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According to DOLE PROCEDURAL GUIDELINES FOR Accreditation of Practitioners, Consultants

and Organizations on Occupational Safety And Health (Pursuant to Department Order No 16, series
of 2001 which amended Rule 1030 of the Occupational Health and Safety Standards) page 6 of 77
that Any person desiring to be employed as or practice Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in the
country is required to complete the prescribed training and for Safety Officer Basic Training on
OSH, 40 hours is required.
ATCS and ASCI Is inviting you to enter the world of Safety by taking the required Training to become
a Safety Officer on November 28-December 01 2016@BPSU Main Campus Balanga City Bataan.
Training Fees in 7500php inclusive of BOSH Passer Shirts, Soft Copy of the Materials, Lunch and
snacks for four days.
For Registration and Bookings You can contact us on Mob No. 0930 954 2153 TNT / 0916 728
6419 Globe 0999 937 6842 Smart or you can visit us at Stall No 14 Panilao Arcade Pilar Bataan
Be A Safety Officer Save Lives Be A Hero.