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Follow both links below
Hold your cursor over Museums, Click on Collection, Scroll Down
and then Click on Paintings.
Search for Still Life with Lemons, Oranges, and a Pomegranate, by
Hulsdonck, and Still Life with Apples by Paul Cezanne.
What is the Gettys definition of Balance?

Name 3 ways visually that Hulsdonck has created a visually balanced composition:

Name 3 visual ways that Cezanne is purposefully creating an unbalanced

composition. How do these painting differ in mood and which painting is
more comfortable to look at?

Search for The Abduction of Europa, by Rembrandt.

What is the Gettys definition of Emphasis?

Which figure or figures did your eyes go to first in this painting?

How is Rembrandt using contrast to draw the viewers eye to the action in the foreground? Name
at least 3 ways.

How can an artist use emphasis to help tell a visual story?

Search for Irisis, by Vincent van Gogh.

What is the Gettys definition of Movement?

How is van Gogh creating a path for the viewers eye? And what is the focal point that he is
leading the viewer to?

Search for The Portrait of Louis XIV.

What are the Gettys definitions of Pattern and Repetition? How do these two similar elements
work together?

What object or element of design is repeating throughout this painting? How does this help to
visually unite Louis and his background?

What is the Gettys definition of Proportion?

Go to

What is this websites definition of Rhythm and how does it relate it to music?

Create a doodle below with a sense of rhythm using only simple shapes.

What is the Gettys definition of Unity?

How can 3 of these design elements help to create a sense of unity?