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Joshua Pangilinan

September 16, 2016

Period 6
Declaration Essay

During the creation of the Declaration of Independence America was going through many
different events. With the Declaration of Independence being created America was finally free.
Today, many people argue whether or not that America is living up to what the Declaration Of
Independence states. For example, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are
created equal (Declaration Of Independence Line 8). The quote means that it is an obvious
fact to know that all people are created equal. No one is truly different from each other. Many
people do not accommodate these words from the Declaration Of Independence. If the quote was
truly honored by everyone 100%, then there would be no stereotypes against other races, nor
would any other race find a certain race superior. Everyone would have more respect towards
each other and to others.
Muslims are one race that are not honored to who they are, but they are looked at as what
others have done. Some people started to grow fear and hatred towards the muslims because of
what a few muslims did. On November 13, 2015 Paris was attacked by a terrorist group, later to
be claimed by ISIS. The attack was coordinated at six different places with suicide bombing and
open fire gunmen. states Paris was once
again being targeted by Islamists. When the people heard about this in America people started
to realize that these terrorists groups were no joke. But what some people did not see is that the

people who did it was a terrorist group named ISIS. The people saw that it was just Arabs or
Muslims that are the threat in general. Even after September 11, 2001 people started to be afraid
of the people. People do not realize that the attacks could have been from any other race or
culture, that it was just a coincidence that those people happened to be a terrorist group. Even
though Porter may argue that even when the Atom Bomb was being threatened, Americans were
not worried, but now people are arguing that America should not let any middle eastern refugees
into the country because of fear that they are terrorists.
Not only are the Muslims not being honored into the Declaration Of Independence, but
Hispanics are not honored either. For example, on the upcoming presidential election one of the
candidates, Donald Trump, has a plan on getting rid of some unwanted hispanics. But what is
more surprising is that people are actually supporting the idea. According to, 51% favor building a wall on the border; 37% disagree, and
12% are not sure. Eighty percent (80%) support the deportation of all illegal immigrants
convicted of a felony; only 11% are opposed. This shows that people are in favor of building a
wall to keep hispanics out and to deport hispanics out of the country as well. Most hispanics
came to the U.S looking for new opportunities and some even came to the U.S looking for
freedom. How can America deliver any of the Declaration Of Independence if just looks at some
people and hispanics as illegal immigrants instead of who they truly are and why they are
immigrants. Porter may argue that the American ethos is not negative at all, but people may have
been hiding what they thought all along. Once someone says out loud on what someone is
thinking then the shell breaks and people start coming into an agreement on something negative.

Many people still believe that America is still in favor of white people, that white people
control the land. This what people believe is white privileges, where white people are superior or
are taken easy by the law. An example of this is with the Brock Turner case. According to A prosecutor argued he should spend six years in prison. A judge ruled he
should be jailed for six months. A ton of people were furious with the judge and claimed that he
got a short sentence because of his race. Many people assumed it was a race issue, but did not
look at the case in any other view. Although Brock Turner should have gone to prison for at least
more than six month, Brock Turner was a wonderful student. He went to Stanford University, a
college that is difficult to get into, not only that he was part of the swimming team. A simple
drunken college party act can not punish what the student has came far to. Some people do not
analyze the situation like that, instead people find race as an argument standing a side that it
could have been anyone other person. Others may argue that race was not put account in the
argument, but the media has shown that some use race in part of an argument.
America has progressed towards a better honor on the phrase, but has not pleased the
phrase fully. Americans can start to analyze situations in a different Point of View. People, in
general, need to stop looking at others by race or religion, but as an individual that is similar to
all. Believe in God or not, whoever created one race, the human race. No person is inhuman but
the one who thinks the other as inhuman.