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STUDENT DISCIPLINARY COUNCIL University of the Philippines Diliman Room 201, Vinzons Hall UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City ® 426-4940 / 981-8500 local 4509 Email: 29 June 2015 CLEARANCE ‘TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is to certify that based on the records of this office as of the date indicated herein, JUAN FERNANDO J. LARONG with Student Number 2005-69202, has no pending student disciplinary case. This clearance does not cover student disciplinary cases filed in other units in UP Diliman and other units within the UP System that were not brought to the attention. of this office. This is being issued for GRADUATION purposes only. Bry ASST. PROF. JOSEPHINE C, DIONISIO Chairy« NCPAG File Copy Uertified True Copy CERTIFICATION Tica cae Student Records Evaluator 11% 23 May 2015 To Whom It May Concern: This certifies that based on our records, MR. JUAN FERNANDO J. LARONG (SN 2005-69202) a Bachelor of Arts (Public Administration) (BAPA) student, has served his penalty of six (6) month-suspension from his SDT Case No. 08-010, for: Violation of Section 2, par. (m) of the RRSCD. This certification is being issued upon the request of MR. LARONG for SDT Clearance. MARIA web sieboza, DPA Dean T6 Receied: Juan Fevfa Yolo Lavong May 24, 2015 AUTHORITY TO SALE ‘That 1,Cerio B.Balolong ,Filipino,of Legal age, married and residence and postal address at Purok Villanueva Barangay, Calumpang, General Santos City, hereby authorize Juan Fernando J.Larong, of Legal age, Single and a resident of Block 8 lot 2,Teachers Village Barangay Cagniog, Surigao look for a buyer and sell described vessel, to wit: “Fishing Vessel F/B HG EXPRESS 88” (KATAMBAK). ‘That the Selling price of the said Fishing vessel is and he is entitled to a commission of Five (5%) based on the gross sales. I Witness whereof, we have set our hands this at General Santos City, Philippines. Cerio B.Balolong Juan Fe J. Larong, Affiant Owner fageht CTC No. 36729674 SIGNED IN THE PRESENCE OF: & Subscribed and swom to before me this day of 2016 at general Santos City. Doc Page No. Book No. Series 0f 2016