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In R v Jordan, 2016 SCC 27 [Jordan] the Supreme

Court of Canada noted that the criminal justice
system suffers from "a culture of complacency [...]
towards delay" (para 4).... The post Interview with
Professor Benjamin Perrin: Shining a Spotlight on
the State of the Canadian Criminal Justice System
appeared first on more??

Happy Halloween! Fall is now is full swing, and in this month's roundup you'll see that our clients
have been busy with speaking engagements, fundraising, blogging and growing new practice areas.
Read on for all the details... Lawyers and staff ...... more??

The Library of Parliament blog HillNotes has published a brief overview of the process for Ratifying
and Implementing Trade and Investment Treaties in Canada:"Under Canada's constitutional system,

the conduct of foreign affairs is a royal prerogative power of the federal Crown." "Consequently,
the... more??

Reasons for judgement were released today by the BC Court of Appeal dismissing the appeal of an
$85,000 non-pecuniary award for a chronic low back injury. In today's case (Villing v. Husseni) the
Plaintiff was injured in 2010 in a collision caused by the Defendant. ?She suffered a low back in...

By Alan Kilpatrick The Legal Sourcery team would like to wish you a happy Halloween! Filed under:
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This article is by Ian Hu, claims prevention & practicePRO Counsel at LAWPRO. Adverse cost
protection is a relatively new insurance or quasi-insurance product which can help lessen the

financial blow of a lost case for both the client and lawyer. It may also be called adverse cost
insurance, leg... more??

Here are the leading legal headlines from?Wise Law on TwitterA video posted by Wise Law Office
(@wiselaw) on Oct 31, 2016 at 7:15am PDTTips for handling a toxic co-worker (and how to avoid
becoming one) Jared Fogle's ex-wife sues Subway, alleging it failed to act on pitchman Reasonable
Doubt:... more??

Canadian Heritage Minister Melanie Joly hosted a public meeting in Montreal last week as part of
her consultation on Canadian content in the digital world. The media reports from the event
included a focus on comments from musician Patrick Watson, who is quoted as saying that no one
would be on the... more??

Joyeux Halloween, Mesdames et Monsieurs! This week, we focus on how the BNA Act and the
Constitution Act, 1982, affected Qu?bec. The Dominion team chose this week to focus on Qu?becois

history under Confederation because Friday, November 4th, marks the... more??

The dumping inquiry into Gypsum Board from the United States has just been complicated by a
Cabinet Order directing the Canadian International Trade Tribunal ("CITT") to consider whether
anti-dumping duties will cause economic harm to Canada and Canadian gypsum board users. As a
result of the Or... more??

(Missed Part 1 of this series? Read it here: Being Efficient Doing the Wrong Tasks = Not Being
Efficient) So Why Are Lawyers Spending So Much Time On Administrative ...... more??

Sometimes the full effects of changes to auto insurance legislation aren't felt or understood until you
have to make a claim. There are so many numbers, conditions and exceptions to keep track of, and it
can be hard to truly appreciate these abstracts. Here is a recent news story that illustra... more??

Some?years ago, when I was working for the Canadian Bar Association, real estate lawyers in
Canada became?deeply troubled about?losing their lead role?in residential real estate transactions.
They complained?that they undertook a great deal of work and expense to ascertain the validity of
title... more??

The following annotations were added to Quickscribe 2.0 this past month:John-Paul Boyd, Canadian
Research Institute For Law And The Family - Family Law ActMichael Bain, Hamilton Howell Bain &
Gould - Strata Property ActRichard Bereti, Harper Grey LLP - Environmental Management ActHave
you... more??

For the second year running, my colleagues and I at fSquared Marketing showed our insanity
commitment to the Canadian legal industry by undertaking research related to client focused digital
tools. And so we're happy to present the second annual Canadian Legal Digital Survey report which
includes... more??

In December 2013, I posted "Lawful Access: There, I fixed it for you.". I didn't think I'd need to link
to it again so soon, but in light of the Government of Canada's recent Green Paper on national
security, lawful access is back in the public policy spotlight. If you'd thought that the Spencer dec...

Canadian Bar Association conference in Ottawa August 12, 2016. | Photo by Blair Gable At the
beginning of May, an interesting email landed in my inbox from Aron Solomon. He was encouraging
Loom (along with the rest of the LegalX crowd) to apply for a startup competition sponsored by the
Canadia... more??

It is a weird thing that we want to hear a writer give a presentation, when she has written on a
subject. Accidentally I have become a writer and speaker on law libraries and other information
issues. The impulse to hear a speaker stems from wanting to hear firsthand how the person "talks
the... more??

Post by:?Craig Robson When I was a junior lawyer,

(back before computers) I worked in a firm with a
senior counsel who was of an age to have fought in
the first World War.? At the time, one of my ...
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Marsha Guthrie, Manager, Implementation and Partnerships with the Alberta Legal Information
Society and Julie Rainey of Alberta Law Libraries for sending the following my way:New free website
for Albertans dealing with family law issues: LegalAveLegalAve is a free website that brings together
existi... more??