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5 At the beginning of the project I conducted 3 kick-off meetings with the client to figure out the real
needs of the whole district cooling plant project as an over-all system, so that we provide the
appropriate scheme and control system, in terms of power demand , ensuring proper sizing of all
equipment including current transformers, circuit breakers and bus bars. We also had to prepare the
completion schedule, ensuring we are in line with the overall system progress. We also confirmed the
environmental data of the site which is located in cvc, to make sure we are providing the appropriate
equipment degree of protection IP, to provide anti-condensate heaters for humid conditions, to apply
adequate de-ration factors for bus bars and circuit breakers in case of high ambient conditions (which is
the case in this part of the world). 3.6 The real difficulty, risk and challenge I was facing was our limited
capabilities in terms of resources, tools and effective set- up since we were in the beginning stages of
operation. I had only two engineers and a draftsman at that time, and we had to do the engineering
drawings, BOQ, calculation notes and all technical documentation submittals; project contractual follow
up, handling modifications by advising technical feasibility and their relevant commercial impacts on
price and the delays involved. We also had to look into logistics issues such as following up with
suppliers (in France and USA) and the forwarder. We also followed up financial aspects as invoicing,
receivables and monitoring our margins. 3.7 The project execution period was approximately ten
months, during this period the management was strongly supporting us to overcome any obstacles, and
a real team work was taking place to secure the contract. I was very closely following with our suppliers
in France, guiding them especially in the technical issues and ensuring that they meet the contractual
dates. 3.8 Our project scope was mainly divided into two major phases: a) Supply of the equipments to
the site. b) Site activities (supervision on installation, commissioning and start up).