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Daniel Lee

Mrs. lucarelli
Honors world History
November 4th, 2016

In the movie, Risen there is a Roman soldier named Clavius. In the beginning of the
film Clavius was represented to be a strong merciless soldier who was very greedy, and selfish.
However, as the movie progresses Jesus was killed on the cross, and put away in his tomb. After
this the Emperor was called down to see what has happened, however, when news breaks out
that the guards and the boulder that were blocking the entrance blew away, Pontius Pilate sends
Clavius, and other well respected leaders of the Roman army to check on the tomb. When they
went to check the tomb the body was gone. So Pontius Pilate sends Clavius, and other soldiers
on a manhunt to find the body. Using clues from the tomb, Clavius orders soldiers to look for
corpses first, believing that the body was dead. During this time countless rumors kept hitting
Clavius saying that the man killed was indeed the Son of Heaven and that he has resurrected.
Many clues lead to Jesus disciples and May MAgdalene who are all strong believers of Christ.
After spending time with the Disciples, and Mary Magdelene, he decides to run away with them.
After Clavius has seen Jesus himself in person he decides to follow Jesus as well. During his
time with Jesus he witnesses many things like healing wounds, and healing lepers and writes a
letter back to the Romans, saying that he doesnt want to look for someone dead knowing that
theyre alive. However time passes and Jesus goes back to heaven, where here on earth Clavius
and the followers live their lives sharing the stories of Jesus, and walking the way that he has
told them to. Clavius is influenced by religion, because before being exposed to Jesus and his
teahings he was a greedy, selfish soldier, but when he learned about Jesus he found his way in

life. The movie portrays Christianity in a positive way. You can tell that the movie is trying to
portray that when you are lost, or confused then try to build a relationship with Jesus through
Christianity to ease your pain and make things more clear.