do so, however, nine out of ten have to figure out some way to enter the U.S. It is not known how many Sannyasins entered the country about the same “Wo Bhagwan, but it is obvious that several hundred did so. Ye [gue sony RAJNEESH CHANDRA MOHAN BHAGHAN; uw RANJEESH FOUNDADTON, INTERNATIONAL ¢ Bhagwan has long predicted a "new commune" where thousands of Sannyasins can live in his presence. It is obvious that Rajneeshpuram in Central Oregon is this commune. Bhagwan now seems content to meditate by his pool, or take his daily two hour drive in one of his 25 Rolls Royces while his Sannyasins work 12 hour days building his city. The INS seems to be the only remaining obstacle in his path. It is doubtful that any applicant for permanent residence has ever drawn as much media attention or public opposition. ‘This could only be natural as Bhagwan advocates the distruction of the family and of all organized religions. (@ The annual festival is being held June 1, 1983, through July 15, 1983, at Rajneeshpuram city in Eastern Oregon. Fifteen thousand Sannyasins are expected to attend at a cost to the Sannyasins, exclusive of transportation, of $450 per week or $3,000 for a 90 day stay. If they are chosen to remain at the city, they are expected to give of alj,¢heir worldly goods and work 12 hours each day without pay. lA As of January 23, 1983, the country of India, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Bombay, India, ruled that the RFI was not a charity, was not a religion, nor an educational foundation by India's standards and, as such, was )@gnying their tax free status (here are allowances’ for appeal) QR WK There are not, as of June, 1983, any criminal convic- tions of Sannyasins in the U.S. that can be shown to have links with the RFI. There are, however, numerous investigations being - conducted by USINS on immigration marriage frauds as well as drug and currency violation investigations by other agencies in the U.S. It is noted that as of June 27, 1983, two Sannyasins and an accomplice were arrested in Bombay, India, for the illegal transfer of huge amounts of donations received in India and transferred to the RFI ARPS in the U.S. They are presently being held without bond. The real estate holdings in Oregon are growing. In addition to the 65,000 acre city in Eastern Oregon, the group purchased a small hotel in Portland, the major city in Oregon, and currently operates at various other locations in the city a restaurant, a restaurant/disco, and a bakery, all catering to the general public. It further appears they have targeted the @u Fly i. ae “ . - Fi - RAJNEESH CHANDRA MOHAN BHAGWAN; A RAJNEESH FOUNDATION, INTERNATIONAL city of Molalla, a small farming community adjacent to Portland, where they purchased a 1,000 acre farm as well as commercial property in the city. They are currently negotiating for additional farm land in Mulino, Oregon, another xural area adjacent to Portland. (AW The RFI currently owns and operates a fleet of five aircraft, consisting of a Convair, two DC-3's, a new 12— passenger Britten Islander, and a new 14-passenger Mitsubishi, the latter two being STOL aircraft. They operate primarily from the Portland International Airport and the ranch in Eastern Oregon which has two recently constructed 4,500 foot runways with attendant hangars under construction. ‘They have two full time pilots, one an Indian and the other a South African, and a part time pilot froma major U.S. air carrier. These aircraft are frequently cleared by U.S. Customs for flights between the U.S. and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The RFI has applied and been denied permission to establish a travel agency charter flight operation. uw To assess the potential of the Rajneesh group, you must consider that there are 79 Ashrams or centers in the U.S. alone. The group claims a membership of 250,000 to 300,000 worldwide, however, this is felt to be a cumulative figure since its inception. Source information places the worldwide membership at 50,000 to 60,000. 1-V. J. Zinicola Ath INFORUATTON QONTATHED fewer Ostby LLepepe/ ‘EXCEPT WHERE SHOWH AIDTIL nena od SERIE : on; 2 safer ies 0/83 C gd Director, FIT | Tegat, Ponn (Enclosures - ee ep Rortiand {a08c-t75 > os ea ore eee Renney oan’? ‘BHpAsuaN a or : ClessityA ACB OD Len / : , cada This comsunication is classified entirety. uw ‘ann airtel, 4/19/£3, ond Portland airtel, 7/32/83. Enclosed for eeat,Tonn 1s one copy exch of refere Fortiand airtel and 1H U ination to in response, (3) CELE om i referenced airtel ci It is noted that the Ienigration and_t Service (IES), Eortinng, is willing to provide| s as 3 7 STS c Legat Foun Airtel to [Lesat, mean SAC, Portland RE: RAJNEESH CHANDRA MOHAN BHAGWAN ( + NOTE TO SAC, PORTLAND: Your requests in‘re Portland airtel will be addressed by Legat Bonn an, i i rded to vour offi by the INS will be directed through FBIAQ. For your further information, the presumed threat to classified information posed by the affiliation of employee, to the RFI is not a sufficient basis he Initiation oF win accordance with the Attorney General Guidelines for Foreign Intelligence Collection and FCI Investigations, Section III B 1 and 2. No active investi- »© gation should therefore be undertaken absent the receipt of P78 additional incriminating information. However, you may wish to advise the INS to disseminate its findings regarding to the Defense Investigative Service wh Bh. be directly responsible for his security clearance. la) Bureau indices are negative regarding (S) should be conducted regarding RFI. a XU NOTE This responds to requests by Portland in ref ed airtel for the exchange of information between the INS| é { Upon resolution of the ae) no further investigation regarding @ menber of captioned "cult on "ORE ao was coordinated with al. Liaison Unit. (3 Per FROW AUTOMATIC te orsncrtiavaten e» FBI" TRANSMIT Vd: PRECEDENCE: CLASSIFICATION: OD Teletype Immediate (2 TOP SECRET I Facsimile Priority (SECRET 38) AIRTEL _____ Routine (© CONFIDENTIAL ( UNCLAS EF TO -pxistteseonlat Co NcuAs Naecs To: DIRECTOR, FBI FROM: peor BONN (203C~38) " Aonenes | a ; FCI-X | 00: Portland This comunication is classified "DEeRs=" Legat furnished referenced Portland LHM, along with the 3985 5) 8} L! DRC) al seckpr aude Clagsitiea by: 238 1 ~ Liaison Unit a Portland, (7030-87) R03, | a pong] ee Pd 33h}. RUF /shpgf (6) a ‘TION CONTATEED pproved: af 7 ‘Transmitted “REPREE Pe (8) po (8) ‘OWake further inquiries; regarding the INS offer, Le: interim, Bonn is considerin: gat will promptly 1g this matter RUC. Legat sees eave is contacter les FBIHQ. In the W_—_ OO Ls | Remuprap FRom avroMATze : DachassirIcatroH rosnimo20en bo Poeienches TRANSMIT VIA: PRECEDENCE: * CLASSIFICA :TIP=zO" cope esxi2, 5) DD Teletype OD immediate D TOP SECIS DD Facsimie D Priority ‘SECRET 1g AIRTEL © Routine (CONFIDENTIAL on OO UNCLASEF TO 4 ‘ALL LFORMATION CONTAINED 1 UNCLAS. i REREIN 15 UNCLASSLETED Date _3/13/84 4 EXCEPY WHAKE SHOW ' OSHERWISE Se Classified ' 70: DIRECTOR, FBI Deelassiy fl: OADR 77 eee Lae FROM: SAC, PORTLAND (203C-87) (C) Ce Dw sp supgect: ‘RAINES —cHANDRA'HOHAN BHKGHAN; — giensinnn 4910: FCI - x sy " 00 = Px Decizechf kay CADR ( ortland) Gaar “x This communication is classified Seexet ® ™ airtel to Legat, Bonn, and Portland, EOE | UU, rite-entivety, Re Portland airtel and LHM, dated 7/12/83; and Bureau al (8) Referenced Portland airtel set forth a request to Fa Legat, Bonn, for an arrangement by which INS, Portland Portland is aware that there are differing priorities | in other agencies. The Rajneesh investigation with Portland INs,—| however, continues as a major case within that agency. They.-@re an , extremely cooperative agency with Portland FBI in a wide vatiery Ural] matters, and as such, some type of response would be apprediatua./ Portland has no active investigation on the Rajheesh, x qwe are placing this matter closed, however, will, forward to INSs ae Portland, the requested information when received. & a i ~ WeerstL 6 _ & geen by 6-3 ID) - aq g |AV 7 Declassi, on OADR {7 “CA ee * PSS @-surean [rts Bonnyforl UW 4 TAR 18 i984 fs T-Portland” og, wl 4‘ : pa / Mot eT fo Bours suul’es) y =. ‘o Approved: “I MS Transmitted ‘VEDRAN GOVERNMENT Acting Assistant Attorney General é Office of Legislative and November 12, 1985 In Intergovernmental Affairs Assistant Director Criminal Investigative Division REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION OF POSSIBLE LEAK OF CONTENTS OF A SEALED INDICTMENT CHARGING BHAGWAN SHRED RAJNEESH WITH VIOLATIONS OF FEDERAL LAWS. INFORMATION MEMORANDUM This is to confirm a teleph tion between Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) and Hr. Cary Copeland on November 6, 1985, The conversation centered on a letter dated October 28, 1985, to Attorney General Meese from U. 8. Congressman Robert F. Smith of Oregon, in which Congressman Smith voiced concern over "leaks" to the press and others during Federal proceedings against Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and several of his followers. Mr. Copeland was advised that the alleged disclosures pertain to an Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) case, and INS is currently considering investigation of the matter. The FBI has offered its full support and assistance if INS j , UAdertakes such an investigation. Eg Mr. Copeland stated that he would inform Congressman ‘{ Smith of the current status of this matter as related-to him by SSA be ‘ : a 5s \ Wa 14 NOV 181985 iF} LL EaOOIATION CNTR WERE 18 UNCLASSIF sy t - P44 112 a 88 MG AG AAT EMERD Sl, ae ple ee ONG Dieters See'y — MAILROOM qu jagnsennicat F en ED WEGASTONS FINALIZED ~ SEYIEY CONMITTEE (DRC), cat 0-96-71! %, O 27aunioess® EIPUNAT vee ATW gL IgeTIo NICD CINE). ,onrenn, aura, Ire suNIECT, TA IrcLiDs PDOSIS 2392 00 Ka DE PD Jopesye oct 84 FM PORTLAND (15 7 1648) P TO DIRECTOR IMMEDIATE ee BT UNCLAS POTENTIAL FOR CIVIL DISORDEX = LOCATED AT RAJNEESHPURAD, @REGON; CIVIL UNREST; TOsPORTLAND, 1rd. § RELATED WO-KAJNEESH COMMUNE MLORAJNEESH COMMUNE Yt - RE PORTLAND AIRTEL TO FB1HQ, septenbex zt, 1984. ON OCTOBER 5, 1984, AUSA ADVISED U.S. CONGRESSIAN JAMES WEAVER, WH al #INING cLAm mates, waLPbifedo P ON TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9-Aw! ORE GON. BELIEVES WEAVER WILL DEMAND PRES! PORTLAND, OXEGON, HEADS SUB~COHMtMLT: Ig Spp-GoyMITTEx He Does lao If PORTLAND, PRESENTATIVES FRO ALL FEDERAL AGENCIES INVOLVED I THE “RAGNEESH INVESTIGATION, DOUBTEDLY INCLUDE FBI. FEELS THIS WOULD UN- IN EVENT REQUEST IS MADE FOR VQLUATARY APPEAANCE OF A REPRE! NTATIVE FROM EITHER THE FBI Ok USA'S OFFICE, wcz oF KE- [2 60Y 2 eas ADVISED USA'S OFFICE WILL NOT APPEAR UWLES3 DEPARTMENT OF PAG TYG PD 1571648 UNCLAS JUSTICE (DOJ) ADVISED OTHERWISE. ADVISED CONGRESSMAN WEAVER MAY ATTEMPT TO SERVE FBI, PORTLAND, WITH LEGISLATIVE SUBPOEWA, THE ISSUE TH ARISES WHETHER OR NOT CONGRESSIAN WEAVER, 1N HIS CAPACITY AS be CHAIRMAN OF THE SUB-COMMITTEE, HAS LEGISLATIVE SUBPOZNA POWER. bre IS OF OPINUON THAT WEAVER PROBABLY DOES NOT HAVE THIS POWER; HOWEVER, HE MIGHT BE ABLE TO OBTAIN IT FROM FULL COMITTEE. IF CONGRESSMAN WEAVEX DOES OBTALW THIS POWER, AND DOES SERVE LEGISLATIVE SUBPOENA, HE REQUESTED USA’S OFFICE BE IMMEDIATELY ADVISED. ADVISED OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE aFFAaIRS, DOJ, WASHINGTON, D. C,, IS COORDINATING THIS MATTER. IF PRESS INQUIRY IS MADE TO THE USA'S OFFICE CONCERNING THE RAJNEESH SITUATION, THEY WILL MAKE NO COMMENT BECAUSE THERE IS AN ONGOING CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION BY IMMIGRATION AND NATURALI~ ZATION SERVICE (INS). THERE IS NO DIFFICULTY MAKING SUCH A STATEMENT TO THE PRESS BECAUSE INS INVESTIGATION IS MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD. HE NOTED INS INVESTIGATION WILL PROBABLY RESULT IN VAG THREE PD 157-1648 UNCLAS INDICTWENTS OF SEVERAL RAJNEESHEES IN JANUARY OR FEBRUARY, 198, WITH RESPECT TO MARRIAGE FRAW CONSPIRACY. OREGON STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL DAVE FRONHMAYER MADL RE- QUEST TO FROM DOJ THAT FEDERAL OBSERVERS BE PRESENT AT THE ELECTION BOCTHS IN WASCO COUNTY ON WOVEMBER 6, 1984, THE POSITION OF THE USA'S OFFICE, YITH RESPECT TO FROWHiAYER'S REQUEST 1S THAT STATE IS RUNWING THE SLECTION, THE E Is Wo EVIDENCE THEY ARE UNABLE TODO IT, AND, THEXEFORE, NO KEASON Pe EXISTS TU SEND FEDERAL O3SERVERS. DUE TO POSSIBILITY OF VIOLENCE ON ELECTION DAY, NOVEABER 6, 1984, FEELS CONTINGENCY PLAi SHOULD BE PUT ITO EFFECT TO DEAL WITH SAME. OW OCTOBER 5, 1964, } sPzciaL IsvisTIGa~ GTON, Z. P., ADVISED HE TIONS UNIT, U.S. CAPITOL P@ICe, WAS WILL PROVIDE SECURITY TO CONGRESSMAN WRAVER AT SUB-COWMITTEL HEARINGS IN PORTLAND. WEAVER COkCER NED ABOUT SECURITY DUB TO ANTICIPATED PRESZWOE OF RAJNEESHEES AT HEARINGS. WEAVER WANTS TIGHTER CONTROLLED "CONGRESSLONAL-TYPE HEARINGS AND WANTS METAL DETECT ORS AT DOUR. PAG FOUR PD 157-1648 UNCLAS ON OCTOBER 9, 1984, SAC, PORTLAND, WILL HOST MEETING FOR HEADS OF FEDERAL AGENCIES IN OREGON WiTH INTEREST IN RAJHEZSH MATTER. LEGAL COUNSEL DIVISION REQUESTED TO ADVISE PORTLANO OF PROPER PROCEDURE IN EVENT LEGISLATIVE SUBPOENA RECHIVED. ar FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION POI/PA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET FOI/PA# 1354746-0 Total Deleted Page(s) = 15 Page 3 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 4 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 5 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 6 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 7 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 10 ~ Duplicate - 100-487429-1; Page 11 ~ Duplicate - 100-487429- Page 12 ~ Duplicate - 100-487429-1; Page 13 ~ Duplicate - 100-487429-1; Page 14 ~ Duplicate - 100-487429-1; Page 20 ~ Duplicate - pg 9 Page 21 ~ Duplicate - pg 15; Page 22 ~ Duplicate - pg 16; Page 23 ~ Duplicate - pg 17; Page 24 ~ Duplicate - pg 18; XXXXKXXKARKARKRKKARKARER, X Deleted Page(s) X X No Duplication Fee x X For this Page x SOOO EM MRK, 070 (ev. 331-82) -'@ ” @ ~. s = 038 aoe Upeyel ~ | MESSAGE RELAY VIA TELETYPE (RESTRICTED USE) vite: GQI-BY —precevence: 0 mente @®honry 0 ROUTE ’ FM: DIRECTOR, FB ie Portl aw \ : U4 Ad © clADcD/DCD/ ( FAA Washington HQ/FAA | O Dept. of Energy Germantown DIV/DOE/ (O_INSCOM Ft. Meade/INSCOM/ | © Dept. of Justice/DOU/ ( Nuclear Regulatory Commission/NAC/ . . ‘ALL ANFORMATION CONTAINED 7 ASI, PAE ‘Addressee Internal Distribution | ra twtr YIT494 A [OL ‘Subject: i. 06ee ataches | ‘Approved By: 5029-O1v.6 RoomVOW | Rly wey Pov My 11: SE AND PREPARATION OF FORM 0-73, ves BeCe neon on Un tie | ¢ Gr henna tee messsme wtn clr ten MG Seton 16 .7 pages 1261 & 1262 may be prepared using form i Lal! 1 2. sc Fam 078 tice conimnee ments eds BHO Conan Cver htt 72 Obrktss RAN 3. Addressees must be Bureal/Otices (LEGAT/Field) or other Government Agencies. Geographical location must be indicated if other Government Agency Is located outside the Washington, D.C. ares. 4, Editing of message text Is restricted to typad or printed changes of a word or two. 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Editing Changes to the Text - (See Restrictions on Use, item 4) ‘Administrative Data - Type or print administrative data immediately following the text. 9 pos is209107 RR HQ DE PD R 3006002 JUN 84 FM PORTLAND TO DIRECTOR ROUTINE ALL TUPORUATION CONTAINED = Zerg) iguasary AB: ee _UNG.AS wipes Sdasweesn rourwat r0N INTERNATIONAL 3 DOMESTIC sominy- RFI, RE BUREAU TELETYPE TO PORTLAND DATED JUNE 29, 1984, ra THE FOLLOWING PERSONS HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF APPROPRIATE Fist cay PORTIONS OF THE REFERENCED TELETYPE: om WA DEVA BARKHA, CHIEF, RAJNEESHPURAN PEACE FORCE, g aifprodle L Alpen RAJNEESHPIRAM, OREGON (RPF) 5 DWAIN PANIRATZ, COLONEL, OREGON, STATE POLICE, SALEM, T , OREGON ©SP); a BOB BROWN, SHERIFF, WAS@ GOUNTY, OREGON (WCSO) : / HAMILTON PERKINS, SHERIFF, JEFFERSON COUNTY, OREGON-(JCSO)s JERRY TATE, RESIDENT AGENT IN CHARGE, BUREAU OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, AND FIREARMS, PORTLAND, OREGON (ATF). fe ¥ PAGE TWO UNCLAS . THE FOLLOWING IS A SYNOPSIS OF INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM, THE ABOVE INDIVIDUALS, PORTLAND FILES, AND PERSONAL ¥NOWLEDGE OF SA*S OF THE PORTLAND DIVISION: THE ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF THE RAJNEESH WILL BE DURING THE FERIOD JUNE 30, 1984, THROUGH JULY 6, 1984, THE PHILOSOPHY THAT THIS IS THE YEAR THAT THE BAGHWAN'S SPIRIT WILL LEAVE HIS BODY AND THAT DEATH IS BEAUTIFUL IS THE APPARENT THENE OF THE FESTIVAL. THERE HAS RECENTLY BEEN EXTENSIVE PREACHING AND TEACHING RELATING TO DEATH WITHIN THE GROUP. THERE APPEARS TO BE NOTHING OMINOUS ABOUT THE TEACHINGS. EXTENSIVE BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, CROP PLANTING, AND HARVESTING CONTINUES ON ALL RAJNEESH PROPERTY IN APPARENT EXPECTATION OF CONTINUED LIFE. THE RUMOR OF A MASS SUICIDE HAS BEEN PRESENT DURING THE ENTIRE TIME THE RAJNEESH HAVE BEEN IN THE AREA, NOTHING HAS OCCURRED WHICH WOULD TEND TO SUPPORT SUCH A POSSIBILITY. THE RPF IS THE POLICE DEPARTMENT OF THE CITY OF RAJNEESHPURAM, THE MEMBERS RECEIVE FIREARMS TRAINING FROM FBI INSTRUCTORS AT THE OREGON POLICE ACADEMY. THE RPF HAS ACQUIRED SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNTS OF ARMS AND AMMUNITION; BUT ARE NOT KNOWN TO BE IN VIOLATION OF ANY STATE OR FEDERAL LAWS, THE SUBJECT OF THEIR ARMS ACCUMULATION HAS BEEN THE SUBJECT OF NUMEROUS e PAGE THREE UNCLAS . VEDIA INQUIRIES DIRECTED TO THE PORTLAND OFFICE. A PROPER RESPONSE HAS BEEN MADE TO THESE INQUIRIES, WHICH HAVE INCLUDED INQUIRIES FROM THE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA, : PRIOR TO THIS AND PREVIOUS FESTIVALS THE RPF HAS REQUESTED FLANNING SESSIONS WITH OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES TO PLAN FOR THE FESTIVALS, EMERGENCY PLANS HAVE BEEN FORMULATED AND CAN BE IMPLEMENTED IMMEDIATELY. PREVIOUS FESTIVALS HAVE BEEN WITHOUT INCIDENT AND NONE ARE EXPECTED THIS YEAR. NA DEVA BARKHA CHARACTERIZED THE THREAT OF A MASS SUICIDE AS RIDICULOUS. THE RAJNEESHEES AS A GROUP AND NUMEROUS INDIVIDUALS HAVE BEEN THE SUBJECT OF EXTENSIVE INVESTIGATION BY THE U.S. IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION SERVI (IS). WHERE APPROPRIATE THE RESULTS OF THESE INVESTIGATIONS HAVE BEEN WADE AVAILABLE TO FBI, PORTLAND. FBI, PORTLAND , HAS ALSO CONDUCTED NUMEROUS INVESTIGATIONS IN THE CIVIL RIGHTS FIELD RELATING TO THE RAJNEESHEES. TO DATE THERE HAS BEEN NO INDICATION OF A NEED TO EXPAND THESE TO THE FIELD OF DOMESTIC SECURITY. pied FOUR UNeLas @ oe. 7 NO INAPPROPRIATE RELEASE OF INFORMATION REGARDING THE RAJNEESHEES ARE KNOWN TO HAVE BEEN MADE BY FBI, PORTLAND. IN THE ABSENCE OF ANY INDICATION OF POTENTIAL civin UNREST OR IMPENDING TRAGEDY, PORTLAND IS CONDUCTING NO FURTHER INVESTIGATION. BUREAU IS REQUESTED TO RELAY THIS INFORMATION TO LEGAT, BONN BY TELETYPE. Br 0:78 (ov. 991-82) ee 821 MESSAGE RELAY VIA TELETYPE (RESTRICTED USE) : : ate 78R° 80+ 1984 crecenence: Oo MEDIATE priory EE RoUTNe FM: DIRECTOR, FB yo, “egat, Bonn 4 / nA f U mo / 1 Whe Hover Director Nana Securty AgeneyINSAY 1 Bite 1 of Aho Tobacco Frearns/BATF/ 1 Director Nava vestgatv Servce/IRNAVINSERV! 1D Central ntetigence Agency/CiA) 1 rg Enorcement Admin /DEA! © cA pcormcor FAA Washington HOFAAL © Dept. of Energy HAS/OOEHO! © HQ AFOSI Botng AFBOCIAFOSY 1 Dept. of Energy Germantown DN/OOE! © INSCOM Ft. MeadetNSCOM! 1 Dept, of wstic/DOu! 1 Nuclear Regustory Commission NACI 1 Dept of state/00S/ 1D US. Customs SenicelGS! 1 Dept ofthe Amy/OA! 1 US. nmigration & Naturatzaton Sery D Dept. of Treasury/DOT/ © USS. Secret Service/USSS/ . Defense intetigence Agency/DIA/ © omer Br coaneyan: AHCLAS EPPO ‘Addressee Internal Distribution For Subject & see attached . FooniDw PAK 2805 3027/6 ‘Approved By: Organ Tale Ext \ LZ } NOV Kieu a ee AE SEP LEE 56 nor mu wrmiour coummicaTions sraMP FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION POI/PA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET FOI/PA# 1354746-0 Total Deleted Page(s) = 1 Page 6 ~ Referral/Direct; XK, X Deleted Page(s) Xx X No Duplication Fee x X For this Page x XMM KKM KEKREKRREK, FD.96 (Rev. 8-26-62) ey oD TRANSMaT Via: CLASSIFICATION: CO Teletype CO Immediate CO TOP SECRET . O Facsimile D Priority O SECRET O ______AIRTEL_ O Routine 0 CONFIDENTIAL O UNCLASEFTO O UNCLAS Date 10/2/84 DIRECTOR, FBI ATTN: LABOR RELATIONS/ELECTION MATTERS UNIT AND TERRORIST UNIT/CIVIL RIGHTS UNIT SAC, PORTLAND (56D-57) (P) RAJNEESH FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL; POTENTIAL ELECTION OFFENSES ELECTION LAWS go (00: Portland) Enclosed for the Bureau is the original and six copies of FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL". r The enclosed LHM sets forth background information concerning the Rajneesh Foundation International_and a request fxrpi ce, Portiana, Oregon, to initiaeg nto potential election offenses. ‘ SAC, Portland, recommends that in the absence of specific Nallegations concerning election law violations, no investigation be initiated. hustil esta ‘an opinign ag to whether houl abe Anitiated. (@- Bureau (Enc. 7) 3 - Portland (2 - 56D-57) (1 - 157-1648) Qe A Paulradntegbaty 1 BEM: omr 70, 0) (8) (OL 18 aie S (renenited) ee Per) om JAN 3 2 198 (Number) (Time) Fee seceeeees TT “U.S. Department: Borie Federal Bureau of Investigation Portland, oregon October 2, 1984 RAJNEESH FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL; POTENTIAL ELECTION OFFENSES In July, 1981, the Chidvillas Rajneesh Meditation Center, incorporated in New Jersey, in 1977, as a religious tax exempt organization, led by a guru-type leader known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, purchased the Big Muddy Ranch in Central Oregon, for a reported six to seven million dollars. The ranch, 64,229 acres of which 50,000 acres lies in Jefferson County and 14,229 in Wasco County, was immediately occupied by about 50 members of the organization and renamed Rajneeshpuram. An additional 17,000 acres is under lease from the Bureau of Land Management. The organization also purchased property and businesses in the small nearby city of Antelope, population 40. Residents of Antelope attempted in april, 1982, to dis-incorporate the city but failed when the Rajneesh met voter requirements with sufficient numbers to retain the city. On September 18, 1984, the residents of Antelope, the majority of whom are now Rajneesh, voted to change the name of the town to Rajneesh. An estimated 1,500 Rajneeshes reside, with their leader, at the Rajneesh Neo-Sannyas International Commune located at Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, a city which the Rajneeshes incorporated in 1983. The Oregon State Attorney General has challenged the validity of the incorporation and that issue is currently pending in state court. This contested city is located a few miles from the city of Rajneesh, formerly Antelope. Beginning in early September, 1984, the Rajneesh announced a program of importing "street people" from several major cities to "the ranch". Current estimates from law enforcement and public reports indicate there are approximately 1,000 “street people" residing at Rajneesh. Housing construction is underway in Rajneesh and a prefabricated housing unit called a "man camp" has been purchased. This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency; it and its contents are ngt to be distributed,outside your agency. 567 57 Logg (ln. RAJNEESH FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL; POTENTIAL ELECTION OFFENSES Since establishing themselves in Oregon, the Rajneeshes have drawn extensive media coverage and the recent importing of street people" has significantly heightened tension between the Rajneeshes, local citizenry, and state governmental agencies. Media reports and statements by local officials reflect a perception that the Rajneeshes have brought the "street people” to Oregon, merely to have them register as Oregon voters so they can vote in the forthcoming general election. Historically, votes cast by the Rajneesh community in previous elections have been almost entirely unanimous votes for candidates and ballot measures. Should large numbers of votes be cast in Wasco County, Oregon, in block fashion, state election officials believe it could influence the outcome of the local election. Oregon state election laws require a potential voter to certify they have resided in Oregon, 20 days prior to the ate of an election. One may register to vote by mail if the registration card is received by the County Clerk 20 days prior to the election. With regard to the forthcoming November 6, 1984, general election, Oregonians registering to vote by mail have to have their registration card to their respective County Clerk by October 17, 1984. If this is not done, the person may register in person at the County Clerk's office. This latter process can even be done on election day thus allowing someone to register and vote on November 6, 1984. The Oregon State Attorney General's Office is of the opinion that at least one of the goals of the Rajneeshes is to elect local officials sympathetic to their land use plans. By letter dated September 28, 1984, the United States Attorney's Office, Portland, Oregon, has requested the Portland Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to conduct a preliminary investigation of potential election offenses by the Rajneesh Foundation International. The FBI was specifically requested to conduct interviews and take affidavits or signed statements of the "street people” who have been at the ranch and left for whatever reason. os | sceeceseceeSeaCa! a 175@ : 1 2 OCTOBER 10, 1984 UNCLAS ROUTINE SFL25GRR PDEDE H@ AOL7S $4EYUGR LOZOSIZ OCT 4 FM DIRECTOR FBT TO FBI PORTLAND {S4D-573 {P} ROUTINE G BT WV GV CP . igfil ESH FOUNDATION INTERNATIONALS POTENTIAL ELECTION OFFENSES’ SELECTION LAUS. 00: PORTLAND. 59-5146 REPDAIRTEL AND LHM TO DIRECTOR DATED“OCTOBER 2+ 2984. AND PD TELEPHONE CALL TO FBTH@ ON QCTQRER 9s 1984. THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THE ABOVE REFERENCED COMMUNICATIONS WAS DISCUSSED WITH CRAIG DONSANTO. DIRECTOR» ELECTION CRIMES BRANCH: PUBLIC INTEGRITY SECTION {PIS}. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. ON OCTOBER 4. 1984. DONSANTO CONCURRED WITH THE SAC. PD. AND FBIH@ THAT, {BASED ON THE INFORMATION PROVIDEDs NO PREDICATION EXISTS WHICH {WOULD RESULT IN A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAU. THERE TS NO LINDICATION THAT THE RAJNEESHES ARE VIOLATING ELECTION LAWS REGISTERING TO YOTE "STREET PEOPLE” WHO MEET THE RESIDENG A i ! BH ne 13} 1210/20/84 3853/6 S650 Ole -: = ~ Be = ESier ex: cr, SBOE es os —_— ofl ‘OoT'11 i934 sjuanismgs = | NS an osm rez r) D=PARTMENT OF JUSTICE @ FEDERAL DUREAU OF IWVESTIGATION / " COMMUNICATION MESSAGE FORM race? CONTINUATION. SHEET 5 PAGEATUOREDE H@ 0175 UNCLAS REQUIREMENTS OF THE STATE OF OREGON. BASED ON THIS aol DETERMINATION: NO INVESTIGATION IS TO BE CONDUCTED ye[BY THE PD DIVISTON. be 16 GENERAL OF THE STATE OF OREGON MIGHT REQUEST POLL-WATCHERS THE REFERENCED TELEPHONE CALL INDICATED THAT THE ATTORNEY [FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DURING THE NOVEMBER bx 2984, q4L GENERAL ELECTION. IF SUCH A REQUEST IS MADE+ NO SPECIAL AGENTS [OF THE FBI WILL BE AUTHORTZED TO ACT AS POLL-WATCHERS- iL SIN A RECENT ELECTION. ASSISTANT U. ATTORNEYS {AUSA'S} [ACTED AS POLL-WATCHERS. THE USE OF AUSA'S WAS BASED ON A ToLMASSIVE .PREDICATION OF VOTE FRAUD AND THE APPROVAL OF THE LDEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. DONSANTO ADVISED THAT. IF THE U- S- DO NOT TYFE PAST THIS LIN! sLATTORNEY DISTRICT OF OREGON. RECEIVES A REQUEST FOR FEDERAL L ASSISTANCE. IMMEDIATE CONTACT SHOULD BE MADE WITH DONSANTO LAT THE PUBLIC INTEGRITY SECTION. PD IS REQUESTED TO ADVISE THE USA OF THESE DETERMINATIONS 4LAND PROVIDE A CLOSING AIRTEL AND LHM TO FBIHQ~ Let | a DO NOT TYPE MESSAGE ENOW THIS LINE NOTE: THE PD OCTOBER 21 1984, AIRTEL AND LHM INDICATED THAT THE U. S. ATTORNEY REQUESTE: INVESTIGATION INTO THE ACTIVITIES OF THE CHIDVILLAS RAJNEESH MEDITATION CENTER. THIS WAS BASED ON A HIGHLY PUBLICIZED RECRUITING OF "STREET PEOPLE" TO MOVE TO THE RAJNEESH CENTER IN OREGON. SACs PDs RECOMMENDED THAT NO INVESTIGATION BE CONDUCTED DUE TO THE ABSENCE OF AN ALLEGATION OF A VIOLATION OF LAW. CRAIG DONSANTO. PIS, INDICATED THAT NO INVESTIGATION SHOULD BE CONDUCTED. SSA PD. TELEPHONTCALLY ADVISED THAT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF OREGON MIGHT REQUEST FEDERAL ASSISTANCE AT THE POLLS. SPECIFICALLY THE USE OF FBI AGENTS. PD REQUESTED THAT FBIH@ ADDRESS THIS ISSUE BY TELETYPE. F036 hoy. 02682) 5 © FBI . + TaRNS HiT via: PRECEDENCE: CLASSIFICATION: a 0 Teletype CI Immediate Cl TOP SECRET I O Facsimile O Priority © SECRET ,f 4 0 —_AIRTEL _ O Routine O CONFIDENTIAL | i) O UNCLASEF TO % I D UNCLAS a 36/0 | Date __11/26/8} / m0; DIRECTOR, Foz ATIN: LABOR RELATIONS AND ELECTION MATTERS UNIT/ TERRORIST UNIT/CIVIL RIGHTS UNIT FROM: SAC, PORTLAND (56D-57) (C) Uf Cases FOUNDATION, INTERNATIONAL ; PORENTTALELECTON, OFFENSES ELECTION TANS (00: Portland) Re FBIHQ teletype to Portland, 10/10/84, captioned as above. Enclosed for the Bureau is the original and six copies of an Lill captioned “RAJNEESH FOUNDATION INTERNATION POTENTIAL ELECTION OFFENSES." Portland is conducting no further ml captioned matter. FBIHQ is requested to furnish the enclosed tam to the Department of Justice for their information. 2 te b O75 Bureau (Enc. 7) 8 Portland (1 - 56D-57) oe a! (1 - 157-1648) : ' mee LMM: im, Pub Pgh, iio: gt sch HEM: LBN yee CNM -CUCe a) 2 eK | PG Ae io ee le Approved: Jiu [fit Transmitted (Number) (Time) ee a . ‘U.S. Department of Justice ¢ ‘ Federal Bureau of Investigation Portland, Oregon November 26, 1984 RAJNEESH FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL; POTENTIAL ELECTION OFFENSES By letter dated October 12, 1984, the Portland, Oregon Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Office a Attorne’ Charles H. Turner and Assistant U. S. Attorney District of Oregon, that the FBI, based upon the opinion of Craig Donsanto, Director, Election Crimes Branch, Public Integrity Section, Department of Justice, would not be conducting any investigation of poten n offenses as requested by Assistant U. S. Attorney letter of September 28, 1984. They were further advised that no Special Agents of the @ FBI would be authorized to act as federal poll watchers during the November 6, 1984 election; and should Oregon State officials request any federal assistance, the U. S. Attorney's Office should immediately contact Mr. Donsanto. This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency; it and its contents are not to be distributed outside oe ry 145 2 ais gL OSURE I NUMEROUS OTHER CHENECALSs GAS MASKS WITH SPECIAL FILTERS lanD VOLUMES OF LITERATURE ERE RECOVERED. IN THE RECOVERED [crreRaTuRe THERE WERE BOOKS AND PANPHLETS DEALING WITH THE CONSTRUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION OF EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS AND BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL TOXINS AND POISONS. SA CONCERN [ENTERED AROUND THE IDENTIFICATION AND NEUTRALIZATION OF THE TWO BOTTLES OF UNKNOWN LIQUID. OREGON STATE AND LOCAL CRINE LABORATORY AND: PUBLIC HEALTH PERSONNEL WERE NOT WILLING OR EQUIPPED TO EXAMINE. STORE OR TRANSPORT THE UNKNOWN MATERIALS. THROUGH SUBSEQUENT CONTACTS BY SA LABORATORY IVISION WITH OF THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL (CDC)1 ATLANTA, GEORGIA, AND COLONEL OF THE Us S. ARMY INSTITUTE OF INFECTIOUS DISEASE (USAMRITD)» FT. DIETRICKs MARYLAND: IT WAS DETERMINED, BECAUSE F THE CHEMICALS AND LITERATURE RECOVERED AT THE SITE AND ECAUSE THE RAUJANEESHZ GROUP HAS BEEN SUSPECTED OF BEING NVOLVED IN THE PAST WITH THE BACTERIAL AND CHEMICAL POISONING F OREGON RESIDENTS. THE UNKNOWN LIQUIDS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED DO NOT TYPE MESSAGE E=LOW THIS LINT bic DO NOT TYPE PAST THIS LINE sTART Hee BT oll re vo 14] rol. DO NOT TYPE PAST THIS LINE DO NOT TYPE MESSAGE DSLOW THIS LINE 4 vce 2 Ast STORY of Level 1 printed in FULL format. Copyright 1997 Times Mixror Company Los Angeles Times December 3, 1997, Wednesday, Home Edition SECTION: Metro; Part B; Page 7; Op Bd Desk LENGTH: 755 words HEADLINE: PERSPECTIVE ON TERRORISM; FEAR A MAD LONER MORE THAN SADDMM STATE-SPONSORED USE OF CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS IS CONSTRAINED BY RISKS ‘THAT DON'T DETER THE DERANGED FRINGE. BYLINE: BRIAN MICHAEL JENKINS, Brian Michael Jenkins is deputy chairman of the Kroll-O'Gara Co.,, an international investigative and security firm BODY: ‘The recent confrontation with Iraq over its secret chemical and biological Weapons development. programs has renewed concerns about chemical and biological terroriem. What if a government like Saddam Hussein's in Baghdad clandestinely used such weapons against its enemies, making it appear as if it were a terrorist attack? or, might it turn over cruder versions of its deadly stocks to actual terrorist groups? In an environment that constantly features chemical and biological warfare in the headlines, might terrorists on their own be inspired to mass murder? The danger is clearly there. state-sponsored terrorism is a reality, and terrorism has grown deadlier. But a closer inquiry into their decision-making reveals that both state and terrorist foes face difficulties and constraints: The critical calculation is not what quantity of poison gas or deadly germs may be required to depopulate a city, but weighing the chances of success against the riske of discovery and massive retaliation. The bigger danger to society may come from those tiny groups and deranged individuals who can't or won't make such calculations. over the past quarter of a century, there have been numerous small-scale incidents in which crackpots, criminals and political extremists have used or threatened to use chemical or biological agents. The most frequent were threats made by extortionists who targeted public water supplies, food and beverages. ‘There have been hundreds of these acts, few of them fatal. The tactic was adopted by some political extremists who sought to use such threats as a mode of economic warfare against their state foes. In only a handful of incidents was the large-scale indiscriminate use of chemical or biological agents carried out. Members of the Jonestown cult conmitted mass murder-suicide using cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. The Rajneesh cult in oregon plotted to poison food at restaurants with salmonella to make townspeople ill on the day of a crucial referendum to decide the fate of their temple..The World Trade Center bombers packed their bomb with cyanide in sufficient quantity to contaminate the entire structure (the chemical was destroyed in the bomb blast) . and menbers of the Aun shincikya cult, fearing imminent police action, released nerve gas in Tokyo's subways. iY ’ Los Angeles Times, December 3, 1997 PAGE 3 Notably, all four of these incidents involved religious motivations. There is little evidence that secular tetrorists have taken anything other than a modest. intexest in chemical or biological agents, although more terrorists now are Ualking about them. Conventional weapons now provide terrorists with the capacity to kill far more people than they have killed if mass murder were their objective. Most acts of terrorism involvé only symbolic violence. Fewer then 30% involve fatalities; very few have involved mass murder. It is hard to kill a lot of people at one time, but technical difficulty is not the entire explanation. There are self-imposed constraints. wanton murder could tarnish a group's image, imperil the group's cohesion, alienate perceived constituents and provoke crackdowns that the group might not survive. But there is evidence that these constraints are eroding as ethnic hatreds and religious fanaticism replace ideological and political causes as the engines of armed conflict. Ethnic hatreds lend themselves to genocidal strategies; the constraints imposed by a political cause do not apply to those who believe they act for God. Large-scale violence has become today's terrorist reality as terrorists increasingly seek a body count. Chemical or biological terrorism seems more likely to emerge from the fringes, from the splinters of groups, from small ad hoc conspiracies, from mad religious cults. Hard to detect in advance, these single-cell plots are seldon capable of sustaining campaigns of terrorism, but they are capable of carrying out isolated spectacular acts like the World Trade Center or Oklahoma City bombings or a limited attack involving crude chemical or biological weapons. An assessment of the threat must also take into account the disaffected and often mentally disturbed loner. Although the popular image of the brilliant lunatic manufacturing chemical or biological weapons in his garage is an exaggerated caricature, it cannot be dismissed. Twenty-three years ago, the “alphabet Bomber" began a terrorist campaign with a deadly attack at Los Angeles International Airport. At the time of his arrest, the bomber was on the verge of manufacturing nerve gas. GRAPHIC: PHOT BRIAN MICHAEL JENKINS LANGUAG! : English LOAD-DATE: December 3, 1997 3 : Depnce 2 is 252ND STORY of Level 2 printed in FULL format. copyright 1985 0.P. / October 10, 1985, Thursday, BC cycle secrro! Regional News DISTRIBUTION: Washington, Oregon 2ENGTH: 743 words | HEADLINE: State Police may need emergency funds to pay for guru probe DATELINE: SALEM, Ore. 300% ‘The Oregon State Police and State Department of Justice said Thursday they tay need an emergency appropriation of $932,000 this year to cover costs of a criminal investigation at the commune of Bhaqwan Shree Rajneesh. The two agencies notified the state legislative Emergency Board that they may seek the funds at the board's December meeting. The formal notification criggered an analysis of the request by the legislature's budget staff which ust be conducted before the money is allocated, A task force of $0 state and local police and FBI agents ewarmed to the sentral Oregon commune of the 53-year-old guru last month after Rajneesh accused several of his former top lieutenants of a long list of crimes. Gov. Vic Atiyeh told his weekly news conference Thursday '!there is a good -ikelihood of, indictments‘ from the investigation. But he declined to speculate m who might be indicted and refused to discuss evidence amassed by the State rolice. Rajneesh said a clique of disciples headed by his former’ personal secretary, fa Anand Sheela, attempted to murder several people with poison including a Uistrict attorney and a county commissioner. He said they were responsible for a ‘ood poisoning outbreak in The Dalles that left 700 people sick and he accused chem of burning a Wasco County government building, plotting to blow up the Jasco County Courthouse and wiretapping the entire commune. Sheela and others left the commune Sept. 14 and flew to Europe. Since the investigtion began, more than 100 members of the commune have been jubpoenaed to testify before state and federal grand juries. The state grand ury will begin hearing evidence next week in The Dalles. Denny Miles, assistant to Gov. Vic Atiyeh, said the investigation ' ‘certainly tas been an abnormal and unparalleled draw on several state budgets.' Staté Rep. Wayne Fawbush, D-Hood River, a member of the Emergency Board, said he panel would probably set up a contingency fund in December to cover costs. One thing T will guarantee is that we are going to have a full vestigation and we are going to pay for it to be sure we get to the bottom of his,'' he said. PAGE 3. United Press International October 10, 1985, Thursday, BC cycle lick Burke, head of the Legislative fiscal office, said the Emergency Board Frid not act on the request at its Thursday meeting because the deadline for ierent requests was Sept. 17, the day Rajneesh leveled his charges. If the inding is approved, it would come from the general fund. In other developments, the Episcopal Church revealed that the Rajneesh City vancil had offered an out-of-court settlement in a dispute over ownership of te Antelope Community Church. ‘The town of Antelope, established in 1901, was renamed Rajneesh after sLowers of the guru bought property in the community and took control of the -ty government . ‘The council, made up of followers of Rajneesh, urged City Attorney Ma Prem ingeet last week to negotiate a deal with the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern regon in The Dalles. The council discussed a proposal in which the city would rop its fight for the the church and four of six town lots that go with it in «change to title to three lots. The city wants to retain three lots because its ive hall and recycling center are built on them, . James Foster of The Dalles, an attorney representing the diocese, said angeet has made an offer, but he declined to give details. He did say it igfered from the proposal made at the council meeting. ‘The Rev. Rusty R. Kinsey, bishop of the diocese, said, ''I wrote the Bhagwan couple of weeks ago hoping there would be some letting up on their part in sens of the litigation but I have not heard anything since.'' Circuit Court Judge John Compenhaver of Deschutes County ruled in July 1964 nat the church and six lots belonged to the diocese, but the city appealed. The regon Court of Appeals heard arguments in the case three months ago, but has ot yet issued a decision. Rajneesh representatives and FBI agents held a long meeting in Rajneeshpuram ednesday. Near the end of the session, two men hauled five cardboard cartons ontaining what appeared to be file folders and papers out of the Hotel ajneesh. one of the men, Staya Vimukta, said the cartons contained ' ‘business records he lawyers have heen reviewing.'' State Police Maj. Robert Moine said some witnesses were being interviewed a econd time and that task force officers were cross-referencing reports for tate and federal use ANGUAGE: ENGLISH ~ ea 150TH STORY of Level i printed in-FULL format. Copyright 1985 The San Diego Union-Tribune ‘The San Diego Union-Tribune September 18, 1985, Wednesday IWOrrON: NEWS; BA. 1,2,3,4,5,67 Pg. A~4 “ENGTH: 361 words BADLINE: Murder manuals, lab, secret tunnel found at home of Rajneesh secretary OURCE: AP opy: Murder manuals and a a laboratory where mice were poisoned have been iscovered at the home of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh's secretary, who led a "gang of ascists" fleeing the guru's commune, Rajneeshees say. The discoveries, neluding a tunnel concealed by false shelves in a hidden room of Ma Anand heela's home, came yesterday as authorities began investigating Rajneesh's liegations that his top aides tried to murder his close associates, poisoned estaurant food and burned a governnent office. Sheela, an Indian citizen who was living in the United states as a resident lien, flew Saturday to Zurich, Switzerland, said Carl Houseman, Immigration and aturalization Service district director. Rajneeshees say a dozen sect leaders who fled, including the mayor and’ three council members, followed her to Europe. A disciple whd helped ‘build Sheela's house told sect members about the tunnel nd hidden rooms discovered yesterday, Ma Dayan Rosalie of the city's press elations bureau said. “We've found (a) hidden room and tunnel, books that are things Like How To i11,' mice that are being fed slow poison," Rosalie said. a bomb plot. The uru said the pilot told him he was instructed to bomb the Wasco County ourthouse and eject from the plane before it crashed. Rajneesh also named Sheela's successor, designating Ma Prem Hasva to serve as is personal secretary and president of Rajneesh Foundation International, the mbrella organization which controls the religious movement. Hasya, in her late 50s, was formerly known as Francoise Ruddy. She went from cdging Nazis in World War II France to leading the good life in Beverly Hills efore joing the novenent. Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies began yesterday to coordinate their avestigations of the accusations by Rajneesh, who called his former followers a gang of fascists." ‘he Oregon state Police, The Dalles police and officials from Wasco and efferson counties and the U.S. attorney's office will meet this week, said tate police Maj. Robert Moines. ‘The San Diego Union-Tribune, september 18, # PAGE os 1965 fia Washington, D.c., Rep. Jim Weaver, D-Ore., said the FBI plans to vestigate Rajneesh's allegations. APHIC: > PHOTO BHAGWAN'S NEW PERSONAL SECRETARY - Ma Prem Hasya holds informal AD-DATE: August 8, 1996 { ar # . " Vis pages 12ND STORY of Level 1 printed in FULL format. ~ Copyright 1985 U.P.T. September 18, 1985, Wednesday, PM cycle 5 PPE temontic ews ‘Pires 102 words YL. SALEM, Ore. He Wregon authorities want ''concrete'' evidence in order to unravel Jiitmat tons of attempted murder, arson and wiretapping leveled by an Indian guru Jayainot his former chief disciples. **S0 far, we don't have anything except the bhagwan's statements and the apparent absence of a number of people,'! State Police superintendent John Williams said Tuesday. ‘ethe next move is for them to give us concrete information and evidence that we can investigate, '' he said. jWilliams eaid state and local police began comparing notes Tuesday on the various allegations by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, 53, the self-styled ''guru of free love,'! during a news conférence Monday at his central Oregon commune city of Rajneeshpuran. Williams said a meeting would be set up involving state and local police and menbers of the Rajneeshpuram Peace Force. Rajneesh accused his ousted top aides of turning his commune into a ‘'fascist concentration camp'' and running his sect §55 million. in debt. ‘The guru alleged the departed officials intimidated his followers and attempted to kill his doctor, dentist and personal caretaker, a local district attorney and a county commissioner with a slow-working poison administered in small doses He also accused hie personal secretary, Ma Anand Sheela, afd her ''gang! of followers of burning down a county office building, vandalizing police cars in the county seat of The Dalles, causing a large outbreak of salmonella poisoning in that city and attempting to poison the town's water supply. Rajneesh also accused the former leaders of placing listening devices in his home and the homes of other commune residents. Some devices were put on display at the commune Tuesday. ‘eThese people could have even killed me,'' Rajneesh said. ''If T was dead they could have vorshipped my body and made a beautiful memorial -- and then have been in full power to do whatever they wanted.'' ‘The bhagwan's comments prompted Rep. Jim Weaver, D-Ore., to call for an FBI probe into allegations that Rajneeshees contaminated several salad bars in The Dalles in the fall of 1984. PAGE 7 United Press International September 18, 1985, Wednesday, Pi cycle i : ({1liams said an earlier state police investigation found no connection - yen the Rajneeshees and the salmonella outbreak, which caused nearly 600 nesses. The state Health Division said it has no plans to reopen the westigation. : Rajneesh officials said wiretapping and electronic eavesdropping’ at the ymmune recorded most phone calls and allowed extensive monitoring of private mversations aréund the sect's holdings, including hotel rooms, rental cabins \d the guru's home. ‘The head of the commune's private security force, separate from its police mee, told The Oregonian newspaper she was involved in monitoring wiretapping mipment at the behest of another Rajneeshee. ‘The wiretap operation was run from an office building used by the commune and som Sheela's hone and office, according to Ma Deva Kranto, coordinator of neesh Security. Kranto said one part of the operation involved the use of 36 voice-activated wpe recorders to record all incoming and outgoing calls at the ranch. Kranto uid disciples were stationed in a secret room in the administration building or 18 hours a day, minitoring the conversations. Kranto said she was told the equipment was designed to record threatening or wassingh phone calls, but she added, ''T never heard any threat.'! Rajneesh authorities said microphones were monitored from a secret control vom in Sheela's home. They said they had not established if those conversations wre taped. pickup 13th pgh: '' Rajneesh, whose followers éstablished the desert commune in 1981 as the world vadquarters of hia religious movement, said he became aware of the problems iter he broke a three-year, self-imposed silence. During that time, Sheela was the chief spokeswoman for the Rajneeshees and mitrolled access to the guru. ‘he former sect officials left oregon last weekend after resigning their ysts and are now reportedly in Europe, possibly planning to open a casino in vitzerland. Rajneesh said the 15 former commune leaders and about 10 of their supporters xo also left are not welcome in any of his communes around the world. ANGUAGE: ENGLISH FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION POI/PA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET FOI/PA# 1354746-0 Total Deleted Page(s) = 2 Page 3 ~ b7D; Page 4 ~ b7D; XR EK KERR, X Deleted Page(s) x X No Duplication Fee x X For this Page x XXX KKEKRRKKEK, 0) (8) (8) (8) ev. 10-01-1999) FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Precedence: ROUTINE Date: 08/22/2000 To: National Security Attn: Domestic Terrorism Operations Unit From: Legat Tokyo Contact: Approved By: TEM/CF ye ax suroemarton comarien bre Drafted By: fecs $4 case ID #: Jaf aeaa-7o- Bet (Pending) — Q, Title: ef malgs (W) IRE Derivedgeém + o-3 Declass On: XL 4 uc baw sab/al @) ook e oe To: National Security From: “Legat Tokyo (0) Re: 163-70 a 08/22/2000 25! LEAD (s): Set Lead 1: NATIONAL SECURTTY AT WASHINGTON, DC (s) #¢ Automated Serial Permanent Charge-out FD-5a (1-5-94) Case ID: 163A-T0-9254 Description of Document Type : OTHER Date : 11/16/00 Serial: 3 To Reason for Permanent Charge-Out: misfiled Transferred to: Case ID: 163A-TO-9259 Employee: Serial: be F ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN 1S UNCLASSIFIED DATE Date: 11/19/00 8-2011 BY 60324 uc baw sab/ul Time: 20:03 ICLASSTFTED 2011 BY 60324 ue bay eab/al HEREIN IS Closing notet; Org notetiog pleas wrte- 0, “Sa ie rg 1631- To- * DATE: 09-28-2011 CLASSIFIED BY 60324 uc baw sab/m1 6 DIFCRMATION CONTAINED ° HEREIN I5 UNCLASSIFIED EXCEPT WHERE SHOU OTHERWISE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Precedence: ROUTINE Date: 07/02/2001 To: National security Attn: Domestic Terrorism Operations Unit Investigative Services TOU II, ssa| From: Tokyo Contact: }——: li ap) | Approved By: (7 G/U Drafted By: ecs (hf : + "Case 2D #: Js 163A-TO-9254 (Pending) “ Och Title: (Bf l. 4. (s) wl! (U) Synopsis: (Xf Request status. wy Oh Der: + 6-3 Decl On: XL (U) Reference: te 163A-T0-9254 Serial 2 “pa : wy To: National Security From: “ Tokyo Re: JS{ 163A-T0-9254, 07/02/2001 LEAD (s) : Set Lead i: NATIONAL SECURITY AT WASHINGTON, DC (U) Advise Tokyo of the status of the coverage of the lead in referenced communication. Set Lead 2: INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES AT WASHINGTON, DC (U) Read and clear. $ FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION POI/PA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET FOI/PA# 1354746-0 Total Deleted Page(s) Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 3 ~ biD) 4 ~ biD) 7 ~ bIB; 8 ~ bIE, 9 ~ bIE! 10 ~ b7E; 12 ~ b7D; 13 ~ bID; 14 ~ bID; SOOO KKM MEHR, X Deleted Page(s) x X No Duplication Fee x X For this Page x RXXOCKRMHM XK KKEKRKKERK, 1 09-26-2011 , ALL INFORMATION CONTAD CLASSIFIED BY 60324 uc baw sab/al aoe HEREIN 15 UNCLASSIF FD-96 (Rev.8-2REASON: 1.4 (c, d) “WHERE SHOWN OTHERWI! TRANSMIT VIA: PRECEDENCE: CLASSIFICATION: v a O Teletype O Immediate O TOP SECRET 0 Facsimile O Priority O SECRET “ 7 t XBK____AIRTEL Gi Routine © CONFIDENTIAL i O UNCLASEFTO MS D UNCLAS { ‘Tros\y NEESH (MEDIT2TON) FOUNDATION FPC - GENERAL CRIMINAL 00: FBIHQ ) } i vealed f ‘iy i) —Entire-communication classified SECRET, Enclosed for FBIHQ and Portland is one copy of a| (3) eee] (8) Information furnished by the may not be reclassified (8) or further disseminated outside the FET without prior authorit Shority (SApne. hy Poa Tied jirector, FBI deo Ottawa (163A-1960) (P) } aT “KN PORTLAND, OREGON Review enclosed| letter and furnish LEGAT Ottawa a (§)-Summary of any investigation which may be conducted regarding captioned organization. E z é Teexie Ee Is Clasdigied by 6-3 vas Gueveiesteiton oa BAT /-k SECRET MATERIAL ATTACHED app Ge alate to PD © Ollie, ce f H 3 7 4 en g lee- 506 Bureau, Ene. a- INTD, Liaison unit) Q- Portland, Enc.) Alter” Lencky tye PD 8/5 Cimon, 1 = Ottawa RUT/Irk (6) to a Approved: Transmitted (imnber Time) Per — Je Le] gn, ee 2D EXCEPT ALL THFORNATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS UNCLASSIFIED EXCEPT WHERE SHOWN OTHERWISE AIRTEL Bee a/o/es Director, FBI (163A-UER) ge eee son) Une nD 1 - FPC Tickler SAC, Portland (163A-HI1) Legal Attacke, Ottawa (163A~1960) RAGUEDGUAGHRAL COUNDAREOH » a hae EASWEESL, PURAN, ORSCOH: Onn rer Si COURERAETON UATEETS EBIEQ BUDED: 4/28/85 “Hintize- communication 1s classifica DRG, (3) ee foecseees for Portland are ti eee of aboverreference: tawa airtel, with 7 + awa adrte: eo, enepenres es Gal nae AD Ada Portland is requested to furnish any further Suc 40m. partinent information available or results of any Bvastigation RON Zegarding the above-captioned organization. Results should be ‘in. \. Submitted in Livi format, in accordance with MI0G, Part I, Section 163, the attention of the Fugitive/General Covormmont Crites Unit, CID, ie a {3} p Big Airtel to SAC, Portland Legal Attache, Ottawa RE: RAGUEESH ASUPAL FOUNDATION Legat, Ottawa is requested to contact appropriate Jputhority and advise that all results of FET investigation ‘conducted, ter will be dissominated by FBINQ Washington, D.C. Leyat, ottawa is requested to discontinue. Uncla 4 when separated from ShORET enclo} Classified by: ¢-3 Decla: on: OADR Beene one Bip ONES § ii a SSIES EL Berd fo ou. ALL THFORMATTON cowTAINED Fo.36 Rev. 8:26:62) HEREIN Ts UNCLASSIFIED Ly FBI» pate 12-20-7011 BY 0524 ue bev seb/al TRANSMIT VIA: PRECEDENCE: CLASSIFICATION: , Oi Teletype 1 Immediate ‘ 0 GOP SECRET O Facsimile Oi Priorty «0 SECRET a AIRTEL CO Routine © CONFIDENTIAL * D UNCLASEF TO O UNCLAS . Date _ 4/24/85 tO: DIRECTOR, FBI (163A-NEW) ATTN. FUGITIVE/GGC UNIT FROM: SAC, PORTLAND (163A~491) (RUC) A. RAJNEESH ASHRAM FOUNDATION a x |_ANTELOPE, OREGON} ——~ J“AIR RAJNEESH, PURAN, OREGON; FOREIGN POLICE COOPERATION — GENERAL CRIMINAL MATTERS; BUDED: 4/28/85 00: FBIHO Re Bureau letter to Portland 3/14/85. Enclosed herewith are original and five copies of a ypesemnaay! memorandum dated 4/24/85, for dissemination = gus f = LD fe oe 5S YF). 1 |'2- Bureau (Enc. 6) 1 Portland i woe? “) ins, 6-4 less Y est sted airch Approved: Tae, Vo rene ——__ Per Hien V (Number) (Time) ™ ALL TNFORHATION CONTAINED U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation ie Phew aes Rost office Box 709 Portland, Oregon 97207 April 24, 1985 RAJNEESH ASHRAM FOUNDATION ANTELOPE, OREGON; AIR RAJNEESH, PURAN, OREGON; The files of the Portland Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which office covers the entire State of Oregon, are negative concerning the following individuals: Rajneesh Ashram Foundation, Antelope, Oregon The Rajneesh Ashram Foundation is headquartered on a 60,000 acre ranch near the former town of Antelope, Oregon, now known as Rajneeshpuram. The cult leader is known as the Baghwan Shree Rajneesh, a resident alien from India. Population at the ranch varies from an estimated 3,000 to 30,000 during religious festivals. The Foundation is international in membership, originating in India but with unknown thousands of European and United States followers. The Foundation has met considerable opposition from Oregon residents and has been the subject of continuing interest to area law enforcement.” The Rajneeshees, as they are known, have their own armed, legally established, security department. There are f¥equent allegations of criminal activity on behalf of the followers; however, nothing has been independently confirmed nor specifically detailed enough to warrant investigation under the current jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It has been established that the Rajneesh Foundation has a fleet of transcontinental aircraft and engages in the transportation of its followers globally. While this activity provides the means for numerous criminal enterprises, no specific facts have surfaced which indicate that the Rajneeshees are involved in any criminal activity resulting from these flights. eo FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION POI/PA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET FOI/PA# 1354746-0 Total Deleted Page(s) = 76 Page 3 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 4 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 5 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 6 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 7 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 8 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 9 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 11 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 12 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 13 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 14 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 15 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 17 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 19 ~ bé; BIC; Page 20 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 21 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 22 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 23 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 24 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 25 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 26 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 27 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 29 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 31 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 32 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 33 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 35 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 37 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 38 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 39 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 41 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 42 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 43 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 45 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 48 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 53 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 54 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 56 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 57 ~ Referral/Direct, Page 58 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 60 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 67 ~ Referral/Consult; Page 68 ~ Referral/Consult; Page 70 ~ Referral/Consult; Page 71 ~ Referral/Consult; Page 72 ~ Referral/Consult; Page 73 ~ Referral/Consult; Page 74 ~ Referral/Consult; Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 75 16 ~ 1 79 ~ 80 al ~ 82 ~ 84 ~ as 36 ~ 87 - 38 a9 ~ 90 ~ 94 ~ 95 ~ 96 97 ~ 98 103 108 106 108 109 ili 112 123 124 6; ICH b7E: DIE; Referral/Consult; Referral/Consult; Referral/Direct; D6; BIC; DIB; Referral/Direct; Referral/Direct; Referral/Direct; Referral/Consult; Referral/Consult; Referral/Consult; Duplicate - 62-120695-5. Duplicate - 62-120695-54; Referral/Direct; Referral/Direct; Referral/Direct; Referral/Direct; 6; IC? BIE: ~ Referral/Direct; ~ Referral/Direct; ~ Referral/Direct; ~ Referral/Direct; ~ Referral/Direct ~ Referral/Direct; ~ Referral/Directs ~ bl - per OGA; b: ~ bl = per OGA; b3; SORIA, X Deleted Page(s) Xx. X No Duplication Fee x X For this Page x XM KKK KEMAH, a er ° 1 FBI ! ‘TRANSMIT VIA: PRECEDENCE: CLASSIFICATION: { OO Teletype 1 Imnediate (TOP SECRET ' My (0 Facsimile CO Priority (SECRET ' No ‘XQ AIRTEL——__ CO Routine (CO CONFIDENTIAL { COUNCLAS EF TO t Co uncias 1 Date 220/03 Hl a ; 54 te Inecar, 2 a in e) Ex. Gotan odacmn: eee 4 {nase oe en wh aH ([Bevoaizter dated vai aD pulia 1 \) Portland Division is requested to submit result>,of captioned matter su that authorities can be tr ‘ised. (Yj file LIFORLATION CONTALRED MEREIN Is YINCLASSIFLED OADR /; oan £3 ve if oats Gee 7 5} Bureau 1 = Liaison Unit 2 = Portland ccs ald ® ep elsle>- Hi, = ences an D6 3 a A= a "7 auG 2 1983 (Fine? / CONFIMENTIAL Be) CUED ey T9 DIRICTO®, F2I —-RONTI"S peoeassperyD wy PORTLAND (228 27) PONTINT “Te “a oe a 9¥03R0D| cou 317 h - 88-83, } - i cb de: late ‘Th Hoy at ' Wy FOL 7X, 09: PORTLAND, 76: If THIS CONPIMICATION a: NOTED. (DU RE PORTLAND AIRTEL TO THE BUREAU DATED JMLY 12, 1935, uC O% ANGST 4, 1973, (PROTECT LDENTITY 7 eee CLASSIIFED “SEGABEY NILES OTHTRIS SEATTLE, YASHINGTON, TFLEPHO! ee fs. 2884 STATED oO” aNgusT , 1923, HE RFCEIVED 4 TEL! ADVISED a3 FOLLO F208: , 4 SHAPEE mage SH MF: ‘Alle INFORMATION CONTAINED ‘ MERSIN 19 BhcLASSIFIRD (; =e 7 act ie, 2 OTEK, TELIPHONE mueTEy UMTENSLON STATED SOF THIR ¥ RZ, MNO RICINET AT THAT MOTEL IY PORTLAND, HAD AECENTLY RICTIVTD 4 AOMYNONS TOLEPHONE CALL FROM AS INQIVEONAL “HO ADVISED THAT ¥E HAD ATTENDED 9 MEETING aT ] reqn epvouns, sqsHrseror, yureH yas HEAD SYA I", AND SEVERAL #XK UE; ACCORIING TO THE aMouy"Ous CALLEP, a "OFFER, TO THOSE If ATTINDANCE THAT YHOSVR KILLIN THE SHAGYAN YOULD 32 PAID 515,299.93, Mu IT SHOULD BE MoTED THAT ADVISED THAT INCOMING TELEPHONE CALLS TO THE HOTSL AND TO RAJNEESH PURAN ARE ROUTINELY TAPED AND THEY STILL HAVE A TAPE RECORDING OF THE ANONYMOUS CALLER, (Mu ADDED THAT HE HAS BEEN IN CONTACT YITH THE ALCOHOL, TOBACCO AND FIREARMS (ATF), SEATTLE, AND THEY ARE AWARE OF THE AND ALSO HAVE A TAPED COPY OF THE ANONYMOUS HESS Wu THE ABOVE IS MADE AVAILABLE TO PORTLAND FOR THI CONSIDERATION OF A 139-MSW, INTERCEPTION OF CONMUSICATION VIOLATION. ALso, PORTLAND IS RECUESTRD TO BE ALERT FOR ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REGARDING THE THREAT ALLEGATIONS aS THEY EFFECT THE SEqTTLe DIVICION. ~~ ™ arid eet eee a5 vet 7 : . : Exrmrtron cor 2503, €) ISMIT VIA: ._. PRECEDENCE: CLASSIFICA: at | . ~. Sho | (Immediate (0 TOP SECRET SHGREL LY GFeesimite Ey Priority (COSECRET ~ AIRTEL a ALL rnFora - gg AIRTEL __ Routine CLCONFIDENTIAL ee (CO UNCLAS EF TO tree 1! CUUNCLAS 1 ——— Date 7/12/83 (TAIRED — - | FROM: SA ae. aa) suBsect: ~efaNcEp / a OR ‘Ceammnsi vs Crona BHAGHAN; . FCI - X eNLTZED ~._ "+ Clas Lhe P| S (00: Portland); BY DEPARREZT if COWAITTEE (DROW. —Deolassity : . fnlarr at te Wag p ; NS Wufes a This communication an letterhead aS memorandum (LEM) are classified Seeret —in-thetr-entiresy— a ¥ eh ‘fen Ef ul | AY os be ie pAel e pe Title cf NY fed or: ie ig hig oF et rd nap ] F ‘aixtet t9/ radi a ie Legat, Bonn, ‘airtel to’ ‘pureatt aft Gortiada, 4/19/83. w i Enclosed for FBIHQ are ten copies of an LHM, dated and captioned as above, with two copies bbing designated to Legat, Bonn, one for the Liaison Unit, and qne for CI- Enclosed for Seattle are two copie the LEM, Classifiedfby c-3 yg-29hE- Teas Declasgify\en OADR : 4 <5 .*\@sureau_(Enes? 10) \. Ge (1-CI-3, B Unit) (}-Liaison Unit}— %-Legat, Bonn, Germat 2-Seattle (Encs. 2) 2-Portland Pe JUL25 1983 geet Pebg + U.S. Department of justice Federal Bureau of Investigation Portland, Oregon Giardia duly 12, 1983 apse cofar - (pu Bf os SATwaEsH CHANDRA MOHAN BHAGHAN; seg 97” RAONEESH FOUNDATION, INTERNATIONAL eo This communication is classified secret in its entirety. The following information is for the exclusive use of your agency and may not be further disseminated without the expressed approval of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): (De The following information is a summary of various documents provided by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (USINS) , Portland, Oregon, USA. ig) = jus /Consult uy : spose . Classifika by G-3 i Declass{/f} on OADR This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency; it and its contents are not to be distributed outside (YU your agency. Mg- BEE 7 Memorandum a 7 J Date 11/5/85 F ‘aise UL PoamaTion cortatecy o if Sera I untuassirgg ee PAGLIG ROR oie Subject: REQUEST OF CONGRESSMAN ROBERT F. SMITH,FOR INITIATION OF "LEAK" INVESTIGATION RE THE ARREST OK-BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH PURPOSE: To advise the Criminal Investigative Division (CID) of ‘the Feceipt of a request from Congressman SMITH for DOJ to initiate a "leaky investigation re the arrest, of BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH. ON et GS tk Crehie T L DETAILS? By Tetter to the ATTORNEY GENERAL, OctoBSr 28, 1985, Congressman ROBERT F.\ SMITH requested that the ATTORNEY GENERAL immediately begin an extensive investigation to reveal the source of a leak regarding the ‘arrest of BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH. The Congressman states that he has it "on the best of authority that solid evidence exists that the BHAGWAN'S legal representapives knew every name in that sealed indictment, and even the propqsed time of arrest, before the BHAGWAN ever set foot on the Airpllane." Congressman SMITH requests further that the {/{I/ ATTORNEY GENERAL "conduct a full investigation of every|pe¥gon who had knowledge of the contents of the sealed grand jury ind to find the person or persons responsible for the compromt that information, and that you (the ATTORNEY GENERAL) prosécute fully whomever it may be." As noted on the attached OLA Controlled Correspondence form, DOJ is requesting input from the FBI; Criminal Division, DOJ; and OLIGA, DoJ for preparation of a response for signature by Deputy Attorney General, DOJ. The "due" datenig November & p Y Jos of congresalli? Sieber tn AEA co “EAD REVELL and AD CLARKE on November 4, [985+ —_ silk dissemina 4 Novy a - vic. RES PP mciosure ne 1 - Mr. Revell]- Enclosure — 1 - Mr. Clarkd - Enclosure 1 = Mr. Bake closure 1 Enclosure 3 - Enclosure 1 nclosure SA TRON W. BREKKE Room 7240, TL-245 Memorandum to F. I. Clarke from W. M. Baker RE: REQUEST OF CONGRESSMAN ROBERT F. SMITH FOR INITIATION OF “LEAK" INVESTIGATION RE THE ARREST OF BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH RECOMMENDATION: ‘That CID review the allegations contained in Congressman SHITH'S letter, and advise CAO, attn: SA ext. of appropriate FBI position by COB November II, 198: order that response can be made to OLIGA, DOJ. PROVED: ‘en. Soe, orstony Ci HE Ss Director. Pane Bi 2 Public Af, Exee.AD-Adm—— Hent___ ase, dant ‘Bree. ADInv. ____opeetion, Tech. Ses Be9. ABLES _ Intel, Training. in ‘VEDRAN GOVERNMENT Acting Assistant Attorney General é Office of Legislative and November 12, 1985 In Intergovernmental Affairs Assistant Director Criminal Investigative Division REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION OF POSSIBLE LEAK OF CONTENTS OF A SEALED INDICTMENT CHARGING BHAGWAN SHRED RAJNEESH WITH VIOLATIONS OF FEDERAL LAWS. INFORMATION MEMORANDUM This is to confirm a teleph tion between Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) and Hr. Cary Copeland on November 6, 1985, The conversation centered on a letter dated October 28, 1985, to Attorney General Meese from U. 8. Congressman Robert F. Smith of Oregon, in which Congressman Smith voiced concern over "leaks" to the press and others during Federal proceedings against Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and several of his followers. Mr. Copeland stated that he would inform Congressman ‘{ Smith of the current status of this matter as related-to him by SSA } Wa 14 NOV 181985 be ‘ : a 5s \ iF} (SAL EePORCATION CONTA | we, tno esr ine & aia an MEAS AAT ADEN Cy Dieters See'y — MAILROOM qu OO me ~ we Ce: ve -Ur"-85 19g59 EDT Los 37 176 Ps tent marnts Wife Sent To ve ssncuo prone) To 2ERvE vereLy 80 = ebeT STATE vitae TRRRCH. re caecum ern eneeee: O'ef PT ty) a a eel enero a ea re SU I a Aces eae ipteiee oaeetap eee fe MOLDING UP AM 6 35 BAND hore cme SRAM HE PTCTURF. I Ae Petes PRES MMT CEASE TO PE A PELIGION EECAUSE IT/S LEADER FaneieaceR Fath. "IT'S THE ACTS AND PRACTICES THAT ARE Tae PHAGHAM REPFARS TO RE HOLDTNG UP AN EGG AND CALLING IT 4 KS ENTS TN TMS SUTT ARE SCHEDULED FOP MID-NOVEMRER BEFORE = 4 eT TUNGE TN PORTLAND. HOT Ne TE AMP OFFICE TO JUDGE THE RELIGIOUS PRACTICES OF A Taj Feo es feta. "A RELIGION MAY PESUIPE ITS FOLLOWERS TO a6 REE RA FRY ROORS: THET = NONE GF OUR CONCERN. Oe TMi ee THEM TO BRESENT THAT AGPUMENT TO THE COURT®” HE SAID. Tao POFREM THEIR GUEW+" RRONTESH SAID OF HIS MORE THAN 1 Dene es Lmukes HOR rene. "THERE IS NO RELIGION, THERE TS NO MARTVR, fet SWTENT SUM THOSE WHO LOVE ME ARE LIVING WITH Mes ome Tour Gy IMI CHEERING: SINGING RESIDENTS OF THE 100-smueRe-MILE crete INET NE THEM STILL DRESSED IN RED CLOTHES — GATHERED Momma IOP THE PUPNING OF THE 77-FAGEs RED-IACKETED BOOK AN INTRORUCTION TO BHAGHEN SHREE ReINEESH AND Hs oe ye eet ae ge ees ey eee eee eg ee ee fee ee sr OF THEM LEFT FOR EUPOPE ANID CHARGES BY THE GURU THAT THEY MULT: OF CRIMES INCLUDING ATTEMPTED MURDER? ARSON AND MIRETARE UNS The iat) HEN MRPERED THE ROOKS RURNED TO DIScREDIT SHEELA FIND THE PERRBTER MISCIELES. EME OF THE PALLETS CONTAINING 2,000 BOERS NAS DRRHET (ETH THE SATIN AND SILM CLOTHING ONCE WORN BY SHEELA DURING RELIGIOUS ler TUFPDENAS TO DOZENS OF THE GURUS FOLLOWERS TO TesTieY I PTTSOT TONS OF THE COMMUNE PROMPTED BY THE GURU'S CHARGES. | Masco Homty DIStRicT ATTORNEY BERNARD L. SMITH SAID STATE POLICE anp ERT asents Wepe ZENT TO THE RANCHO ReJNEESH TO SERVE NEARLY 80 Ceesnenes, THE FUBPNENAS ORDERED ABOUT 40 COMMUNE RESIDENTS TO APPEAR Verpes =TATE AND FEDFRAL GRAND JUPIES EMPANELED TO TAVE EVIDENCE SeRan THe THE BUPLS ALLEGATIONS. 2 DY ee- -e — frets Pot Tee SUPERINTENRENT JOHN UTLUTAMS SAIS HE EXPECTS MORE nimepgieas TH PE SERUEE THIS WEEK AND POSSIBLY SEARCH WARRANTS: He Sern TH HAPRANTS AND SUBPOENAS APE "THE LOGICAL FOLLGWUR" To fe STATE AND EEDERAL INVESTIGATION INTO THE GURU’S ALLEGATIONS AGAINST “Yn SKGHER CHIEF BISTIPLES. Meanie TLes OFFTCIALS OF THE IMMIGRATION AND NATUPRLIZATION SEReICE ENTER LATHE EV @ COMMUNE OFFICIFL THAT IMMIGRATION OFFICIALS WERE TeEROGTHN TH RAREST HUNDREDS OF COMMUNE RESIDENTS AS ILLEGAL FI coooneas- snoumeM Mesop Shem FREM NIREN MADE THE CLAIMS IN ANY RECORD! “i Tupanere pri aN IN? SeOrESMeN SATD THEY WERE FALSEd: DEC 16 1985 ee vane ae OF LMOLY CLOTH: sAtD Carl HOUSeMAN: "I HAVE TH woven RERAEES = ee cere va FILE PUPT OF PRFERLE Boum “HE INS s2¥ west ll (LT cue jagnsennicat F en ED WEGASTONS FINALIZED ~ SEYIEY CONMITTEE (DRC), cat 0-96-71! %, O 27aunioess® BETS, SM veRY AP uPNeTPN oT, T INo poets, e a. e FORS.TEAT HAS 1 DEZt DES 63 c#8z17> fan Be Tests AeAas 53 Pe Ha a fi Fo ‘emassrrren m@}osenn leat Gag -d a ro 319, 953 ? 2701002 FEB 87 FM PORTLAND C1S3A-iEW, (250-4, SUB 1) «FP ° To gtRecyeé PRIORITY Leshi Rove (1e34-2977) parorrty oo tour iY eueTTAL Osnaswas Gace, i kA; FRC - GENERAL CRIMINAL MATTERS; OG: FBIHQ : \-BALECOM: MASOR CASE 73; 00+ PORTLAND THIS COMMUWICATION I5 CLASSIFIED “SoMPtSENTthEt” . Fojet ively RE LEGAT ROME TELETYFE TO DIRECTOR, FEBRUARY 25, 1937. FOR GENERAL BACRGROUND INFORMATION, IN JULY, 1881, THE CHIDVILLAS RAINEESH EDITATION CENTER, INCGRPORATED IN C2 JERSEY IM 1977, AS A RELIGIOUS Tax ENPT GRGANIZATION Leg EY BHAGHAN SHREE RAINEESH, PURCHASED THE 1G MUDDY RANCH io CENTRAL OREGOR FOR A REPORTED SI} TO SEVEN MILLI OF THE RANCH. $4,060 ADRES, WAS IMMEDIATELY OCCUPPTE MEMBERS OF THE SECT OND RENAMED RAINEESHPURAY. THE COSM ARMED 4 ') /dfs017{ : _ UNRECORDED COPY Pace 2 FD 1p 46-NEW cAurioewriar GREW TO A SIZE OF TWO TO THREE THOUSAND SANNYASING AND WAS INCORPORATED AS 4 CITY IN THE STATE OF OREGON. 3 THE ORGANIZATION ALSO PURCHASED PROPERTY AND BUSIII IM THE SMALL CITY OF ANTELOPE, OREGON, POFSLATION 49. IN APRIL, 1982, RESIDENTS GF THAT CITY ATTEMPTED TO OISINCORPt BUT FAILED WHEN THE SAWNYASING MET VOTER REQUIREMENTS WITH SUFFICIENT HUMBERS OF PERSONS TO RETAIN THE CITY. THE NAME OF THE TO WAS CHANGED TO RAJNEESH IN SEPTEMBER, 1934, THE INCORFGRATION OF THE COMMUNE AS THE CITY OF RAJNEESHPURAM WAS CHALLENGED ON SEVERAL FRONTS AND IN DECEMBER, 1925, U.S, DISTRICT COURT JUDGE, PORTLAND, OREGON, STATED THE INCORPORATION OF THE CITY VIOLATEG CHURCH AND STATE SEPARATION 4ND THE CITY WAS RULED INVALID. IN SEPTEMBER, 1985, ] AND SEVERAL OF HER FOLLOWERS HASTILY DEPARTED RAINEESHPURAM AND FOLLOWING THEIR DEPARTURE, BHAGHAN SHREE RAJNEESH MADE PUBLIC ALLEGATIONS OF CRIMINAL ACTS. COMMITTED BY AND OTHER SECT MBERS . 4 LAW ENFORCEMENT TASF FORCE WAS FORMED AND NUMERGI ALLEGATIONS OF CRIMINAL ARGNSDOING, INCLUDING ATTEMPTED MURDER, PAG THREE PD 163A-NED conf VYorenTtrirar ARSC} + BURGLARY AND OTHER LOCAL CRIMES ERE INVESTIGATED. THE FBI COMMENCED INVESTIGATION OF THREE PRIMARY VIOLATIONS, THOSE BEING ILLEGAL INTERCEPTIO: OF COMMUNICATIONS, TAMPERING WITH CONSUMER PRODUCTS, AND A CONSPIRACY TO ASSASSINATE DISTRICT OF OREGON U.S. ATTORNEY CHARLES H. TURNER. THE WIRE TAPPING INVESTIGATION DEVELOPED EVIDENCE TO INDICATE ALL INCCMING AND OUTGOING TELEPHONE CALLS IN THE CITY OF RAJNEESHPURAM, INCLUDING PAY TELEPHONES. WERE MONITORED, APPROXIMATELY 75 HOTEL ROOMS IN THE PUBLIC HOTEL FACILITIES AT RAJNEESHPURAM WERE BUGGED WITH MICROPHONES, SEVERAL PRIVATE RESIDENCES OF FOLLOWERS AT RAJNEESHPURAM HERE BUGGED AND THE SECT HAD SEVERAL PORTABLE- TYPE RADIO MONITORING DEVICES AND OTHER SECRETIVE-TYPE DEVICES SUCH AS MICROPHONES. TAPE RECORDERS, BRIEFCASES AND PURSES, ECT. THE TCP INVESTIGATION CENTERED AROUND THE SANNYASINS PUTTING SALMONELLA LADEN MATERIAL INTO THE FOOD SUPPLY OF SEVERAL RESTAURAI 3 IN THE DALLES, OREGON, THE COUNTY SSSEAT IN WHICH COUNTY RAINEESHPURAM WAS LOCATED. THE RESULTING FOOD POISONING IN SEPTEMBER, 1934, CAUSED APPROXIMATELY 73 PEOPLE TO BECOME ILL. INVESTIGATION INTO THE ALLEGED aFO P FOUR PD 1lo3A-NEd! CO IDENTIAL AGAINST USA HAS DEVELOPED INFORMATION SANNYASINS PURCHASED FIREARMS AND SURVEILLED USA'S HOUSE IN FURTHERANCE OF THEIR EFFORT TO ASSASSINATE HIM. SEVERAL DISCIPLES, INCLUDING FORMER PERSONAL SECRETARY MA ANAND SHEELA, AND OTHER HIGH RANKING SANNYASIN FOLLOWERS HAVE BEEN CHARGED AND CONVICTED IN FEDERAL COURT WITH WIRE TAPPING AND THE SALMONELLA FOOD POISONING EPISODE. INVESTIGATION INTO THE AFO CASE IS CONTINUING, OREGON STATE AUTHORITIES HAVE CHARGED AND CONVICTED SHEELA AND OTHER FOLLOWERS OF BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER OF BHAGWAN'S PERSOMAL PHYSICIAN, BURGLARY, ARSON, AND ASSAULT. APPROXIMATELY 16 FEDERAL NARRANTS ARE STILL OUTSTANDING AND ALL OF THE FUGITIVES ARE BELIEVE! To BE OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES. NO DIRECT EVIDENCE LINKING THE BHAGWAN TO ABOVE-NOTED CRIMES EXISTS, BUT LIMITED WITNESS STATEMENTS INDICATE HE WAY HAVE HAD KNOWLEDGE OF SOME OF THE ACTS. NONE OF THE INFORMATION TS OF SUCH MAGNITUDE TD SUBSTANTIATE AN INDICTMENT OF THE BHAGWAN. THE BHAGWAN, HOWEVER, WAS CHARGED WITH NUMEROUS INS PAGS FIVE PD ln34-NEN oC Xu FIDENTIAL VIGLATIONS. AND ON NOVEMBER 14, 1935, BHAGNAN APPEARED Ii FEDERAL COURT, PORTLAND, OREGON, AND ENTERED A GUILTY PLEA TO VIQLATION, TITLE 18, U.3 CODE, SECTION 371 « CONSPIRACY Gis PREVTALeLy TUGTCTSEDT Th CHARGES+, mE old PLEng GUILT. TO ONE COUNT OF TITLE 18, U.S. CODE, SECTION 1061, LYING TO INS OFFICIALS. HE MADE AN IMMEDIATE CASH FINE PAYMENT OF $400,003, BHAGWAN RECEIVED & TEN YEAR SUSPENDED SENTENCE, FIVE YEARS PROBATION WITH THE FOLLOWING PROVISIONS: 1. HE DISMISSED ALL CIVIL SUITS PENDING OF WHICH HE WAS & PARTY: 2. HE WITHDREW ALL APPLICATIONS FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCY IN THE UNITED STATES: 3. HE CANNOT ENTER THE UNITED STATES BURING THE FIVE YEAR PROBATION PERIOD WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL AND THE GUILTY PLEA WILL PREJUDICE ANY ATTEMPT BY HIM TO REENTER THE UNITED STATES AFTER HIS FIVE YEAR PROBATION PERIOD. THE SHAGWAN IMMEDIATELY LEFT PORTLAND Fo! LOWING HIS COURT APPEARANCE TO A CHARTERED AIRCRAFT AND DEPARTED THE UNITED STATES. TO DATE. PORTLAND 13 NOT AWARE OF ANY ATTEMPT BY THE BHAGMAN TO REENTER THE UNITED STATES. PORTLAND (NOWS OF OTHER OUTSTANDING CRIMINAL LEGAL PAGE 31x PD Ly SA-KEW COWMrFIOENTIAL ACTION BEING OIRECTED AGAINST BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH. THE RAINEESH COMMUNE IN OREGON HAS DISINTERGRATED AND THE PROPERTY IS FOR SALE. IT IS CURRENTLY STAFFED WITH ONLY 4 FEvl CARETAKER PERSONNEL. ARMED AND DANGEROUS. sy 3102, 98°). ADR aT « FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION POI/PA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET FOI/PA# 1354746-0 Total Deleted Page(s) = 30 Page 28 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 29 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 30 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 32 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 33 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 36 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 38 ~ Referral/Direct, Page 40 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 44 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 46 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 60 ~ Duplicate - pg 48; Page 61 ~ Duplicate - pg 49; Page 62 ~ Duplicate - pg 50; Page 63 ~ Duplicate - pg 51; Page 64 ~ Duplicate - pg 52; Page 65 ~ Duplicate - pg 537 Page 66 ~ Duplicate - Page 67 ~ Duplicate — Page 68 ~ Duplicate - Page 71 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 90 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 91 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 102 ~ Duplicate - pg 120; Page 107 ~ Duplicate - pg 120; Page 110 ~ Duplicate - pg 96; Page 117 ~ Duplicate - pg 97; Page 118 ~ Duplicate - pg 98; Page 122 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 123 ~ Referral/Direct; Page 124 ~ Referral/Direct; COOKE, X Deleted Page(s) x X No Duplication Fee x X For this Page x XK KKK KKK, y F206 (REY, 0-28-78) TRANSMIT VI (Teletype Immediate . (5 TOP SECRET {3 Facsimile (Priority SECRET op AIRTEL, fl [ZF Bureau (Encs ELUM enclosed ‘opy to: GUSA Po: Portland 2) FD-876 (Bre. to LHM) Secret Service CHM being submitted 2 Garr =a SMzkrs © Report being submitted a dbo —| (4) @ oe Ee PRECEDENCE: ,CLASSIFICATIO! Routine (CO CONFIDENTIAL CUUNCLAS EF TO COUNCLAS ATTENTION: CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIVE DIVISION @ (CIVIL RIGHTS SECTION ) (DOMESTIC SECURITY AND ‘TERRORISM SECTION COPERSONAL AND PROPERTY 7 CRIMES SECTION “MepITATION_CENTER; ; WUSPOSSIBLE CIVIL RIGHTS MATTER (00:Portland) CR OEL ODI CcRAcs OPA OPE GPF OE cpamv COCA CaP wee ocwaa OF COED (Bomb Threats Summary of Complaint: ( _ The followers of BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNFFSE, Indian Guru, known for his extremely controversial teachings on politics, religion, and morality, have settled on 64,000 acres in North Central Oregon and have alleged threats of bodily injury from the citizens of the small Adjacent community of Antelope, Oregon. <1 SESSoB. Ad woes } then listened on an extension phone to what was occurring in that room, and he heard these ranchers say that_they could go into the ranch on back roads and burn the ranch down. ‘cae advised that one of these individuals was a hired hand from a ranch in Metolius, Oregon, name unknown; another was the son of a local rancher, name unknown, and he did not know the other ranchers involved. went on to state that in all fairness PD 44c-928 ere 2 6 to these individuals, they were really intoxicated at the time the conversation occurred. _[ "] further advised that there is a new bumper sticker on cars in the Antelope, Oregon area, which shows a Rolls Royce auto- mobile in tle cross iidirs of 4 rifle scope. (it should be noted that the BHAGWAN has a number of Rolls Royce vehicles at his disposal on the ranch.) further advised that this emblem has also been noted on ranch hats being worn in the Antelope area. vised that he was also aware that one of their followers, fF who Jin Madras, Oregon, was jogging in the Wadras area, when a vehicle tried to run him down. At the time this incident occurred, was wearing the traditional xed garment of the Rajneesh religion. advised that there was another incident which occurred at Antelope, Oxegon, where a pickup truck swerved and tried to sideswipe a female follower, who was walking along the road, who was also wearing the traditional red garment. advised that he was behind the vehicle at the time the incident occurred and that the Wasco County Sheriff's Office was investigating the matter. S——1 advised that the commune is also dealing with and of the U. S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service, Seattle, Washington, in an attempt to defuse the situa- tion which currently exists at Antelope, Oregon, and the Rajneesh commune. further advised that a[___]of Eugene, oregon, has also had the ranch photographed from the_air and is very much against the Rajneesh commune in the Antelope area. further advised that he the money to finance any anti-Rajneesh feelings in the Antelope area. further stated that is Ce within the State of Oregon. (J further advisea (______} an employee of _the Wasco County Road Department, has also made direct threats against eames) ait one of the commune's |. advised that ] had told that the next time he sees him, he had better be packing a gun. ((—_Jéurther advised that the Rajneesh commune also has television clippings where people have actually stated that the only way to solve the problem at Antelope, Oregon, is to "waste them," and some of them are saying to burn them out. PD 44c-928 -5- ° advised that, to his knowledge, the above incidents constitute all that has happened to the Rajneesh commune since July of 1981. [______]has stated, that if need be, he could obtain all the names Of witnesses and other individuals and would make these individuals available to anyone who Wished to talk to then, cu. not an FBI classification marking AGENT 0231 THIS NOTICE CONCERNS A SANCTION OF A CERTAIN PERSON- PUBLICALLY KNOUN AS BHAGUAN SHREE RAJNEESH.WE HAE PLACED YOU OFF OF THE IN+ ACTIVE LIST AND ONTO THE ACTIVE DUTY LIST.YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN FOR THIS KISSION BECAUSE OF YOUR CLOSENESS TO THE RAJNEESHPURAN AND BECAUSE OF YOUR RECORD OF ONE OFQUR BETTER AGENTS.UE ALSO THOUGHT YOU WOULD TAKE THE JOB BECAUSE THE BHAGUAN UAS RESPON- SIBLE FOR THE DISPOSAL OF AGENT 1032,AND 7062.WE UNDERSTAND THAT ‘AGENT 1032 UAS YOUR FRIEND ,OF YOURS. ——THE DALLES (UPI) — A ‘ chapter of an organization linked to paramilitary activity | has formed in Wasco County,’ but members say it has nothing to do with a dispute between residents of Antelope and: the followers of an Indian Spokesmen William Lemont Jones said the Posse Comitatus chapter_was formed “for the protection of people's basic consti- tutional rights. We feel that public officials af all different levels are ‘usurping the Constitution, and we feel that, “it's time that we organized.” ; ‘The posse is “mainly an educational group” that, will work : to inform “people about the anifications of the U.S. Constitu- tion and the law, he said. Even though Posse Comitatus hhas been described as a vigilante id. vigilante-style are not the Wasco Posse members “have alll the right in the world to bear timeheterms necessary.” — Formation of chapters i River and Morrow counties is being considered, and a chapter exists in Multnomah County, he id. Jones seid the posse had no plan to become involved in the dispute at, Antelope, where long- time residents fear the guru's followers want to take over the are 8 “We're not going to inyolved in political disputes, "Se ‘o—Hesaid “the only possible way arms, just, the -same &s—mny individual," but “we're not going to do that. In fact, we're trying to lay down the violence game. We ‘re not going, to have a public display of arms.” aie ‘he group's charter, fled with the county clon, states loa! Taw enforcement officers, courts and other public officials “will have full cooperation from the posse so Tong," and only so long as they cooperate in accordance with the Principles of aw." 5 ink ie der his ying to take this group under his Sing” saic Detetiive Sgt. Rich Carlson. “If they ‘stay within their boundaries they are law- abiding, they ‘ill be dealt with accordingly. They step beyond the Jaw in any way, shape or fashion, and ey gig Jones would not say how many members the-group has, but said all males in the county between the ages of 14 and 45 are “automatical- ‘members and the sheriff has a right to call them into acti atany -at all we would be involved in members of Posse Comitatus were charged with burglary, riot and criminal mischief after they staged a day-long takeover of the Mikami ers potato shed in Umatilla County na property disput. The men were part of a security force-hired by Everett Thoren of Elgin, who ran unsuc- cessfully four times against former U.S. Rep. Al Ullman. THE BULLETIN Bend, Oregon character: Cclesetttcation: Submitting Ofttee: Port Land (Cbeing tnvectigated lo* - Piles (Rav. 6-28-78) : a] 1 , . 2 { pe 7 t TRANSMIT VU Boepence:” | cuassiricatcM@ ' a CTeletype * . Clmmediate * “* (OTOP SECRET ! “OI C] Facsimile Priority CO SEcRET ! og) AIRTEL Routine (CONFIDENTIAL ! COUNCLAS EF TO t COUNCLAS | Date 6/16/82 { To: Director, FBI ATTENTION: (a CIVIL RIGHTS SECTION From: SAC, PORTLAND (44C-928) _ ~, (J DOMESTIC SECURITY AND oG ‘TERRORISM SECTION CIPERSONAL AND PROPERTY RAINEE: OUNDATION INTERNATIONAL ;. CRIMES SECTION Civil RIGHTS HATTER (00: Portland) G ae ye Lae Re Portland FD-365 and! Li to the Bureau, 6/1/82. pCR EL ODI CORA OPA OPE OPF OE copamy: OCA CAP ONFe QowAa OF | CAEID Cy Bomb Threats BY -F a5. Summary of Complaint: Local law enforcement officials in the Central Oregon area have advised and expressed concern over the possibility of violent action occurring at the Rajneesh—~ Neo-Sannyas International Commune located outside of Anpélope, Annual World Celebration for the Rajneeshpuram, which is” INDICES: ig] Negative (_] See Summary ‘CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIVE DIVISION Oregon. Concern is further expressed during the upcoming First scheduled to begin at the commune on 6/22/82, and last through 7/18/82. ee advised that followers of the BHAGWAN have been harassed. by, the residents of Antelope, Oregon Approved: Va ransnitted Por G ‘Wanberd Tine? KK Oo Mearns ACTION: UACB: NAB ae. vy ety $€] No furthentaltidn being t : { TREE eKeloged. [X) Copy to: (HUSA, Portland Q)- Bureau ‘vine. 4) FFD 376 (Ene. to LHM) Secret Service % - Porta [O CHM being submitted cRY), AT Beet wee | TG] Report being submitted — = RDM:mta i Preliminary investigation instituted OJ0-P o JUN 21 i232 (4) (© Limited investigation instituted i lnvestigation continuing ROO es ee we = mo e- « PD 44c-928 SUMMARY OF COMPLAINT (Continued) : and other individuals due to their religious beliefs. Details of this harassment were set out by[-——-] According to newspaper articles, the Posse Comitatus has formed a chapter = im Maenq County, Araqnn, where nark nf the re AIRTEL . 6=22-82 wh Director, FBI tbe etor, | SAC, Portland (44-928) NERSH FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL; get i CIVIL RIGHTS MATTER 003" PORTLAND sh RE: Portland airtel/LHM dated 6-16-82. Continue liaision with local authorities in this matter and advise FBIHQ of any pertinent developments in a timely fashion. \ JUN 22 4992 Pte As, _| ee. Mont U.OL? 3 / : ©, Ag.E7SH FuuwaT 10s AtT eH sat OWL; CIVIL RIGHTS TATTZR, O08 LPL tio, PO FILE Aa-90F, CATT, GIO-CIVIL RIGHTS WIT) p Tava set 6. Ra TO ACTUAL Ut THREATSHED CIVIL vISURDERS; (Po FIL? 157-1644. CATT. CID-TCRRONTS% SECTIO a “KE pun y SIKTEL AtD TALOTYPE TO PORTLAND, WA? od a ) Y FILED Us JULY, 1909, LWESTICATUn, URPGON STATS PULICT, SEND, UnT@Ua, ADVISED THAT SE ATTSMPTED To TRA oACK 2 a9 TM? KUMON REGCRDING THE EXESTEMOZ UF * KU LUX KL¢W 346KCH 1% HFFin OW COUNTY, GHFGOK, HUTEVEK, Hes SRHe UnASL™ To TaAacr souact. YY Gi2 Jin 7D 18 VERY VacuT, THIS LuFOR GT IOs TO THI ORIEL AUVIS™ THOT THE LaFGuviel 168 HI HAS BAT SUT APPARERTLY THI IMFOANATION RAGSRDING THE GXISTTACE UF XU LUX KL M43 COME THROUGH WAL SOURCTS. ADVISED.- ~~ eR DITTANIGAD TH n2P uy, SCHOOLS In JEFFTASUN COUNTY HAS # PHOTOGRAPHS UF KU LUX KL AL PUTIVITINS. KIULIVID QO LuFuRATION TjoTcaTiis THAT THO 1G #uY KU MLUK MAL ACTIVITY Ti. Je Rov COUNTY. SOVIS'D THST THT OaT@GN STAT PCLIUT IS TAKLuG b0 FURST HG @UTIOi 1) THIS Uw JULY 1, sro, old! ITH LAGPKIu, DISTRICT FIVE CUNIAADIEN, UneBOw STA POLICE, 3700, URERUN, ADVISD THAT TO DaT? THT CALZonATIuw AT THE aQJtSZSH RAGCK LOCATT AT ANTELOPS, La dtOn, HAS SPZs PTACTFUL gid LO INCIDEATS HAVE 3228 REPCATTD Tu PuLICT AUTHORITIES, JOR LAMPE, sovis@ T IF HIS OFFIC? ECOMES AU ARF OF ouY PUTDMTI¢L PROBLEMS AT TMS FUSTIVAL HE WOULD IWEDI ATELY FURLISH TLS [sFORMATIO TO THE Fal. BAS UPOw TYE Lia STIGéT IO? UOWUCTIO BY THT OnPeO% STATE POLICE Iv COSKICTIUY WITH THI TALSTENCT OF A KU KLUX KLAN CHEPT De AT CULVER, Un7GOs, POsTLALD DIVISIUi IS CONDUCTING LU PUTIVT InVESTISAT LON THIS Mery: PUXTLanw DIVISION WILL CONTI ETO FULLG? THE POTCiTIAL FOR SESH RACH VITH TRE ORZeOu STOTE POLICT. Director, FBI 1-Te S SAC, Portland (4c~928) NEEGH FOUNDATION INTEANAGTOWAD, Sor BORtLAND ; : RE: Portland teletype datea 444 si bis In view of recent Community Relations Service (USDI) agreement, take no further action. LED OS Aug 93 1982 |__|, oY ccm sas 9D 47 AUG 9 1982 : he ee 2 Memorandum @ 7 e | : DIRECTOR, FBI (44-91275) Dae August 4, 1982 “Molle sence (440-928) (P) 4“ Subject Opzaswezse FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL; CIVIL RIGHTS MATTER f. (00: Portland) t f 1 Re Portland teletype to the Bureau,/7/2/82. fe [nctosea for the-thiéha are two copies of a letter dated, duly 1, 1982, addressed to Assistant Special Agent in Charge, MARTIN V. HALE, from ROBERT C. WEAVER, Chief of the Criminal Division, United States Attorney's Office, Portland, 7 Oregon, with the enclosed letter and affidavits which were The above enclosures are being furnished to FBI Headquarters for information purposes only. It should be further noted that the Portland Division is still not conducting any active investigation in this matter since no information has been received warranting criminal prosecution. For further information FBI Headquartérs OmQuly 8, 1982, Major KENNETH LAMPKIN, District Five~Comfandg#, Odegon State Police, Bend, Oregon, advised that to date bration at the Rajneesh Ranch located at Antelope, joregor/has ,bden peace- ful and no incidents have been reported. Z} Q Portland Division will continue to £ Sow he potential for violence at the Rajneesh Ranch with the -Ofegon“State Police. A fe EY- F975 le Gente: egsutt 2-Portland ¢ me y\ Wo ‘TRANSMIT VIA: PRECEDiG\CE: CLASSIFICATION: 1D Teletype Immediate TOP SECRET Facsimile Priority (SECRET — (Routine (CONFIDENTIAL CO UNCLAS EF TO COUNcias Date 9/16/82 DIRECTOR, FBI APTN: CID CIVIL RIGHTS UNIT FROM: sac, PorrLanp (c) CIVITRIGHTS HATTER, (00: Portland) (PD FILE 44C-928) (BU PILE 44-91275) INFORMATION RELATED TO ACTUAL OR THREATENED CIVIL DISORDERS (00: Portland) (PD FILE 157-1644) 4 Re Portland teletype to the Bitéau, 7/2/83. On 7/21/82, Major Kenneth Lampkin, Di ig Five Com- mander, Oregon State Police, Bend, Oregon, advised/that the celebration at the Rajneesh ranch, located at Antelope, Oregon was now concluded and the celebration was peaceful, and no major incidents were reported to police aythorit Yost cee os B So Major Lampkin advised t he FU AB con osen has exsisted between the residents of Antelope, Oregon, and indiv- iduals residing at the Rajneesh ranch has cooled down somewhat, due to certain concessions which were made on both sides. Major Lampkin stated that one of these major concessions was that the people of Antelope would not fight the incorporation of a city at the Rajneesh ranch, and in return the people at the ranch would drop civil charges against the City of Antelope, attempting to obtain $19,000 dollars in legal fees. 10 SEP 28 1099 \S ee Ved ~ purdhu 2244- 91275) Teter - Portland (1-44C-928) gl (1-157-1644) cUL RDM:sms ib 7 Approved: panel CC. ‘Transmitted Per “Wane Finer . ae + PD 44C-928 + Lieutenant Lampkin advised that everything in the Antelope area now appears to be peaceful, however, his office is still following the matter in case problems arise. LEADS “PORTEAND- : es ‘ A : f ' FBI i ‘TRANSMIT VIA: PRECEDENCE: CLASSIFICATION: i Co Teletype (J Innediste (OTOP SECRET ! Facsimile I Priority (SECRET t Oo —ALRTEL (Routine (C CONFIDENTIAL 7 (COUNCLAS EF TO | COUNCcLAS { se/el/az Dat | 20: DIRECTOR, FBI (44-91275) Attn: ‘Civil Rights Unit FROM: SAC, PORTLAND (44-928) (C) SUBJECT :' -Coboweasn FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL; CR MATTER (00: Portland) Re Portland airtel to Bureau, 9/16/82; Bureau routing slip to Portland, 11/3/82; and Bureau airtel to Portland, 8/6/82. Enclosed for the Bureau and Los Angeles are two copies each of hate mail received by the subject organization. For the information of the Bureau and Los Angeles the enclosures were first furnished to the District Attorney, Jefferson County, Oregon, and thereafter to the Oregon State Police. In keeping with Bureau policy concerning extortion matters not referred directly to the Bureau, no investigation is being initiated and the enclosures are being furnished to the Bureau and Los Angeles for information only. 4 The names of : \ lol ywood.,- Cadac T 90046, and. Laguna, California, do not appear iff the Portiaild ’ indices. ey No additional investigation is being conducted at Hf ff © BBWibg \ { @- Bureau (Enc. 2 - Los Angeles ree 1-126 1 - Portland (5) © Transmitted —_________ Per ‘Raabe Fined be bre December 5, 1982 Mr. Mike Sullivan District Attorney Jefferson County Court House 657 C. Street Madras, Or. 97741 HAND DELIVERY Beloved Mike, Love. Enclosed is a xerox copy of some hate mail we have received, including the envelope, from a in Hollywood, California. We would appreciate it very mich if you could look into this for us. With Love. Ens. yb cc. Mes Be Su ft se ne cele Af ULE F ernst City Hall, Raineeshpuram, Cregon 97/41 USA (503) 489-3333, Ext. 225/226 *WHILE-ALIVE“1, Bhaswaw S Reiweesh aw WILFULLY-! SIGNING MY-OWN CERTIFICATE OF DEATH*TO: BRING-AWARENESS-AND RESPONSIBILITY - - TO MYSELF*PUBLICLY-DISPLAYING SINCERE-LOVE FOR MY-1 NEIGHBORS AND THAT ‘THE ERE: WORLD WILL ONCE-AGAIN BE BLESSED-BY-THE-ALMIGHTY. +1FA, YW -COMMIT-PREMEDITATED-MURDER *CONSPIRE AGAINST OUR-{CREATOR.JESUS CHRIST-THE HOLY-SPIRITHWHICH IS-THE FOUNDATION OF ALL BLESSED-FREE-NATIONS AND SOULS*WILFULLY CONSENT TO MY-EXECUTION-FORTY-DAYS-AND- . NIGHTS AFTER-THE ABOVE-COMMITMENT-HAVE-BEEN-BROKEN*, . 7 MY PRAYERS ARE; “THAT. ALL THE NEGATIVE-ENERGY-1 -DEEP-WITHIN WILL-FLEE FROM «: EVERYTHING THAT GROWS*THAT ALL WILL BE POSITIVE-ROOTS*BLOOMING-HARMONY IN OUR. ETERNAL-MANSIONS BUILT BY THE BLOOD-SWEAT-&-’ TEARS OF CHRIST-JESUS*THAT ALL ae STAND-UP-RIGHT AND COMMUNICATE ACCORDING TO GOD, OUR: FATHER*AMEN, * * 1) LOVE THE LORD THY GOD WITH ALL THY HEART*'”. * 2) LOVETHY NEIGHBOR AS THY SELF *Apoe. 13:16 ****DO-NOT-TAKE-THE MARK-666**** Rev, 14:9° “Fiyith & SIGH Grd THE LINE'S{PUBLICLY-DISPLAYING ALL IS FINE, WILFULLY-SIGNING MY-OWN CERTIFICATE OF DEAT#H*TO BRING-AWARENESS‘AND RESPONSIBILITY TO MYSELF*PUBLICLY-DISPLAYING SINCERE-LOVE FOR MY:NEIGHBORS AND THAT THE Fhe WORLD WILL ONCE-AGAIN BE BLESSED-BY-THE-ALMIGHTY. *IF-L, (2 ——___________________ -COMMIT-PREMEDITATED-MURDER*CONSPIRE : AGAINST OUR-TCREATOR-JESUS CHRIST-THE HOLY-SPIRITtWHICH IS-THE FOUNDATION OF’ALL BLESSED-FREE-NATIONS AND SOULS*WILFULLY CONSENT TO MY-EXECUTION-FORTY-DAYS-AND- NIGHTS AFTER-THE ABOVE-COMMITMENT-HAVE-BEEN-BROKEN*. MY PRAYERS ARE; “THAT ALL THE NEGATIVE-ENERGY-DEEP-WITHIN WILL-FLEE FROM EVERYTHING THAT GROWS*THAT ALL WILL BE POSITIVE-ROOTS*BLOOMING-HARMONY IN OUR ETERNALMANSIONS BUILT BY THE BLOOD-SWEATA-TEARS OF CHRIST-JESUS*THAT ALL WILL’ “ STAND-UP-RIGHT AND COMMUNICATE ACCORDING TO GOD, OUR-FATHER*AMEN, a. 4) LOVE THE LORD THY GOD WITH ALL THY HEART* “+ 2) LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THY SELF* *Apoe, 13:16 ****DO-NOT-TAKE-THE-MARK.666**** Rev, 14:9* Tianna wate. auive+s, MARR IST. OCCU Cue ens ay. WILFULLY-SIGNING MY-OWN CERTIFICATE OF DEATH*T0 BRING-AWARENESS-AND RESPONSIBILITY TO MYSELF*PUBLICLY-DISPLAYING SINCERE-LOVE, FOR MY-NEIGHBORS AND THAT THE Fp