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CA Book quiz 1 Ch 1-7


California Economy (source of

revenue+Dominant Industries)
livestock and livestock products accounted for
7.5% of US revenue. Agricultural industry (high
revenue), tourism revenue that's nothing to scoff
at, electronics+Cpu industry, high-technology
industry, aerospace industry which downsized
after Cold War, and there are


Progressive + RxR (initiative process,

role of RxR, why reform them + recall
in place?)
RxR was constructed expansion it was founded by 4
San Franciscan businessmen who had lobbied
congress to grant mils of dollars in loan subsidies and
land grants. Economic pwr goes hand in hand w/
political pwr. Southern Pacific became a pwrful
political machine that dominated state politics. It
controlled political parties + worked primarily through the
dominant Republicans. They ensured their allies held
most of the state + local elected offices. The
elected officials were expected to advance
interests of their patrons (RxR Barons) RxR + Allies
ruled the state but success created conditions for their
destruction. RxR coming from CA met the Union
Pacific line from east at Promontory Point in Utah in 1869.
People then migrated from around the nation to CA
and the economy became more diverse through
acts of those not owing their livelihood to RxR.
The emerging middle class resented corrupt RxR's
political machine + provided support for reform
movement that eventually emerged.
1907 grp of reformers in Republican party
formed the Lincoln-Roosevelt League. League was

part of Progressive movement which battled

corrupt political machines cross country.
Progressive thought emerged @ turn of century +
targeted perceived corruption in Democratic
process. Success followed in 1910 a progressive Republican
Hiram Johnson became governor of CA. Progressives sought
to return pwr to the ppl. B/c RxR worked through
pol.parties progressives sought to give voters
more control over parties and restricting what
those parties could primaries/elections,
crossfiling (identifying w/ both pol.parties) is now
illegal but was useful then. Restrictions on party
donations + endorsements + non-partisanship in
local elections, were intended to weaken
pol.parties pwr. Public Utilities Commission (PUC) was created
to regulate RxR + Utilities.

Since machine dominated legislature + governors

the reformers Instituted direct democracy. The
initiative, referendum + recall gave voting public
pwr to supersede acts of officials + even remove
them from office.
A new civil service/merit syst for hiring + firing
state employees prevented positions from being
used as pol.favors/payoffs. + w/ pol.institutions
progressives gave women right to vote. Passed
work compensation laws + created consevation
laws to protect CA natural resources.
1911 CA 10th state to initiative process, empwring
citizens to adopt laws + constitunal amendments
w/o support of gov't.
Initiative process= allows voters to propose +
pass laws + amendments w/o input frm governor
or legislature.
Referendum= voters can overturn laws passed by
legislature and signed by governor.

Recall= voters can remove a elected official

they're unhappy w/ even if it's not the end of the
official's term.

Interest groups why pwrful + list to

support claim
pwrful b/c pol.parties weakened. interest groups
gained more financial/members support as there is
strength in numbers they're strong and anyone
can join or create one that reflects their interests.
Frequency of elections + initiative process invites
formation of interest grps in CA. they lobby
Sacramento, protest, write letters, sign petitions
+ have vested interest in either preserving law or
amending them causing to vote on everything


Governor's pwrs Informal + Formal

Informal(p.78)- National figure, often appears in discussions of
presidential + vice presidential hopefuls. Past governors have
exerted influence in many ways like taking strong public
stands on issues + sponsering initiatives like prop
187, opposing initiatives like prop 66

Formal(p.78-79)- can propose legislation (annual msg),

can veto act of legislation or line-item veto where
they omit parts of the bill then pass it. Bugetary
pwr (needs 2/3 support of both houses of
legislature) and appointment pwrs (100s of
boards + commissions well as leadership of most
state executive depts and his own cabinet).

How are elected officials removed in


Recall (CH2 p.18)= voters can remove a elected

official they're unhappy w/ even if it's not the end
of the official's term.
Impeached (CH6 p.65)= Assembly makes accusation
then Senate holds impeachment trial for the
accused official conviction requires 2/3 vote.
Judgment may extend only to removal frm office +
disqualification to hold any office under the state.