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David Miles

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February 24, 2016

Outside Magazine
400 Market Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Dear <insert editors name here>,

Adventure is dying. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as an undertaking usually involving
danger and unknown risks. The cause of its deterioration can be attributed to many things, but
no doubt it is occurring. To prove my point, Id like you to imagine the last time you left your
house without knowing where you were going and how you were to get there. In fact, make up
any two real numbers under 100. Now separate them by a comma and use those numbers to
search google maps. Go into satellite view and zoom in. Anyone with access to the internet can
view nearly every inch of the Earths surface, you can even calculate how close that inch is to the
nearest McDonalds with extraordinary accuracy.
Telecommunications and globalization have shrunk our world. This has left many of us with a
diminished sense of wonder about this new world. I want to show your readers the very real
adventures you can have while still living in the information age. I recently left the US Navy in
May 2015 and, as a celebration of my freedom, I kayaked the entire navigable section of the
Buffalo National River in Arkansas, some 130 miles.
Like any indoctrinated millennial, I spent much time on the internet learning what I could about
the river as the trip loomed on the calendar. As much as I thought I knew, internet research was
no substitute for experience. Reality graciously reinforced that fact the entire trip. The piece I
want to write for you would parallel this experience to my internet research and previous
paddling experiences. I want to show your readers, who may be jaded by the overwhelming
information available through modernity, that adventure is still to be found. I also want to share
a narrative of personal growth that will express the need for America to continue to conserve its

I am in my senior year of college at the University of Maryland pursuing a Geographic

Information Systems(GIS) major with minors in Professional Writing and Sustainability. I plan
on continuing my education through graduate school and finding a career that allows me to
continue traveling and finding adventures. I want to write about some of these experiences to
inspire people who may feel trapped by our modern lifestyles. I hope to hear back soon on my

Thank you for your time,

David Miles