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PRSSA 2016 National Conference

The Courage to Be Authentic

By Katarina DeFelice, AJF-PRSSA President

What would you do if the life you
However, at 33, Grossman realized
always knew suddenly crashed all
he was gay. Thus, he has spent the
around you?
last 15+ years rebuilding his new life
David Grossman, ABC, APR,
and teaching others how to
Fellow PRSA’s session, The
become authentic.
Courage to Be Authentic,
Grossman outlined three
remains one of the most
key ways to stay authentic in
beloved sessions of the
everyday life: (1) know
2016 PRSSA National
yourself, (2) be your best self
Conference. This session
and (3) have quiet courage.
showed attendees the
By defining your values,
importance of being true
staying true to them in your
to yourself.
work life and personal life,
Grossman shared a
and by standing brave in the
Speaker David Gross- face of adversity, we all can
personal story of triumph,
starting in high school and man and Katti DeFelice remain authentic.
continuing into today. He
Grossman offered a free
told attendees of his “supposed-to” life
copy of his book to everyone in
track: He went to a great college,
attendance at his session. To connect
married a beautiful woman, had
with him on Twitter, tweet
beautiful children and a great house in
@ThoughtPartners and share your
the suburbs his cushy job let him afford.
own journey of self-discovery!

Once Upon a Time: A Guide to Storytelling
By Emily Provencher, Assistant Firm Director

November 2016

National Conference

While in Indianapolis, I had the
pleasure of sitting through a session
about pitching a story in the public
relations world. President of Blast
Media Lindsay Groepper and VP of
Marketing and Communication at 500
Festival Inc. Sabrina List, led the
session. Groepper and List’s chemistry

made the session very entertaining
and insightful.
During this session, I learned
research is the most important part
of preparing a media relations pitch.
According to Groepper, “Nothing
else matters if you don't have your

See Storytelling, page 2

Storytelling from page 1

Crossroads of
Public Relations

AJF-PRSSA members pose for
a photo at PRSSANC.

At this year’s national
conference, AJF-PRSSA
members attended
several workshops to
better their professional
development skills.
Through networking
with fellow PRSSA
members and seasoned
professionals, PRSSA
members certainly
made the most of their
conference experience!


research done right.”
The speakers gave tips on how
to make a pitch stand out and get
the media to bite. Knowing your
audience and what topics they
typically write about is important.
Definitely make sure your story is
catered to your subject’s audience

and what they like to cover. Otherwise,
the audience will not give your pitch a
second look.
Finally, when you send a media pitch
through email your subject line matters!
Make sure your subject line is punchy,
directly to the point, and most
importantly, entertaining.

PR in a Digital Age

By Nicolette Giordano, Communications Director

PR is a constantly changing field,
brush up on SEO and expand your
or as Tressa Robbins would say “PR
interests. Create a website just for
is evolving with lightening speed practice. Get a certification.
the good old days of PR are gone.”
Many websites like Google
With new technologies come new
Analytics or Hootsuite (social media)
channels of communication.
offer certification classes. Get a
The rapid adaptation to
Twitter and follow the
new technologies is one of
monthly #NPPRSA chat.
the challenges PR
Robbins gets a tremendous
professionals currently face
amount of information from
and will continue to face in
Twitter. She added that even
the future. While many
if she doesn’t participate in
fields tend to be victim of
the #NPPRSA Twitter chat,
digital Darwinism
she always learns something
(technology evolving faster
new on Twitter.
than we can adapt), this
She also reminded us
is not an option in PR.
that as dues paying
We need to adapt as Speaker Tressa Robbins members of PRSSA, we
fast as technology
have full access to the
changes. It is our job to know what
PRSA library. This is an incredible
will happen next in the evolution of
resource that she highly encourages us
technology before it happens. PR
to utilize.
professionals must keep up with the
Just because our industry is
latest digital trends and should be
constantly changing doesn’t mean we
able to recommend the latest and
have to worry. Yes, problems will
greatest digital platforms.
arise, but when that happens we can
Unfortunately, colleges and
either run from them or face them head
universities do not offer classes that
on. In a field like PR, though, running
predict the future changes in
is not an option.
technology. So where do we get that
Robbins is the Implementation VP at
experience or knowledge that we
Burrellesluce and is a current board
might not get in the classroom?
member (and past president) of PRSA
Robbins’ answer: continue to
St. Louis. Feel free to reach out to
educate yourself outside of the
Robbins on Twitter at @tressalynne.
classroom. Read as much as you can,

Perfect Planning

By Katelyn Dunitz, Junior PR Major, Psychology Minor

guest list. Quality is far more
Theo Tyson, founder of Trinity
important than quantity. You would
Productions, presented the PRSSANC
rather have 50 qualified buyers attend
Perfect Planning event session. Tyson
than 500 guests who won't
gave a list of "Things to
purchase anything.
Consider” when working in
Tyson also talked about
event planning.
when something goes wrong-The first question to ask
because something will always
yourself is what coverage do
go wrong no matter how
you desire, or what are you
prepared you are. Be prepared
trying to do? Second, make sure
to face complications by
to scope out the competitive
writing out in lists all the
landscape and be certain people
details of the event. Be sure to
will choose your event over
Theo Tyson give these lists to vendors, staff
other events. Through all of this,
and volunteers. Tyson stressed the
you must keep in mind the date and time,
importance of always having several
holidays and anything that could interfere
back up plans.
with your event.
Tyson concluded the session by
Tyson then explained the "Pieces to
explaining how there is no such thing as
the Event Planning Puzzle." The most
a perfect event; rather, you can only do
important element to consider is the
your best to provide perfect experiences
budget. Make sure to stay under budget in
for your guests.
case of last minute emergencies because
they will happen. Also, don't overlook the

How to Write a Killer Job Application

Nat. Con. Awards
National Organ Donor
Awareness Competition

NODAC winners pose with their
awards and Katti DeFelice (right),
who presented their awards on
behalf of AJF-PRSSA.

Star Chapter Award
goes to...AJF!

By Jennifer Bell, Junior PR Major

Congratulations! You just
Rubin speaks to students and
graduated college and, after some
professionals across the country
digging, found the job of your
providing practical advice on writing,
dreams. However, before
networking and
interpersonal skills. In his
you do your “new-job
session, he explained that
dance”, you must
many applicants mistakenly
accomplish what many
write only the bare
applicants dread – writing a
minimum about their
homerun application.
previous career positions.
In PRSSANC’s How to
Write a Killer Job
As aspiring professionals,
says Rubin, you need to
Application session, Danny
learn the importance of
Rubin offered students
Danny Rubin
storytelling in a job application.
career advice and tips for
Rubin believes that everyone has
landing the job you want.
a unique story, and you can stand out
Currently, he serves as Vice President
by leveraging your experiences
of Rubin Communications Group and
and story.
authors books, columns and blogs
aimed at professional development.
See Job Application, page 4

AJF-PRSSA members pose with
the Star Chapter Award!

Congrats Katti!

AJF-PRSSA President Katti DeFelice
is all smiles after winning the Gold
Key Award and Citation Award!


Your presence to the
media is the perfect
combo of peppy and

Nicolette Giordano shares a laugh
with the director during the
National PRSSA Recruitment Video.

PRomo Quote of
the Month:
"Nobody counts the
number of ads you run;
they just remember the
impression you make.”
- Bill Bernbach


Job Application from page 3
A resume should be a visual for
anyone reading it. No one has a track
record of your success; therefore, you
need to put yourself out there. Rubin
also recommends completing
in-depth research on any company
you apply to and crushing
executives’ expectations. You can do
this by staying up to date on the
company’s news and events.
Most importantly, stand out from
others applying for the same position.
Rubin encourages job applicants to

approach prospective employers with
confidence and determination. Show
employers the specific benefits you
will offer to their companies, and have
specific reasons why you want to work
at a particular company.
Rubin’s book “Wait, How Do I
Write This Email?” is widely used in
high schools, colleges, workforce
development programs and even the
Pentagon. You can find Rubin’s blog at

A Conversation with Warner Bros.
Television Publicity

By Jessica Andrews, Junior PR Major, Journalism Minor
This weekend at PRSSA’s
National Conference, I had the
privilege to attend the session, A
Conversation with Warner Bros.
Television Publicity. Led by
Warner Brothers Vice President of
Publicity Initiatives Jeff Tobler,
Junior Publicist Lisa Mitchell and
Publicity Assistant Brian Carrillo,
this session centered on the magic
behind Warner Bros. television.
Listening to their stories about
the journeys they took to get where
they are today, motivated me to
work even harder toward
accomplishing my dreams. In the
future, I aspire to work in the
publicity industry for magazines,
television or radio programs. I
truly enjoy the entertainment
industry and I come from an
entertainment background.
My favorite part of the session
was learning how all three speakers
hold quite different jobs with
Warner Bros. Tobler works with
the press and networks with

counterparts such as Ellen
DeGeneres. The Ellen Show often
features actors from neighbor Warner
Bros.’ studio. In addition, Tobler
creates publicity ideas to promote
new television shows, returning
shows and even actors. Carrillo sets
the stage for shows and staff events.
He also worked on Comic Con this
past year.
Mitchell deals with a lot of
international clients, launching
shows globally and making shows
relevant in today’s world. Prior to
this session, I didn’t realize the
various job opportunities that exist
on the publicity side of PR.
Lastly, the speakers showed us
an episode from a new television
series to release next year, and
provided everyone with a cupcake
from Arrow’s 100th episode party.
Following the session, I had the
opportunity to speak with Tobler.
This was certainly the highlight of
my day!

Blog Like a Pro

By Thomas Logue, AJF-PRSSA Vice President

4. Follow through – If you plan to post
every week, post every week. The best
blogs take dedication and repetition.

5. Invest – Know your limits and know
your goals. Successful blogging
requires hours of work (often in your
spare time), as well as money for
domain hosting and search engine
optimization (SEO).

10. Avoid the haters – Blogging takes
guts. Both Culp and Waddington
experienced years of marginal success
before finding their own winning
formulas. So don’t fret if only mom
and dad read your blog for the first
few years.

Culp and Waddington also
recommend PR professionals learn
about SEO to identify how readers
find the blog and what keeps them
going back there. Google Analytics
offers a free certification that will let
you blog like a pro and leave
employers in awe over your resume.

What kind of blog would you make?


n Unive





9. Experiment – Have a sports blog?
Make a post about cooking. Avoid
boring yourself and your readers by
going off topic.

Anne Waddington


3. Become an expert – Embrace your
bottomless hunger for knowledge. Try
to learn everything, so you have a
frame of reference when you write.

8. Engage your audience – Build up
your blog’s community and readership
by responding to every email, question
and comment. This keeps your readers
coming back; it helps you know what
they like, and it can help expand your

r si

2. Seek Inspiration – Follow blogs you
might not normally read, because
inspiration can come from interesting
places. Screenshot or save everything
that interests you  and build an
inspiration binder. Look back to this
a day, week or month later to revisit
these ideas.

7. Be authentic – Round pegs don’t go
in square holes. Look to other writers
for inspiration, but use your unique
story and voice to drive the success of
your blog.

Ron Culp

Co llege o

1. Plan ahead – Research everything.
Have a plan for your blog topic, host
site, blog-building platform and
posting schedule.

6. Personal branding – How do you
want to promote your brand? Do you
want to link your blog to your
personal social media? Where do you
draw the line? Answer these questions,
then market your brand accordingly.


“Blogs are an investment. Blogs
take time and money.” You may not
believe these rules, but PRSSA
National Conference (PRSSANC)
presenters, Ron Culp and Anne
Waddington, sure do.
Culp started his student-oriented
career development blog,, nine years ago and
hasn’t missed a weekly post since.
Waddington, in her fourth year of
blogging, manages her own
fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog,
These savvy bloggers shared
their 10 rules to better blogging at

ication &

Connect with Rowan PRSSA!


PRSSA: rowanprssa
PRaction: rowanpraction


The “A” Team

AJF-PRSSA members and advisors
wholeheartedly represented Rowan
University at PRSSANC!

Corporate Social Responsibility at the Core
By Angela Zirino, Firm Director

Corporate Social Responsibility
community have a "heart of gold." A few
(CSR), a business approach,
companies that Armon outlined
contributes to sustainable
at the session were UPS, H&M,
development by delivering
Toyota and HP. Each company
economic, social and
had its own CSR video help
environmental benefits for
employees better the lives of
all stakeholders. Dave
consumers. Armon left the
Armon, Chief Marketing
audience with one piece of
Officer at 3BL Media
advice for the CSR field,
(Triple Bottom Line) led
"Companies should include all
the session and spoke about
Dave Armon
their employees in their efforts
the CSR at the core. Armon
to ensure everyone has a part in
expressed the idea that 3BL's clients
the initiative."
who participate in giving back to the

Tips to Rowan Students from the Intern Queen
By Kristie Sudol, Senior PR Major

About PRomo

The Anthony J. Fulginiti
Chapter of the Public
Relations Student Society of
America publishes PRomo
as a monthly newsletter.

Brittany Eifert, Molly Brusser
and Bridget Mertrud

Contributing Writers:
Katarina DeFelice, Emily
Provencher, Nicolette Giordano, Katelyn Dunitz, Jennifer
Bell, Jessica Andrews, Thomas
Logue, Angela Zirino, Kristie
Sudol and Katelyn Ortega

Advisors: Dr. Novak, Dr. FitzGerald, Dr. Basso, Professor
Schoenstein, Professor Lynn
and Gloria Barone


At PRSSA National
job they desire. As the session
Conference in Indianapolis, I had
progressed, Berger made a very
the privilege of listening
essential point. She said,
to Lauren Berger, CEO
“Stay in touch with your
& Founder of
professional contacts three, speak
times a year. Once in the
at one of the sessions.
fall, once in the spring and
Berger’s career and
once in the summer.” This
internship advice truly
piece of advice is
inspired me.
something I feel all college
Throughout her
students should know.
college career, Berger
As college freshmen,
successfully completed
we tend to feel especially
15 internships. She
intimidated by the thought
discussed how never
of an internship. Once we
taking no for an answer, and
land internships, we tend to forget
always saying yes to new
how crucial it is to keep in touch
opportunities, led her to become
with the professional contacts we
one of the most in-demand career
made. The best way to stay fresh in
and internship experts in the
an employer’s mind is by going out
world. Berger said, “It is never
of your way to keep in touch.
too early to get an internship.”
It was such an honor to hear
She added that students often feel
Lauren Berger speak and to attend
intimidated by the requirements
PRSSANC. I encourage students to
listed under an internship or
take advantage of all the career
job description.
resources Rowan University offers,
Berger advised all students
and try to attend conference next year
attending the session to never let a
for a truly remarkable experience!
job description hold them back
from applying for an internship or

Crises in the Crossroads

By Katelyn Ortega, PRaction Communications Director

During PRSSA National
conference, I learned three key
points about crisis communications
from professionals during the
Crises in the Crossroads session.
Myra Borshoff, founder of the
Borshoff Advertising Agency, and
Jen Dial, a global communications
manager of Eli Lilly and Company
presented during the session.
First, as a crisis communication
PR practitioner, the worst thing to
say is "no comment." This

response gives the audience a chance
to believe whatever they want,
positive or negative.
Second, always make sure to have
a statement for the media when it
comes to representing a company
during a crisis, and make sure to stick
to the talking points.
Lastly, know the three A's:
A- acknowledge the problem,
A- apologize to the public and those
effected by the crises,
A- (take) action.

#PRSSANC Chapter Development

AJF-PRSSA Presents: “GRowan Pains”

Each year, the PRSSA National
90's-themed sitcom entitled "GRowan
Conference (PRSSANC) begins with
Pains." The story followed AJF-PRSSA's
Chapter Development Sessions
recruitment director through her struggles
(CDS) designed to help students lead
to find and keep new Chapter members.
their Chapters.
With the help of
In these sessions,
her friends, she found with
peers provide interactive
winning formula to
30-minute presentations
increased membership –
on a particular area
reducing friction with
where their Chapter
potential members,
excels – fundraising,
PRomoting her Chapter
effectively, and demonstrating
networking with
the many benefits of
PRSSA membership.
motivating members,
Rowan's CDS team
best practices for
at PRSSANC just
AJF-PRSSA eboard members
after landing in
underclassmen, finding (from left) Tom Logue, Katti Despeakers and more.
Felice, Sam Richmond, Nicolette Indianapolis on Friday, and
Giordano and Colleen Scott the team's months of
planning and late-night
National selected
rehearsals immediately proved useful.
Rowan as one of four schools in the
GRowan Pains received high praise from
country to present, based on its
both its audience and from PRSSA
application and presentation outline.
National for its creativity, energy, valuable
Since then, Rowan's five-person CDS
information and its innovative – and silly
team, as well as numerous faculty and
– uses of video. The presentation also
alumni, worked tirelessly through the
found its 15 minutes of fame on Twitter as
summer and fall to create their
hottest trending topic at PRSSANC
presentation. The presentation brought a
thanks to its interactive hashtag,
unique flair to the conference as Rowan's
team turned its presentation into a

Interested in
writing for PRomo?
Publications Editor
Brittany Eifert at:


“@RowanPRSSA, you guys
are killing it with your
presentation. Thanks for
the laughs and advice!
#PRSSANC #Growanpains”
- @DemiWolfe62

“@RowanPRSSA video
deserves an Emmy
#GrowanPains #PRSSANC”
- @AntonioRam21

“All about @RowanPRSSA
using skits & videos for
#GRowanPains...Such an
insightful way to get across
info. about retaining
- @BlueHenBrittany

Check out the Rowan University
PRSSA Facebook page for a
recording of the GRowan Pains


PRomo Photo of the Month

From left, AJF-PRSSA eboard members Sam Richmond,
Nicolette Giordano and Colleen Scott pose for a photo with
the “Old Spice Guy,” Isaiah Mustafa!

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