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How To Increase Wi-Fi Speed by Choosing Correct Wi-Fi Channel


Increase Wi-Fi speed by choosing right channel

Still stuck buffering your You-Tube videos? Agonising over the long time it is taking for the page to load while sulking at the screen and
cursing your Internet Service Provider? Worry not! Here is a tweak that might help you to increase Wi-Fi speed.
If you have been surfing the internet in the hope of finding a solution to help overcome this problemyou might have encountered the
word channel. No, well most of the Wi-Fi home networks use a narrowradio frequency range of around 2.4GHz for signal transmission.
This range has been distributed further into a number of smaller bands or channels, similar to television channels. There are 14
channels designated in the 2.4GHz range spaced 5MHz apart (with the exception of a 12MHz spacing before channel 14).

Increase Wi-Fi speed by choosing right channel

This paltry signal range leads to overlapping of channels which combined with the fact that other electronic devices such as microwave
ovens, cordless phone etc. along with the wireless networks of your neighbors may also use the same frequency range can lead to
interference with the wireless home network, affecting its performance adversely.
The interference could be due to the following causes:

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Increase Wi-Fi speed by choosing right channel

But as you might have observed in the picture above Channels 1, 6& 11are spaced far enough so as to not overlap with each other and
are as such the best channels for usage along a Wi-Fi network.
Further as interference leads to the reduction in the throughput of the systemusage, selection of the proper channel to improve the
performance of the WLAN equipment is also necessary.
To change your routers Wi-Fi channel you need to simply log into your routers web interface in a web browser. Go to Wi-Fi setting and
find the Wi-Fi Channel option and choose your newWi-Fi channel.
The next question which might be buzzing in your mind would be howto select the correct channel for usage. Besides using channel 1, 6
and 11, you could further use the following methods to select the best channel:

How to Increase Wi-Fi speed by choosing right channel?

Android-WiFi Analyzer App:

Increase Wi-Fi speed by choosing right channel with Android app

One of the best android apps for selecting the most appropriate channel is the Wifi Analyzer App. Once you have installed the app from
Google Play, it shall give you an overviewof the wireless networks in your area and the channels which they are using, while also
suggesting the best Wi-Fi channel for your Wi-Fi Network. You can also viewthe channel and star rating of Wi-Fi channels fromthe view
menu and increase Wi-Fi speed.

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Linux The iwlist Command

Increase Wi-Fi speed by choosing right channel in Linux (image:

Open the terminal and just type in the following command which is inbuilt in all popular Linux distributions:
Sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep \(Channel

Next you just have to simply study the output and select the Wi-Fi channel which is the least congested for optimumWi-Fi performance
and increase Wi-Fi speed.

Mac OS X Wireless Diagnostics:

Increase Wi-Fi speed by choosing right channel in OS X (image:

Mac OS X has this feature integrated into it.

Simply Hold the Option key & Click the Wi-Fi icon on the menu bar->Select Open Wireless Diagnostics->Click the Windows Menu->Select
Open Wireless Diagnostics->Click the WindowMenu->Select Utilities->Select the Wi-Fi Scan Tab & Click Scan Now. The Best 2.4GHz
Channels and Best 5GHz Channels fields will automatically recommend the ideal Wi-Fi channel one should be using on their router
and increase Wi-Fi speed.


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Increase Wi-Fi speed by choosing right channel in Windows

Windows users can simply opt for the inSSIDer utility or Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector or perhaps NIrSofts WifiInfoViewto judge the Wi-Fi
channel which is the least congested and choose it to increase Wi-Fi speed.
Also read: The Best Place to Put Your Router to speed up your Wi-Fi
Are you going to try out this technique to increase Wi-Fi speed?? Tell us your thoughts below.
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