Daughter of Destiny

By: Le Chu

The god of Chaos and Destruction descended upon us.
People were running, confusion is evident on their faces, and I am helpless to do anything. “My Lady,” a masculine voice made me snap out of my agonized reverie, “my Lord has been looking for you. I shall escort you to him.” I shook my head, “No, I’m staying. The Final Hour is at hand. I must be with my people this one last time.” “But, my Lady we need you alive. Time is not in our hands now.” I heard the desperation in his voice. I looked around. Tears formed in my eyes. It is hopeless, I thought. Everything is collapsing. The ground is shaking violently beneath my feet. Seeing that I’m not making any move, the foot soldier pulled me gently by the hand and guided me towards the hearth of the palace, where all the Masters of Order are gathered, waiting for me. “It’s about time, my Lady,” one of the twelve Masters replied hurriedly as I entered the


“What is going on? Where is His Highness? The Queen...?” “My Lady, your Father and Mother… they did not make it. The prophecy is coming true,” the Master answered sadly, “the end is near.” One of the Masters motioned me towards the center, the Circle of Realms already formed. “No!!! What are you doing?! I can’t leave my people!!!” I screamed as I tried to pull away, “I-I can’t..!” “My Lady, please..” the Master pleaded. “Annwen,” a warm masculine voice spoke gently, his hands held mine firmly, “do what the Masters say, you might be the only hope for us…” “My Lord Anwell,” the Master interrupted, a pained expression glazed his eyes, “It is his Highness’ dying wish that you go with her into the Circle.” Too confused and weak to speak, I nodded as Anwell led me towards the Circle of Realms. A deafening sound reverberated in the Halls of Light within the Hearth of the Palace, its ivory white columns started giving way, huge cracks quickly zigzagging across the marble white floor. Everything happened in a blur. The Masters, holding the Circle of Realms with their sorcery, are doing the best they could. The next thing I knew I was hurled into the Circle. I looked back to see the portal of entry closing fast. Tears ran down my cheeks. I tried to run back quickly but something held me against my will. I saw everything as the portal closed. The pillars giving way, the ornaments shattered, the Masters drained of their magic, and… Anwell… He saved me before a pillar pinned him to the ground. “Beloved,” I whispered as the portal closed behind me sending me into the abyss of the unknown.

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