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School: Harrison School

Commencement date of ILP: March 2016

Student name: -------- -------Number:

Review date: July/August 2016

Date of Birth: 3/8/99

year level: Year 10
ILP team: Rosie Randle, Stephen Pickard, Ranjeeta Sewak, Leon Ward
DECO: Marcus Berryman
Transition facilitator: Marcus Berryman - Use transitioning visits to become comfortable with the physical environment. With support
from Mr Berryman, -------- will aim to visit both Gungahlin College and Dickson College.
(Transition goal required in the ILP)
Focus area and
Learning goals
Linked to students Pathways
skill/level of
SMART guidelines (Specific
Measurable - Achievable Relevant - Timely)
Reviewed when appropriate
and at least 6 monthly at the
In-school Review
-------- is able to
follow two step
This goal will be
achieved through
work in Science
and English

Adjustments for learning

Consider the Adjustment Matrix for
level and type: environment,
curriculum, teaching & learning,
assessment & reporting,
technology, communication.
Consider Access and
Participation groupings from the
Appraisal where relevant.

Achievement of short term goal

Comment on learning stage (acquisition,
fluency, maintenance, and generalisation) and
support levels (independence -prompts).
Record date of each entry.

Long term goal

-------- develop his ability to
understand procedural texts.

Short term goal

-------- will use a writing frame
to develop his structure for
writing a procedural text.
-------- will increase his use of

-------- participates well in English and SOSE. He

applies himself and completes tasks to the
best of his ability. In particular he has prepared
and delivered oral presentations efficiently and
confidently. The pleasure he derives from
working with his peers is obvious.
-------- has been able to work through
experiments in a group. He completed the
experiment to the best of his ability in science
and recorded the results with the help of LSA.

Differentiated and scaffolded

classroom tasks and
assessment tasks where
A range of text types including
video to support learning
Work with Literacy for Life
Complete practical activities
with increasing independence

appropriate language in his

writing of procedural texts.

-------- is
through the Year
6 curriculum with

Short term goal

-------- will use the Math
Space application with
increasing independence.
Long term goal
-------- will complete the Y6
curriculum with support

Use of laptop to take notes or

photos during a practical
procedure to assist with recall
Answer simple questions about
process after reading the
practical report during science

Verbally -------- has a good understanding of

procedural texts. -------- can access recipes on
Schoology before a lesson to familiarise

-------- will complete the same

Mathspace modules at a
differentiated level from his
Create word walls, word banks
and other resources to help
with understanding of maths
Teach one step to mastery,
then add the next step, teach
to masterythen add the next
step etc.
Teach using a cumulative
sequence build on whats
already been learned and
previous learning receives
further practise.
Program for regular systematic
review of concepts and overlearning to ensure learning is
retained in long term memory.
Use mnemonic techniques to
learn math algorithms (sets of
procedures) in order to develop
more consistent retrieval cues
when problem solving.

Jayden participates during maths lessons with

enthusiasm and completes work on schedule.
He still needs assistance from an LSA with
some subjects within the Y6 curriculum. Donna
would like him to participate in Life Skills
lessons ( e.g. using money) which will occur
during term 4.

-------- has worked well in Semester 1 in

PE/Health and he has made satisfactory efforts
to complete modified Health work. -------shows his understanding in Health through
verbal explanations.

-------- will be working on measurement,

understanding of the task and physical
coordination during woodwork. Mr Bowyer will
assist -------- to develop his ability to
understand two tasks in order.

Introduce new skills beginning

with concrete examples and
later transitioning to more
abstract applications.
Use graph paper for organising
ideas on paper and to help
align numbers in columns.
Practise estimating as a way to
begin solving math problems.
Students may need to learn or
revisit the language of math
by relearning quantitative
concepts such as more, less,
equal, sum, altogether,
difference, etc. in order to
develop more consistency
when solving word problems.
For mathematical language
difficulties, explain ideas and
problems clearly and
encourage students to ask
questions as they work.
Use formative assessment
strategies to check
End every topic by allowing
children time to use both new
and established vocabulary,
explain their understanding of
new concepts and most
importantly reward them for
saying what they still do not
Use manipulatives to assist
with visualising maths

-------- is keen to
complete a
placement this

-------- currently
works with Mr
Riley regularly on
sound and
lighting for school

Long term goal

-------- will successfully
participate in a work
experience program relating
to his future interests in
performance vehicles or
lighting technology.
Short term goal
To identify prospective
businesses to complete his
work experience placement
with support from mum and
Long term goal
-------- will continue assisting
Mr Riley with sound and
lighting for events at school.

Regular check ins with Mrs

McGavock during careers
Discuss prospective businesses
with Mrs McGavock and Shaun
Complete paper work with
support of mum and dad for
Attend placement as arranged

-------- successfully completed one week work

experience at Gentech Automotive &
Performance Centre during term 3 this year.

Continue to build skills as part

of the sound and lighting
Take on additional
responsibilities with more
independence as instructed by
Mr Riley.

-------- has assisted the schools assembly tech

crew this semester through assisting with
setup and using the sound desk with
assistance. -------- set up the sound system at
the cross country and operated the music and
microphone for the day with assistance from
staff and his peers.
He should continue to participate in the tech
crew for his last semester by assisting with
training a new set of students and assisting
with major events such as the Film Festival,
Drama Production and End of Year concert.

Transition Goal

Long term goal

-------- will participate in
regular visits to Gungahlin
College during term 4 to
familiarise himself with the
setting and people.

Jodie Rowell to develop a

transition timetable. -------- may
go to some of the visits
independently, some will be
supported and with other
Set up meeting with Aine from
Gungahlin College for term 3.
Set up meeting with transition
team, including psychologists,
early term 4 for transition



-------- -------Donna -------Geoff -------Marcus Berryman
Rosie Randle