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Quality Performance Analysis on the Boys & Girls Clubs

Juan Bautista-Cruz
James Madison University

Quality Performance Analysis on the Boys & Girls Clubs
The purpose of the Boys & Girls Club of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County is to
promote the social, educational, health, leadership, and character development of boys and girls
during critical periods of their growth (Boys & Girls Clubs, 2016). In order to assess the quality
of the 7 different programs that they offer, a quality assessment is needed, which, ideally should
be done on a yearly base. The director is new and she wants to know how others view the

program. More specifically, the quality of the program in terms of how well BGCHR is meeting
its mission statement. The four components that that were measured are shown below:

The Boys & Girls Club is a big organization and for the purposes of this project and

constrains in time and resources, I conducted a survey at the main location in Harrisonburg and
South River Elementary School. The reason as to why these two locations were pick is the fact
that one location, Harrisonburg, has a lots of diversity in terms of the background of the students.
The other location is the total opposite; the school is not very diverse.
Performance analysis was conducted using quality standards of afterschool programs.
The standards were obtaining from scholarly and peer reviewed journals using James Madison
University data base. The instrument that was used to gather feedback from students, parents,
staff, and the teachers is Google Forms. The survey was composed of questions that were taken


from the assessment kit that the Boys & Girls club use. The standards are listed below along with
a description of each element:


They aligned program structures and contents to meet goals

They established relationships with the day school


These programs had strong leadership and established clear goals

Their curriculum in general reflected a linkage to standards
Staff members had low turn over rates
The staff were able to build rapport, maintained high expectations,
kept students motivated and engaged.
Communication with staff, parents, teachers, and members of the



In school buildings, safety and health standards required during the

school day are continued in the OST program.
Staff build trusting relationships with youth that provide physical
and emotional security.
Programming facilitates a variety of physical and nutritional
activities that meet the needs of all children/youth.
They set a schedule that allowed time for students to learn and
Activities include opportunities to develop important skills that are
not taught in classroom (life skills, conflict resolution, & respect).
There is a full range of learning and recreational equipment and
materials (sensory, woodworking, art, literacy, recreational
materials, technology, science, math, etc.).

Once the standards were established, the way in which I evaluated the survey was based
on a scale level of 1 to 4 listed below:


Level 1

Our program is just beginning to work in this area and has an urgent need to address this practice. Our
program can be much better at this than we are currently.

Level 2

Our program has done some work in this area but will need targeted support to move to the next level.
Our program is making progress, but can improve further

Level 3

Level 4

Our program has achieved a high level of proficiency in this area and needs only a little additional work
to be exceptionally proficient. Our program is very good at this practice.

Our program is exceptionally proficient in this practice and can demonstrate this in observable ways.
This is an area of quality practice where our program can serve as an example for others.




Potential Solution

Out of 45 teacher response, only 2

stated that they were well informed

There is not a well

established communication
system between schools and
the BGC.

Create student portfolios. This will

allow for the teachers to see how has
the students in the program has
progressed since joining the program.

Out of 45 teacher responses, only 2

rated the service quality as being

This ties back to the first

finding, which is lack of
communication between the
Boys & Girls club and the

Create monthly newsletters for the

schools. This might be something
that volunteer can work on.

Level 2 on homework completion

Teachers feel that the

program does not help
students complete

This is something that will require

more analysis.

The driving indicator that communication, which falls under leadership, is a problem

between the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County and the teachers is the
response to the communication question. It is critical for the success of the students that teachers
are well informed of what happens at the Boys & Girls Clubs. Part of an effective after school
program is that activities are aligned with that of the of what the student learns at school. Which
helps to reinforce what the students are learning. Furthermore, in order for after-school programs
to be successful, all stakeholders, parents, school personnel, and others, in the school and
community has to be informed of the program, (Pickard, n.d.). From the teachers survey, the
main concerned as stated above was communication, which is a level 2 on the performance
standards, reflects the concern that the director expressed in our initial meeting. The which is one
of the schools were questioning the quality of the program. This may be due to lack of
information that they receive.
Communication is good within the program but with the teachers, this was not the case.
Important constrains to take into consideration with any potential solution is time and resources.
The amount of time and resources are important factor because the programs are managed by
full-time professional staff that is supported by part-time workers and dedicated volunteers. This
means that any additional resources that will be needed may have to come in the form of
volunteers. Given these constrains, the solutions will have to focus on creating a method for the
teachers and all stakeholder to be informed that meets the criteria mentioned above.
The stakeholder feels that the Boys & Girls Club helps students in meeting the goals but
due to the lack of communication between teachers and the program, perhaps, this is why they


question the quality of the program. School communication is a dynamic part of education
success. Effective two-way communication is cited as a necessary trait for success at all levels of
education, from school board to superintendent to principal, administrator and teacher (Cary,
2006). The finding, based on the responses of the staff, teachers, and parents, the quality of the
programs offered at South River Elementary School and the Harrisonburg club location are
effective in helping to promote recreational, safety, and leadership skills. The area of opportunity
is in academics.


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Appendix: Survey Questions

Teacher Survey

Teachers are well informed of what happens in the Boys & Girls Club.
The Boys & Girls Club helps students academically and/or in homework completion.
The Boys & Girls Club helps students learn how to get along with others?
How likely would you recommend the Boys & Girls Club to a friend or colleague?
Which is the most important element for an after school program to have (pick one).
The Boys & Girls Club has helped the child get his/her homework done on time.
Compared to other after school program providers, how would you rate the Boys & Girls Club service quality?
How satisfied are you with the students academic performance since joining the Boys & Girls Club?
Recruitment of children/youth is strategically designed to attract children/youth who are most likely to benefit
from programs offered by the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Parent Survey

1. How many years has your child been in the Boy & Girls Club at this location?
2. Which is the most important element for an after school program to have (pick one).
3. How would you rate the safety of your child while he/she is at the Boys & Girls Club?
4. Does your child enjoy attending the Boys & Girls Club?
5. How convenient is the Boys & Girls Club to use?
6. The Boys & Girls Club has helped my child get his/her homework done on time.
7. Are you satisfied with the kinds of programs and activities offered at the Boys & Girls Club?
8. Which outcome is most important to you (pick one):
9. The Boys & Girls Club has a clearly written goal and mission statement.
10.How likely would you recommend the Boys & Girls Club to a friend or colleague?
11. How convenient are the hours of the Boys & Girls Club?
12.How satisfied are you with the Boys & Girls Club staff?
13.How is communication between Club staff and parents?