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Camila Salazar

Marriage Project

I believe that the definition of marriage varies in different cultures, but

in most cultures, the focus on marriage is about reproducing and raising
children. Marriage is mainly the union of two or more people who are in some
way committed to one another, or have chosen one another for a specific
reason, whether it is about being in love or to reproduce and raise children
in order to survive.
In different cultures, marriage is viewed differently because some
depend on it to survive, and others see it as a choice. Since marriage can be
a requirement that society sets, people feel like they have no choice but to
follow that tradition on getting married. Sometimes, those types of cultures
who view marriage as a necessity view it that way because they want to
have children to follow the footsteps of the parents, or to continue a tradition
that has been going on for years. A lot of times, when people are in love
with each other, they dont feel that getting married will change anything
about them, or make them more committed to each other than they already
My understanding of marriage has changed a lot just because I learned
so much, and I learned things that I never thought would actually occur in
real life. I learned that marriage is much more complex than what it seems,

and in my opinion, there isnt really a definition of marriage, its just

depends on how people view it.