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d Ce n t r a l C a






h Schoo


& Mercy
“A little bit of mercy makes
the world less cold and more just.”
Pope Francis

Table of Contents
Letter of Appreciation . . . . . . . . . . 3
Mission Statement . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Mission Statement for
Advancement Office. . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Advisory Board and Staff. . . . . . . . . 5
Financials. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Honor Roll of Donors . . . . . . . . 7-10
Special Events Summary. . . . . . . 11

2016 Graduates of Cleveland Central Catholic

126 Graduates:
100% graduated
4 Year College................................................48%
2 Year College................................................33%
Work Force:.....................................................4%
Trade/Technical Schools:.................................9%
Graduates offered college scholarship assistance: 25

4 Year Colleges
2 Year Colleges
Work Force


Male Female Total









1 2 3

Trade/Technical Schools


61 65 126




6 5 11

Amount of scholarship assistance offered: More than $2 million
Note: This publication reviews Cleveland Central Catholic’s Mission Advancement activities between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.


C le v elan d Cen tra l Ca t hol i c | 2015 – 2016 Adv a n c e m e n t R e v i e w

Letter of Appreciation

Thank you! Through your fervent prayers, constant support, and generous philanthropy, Cleveland Central Catholic
continues to achieve new heights. Without you, this special ministry could not be accomplished.
On behalf of our Advisory Board, administration, faculty and staff – and, of course, our students and families – please
accept our profound thanks. Gratitude pervades our culture here at Central Catholic, since it is through the grace of
God and the benevolence of others that Catholic education thrives in our urban environment.
This CCC Advancement Review 2015-16 serves as an annual financial report and a brief recap of some highlights
from this past fiscal year, ending June 30, 2016. This is our opportunity to inform and thank our generous and
dedicated supporters and partners regarding the progress in advancing our mission.
In many ways, the 2015-16 academic year at Central Catholic was truly outstanding. Enrollment rose again, to 632,
CCC’s highest level since 1989. All four grade levels were full and had waiting lists. The Class of 2016 graduated
126 seniors – and for the third consecutive year, achieved a 100% graduation rate. Congratulations to them and to
all who helped them achieve so much! We are especially grateful to our outstanding faculty, whose commitment
and dedication helps inspire our students to soar toward a bright future. This continues a long tradition of
exceptional faculty-student engagement at CCC, both in and outside of the classroom.
The past year was also a breakthrough year for our school’s excellent Advisory Board. The year was highlighted by
the launch of CCC’s $5,175,000 comprehensive fundraising effort. A Beacon of Hope: The Campaign for Cleveland
Central Catholic High School was begun on July 1, 2015. Just 15 months later, the campaign has entered its public
phase and is at 79% toward the overall goal. This remarkable start is due to an impressive effort by our Campaign
Leadership Team, great participation by our board, and the strong leadership of the campaign’s co-chairs:
George Chase `61, Jerry Kysela, and John Peca `70.
Funds generated by the Beacon of Hope Campaign have allowed our school to begin addressing key priorities at
CCC, such as the replacement of the roof on the original school building. Earlier this year, CCC also replaced over
100 windows in that building. The campaign will also enhance CCC’s distinctive Special Education program, provide
more funding for scholarships, and complete the building plans at Stefanski Stadium. All of these priorities will
enhance the Central Catholic experience for our students! As always, we remain grateful to the hundreds of people
who partner with us to ensure the financial viability of our school.
We acknowledge the generous support of the Diocese of Cleveland and our corporate and foundation partners.
We also appreciate the dedicated service of our Advisory Board members, for their leadership in support of our
mission. With nearly 85% of our families living near or below the federal poverty level, it is imperative that we
continue to secure this critical funding and support.
Please know you are always welcome at CCC. Consider encouraging family members, friends and associates to
visit our amazing school. Thank you and may God bless your generous spirit!

John A. Peca ‘70
Chair, Advisory Board

Leo P. Hyland

C l e v e l a n d C e n t r a l C a t h o l i c | 2 0 1 5 – 2 0 1 6 A d v a n c e m en t Re vi e w


Mission Statement
Cleveland Central Catholic High School
is a coeducational school rooted in the
Gospel values of Jesus Christ and focused on
college and career readiness. Our mission is
to challenge and encourage our students to
excel academically, to deepen their faith in God,
and to live a life of service, so that they may
face the future with confidence and hope.


The CCC Advancement Office is dedicated to
working with the school’s advisory board,
leadership team and all constituents and
partners to responsibly generate the financial
resources to successfully promote and protect
the school’s mission.


C le v elan d Cen tra l Ca t hol i c | 2015 – 2016 Adv a n c e m e n t R e v i e w

2015-16 Administration, Faculty and Staff
2015-16 School Year
Advisory Board
Christopher Alvarado
Caprice Bragg
Rev. Joseph Callahan
Richard T. Castele
George M. Chase ’61
Cindy Connell, MD
John Cvetic
Allyn Davies
Steve DeJohn
Charles Dottore
Tricia Eschbach-Hall, Esq.
Brian Ferry
John Gallagher III
Paul Huml
James C. Hyland
Marie Kittredge
Jim Klessel
Raymond Krncevic, Esq.
Jerry Kysela
John Miceli
C. Larry Miller
Rev. Eric Orzech
John Peca, Esq. ’70, Chair
Jason Reed
Frank Roddy
Robert Rosing
Betty Ann Skrha
Sr. Carol Anne Smith, HM
Ellen Zerucha
Leo P. Hyland, President
Sr. Allison Marie Gusdanovic,
SND, Principal
Dr. Lanny Hollis, Associate
John Crawford, Jr. ’84,
Dean of Students
Aaron Eatman, Dean of
Educational Education
and Intervention
William Powers, Dean of

Margaret Lyons
Eugene Boyer
Roberta Betlejewski
Marc Amos
Thomas Anderson
Daniela Anselmi
Matthew Anselmi
William Antonetti
Mary Bailey
Maryhelen Bednarchik ’77
Kristin Bergstrom
Anthony Bien ’99
James Carfagna
Kaneshia Crenshaw
Martha Croll ’77
Brooke Danforth
Sr. Karen Dolovacky, SND
Rita Dowd-Mikolajczyk
Dr. MaryLynne Filaccio
Charles Garofalo
Michael George
Caitlin Hunt
Dr. Joann Hynes ’69
Ryan Jakubczak
Don Johnston
Traci Jones
Joseph Kilbane
Cynthia Kinley
Sr. Antoinette Krejsa, SND
Dominic Masotti
Mary Matzorkis

Regina Mauck
Katherine Modic
Terri Moore
Desiree Moyer-Stephens
Thomas C. Murphy
Mary Nichols-Brondfield
Lindsey Nicholson
Michael Palcisko
Tina Plesca
R. Noah Pollock
Montina Preston
Elizabeth Rancourt
William Ready
Leslie Reesing
Joseph Rock II
Colleen Ross
Karen Savage
Sr. Mary Seton Schlather,
John Strmac
Chaya Tabak
Carol Troxell
Andrew Ulle
Matthew Wallenhorst
Cynthia Webster
Erin Williams
Steven Winkler
Ralph Wroblewski
D’Arcy Zeigler
Linda Ziska

Mark Albert
Pat Ayers
Beverly Brewer
Eileen Canepari
Carmella Davies
Jordan Duke
Richard Goodrich
Nadine Gurley
Art Horton
Tip Hosack
Beverly Jarrett ’58
Michael Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Lynn Kanengeiser
Jackie Keim
Maggie Lash
Linda O’Neil
Matt Regan
Pamela Shelley
William Sluzewski
Thomas Tamasi
Donita Wilks

C l e v e l a n d C e n t r a l C a t h o l i c | 2 0 1 5 – 2 0 1 6 A d v a n c e m en t Re vi e w



July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016

Special Events 2.89%
Services 3.07%

Athletics 2.59%

Diocese - Subsidy 1.22%
Other 2.26%


Bad Debt 1.67%

Capital Campaign

Depreciation 5.89%

Contributions 2.97%


Donated Facilities
Income 3.66%

Plant and

Tuition Revenue

Benefits 13.14%

n Tuition Revenue
n Grants & Scholarships
n Donated Facilities
n Contributions
n Capital Campaign
n Mandated Services
n Special Events
n Diocese - Subsidy
n Other $175,793.41
Total Income


Personnel Salaries 53.82%

n Personnel Salaries
n Personnel Benefits
n Plant and Maintenance
n Donated Facilities
n Administrative
n Depreciation
n Bad Debt
n Athletics
n Development
n Special Events
n Capital Campaign
n Other $92,661.76


Capital Campaign 1.71%
Other 1.46%

Donated Facilities 4.48%

Grants &
Scholarships 1.39%

Special Events

C le v elan d Cen tra l Ca t hol i c | 2015 – 2016 Adv a n c e m e n t R e v i e w

Total Expenses


Cleveland Central Catholic High School
Honor Roll of Donors 2015-16

Cleveland Central Catholic High School is profoundly grateful for all the philanthropic resources
provided in support of our mission to challenge and encourage our students to “excel academically, to
deepen their faith in God and to live a life of service, so they may face the future with confidence and
hope.” Without this generous private financial assistance, our wonderful school simply could not exist.
All gifts listed below were credited for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015 and ending June 30, 2016.

Gifts in support of current operations
The following gifts were made in support of Cleveland Central Catholic’s operating budget during the
2015-16 academic and fiscal year. This includes the Central Catholic Fund, the CleanUp+Clams and Calcutta
special events, annual scholarships and program grants. Private gifts in support of current operations are
essential to helping our families afford the blessings of a Catholic education. A listing may include more than
one gift made during the past fiscal year.


$250,000 and above
Third Federal Foundation

$25,000 - $75,000

Peter A. and Rita Carfagna
Fairmount Santrol Foundation
McGinty Family Foundation
The Edward and Betty Sloat
Thomas C. and Sandra S. Sullivan

$10,000 - $24,999

Donald J. and Susie Diemer
The Sam J. Frankino Foundation
The Giant Eagle Foundation
Leonard Krieger Fund of the
Cleveland Foundation
Medical Mutual of Ohio
Murphy Family Foundation
Joe and Debbie Musca
The Lauretta K. Peters and Richard
R. Peters Foundation
Carol A. Rini
The REX Pipe and Supply Co.
Sisters of Notre Dame
The Swagelok Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (2)
Aon Foundation
Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan &
Arnoff LLP
John and Laurie Cvetic
Allyn and John Davies / Merrymeeting, Inc.
Fifth Third Bank

◆ Matching gift

Richard B. Fisher / The Millbury
John and Stella Hetzer
James and Carrie Klessel
The W.J. Kurzenberger Family
Charitable Gift Fund
Ray and Katie Murphy
Charles J. and Patricia Nock, Sr.
Janelle M. Pauer and Andrew
The Tom & Rhonda Richlovsky
Charitable Foundation
Frank J. and Patricia Roddy
University Hospitals Health System
Value Based Solutions
Wasmer, Schroeder & Co.

$2,500 - $4,999

Ancora Inverness
William J. and Jean Bergold
John and Ann Beringer
Alfred J. Buescher
William V. and Barbara Carson, Jr.
Richard T. Castele and Carolyn
Leitch / Castele Family Foundation
/ Castele Family Scholarship
Fund of the Catholic Community
Jason Chamoun / Georgio’s Oven
Fresh Pizza Co.
George Chase ‘61 / Chase Family
Foundation / Chromascape, Inc.
Colleen Craven
Barbara A. Durkin
FirstMerit Corporation
Industrial Manufacturing Company, LLC
Brian and Cindy McMahon
New York Community Bancorp
John and Joanna Peca ‘70/ Surety Title Agency

John P. and Patricia Ringenbach
Mary St. Cyr
U.S. Bank

$1,000 - $2,499

Christopher Alvarado
Arrow International
Arthur B. McBride, Sr. Family
Anthony and Gail Brancatelli
Terrence A. and Joanne Brizz
Cohen & Company
Thomas J. and Anita Cook / Cook
Family Charitable Fund
Diocese of Cleveland Western
Mary Lou Durkin
Robert J. Durkin
Tricia Eschbach-Hall and Bill Hall
Brian and Stephanie Ferry
Dennis Gallagher
Judith A. Gedeon
James and Madeline Hayes
Leo P. and Beth Hyland
Michael J. and Paula Iacampo
Jerry and Cece Kysela
Toby and Melanie Maloney
Frank D. Manfredonia ‘72◆
John and Diane Miceli
Jeff Moore
John Morikis
Ohio State Council Knights of
OnBase by Hyland
Risk International Services, Inc.
Robert and Marcia Rosing
Karl Schier
Anne Marie Smith
Bernard J. and Mary C. Smith
Sokolowski University Inn

John and Janet (Simon) Solomon
‘76 / ’74
Monica and Robert† Thomas
Geoffrey Thrope
Mary Ann (Fortuna) and James
Trzaska ‘73 / Union Home Mortgage Corp.
Vic’s Floral Inc.
Mary Lu and George F. Wasmer
Ellen Zerucha

$500 - $999

Michael and Amy Bandwen
Richard Barone
Marc D. Blaushild
Charles H. and Elizabeth Brewster
Christina (Wetula) and Michael
Chase ‘87 / Jenniffer and Daryl Deckard
Fred and Brittan DiSanto
Dise & Company
Charles Dottore
Paul and Debbie Huml
James and Nancy Hyland
International Order of Alhambra,
Carmona Caravan 200
Larry Joseph
Marie L. Kittredge and Clark
Steve Klug
Edwin and Noreen Krevis
Greg and Lyn Kurtz
Margaret Lash
Mike Lee
James and Joan Livingston
John Malcolm ‘82
Bradley and Laura Maloof
Brian McFadden
Anna Motta

† Deceased

C l e v e l a n d C e n t r a l C a t h o l i c | 2 0 1 5 – 2 0 1 6 A d v a n c e m en t Re vi e w


Partners in Mission
Rose Ann (Peca) and Victor
Pascucci ‘62 / Brian Quinn
Jim Rice
Stuart Rosenberg
RPM International Inc.
Charles and Sherry Russo
Richard and Cheryl Sunyak ‘64 / Textron Matching Gift Program
The Valerian Family Foundation
Jack and Vicki Thomas
Bob and Kristin Tull
Larry and Carolyn Vandendriessche
Robert Warren, Jr. Fund of the
Community West Foundation
Grant and Kathy Yoakum
Frank and Nancy Zombek

$100 - $499

Ellen Abraham and Nina Wimpie
‘74 / John R.and Suzanne Ahern◆
Janet L. Amer
Chris Anderle
Thomas Anderson
David Arend
Lawrence and Mary Ann Arthur
Thomas Ashdown
Michael J. and Marian (Nypaver)
Badaczewski ‘72 / ’72
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Barbara (Adams) Barclay ‘70
Adrian and Carmela (Baracz) Barkan
‘65 / ’65
Paul and Carole Becka
Martha Benek◆
James and Andrea Bernard
Bob and Jean Bihn
Margaret (Papesh) and John T.
Billick ‘66 / Tom and Lisa Bolger
Donna (Gebura) and Charles
Bonvissuto ‘78 / Art Borowski
Autumn (Gentile) and Michael
Brachna ‘74 / Tom and Carolyn Brigham

◆ Matching gift


Herbert and Regina Brosnan
Thomas Brown
Catherine (Hoffman) and David
Brusk ‘74 / Reverend Joseph H. Callahan
James V. Carfagna
Clara Catliota
David and Jody Chabowski ‘76 / Class of 1973
Class of 2016
Michael F. and Vicki Cleary
Richard Coleman
Compass Business Services
John Corrigan
William Coughlin
Marianne Crosley
Matt Cunningham
Donald V. Daley
Stephan and Kitty Danckers
Mary Day
Richard DeChant
Stephen E. and Susie DeJohn
Dave DiCarlo ‘56
John W. and Susan Diemer
Lizabeth (Lysowski) and Alan Dilla
‘74 / Patrick DiSalvatore
William Divis
Gary and Lori Dorocak
Jim and Patricia Ducato ‘52 / Ward and Colleen Dumm
Stanley and Jane Dus
Richard G. Ellis
William and Renee Emrhein
Karl and Carol Ertle
Diane Ewanko ‘74
Gino and Barbara Faciana
Gerald and Mary Lou Fasko ‘65 / Kathleen A. Ferry
Thomas Fladung
Edward Fleming ‘60
John and Ellen Forristal
John Fortuna ‘75
Kenneth F. and Margaret Fox
Thomas and Michelle (Bodanza)
Frisco ‘83 / ‘83
Larry and Jan Furey
Kimberly (Franklin) and Patrick
Furlong ‘86 / Eileen Gallagher
Brian Gannon
Tom and Jane George
John Gerak
Diane (Thomas) and Timothy
Ginley ‘73 / The Reverend Frank G. Godic
Rita (Krysinski) Golubski ‘48
Richard Goodrich and Suzanne
Most Reverend Roger W. Gries
Richard and Joan Gucwa
Charles Gulas ‘71
James and Edna Gulick

Andrew and Cheryl Haney
John and Pat Harknett
Chad Hartup
Richard and Dianne Hawrylak ‘75
Ruth Hopkins
Margaret Horvat, OLL ’63
Tip Hosack
Joseph Hudak
Gerald and Dolly Hughes ‘73 / Edward F. Hyland
Patrick Hyland
Tim and Cathy Hyland
Andrea (Stofko Lamirand) and
Thomas Iwan ‘65
L. James Juliano
Paul Karbowski ‘72
Irene Karfes
James and Rose Ann (Javorek) Kay
‘81 / ’82
Brian Keating
Robert and Jacqueline Keim
Jean G. Keller
Jo Ann (Larca) Kennedy ‘62
Brian Kerns
KeyBank Foundation
Michael and Monica King ‘81 / Sarah Kirkpatrick ‘00
George and Kathleen (Makovicka)
Klik ‘73 / ‘73
Kenneth and Mary Ann Knight
‘73 / Knights of Columbus Council # 3222
Joseph A. Kocab
Thomas and Suntine (Nastasi)
Krejci ‘66 / ’66
Raymond and Margarita Krncevic
Thomas Kubera
The Reverend Robert E. Kurilec
Susan (Rerko) and Robert Kuznik
‘74 / Daniel E. Lamparyk
Edward and Denise Langood ‘70
/Clare Larca ‘65
The Lubrizol Foundation
Renee Malkawi
Matt Mallinak
The Maynard Family Foundation
Jim Mazzella
Charles R. McDonald
Kurt McGovern
Molly McGuigan
Paul McHugh
David McMillan
Robert and Kathleen McNutt
Thomas and Colleen Meredith
John and Gretchen Micklitsch
Sigmund and Rita Mikolajczyk
Eugene and Margaret Miller
Jeff Miller
Mark Misencik
Kathy Modic

† Deceased

C le v elan d Cen tra l Ca t hol i c | 2015 – 2016 Adv a n c e m e n t R e v i e w

Timothy Morgan ‘89
Michael and Michele Mullee
John Musca
William and Darcy Nelson
David and Francine Nicolanti ‘65 / Stephen J. and Stacy Nock
Terry Novak and Heidi Palos
John P. O’Brien
Stephen M. and Bonnie O’Bryan
Catherine M. Palcisko
Thomas and Darleen Patton
Barbara Paynter
Joseph and Rosina Pease
The Honorable Ralph J. and Kelli
Perk Jr. ‘63 / Michael Petkash
Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla
Gerard Porath
Glenn and Michelle Potter
Brian R. Pyclik
William J. Ready, Jr.
Leslie J. Reesing
Bill and Katie Reidy
John and Jill Rogers
Walter and Janice (Benda) Romansky
‘65 / ’66
Erik Rosenfeld
Joan Ryan
Jason Sankey ‘92
Robert Schade ‘47
Marianne (Torbinski) and Dale
Schafer ‘73 / Daniel Schlegel
Judy (Reinke) and James Schmitt
‘71 / William and Jeannette Schwind
John and Susan Sexton
Michael and Linda (Pietrasz)
Sheehan ‘81 / ’83
The Sherwin-Williams Foundation
Bob Shula
John and Mary Beth Simon ‘72 / Sisters of St. Joseph
Christine (Szewczyk) Siwek ‘64
Betty Ann Skrha
James and Kathleen Sluzewski
William E. Sluzewski
James Smith
Jason Smith
Gary T. and Catherine Soeder
Bernard and Mary Sokolowski
‘73 / Jeffrey F. and Janet (Kordan)
Solomon ‘72 / ’72
Joel P. and Bonnie Solomon ‘68 / John Springer ‘78
Mark St. Cyr ‘72
St. Dominic Church
St. Francis of Assisi Parish
Kevin Stack
Nancy Starner ‘71
Charles Steigerwald
H. Peter and Mary (Payne) Stolz ‘60 / ’61

Abbey String
Patrick F. and Nancy Sullivan
Timothy Synk
Maria Tabbaa
Steven L. Taflinger
Target c/o Take Charge of Education
James R. Thomas, Jr.
Dan Turcu
Monica Valentovic and Gary
Rankin ‘74 / Jim Vanderwist
Steven and Sandra Varrone
Francis and Peggy Volin ‘66 / Barbara Wallenhorst
James and Eileen Wallenhorst
Francis P. Walsh
Patrick and Mary Walsh
Christopher and Linda Warren
Mary C. Warren
Mary P. Wasmer
Tom Weber
Wells Fargo Community Support
Brian Winchester
Barbara Witkiewicz ‘59
Maryhelen Zabas

$99 and under

Christopher and Sara Arnold
Bruce R. and Mary Asmus
Mary (Blaszak) and Fred Badar ‘68 / Thomas A. and Kathleen Barber
Robert (Formerly: Bartoszewicz)
Bartos ‘76
Ben Basinski
Catherine (Bieseda) and Thomas
Basista ‘77 / Frederick and Teresa (Fogliano)
Beba - / ‘74
James and Joyce Benduhn ‘64 / Laurel Bielawski ‘05
Renee (Srovnal) Binekey ‘66
Michael J. Blaszak
Michael Bober ‘62
Cheryl (Maki) and Thomas Boccia
‘82 / Louise (Jadus) and Mike Bonomo
‘70 / Dave Boris
Gianfranco and Elda Borroni
Susan (Waters) and Thomas J.
Brennan ‘63 / Laura Brewster ‘92
Mary Lou (Hrdlicka) Bukowski ‘70
Charles and Geraldine Calovini
Michael and Alyson Carfagna
Peter and Angela Carlin
Justin Cernasky
Dennis J.and Mary Beth Chambers
Robert and Jean Chase ‘74 / Concetta (Gliozzo) Chess ‘68
Jenifer (Sprungle) and Ray Chiara
‘82 / ◆ Matching gift

James Chura ‘80
Jeffery and Sherry Chura ‘86 / Greg Coffey
Angelo Colarusso
Alex Cooper
Martha (Benek) and Jeffrey Croll
‘77 / Kathleen (Nunes) and Richard
Demming ‘67 / Angela DiStasi-Wurn and Brant
Wurm ‘87 / George and Noreen Dlouhy
Paula Domzalski
Patricia (Zelenka) and Richard
Dybzinski ‘68 / Anthony and Rosemary (Boumis)
Dziak ‘70 / ’70
Aaron Eatman
Dennis and Cathy Eddie ‘78 / John and Mary Anne Ertle
Nick Ezzone
John Favret
Gregory and Danielle Flowers ‘78 / Robert and Lisa Friel
Carlos and Mary Lynn Fuentes
Peter and Laura Gedeon ‘96 / Brooks and Julie Gerbitz
Gesu Parish
Monika (Pilipczuk) and Ron
Stavnicky ‘95 / Christa Gordon
Rich Greco
Timothy and Erasmia Griffin
Sister Allison M. Gusdanovic, SND
Amy Gyetko
Harold and Cathy (Anderson) Hall
- / ‘68
Isaac and Jacquelyn Hamilton
Brett and Melissa Hazard
Donna (Roginski) and Edward J.
Heid ‘61 / Brad and Laurie Hoover
Ellen (Fasko) and Michael Howard
‘66 / Ann Huber
Thomas Hudak
Denice (Dominak) and Terry Hunek
‘70 / James Hurley
James and Chrislyn Jana ‘75 / Christopher B. Janezic
Terry and Donna Jarzen ‘64 / Michael A. Johnson
De’Oan Jones ‘77
Roberta (Meklemburg) Jones ‘64
Gilbert and Patricia Kander
Kurt and Mary Beth Karakul
Maureen Kenny
Joseph Kilbane
Cynthia Kinley
Sharon (Coyne) and David Kives ‘70 / Donna Z. Klettlinger
Robert and Jean† Kloos
Clifford Kneblewicz ‘59

Stephen and Mary Koleszar
Monica (Ratajczyk) Kosh ‘64
Suzanne (Koracin) and William
Koston ‘71 / Joseph and Bernadette (Kostura)
Kowal - / ‘83
Susan M. Krosel ‘70
John S. Kusmierczyk ‘73
Michael Lavelle
Terrie (Anderson) Lawson ‘71
Karen Legerski
Lance Lippert
Joanne (DeCesare) Londahl ‘82
The Lubrizol Corporation
Marilyn (Zsembik) and James
Lucko ‘65 / Lynn Lustig ‘64
Christopher and Kathy Lynch
James Maclellan
John Majoros
Brian and Margaret Maloney
Kevin and Mary Maloney
Tony Manocchio
Dan and Janice Margheret
Vic Mastrangelo
Mary Terese Matousek and Ron
Sweed ‘78 / Margaret M. Matuska
Mary Matzorkis
Victoria (Tizzano) and Dale
McCartney ‘69 / Brian McFarland
Gregory and Elaine Mersol
C. Larry Miller
Susanne Miller
The Minneapolis Flour Company
Michele (Dominak) and Kevin
Mirande ‘72 / Jeffrey S. Morris
Alan Mosinski ‘69
Marilyn Mosinski ‘83
Kathleen (Thomas) and Ted
Mowinski ‘65 / John Mullen
Sharon (Grealis) Murray ‘70
Maggie Musnuff
Terri (Valla) and John Myers ‘75 / Edward and Michelle Mysliwiec ‘84 / Edward F. and Anne Nolan
Stephen and Robin Nypaver ‘66 / Jeannie O’Donnell
Mike O’Reilly
Charles and Elaine (Gazzuolo)
Oreskovic ‘64 / ’64
Thomas Pasadyn
Steve Pasquale
Allen and Regina Perk ‘74 / Timothy and Jean (Luther) Peters
‘65 / ’67
Steven and Susan (Chudzinski)
Pietrusza ‘90 / ’92
John and Victoria Polito
Robert Noah Pollock
Terri Preskar

Mike Procyshyn
Robert and Patti Pruchnicki ‘64 / John Purgert ‘74
Richard and Lynnelle Puzzitiello
James Rakauskas ‘72
Matt Regan
Richard and Christine Renner
Dan Richards
Kathleen (Wolowicz) and Frank
Richards ‘80 / Thomas N. Richmond, Jr.
Patricia (Niedzwiecki) and Jack
Robejsek ‘59 / Joseph Rock
Joseph and Joyce Roman
Dan Romano
David Rutledge
Michael and Melanie Schilling
Yanira Scott
Thomas Sech ‘64
Joshua Sevick
Marcy Shankman
Thomas and Michelle Shewbridge
‘87 / -

Linda C. Sinclair
Sisters of the Holy Family of
Pam (Proehl) and Tom Skernivitz ‘63 / Robert and Ingrid Sledz ‘61 /Wayne and Mary Therese Slota
James and Christine (Kucera)
Smelko - / ‘72
Bernadette Smietana ‘63
Sr. Carol Anne Smith, H.M.
Jessica Sobolewski ‘96
Bob Sott
Eli and Cathlynne Stimac ‘57 / Troy and Bernice Stokes
Mark and Claudia (Woloszyn)
Straub - / ‘72
Edward Strnad
Rick Sutich
Lenny Szymczak ‘66
Ed Taber
Joseph and Cynthia Tanko ‘72 / Michael and Regina Thomas ‘73 / Robert and Pat (Ewanko) Tindal - / ‘68
John and Dianne Toronski ‘54 / D. Michael Travis

† Deceased

C l e v e l a n d C e n t r a l C a t h o l i c | 2 0 1 5 – 2 0 1 6 A d v a n c e m en t Re vi e w


Trillium Enterprise Mgmt., Inc.
Wayne and Barbara Uehlein
University Settlement
Mark and Kristina Vacha
Heather Vargo
Jane Warner
Daniel and Beth Weinhardt
Mary K. Weis
Max Wernick
Margie Wilber
Madonna (Adams) and Mark
Winslow ‘95 / Raymond and Roxine Witkiewicz
‘60 / Kathleen Wojtowicz
Helen (Czapsky) and David
Yarcusko ‘71 / Tallie Young
Linda Zerucha
Edward Zigman
Edward Zippay ‘71
John Ziss, Jr.
Mary Zolna

Bishop Anthony M. Pilla
Endowed Scholarship
Miceli Dairy Products
Musca Properties LLC

Class of ‘70 Endowed Scholarship
James Bacik ‘70
Louise (Jadus) and Mike Bonomo
‘70 / Class of 1970
Anthony and Rosemary (Boumis)
Dziak ‘70/’70
Sharon (Coyne) and David Kives
‘70 / Rose Anne (Szczech) Richnasky ‘70
Roy and Julie (Heasley) Starner
‘70 / ’71
Curatolo Endowed Scholarship
Joseph and Sandra Curatolo
Dean L. Kinley Endowed
Cynthia Kinley
William A. and Mary Beth Hallal
Kathleen J. Lamparyk Endowed
Elaine Galbincea
Robert and Jean† Kloos
John M. Lamparyk
Michael McCarthy
Kathleen Kramer Kovalich
Endowed Scholarship
Terrence A. and Joanne Brizz
Sister Allison Marie Gusdanovic
Endowed Scholarship
Marlene Kyler

◆ Matching gift


St. Stanislaus Class of 1961
Endowed Scholarship
Anthony Asher ‘61
James Domagalski ‘61
Lawrence and Joyce (Blake) Guzy
Donna (Roginski) and Edward J.
Heid ‘61 /Deborah J. Novalony
Joseph (Formerly: Szalkiewicz) and
Eniko Shaw ‘61/ Robert and Ingrid Sledz ‘61/Geraldine (Wysocki) Szuter ‘61
The Mary Lu and George Wasmer
Scholarship Fund of the Catholic
Community Foundation


In Memory of Edward Conrad
Mary Lu and George F. Wasmer
In Memory of Joe Costa
The Lubrizol Corporation
In Memory of Bob Scott
Mary Lu and George F. Wasmer
In Memory of Mark Wasmer
Charles H. and Elizabeth Brewster
In Memory of Thomas Wasmer
Charles H. and Elizabeth Brewster


In Honor of Maryhelen Bednarchik
Maryhelen Zabas
In Honor of Barbara Wallenhorst
James and Eileen Wallenhorst
In Honor of Cynthia Kinley
Robert and Jean† Kloos
In Honor of Frank J. Roddy
Bob and Kristin Tull
In Honor of George F. Wasmer
Bob and Jean Bihn
The W.J. Kurzenberger Family
Charitable Gift Fund


Christopher Alvarado
Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Ohio
Arrow International
Christina Austin
Cohen & Company
Joe Concheck
Allyn A. Davies
Janice Evans
Brian Ferry
Richard Goodrich
Karen Haycraft
Beth Hyland
Independence Excavating, Inc.
James Klessel
Judi Kovach
Kurtz Brothers
Jerry G. Kysela
Legacy Village - Change for Charity
Joseph M. Musca
Charles Oreskovic
John A. Peca ‘70
Christine Polomsky
Ken Recko
Joseph Rock
St. Stanislaus Parish
George F. Wasmer
Margie Wilber
Ellen Zerucha


Anonymous (3)
Ancora Inverness
Aon Foundation
Arrow International
Arthur B. McBride, Sr. Family
Artistic Metal Spinning, Inc.
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan &
Arnoff LLP
Castele Family Scholarship Fund of
the Catholic Community Fd
Chase Family Foundation
Chromascape, Inc.
Cohen & Company
Compass Business Services
Dise & Company
Dottore Companies, LLC
Fairmount Santrol Foundation
Fifth Third Bank
FirstMerit Corporation
Howley Family Foundation
Humanics, LLC
Independence Excavating, Inc.
Industrial Manufacturing Company,

† Deceased

C le v elan d Cen tra l Ca t hol i c | 2015 – 2016 Adv a n c e m e n t R e v i e w

Interstate Diesel
KeyBank Foundation
KIKS Office
Kurtz Brothers, Inc.
Leonard Krieger Fund of the
Cleveland Foundation
Macy’s Matching Gifts Program
McGinty Family Foundation
Medical Mutual of Ohio
Melanie and Toby Maloney Fund
of The Cleveland Foundation
Merrymeeting, Inc.
Miceli Dairy Products
Molders Choice Inc.
Murphy Family Foundation
Musca Properties LLC
New York Community Bancorp
OnBase by Hyland
R.S. Industries, Inc.
Risk International Services, Inc.
Robert Warren, Jr. Fund of the
Community West Foundation
RPM International, Inc.
Sokolowski University Inn
Surety Title Agency, Inc.
Target c/o Take Charge of Education
Textron Matching Gift Program
The Cook Family Charitable Fund
at Schwab Charitable
The Kurtz Foundation
The Maynard Family Foundation
The Castele Family Foundation
The Edward and Betty Sloat
The Giant Eagle Foundation
The Lauretta K. Peters and Richard
R. Peters Foundation
The Lubrizol Corporation
The Lubrizol Foundation
The Millbury Foundation
The NOIA Foundation
The REX Pipe and Supply Co.
The Sam J. Frankino Foundation
The Sherwin-Williams Foundation
The Swagelok Foundation
The Tom & Rhonda Richlovsky
Charitable Foundation
The Valerian Family Foundation
The W.J. Kurzenberger Family
Charitable Gift Fund-Vanguard
Third Federal Foundation
Thomas C. and Sandra S. Sullivan
Trillium Enterprise Mgmt., Inc.
Union Home Mortgage Corp.
University Hospitals Health System
U.S. Bank
Value Based Solutions
Vic’s Floral Inc.
Wasmer, Schroeder & Co.
Wells Fargo Community Support

Special Events Summary
2016 Hall of Fame Induction List
Induction ceremony took place Sunday, April 24, 2016 at the Wasmer Ironman Center
Bob Chase ‘74 - Baseball: 4 year varsity, no-hitter,
East-West All Star, All-Conference; Football: 3 year
varsity starter
Dale Kusa ‘74 - Baseball: MVP in NCC, city strikeout
leader, all-scholastic, all-state, East-West all star;
Basketball: 4 years
Mike Sokolowski ‘79 - Football: captain, all-NCC;
Baseball: 3 year catcher, all-NCC; CCC Coach: varsity
football, JV baseball (7 years)
Kevin Noch ‘91 - Basketball: co-captain, MVP,
all-NCL, all star game; CCC Basketball Coach:
2007-11; 4 sectional titles, 3 districts, 1 state runner-up,
1 state championship
Jamon Williams ‘93 - Football: 3 time all-NCL,
all-NE Ohio; Basketball: 2 time all-NCL, all-state
honorable mention

Jermaine Gay ‘98 - Basketball: 2 time all-NCL, MVP
NCL; Football: 2 time 2nd team all-NCL, 2nd team
all-district; CCC Coach: asst. varsity football (4 years),
asst. varsity basketball (5 years)
Mike Melton ‘02 - Basketball: state division II player of
the year 01-02 leading 1st team CCC to play in state
final 4
Chris Lottig 1977 - 2013 - Coach: softball, volleyball,
basketball, drill team, ‘82 softball conference champs
(CCC 1st), PD featured coach, Asst. Boys AD
Joe Kilburg 1979 - 2013 - Coach: baseball, bowling,
football, golf, girls basketball and volleyball; ‘93 baseball
district champ, Greater Cleveland Baseball Coaches Hall
of Fame


September 29, 2015
It was a record setting year for the 2015 edition of CleanUp+Clams.
More than $60,000 was raised for tuition assistance. The event drew more
than 300 volunteers, an increase of 50% over the previous year. Thanks to
all of our generous supporters and sponsors: Third Federal Foundation,
Aon, Benesch, Chromascape, Cutting Dynamics Inc., Durrel, Fairmount
Santrol, Fifth Third Bank, First Merit Bank, Georgio’s Oven Fresh Pizza Co.,
Industrial Manufacturing Company, Kurtz Bros. Inc., Merrymeeting Group,
Ohio Savings Bank, RPM, Risk International, Surety Title, Swagelok,
University Hospitals, Vic’s Floral and Wasmer Schroeder Company

Welcome Back Day

Saturday September 5, 2015
The Varsity Ironmen football
team kicked off the 2015
home opener with a game
against Elyria Catholic. A
capacity crowd was treated
to a thrilling game. Admission
was complimentary, along
with a lunch, courtesy of the
Third Federal Foundation.

Calcutta Auction
March 16, 2016

The 13th Annual Calcutta Auction grossed more
than $147,000 for tuition assistance. Calcutta is the
school’s signature fundraiser featuring a live and
silent auction. The live portion features bidding on
the 64 teams competing in the NCAA’s March Madness
tournament. There is also a silent auction where
attendees bid on variety of different packages, including
sports, entertainment, food, and much more. Thanks
to a generous board member, CCC was able to raffle
off a week at a luxurious vacation home on Hilton Head. Another generous
donor contributed an unaccompanied foursome on the Muirfield tournament
course, including dinner and overnight accommodations. Event co-chairs were
John Simon `72 and Jim Klessel and the committee was rounded out by John
Malcom `82, John Cvetic, Allyn Davies, John Gallagher III and Jerry Kysela.

All information presented in the Cleveland Central Catholic Advancement Review is deemed to be accurate for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015 and ending June 30, 2016.
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