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14035Impact of names on fortunes & western system of numerology

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Apr 9, 2002
Friends. I have no deep knowledge about the subject. But I am just
passing on the piece of information received from my late grand
father who was a master in this branch of astrology. He used to say
the system of deciphering good and bad from the phonetic sound of
one's word/ outgoing breath is known as "Khechari Vidya" also a part
of "Swara Shastra" is ruled by some demi-gods like "Karna Pischasi/
Yakshini/ Tripura Sundari" at Tamasic/ Rajasic/ Sattivic level of
By this astrologer is able to tell the name of native, father,
mother, wife and to correctly tell one's past but near future upto
a few moths or year, but not more. Dasa of malefic planets
afflicting/ signifying the 2nd, 5th and 8th house diverts one's
interest into this Kashyudra Vidya. However there is no Shastric
injuctions/ restrictions on using this for horary/ prasna astrology.
The so called Western System of numerology is based on Kala Hora
and its Panchadasamsa (1/15th part lordship)taken out of India by
Sepharials and his contemporary astrologers. The shortcoming is that
they assume the system to be complete with respect to all the four
basic operations like addition, substraction, multiplacation and
In the branch of phonetic astrology dealing with longevity and
health matters only five vowels (Panchswara ) are taken into account.
To determine the future the 108 Navamsa/ Hora based "Satadala
Chakra" [ popularly known as the table used to find one's Nama Rasi]
is used with respect to Vimshottari Dasa system and transit of
planets, when one's actual birth time is not known, alongwith Kala
Hora Lord and Sub-Hora Lord as one of the significator planets. The
main syllables indicates the Navamsa Lord and the Matra (half vowels)
added to it indicates the Rasi Lord. The system of Hora used here is
not same to the Cance- Leo/ the PravritiDwaya Hora generaly used. As
propounded by sage Satyacharya, the second half of every sign is
lorded over by the sign 11th to it, first half by the sign itself.
This may be used in radical charts to see the Sampad (gains)/ Vipat
(dangers, troubles etc.) in one's chart.
The initial alphabets activating the navamsa/ Hora/ singns and
their lords position with respect to Lagna constellation or Moon's
constellation falling in Janma, Vipat, Pratyari and Nidhana Tara as
well as malefic position of the related lords indicates sickness/ ill
health or failure in the matters (prasna). Try and enjoy it.
This is one of the most pupolar methods used by astrologers of
Orissa. In future when time permits I'll try to include some

With regards,
Mrutyunjay Tripathy