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Cambridge Judge Business School

Executive Education
Leading Strategic Projects Successfully
20-22 March 2017 and 19-21March 2018

This programme provides
an holistic view of
managing projects in terms
of mastering complexity
and uncertainty, leading
and motivating teams and
managing stakeholders.

Programme summary

Who is this programme for?

This programme is open to executives involved in different project

roles: as leaders, sponsors or implementers. This includes functional
managers involved in:
Managing complex projects
New product or service development and planning marketing
Driving change management initiatives, mergers/ acquisitions or
organisational restructuring
Many managers believe that effective projects are simply about good Implementing breakthrough projects, creating new business models,
setting up new businesses/ subsidiaries
planning and scheduling. However, you could get all your planning
and scheduling right and still not succeed in managing projects
effectively. Avoiding pitfalls and delivering the right outcomes is Participants are not required to have had specialised project
management training, but will usually be responsible for
about adopting a broader perspective and appreciating that:
implementing projects in an international and organisational context.
Executives with little or no project management experience are also
Projects often entail complex issues and diverse or even conflicting
welcome to attend if they are seeking to acquire a framework for
requirements that often require successful integration to deliver
project leadership and management.
the desired result.
Projects are characterized by a high degree of uncertainty.
To overcome this, managers need the ability to respond to Coverage of topics:
unforeseen developments, build relationships within teams and
with stakeholders, provide leadership and facilitate knowledge The topics are covered through analyses of actual projects in multiple
domains. The sessions are highly interactive; the pedagogy consists
of a mixture of simulations, exercises, role-playing games, cases,
Different management approaches are required according to
discussions, and lectures.
the nature of the project and its goals. Managing a project on
organisational change in the same manner as a project on new
The take-aways consist of a synthesis of concepts and practical
product development is a recipe for failure.
tools that participants can directly apply to their own projects.
Leading Effective Projects is a three-day programme that provides
managers with this more holistic view . We adopt a managerial Project planning, control and monitoring
rather than a technical perspective, and focus on issues that Project complexity
concern those who lead projects. We also consider the impact on Managing stakeholders
those who may have oversight and those who will be required to Motivating project teams
Strategy cascading
implement new initiatives.
Project risk management
Novel projects
Organisations often rely on managers to lead and execute specific
projects in order to realise their broader strategic objectives. Mergers,
acquisitions, product launches and strategic realignments all demand
skills in navigating complexity, understanding risk and effective
stakeholder management. If their managers lack such capabilities,
then they will struggle to take advantage of new opportunities,
drive change or continue to create value.

Dr Kishore Sengupta
Academic Programme Director
Reader in Operations Management
Cambridge Judge Business School

Professor Stylianos Kavadias

Margaret Thatcher Professor of Enterprise Studies in Innovation
and Growth
Cambridge Judge Business School
Professor Christoph H. Loch
Director, Cambridge Judge Business School

Dates and fees:

20-22 March 2017 and 19-21 March 2018
The programme fee is 2,995 (exclusive of VAT). Fee includes
instruction, materials, lunches and refreshments.
For more details please visit:
Or contact us on: or
+44 (0)1223 330741

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