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So Lees Street Red Deer, Alberta Canada. TAR 206 Phone: (403) 342-4800 Fax: (403) 343-2249 February 24, 2016 Adele Wilkins 5 Firdale Rd Syivan Lake, AB T4S 212 Dear Adele: Congratulations on your outstanding academic success in semester one final for the 2015-2016 school year! You successfully achieved the distinction of Honours standing for this period. In order to achieve this recognition a student must achieve an average of 80% or higher in final school based marks on all courses taken during the term and must be registered in a minimum of 10 credits. Your overall average was 83%. This achievement demonstrates your commitment to your studies and reflects a positive effort and attitude towards your education. You have reason to be proud of your achievement and 1 ‘encourage you to continue to excel in your studies. Your name will be posted on our Student Honour Roll recognition plaque, which hangs in the hallway outside the main office, and a copy of this letter put in your permanent record. Each time you can maintain honour roll standing; your chances of securing scholarships and awards are increased. You may want to contact the Student Services office for further information regarding scholarships and awards available to students maintaining high achievement in their studies. I encourage you to continue to excel in your studies and to be proud of your sane Sincerely, ¥. 1) coe "1 Cuay Mrs. Rose McQuay Paincipal RM/msp ce: Student file - Grade 10 God is our Power, Knowledge is our Strength