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Official Newspaper of Woodland Community College

The Eagle’s Call
September 26, 2016

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Volume 2 Issue 2

A Warm Welcome to WCC
Greetings from The Eagle’s Call Editorial Staff:

Can you believe it? It is already week seven of Fall Term! That means we are just two
weeks away from midterms and eleven weeks away from taking finals! It may seem like
quite a stretch until winter
break, but it will go by much
quicker than you think! So, in
the midst of homework,
study groups, essay revisions,
and late night exam
preparations, remember to
take time for the lighter side
of college life! Attend an
event on campus, grab a
coffee and chat with friends,
but most importantly take
care of yourself and do not over-stress! WCC has many excellent programs to help
students combat challenges of all types so don’t be shy – stop by and check them out!

DJ Eddie Z
Performs on
On Tuesday, August 16 – WCC had
the pleasure of hosting DJ EDDIE Z –
the DJ for the Sacramento Kings!
Students not only were able to hear
DJ Eddie Z spin some music, they
were able to meet and snap a photo
with him! Our very own Michael
Torres spoke with DJ Eddie Z and
we’re happy to bring you his

Graduation Memories by Ali Harder
278 individuals. They were friends, sisters,
cousins, and classmates. But
on this day, Thursday, May 21, 2016 - these individuals, became graduates
of Woodland Community College. As the time grew near, these welldeserving students carefully pulled on their gowns, straightened their caps
and began their entrance towards the stage.
Family, friends, faculty and community members all gathered around the
graduates - who were no doubt restlessly counting the minutes until they’d
have that degree in their hands - and looked on with love and admiration.
Although the sky was overcast and a chill was in the air, the weather grew
calm as the graduates took their seats. 278 students receiving a total of 359 degrees participated in WCC’s eighth annual
commencement ceremony. They crossed the stage, flipped their tassels and with a final congratulations they threw their caps
high into the air signaling their achievement. As the rows of graduates filed out row by row, they were given a rose to give to
a loved one who played a role in helping them achieve their goal.
So graduates, congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors! Current
students, look at this for inspiration: whether you attend WCC to enhance personal
or career skills, to earn a certificate or obtain that degree - do not give up. Celebrate
your wins and learn from your losses and never forget what goals brought you here
in the first place

Experience: It was super cool to go
back to WCC. I took a couple
classes there way back in the day. It
was great to communicate through
music and motivate the students to
be in school and make school
exciting for the fall kick off. Music
gets you feeling alive and in the
mood for any situation. It is very
important to keep the students
motivated to stay on campus and
get involved. I’m glad I got to be a
part of the motivation process for
them. I will be glad to go back again
in the future to support the school
and keep the students pumped to
be there.
How long have you been DJ’ing? I
have been DJ’ing professionally
since 2010, but started getting into
it when I was super young.
Continued on page 4.

September 26, 2016


Page 2

The Student Success Center prepares students for successful academic careers by teaching life-long learning strategies that can be used across the
curriculum while engaging students in core subject areas. We promote and respect all aspects of diversity by finding new ways to assist students of
all learning styles and needs

Interview: Jolene Torres & Carid Servin
By Brandon Baeza

Meet two of the dedicated staff members who help students navigate assignments, overcome struggles and achieve their goals! We are lucky to have them and
incredibly excited to have them included in our newsletter! Stop by the Student Success Center and say hello to them today!

Jolene Torres

Carid Servin

Q. Hello Jolene, thank you for doing this interview!
A. You are very welcome!
Q. What led to your current position?
A. Do you want like my whole life story?
Q. Whatever you want the people to hear Jolene.
A. Okay, well I returned to community college after a four
year break and thought I’d take a reading class for an
easy A. It was not (laughing from both parties). At the
time, I was working 40-50 hours at a record store while
attending school. Unfortunately, I missed a week of
school due to work and I thought my reading teacher
would fail me. But after talking with her, I asked if there
was any way I could make up for the absences. Sure
enough, she asked me to be a tutor for that class and that’s how I ended up being a
reading tutor at my community college, which I absolutely loved! I just really enjoy
tutoring and reading. It was not just a fun class for me, but the class that really
changed my perspective towards college. In fact, I still stay in touch with that
teacher and I hope to be working on a project together after I’m finished with grad
Q. Wow Jolene, you kind of answered all my other questions.
A. (more laughs from both parties)
Q. Besides providing academic help, how else does the RAWC provide support?
A. I think that tutoring centers, in general, are other ways to get involved. It’s
about the humanizing experience. Yes, the tutors help you with strategies to help
you be successful or helping you to proofread a paper. However, what they are
really doing is giving you that personal interaction that allows to learn
collaboratively. Of course today, in the workforce, collaborative work is part of any
job that pays well. So being able to learn from other people, being able to learn
from criticism, and being able to improve yourself based on the recommendations
of others is part of that collaborating and humanizing experience in college. I
believe the Student Success Center fits the mission statement of making lifelong
learners. I believe we do so, by allowing students to make those humanizing
interactions that they can learn from in order to become lifelong learners.
Q. Lastly, just for fun Jolene, do you have any hobbies? Besides your cats.
A. (Jolene laughs) My first hobby would be baking. I love baking. I bake cookies,
cupcakes, and cakes. My specialty is making chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate
chip cookie dough icing. I also like video gaming on a PC. From Call of Duty to
Battlefield. Pretty much first person shooters. But there you go!
Q. So here we have Jolene Torres! Well thank you again Jolene for taking the time of
day to talk with us.
A.My pleasure!

Q. Hi Carid! Thank you for conducting this interview for the Eagle’s Call!
A. No, thank you for interviewing me! It is my pleasure to do this for the people of
Woodland Community!
Q. Yes of course for the people! So, what do you hope students will get out of MESA?
A. I hope that MESA becomes more than just a study group. I hope they see it more
as a support group that provides resources, scholarships, internships, and tutoring
services. All the services we provide not only provide an opportunity to transfer to
four year university but also help develop a student’s resume.
Q. Yes of course, you mentioned tutoring? Is that a new service we have?
A. Yes it is, it just started this semester.
Q. Okay, best advice you got as an undergrad?
A. (long pause) Umm, I didn’t get any (I laughed which made Carid laughed). But no
seriously I didn’t.
Q. Really? Nothing that stuck with you or maybe some advice from a professor or
parents on how to get through college?
A. I was a first generation college student. There was no support system to say like
“yeah this is the steps you take.” So I had to work very hard to figure it all out on my
Q. What is your favorite memory of WCC so far?
A. (short pause) One of my most favorite ones would be the Honor’s Banquet this
past May, because I got to see a lot of the MESA students being recognized for all
their hard work. Including you. It was the end of the first year for the MESA staff
and it was really nice to see people go up there and receive a scholarship or be
recognized for their high graduating GPA’s. It is very rewarding to see that the
MESA program played a role in their success.
Q. What led to your current position?
A. I have a background in social services and I was looking
for a job that got me closer to my own community while
still working in education. So MESA was the perfect fit!
Q. Best advice you would tell your college “freshman” self.
A. To go ask for help. You are not the first one to go ask for
help and if you don’t ask for help, you will be
cutting yourself short. So get involved and make the
most of your education!

Visit Jolene and Carid in the NEW Student Success Center:
Monday–Thursday: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm and Friday: 8:30 am – 2:00 pm.

September 26, 2016


Page 3

Meet your new student council 2016-17!
President: Omar Huerta
Vice President: Alexandria Harder
Secretary: Jake McCollum
Director of Student Affairs: Joe Tauzer
Director of Sustainability: Juan Bonilla Vera
Director of Finances: Breeann James
Director of Communications: Eli Saugstad
Senator for Arts & Humanities: Manuel Quezada
Senator for Social Sciences: Corrie Taylor
Senator for Student Body at Large: Gustavo Perez
Senator for Career & Technical Education: VACANT
Student Trustee: Sandra Castillo
Senator for Math & Science: VACANT
Interested in getting involved in student government? Attend an ASWCC meeting - Every Tuesday at Noon!
Please stop by our office (RM 809) or email for more information.

Student Ambassadors
The Student Ambassador program is a leadership opportunity for students who are dedicated to
serving and representing Woodland Community College. Student Ambassadors will serve as student
representatives of the college to the campus and community.
Meet four of our fantastic Student Ambassadors

Greetings everyone! My name is Nathan
Bryant, I am 20 years old and I have
been at Woodland Community College
for three years now. I am currently
majoring in Marine Bio and hope to
transfer to UC Davis and study at the
research lab in Bodega Bay. I have a
huge passion for fish and just got a
dream job of working at an aquarium
shop and going into business with a
friend. I enjoy being a student of WCC
because being a small campus, the class
sizes are small and there are so many
clubs that it’s hard not to feel like part
of the campus. While I am not going to
class, I am probably setting up a new
tank, at the fish store or being lazy and
watching Netflix.

Hey everyone! My name is Elizabeth
Kirkland, I am 22 years old and I have
been at Woodland Community College for
thirteen semesters now. I am majoring in
Early Childhood Education and just
recently got accepted to Sacramento
State. I plan to become a preschool
teacher because I love being around and
working with children. I love being a
student at WCC because it is very friendly
and very welcoming and all the staff and
other students are very helpful. When I’m
not in class or at school I am drawing,
listening to music, going on adventures to
different places and spending time with
my family.

Hey everyone, I'm Enrique De La Torre
and I'm 20 years old. I have enrolled in
Woodland Community College for 3 years
now. I like the diversity that Woodland
Community College offers! I was part of
the mentoring program with TRiO which
led to becoming a Student Ambassador. I
am currently one of the two lead
student’s ambassadors. In my free time I
enjoy taking pictures, watercoloring and
visiting new places I have never been
before. I'm hoping to transfer to CSU
Northridge and get accepted to their
nursing program to become a Registered

Stop by the STUDENT WELCOME CENTER (RM 809) and say hello to them today!

Hello! My name is Mayra Chavez; I am 19
years old and have been at Woodland
Community College for two years now.
My major is Human Development and
Psychology. I am planning on transferring
to UC Davis to obtain a Bachelor of
Science degree before continuing my
education on to medical school to become
a physician. I love being a part of this
college because of all the support
available to students, the outstanding
professors and staff who work here and
opportunities and events our campus has
to offer. When I'm not on campus I enjoy
spending time with my family, traveling
and trying new foods.

September 26, 2016


Page 4

2016 Awards Banquet By Gurtaj Grewal
I had the honor of attending the 2016 WCC Awards Banquet held on Friday May 13th 2016. It
was an awesome event for me to attend because I won the 2015-2016 Rick Browning DSPS
Scholarship. Scholarship winners along with Spring 2016 Graduates received academic honors
and were all together in one room. I got to see my WCC instructors, and my parents were
proud of the scholarship I received.
There was a buzzing atmosphere, with 200 attendees filling the community room, which was
beautifully decorated with tables being filled with WCC colored items. Everything
was organized from the food to how long each presenter spoke for. Various people spoke
such as President Michael White and Financial Aid Director Kimberly Reed, both having a smile
on their face and being enthusiastic at this event. Dr. White talked about how the college has
come along and thanked everyone for attending the event. He smiled throughout his speech
and shook scholarship winners hands as they came up to receive their certificate. Also,
Kimberly talked about financial aid and the different aid available such as the BOG Fee Waiver.
She mentioned that payments for the scholarship winners will be given in the Fall 2016
This summer, I got to interview two scholarship recipients and asked them how they felt
receiving the scholarship and what their family reactions were. The first scholarship recipient I
interviewed is Sandra Castillo, she is an English tutor here at WCC and gave me the
opportunity to interview her about the event. I asked her first on how she felt receiving her
two scholarships. Sandra said, “I was surprised at the beginning and I got two scholarships
actually. I feel happy because college is really expensive. I feel both happy and excited”. Also, I
asked how her family reacted to her scholarships. She said, “They were happy. My kids were
definitely happy and proud of me. My parents hugged me and I became a little emotional.
When I first started college, a year ago, my English was bad and I never thought I was going to
get any scholarships. It was a emotional moment for us. Plus I never thought I was going to
win a scholarship but I checked my email one day and found out I won. It was a cool moment
for me”. I asked Sandra about her future and how she is going to use her scholarship. She said.
“Well, for next semester, I plan to use it on books and anything I need for college. That is it.” I
thanked Sandra for doing this interview with me and it felt awesome to see another student
succeed and end up winning two scholarships.
The second recipient is Cynthia Solorio. When I asked her first on how she felt receiving her
scholarship, she said, “I felt really honored and appreciative for that they (the Scholarship
committee) chose me to receive the scholarship”. As for her family’s reaction, she said, “My
family acted real emotional and really happy because I was one of the first children to receive
a scholarship. I asked Cynthia about her future plans with the scholarship money she will
receive this Fall. She said, “I plan on using it for books and register for any classes that I need.
Specifically for books. You know how expensive they are? So expensive.” She is a full time
student and is taking four classes this Fall 2016 Semester. She said this scholarship money will
help her out “so much in purchasing the required textbooks” and overall make a big

The 2016 Awards Banquet is an event in my life that I won't forget because I won my first
scholarship and the interviews I did with the winners over the Summer. Hearing what Sandra
said about winning multiple scholarships was
amazing because she was happy and excited about
it. Seeing her win two scholarships was
motivational to me because I would like to be a
position like that one day. Also, it was fun because
Cynthia was really happy during the interview and
felt really honored to have won a scholarship. I
encourage all future students to apply for
scholarships because you never know when you
are going to win one!

All Woodland Community College students are invited to submit the following types of work:
 Memoirs, musings, reports, or observations
 Personal narratives/autobiograpical works
 Flash fiction/short fiction/chapters of longer works
 Poetry/songs
 Original artwork (send a photo or scan or your work)
 Original photography
Work must be submitted electronically via email to
All entries will be considered. Top works in each category will be published in the Fall
2016 issue of Ink, A Literary Arts Magazine.
For more information please visit:

Continued from page 1…
I remember DJ’ing the ice cream social at my Elementary School, Beamer Elementary
as a kid.
Influences: My influences are RUN-DMC, Mix Master Mike, DJ Qbert, and many more
old school cats.
About becoming the DJ for the Sacramento Kings: I have
been a Sacramento Kings Fan ever since I can remember
and always have wanted to be able to DJ at one of their
games so accomplishing that last season was a dream
come true. Becoming one of there in house DJ’s is
unreal and amazing. All my hard work has been
paying off.
Keep a look out for DJ Eddie Z this upcoming
Sacramento Kings season, as well as DJ’ing at clubs,
events, and concerts all around Sacramento.
To see what upcoming events he is going to be doing,
follow him on his Instagram @dj_eddie_z and on snapchat DjEddieZ & Twitter.

September 26, 2016


Page 5

Claudia Sanchez


1264 E. Gibson Road Suite A-103 (Inside County Fair Fashion Mall)

Poetry Corner
THE BURGLAR – Marcos Estrada

Do you like to write? Are you a fan of poetry? Would you like a place to share your
work free from judgment, or maybe just sit and enjoy a few verses?
Then come on down to the Woodland Community College Poetry Club.
We meet in Room 843 - Tuesdays at 12:00.

You came in like a thief in the night
I wanted you to stop cause it wasn't right
To take something that didn't belong to you
Especially all the things we've been through

Not into writing? That's alright, come on by and listen to some verses. You never
know when inspiration might strike. We enjoy sharing original works, and discussing
more famous works. These include written, and various spoken word performances.
Poetry is defined as "a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of
language—such as phonaesthetics, sound symbolism, and meter—to evoke meanings
in addition to, or in place of, the prosaic ostensible meaning." While this is the
definition, poetry means different things to different people. We strive to create an
environment for poets of all experience levels. So whether you've been writing for
years, or just strung together your first poem yesterday, we encourage you to come
by and see what we're all about.

Visiting Sac-Anime
By Omar Portillo

It was summer 2013 - during September. I was with my friends to go see what Sac-Anime was
like; it was something we never saw before until we saw a lot of people dressed up as their
favorite characters from popular anime shows and animated Japanese cartoons. My friends
and I purchased our tickets and received wrist bands at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. Then we
went to the convention area and found a great deal of merchandise; comic books, fan art, toys,
old video games, and so on.
Sac-Anime included voice actors and videogame designers. For example, my friends and I went
to go see voice actor Roger Bumpass who voiced Squidward Tentacles from the popular
Nickelodeon show Spongebob Squarepants as well as Professor Membrane from Invader Zim ,
also on Nickelodeon. Roger Bumpass had an hour for questions and answers for fans. Other
people quoted the characters from the show and he acted out as Squidward. It was a fun
experience. Sac-anime happens two times a
year starting in January and September.
If you get the chance – check it out next year!

To take it would be like taking my other half
All you did was watch me suffer, then laugh
When the ecstasy kicked in I couldn't help it
I wanted to give it to you, I'll admit

My brain was always playing tricks
keeping me alive with its little clicks
Audible only to your ears
Feeling as if you were the reason it shed its tears


Crying continuously to keep me alive
Why would you want to deprive?
I've had it for as long as I could remember
It gets older every 29th of November
But I see you could care less
Looking beautiful in your dress
You wore your ski mask
Took a hit from your flask

You’re scared to live
Not to die
Then put a woman named Revolver to my head
As you pulled the trigger you'd hoped I'd be dead
Scared you’ll succeed
But you carried me with you
Afraid to fly
as the tears you began to strew
Scared to take that step
That faithful leap
As you tried to run you slipped
Life is scary
as you fell the part of me you held ripped
So you’d rather sleep
your hand opened and it hit the cold floor
Sleep through your days
I have never met anyone like you before
Safe and sound
And then without a fight
They put you in the ground
You die a copy
Never making a wave
You were not the master of your fate
But rather is slave.

September 26, 2016

Calendar Key
 Campus Deadlines/Events
o Financial Aid
 ASWCC Meetings
 Veteran’s Services
 Career Workshops
 Academic Success Workshops
 Poetry Club
± Math Workshops
⃝ UC/CSU Advising Visits














Oct 1/2

 Using Canvas

• ASWCC Meeting
 Using Canvas
⃝ CSU Sacramento
 Poetry Club Meeting

 Improving Vocabulary













Library, Reading & Writing
Across the Curriculum


For more information contact

 ASWCC Meeting
 Research Tips & Social
Science Reading
 Poetry Club Meeting

 Proofreading



 ASWCC Meeting
 Organizing Your
⃝ CSU Sacramento
 Poetry Club Meeting

 Punctuation &




⃝ UC Davis

 ASWCC Meeting
 Current Issues
 Poetry Club Meeting

 Intros & Conclusions




Career Center Workshops
 True Colors: 12:00 – 1:00 pm
 Career Appointments: 11:30 – 2:30
 Find A Career: 12:00 – 1:00 pm
 EUREAKA: 12:00 – 1: -00 pm
 Focus 2: 12:00 – 1:00 pm

 Improving Vocabulary
 Career Movie

 Veterans Club Meeting


Academic Success Workshops

 12:00 – 12:50 pm Library Classroom
(RM 810, unless noted).
 4:00 – 4:50 pm in Library Classroom

Page 7

 Grammar/Punctuation

 ASWCC Meeting
 Grammar/Punctuation
 Poetry Club Meeting


 Proofreading
 Career Appt.
⃝ UC Davis


 Punctuation &


 Intros & Conclusions
 Career Appt.

o Foundation Scholarships
Award Date 2



 Veterans Club Meeting
o Cal-Grant Award #1



o 2nd Financial Aid
Disbursement begins

 Focus 2



 Veterans Club Meeting


ASWCC Meetings
 Tuesdays, 12: 00- 1:00 pm (RM
Veterans Club
 Meetings will be held in
Veterans Computer Lab (RM 719)
at 1:30 pm.
Poetry Club
 Tuesdays, 12:00 – 1:00 pm (RM







Oct 31

 Saving Documents

 ASWCC Meeting
 Poetry Club Meeting








 MLA Basics


 Career Appt.

 ASWCC Meeting
 MLA Basics
 Poetry Club Meeting

 MS Word for MLA (RM
 Veterans Appreciation

 ASWCC Meeting
 Poetry Club Meeting

 Deadline for Spring
Graduation 2017


 MS Word for MLA (RM
⃝ UC Davis
 Last day to drop with





September 26, 2016


From the editor’s desk
Dear Readers,
It is with immense enthusiasm and pride I introduce WCC’s very own, student run Campus
Newsletter -The Eagles Call - our first edition in our new tabloid format!
Growing out of an idea from WCC’s student government (ASWCC) and several students;
The Eagle’s Call released its first edition in October of 2015. Since then, our student staff
has more than doubled and aside from our printed edition we also release content on our
Newsletter Blog. Each semester we’ve released two beautiful newsletters full of student submissions, department tours,
professor interviews, campus events and even student concerns regarding campus issues. In addition to the two regular
semester editions, we’ve created a special “Elections Edition” to raise awareness and student engagement regarding ASWCC
and how students can become involved.
Our focus now is expansion, stability and member growth. Since our first edition we’ve seen significant progress and our aim
is to establish a campus newspaper that keeps faculty, departments, and most importantly the students connected to each
other, the college, and the community. In order to continue making this progress and create a lasting presence on campus,
we need your support, submissions and a continued staff of students willing to share the wealth of work and of course, the
I would like to send a sincere thank you to the past Editor-in-Chief for their service to our campus and graduated members
who played such an important role in driving our newsletter forward. As we mark this milestone and look back over the first
year, we welcome you to continue on our journey with us by becoming involved, sending us content to include or ideas of
what you’d like to see in future editions. Let’s make this newspaper a real source of campus information!
We hope that you enjoy, possibly learn something new and find our newsletter a source of up to date campus events and
activities. On behalf of myself and this incredible team, we’d like to express gratitude to both the faculty and students
who’ve helped us meet our goals so far. As a community college serving a wide variety of students, studying an array of
different disciplines with unique paths ahead, our goal is to be a place for everyone, a place where voices of all can be


Page 6

The Eagle’s Call
Alexandria J. Harder
Sandra Castillo
Brandon Baeza
Editors in Charge of Online Content
Gurtaj Grewal
Gustavo Perez
On-Call Writers
Omar Portillo
Gurtaj Grewal
Beat Reporter
Manuel Quezada
Rogelio Barajas
Michael Torres Jr.

Bhupinder Signh

Alexandria J. Harder

Staff Resource
Jolene Torres


Faculty Advisor
Aree Metz

Alexandria J. Harder

…The Eagle’s Call is the official campus newspaper for
Woodland Community College and is disturbed to all individuals related to
campus activity and members of the community.
The purpose of the Campus Newspaper is to report, inspire and connect. First the newspaper reports events, activities, developments, and
issues related to the campus to provide up to date and useful information to the student body. Second, the newspaper inspires students to
overcome struggles and celebrate successes. Lastly, the newspaper connects individuals to each other, to information and to their campus.

Interested in writing for the Eagle’s Call?
Want to contribute? The Eagle’s Call is always looking for new voices and talent to joint our team. Whether you want to
write interesting news, share your opinion in a column of your own draw comics, conduct interviews, or snap photos, we’ll
take your submission!
Please contact us at
We’re also online!
Check out our blog for photos, up-to-date campus events, and other stuff you won’t want to miss!

The Eagle’s Call is part of the ASWCC
Media Committee and is funded through
sponsorship and donation.
All submissions are property of The
Eagle’s Call, but are not necessarily
representative of the opinions of The
Eagle’s Call, the Associated Students of
WCC, Woodland Community College, or
Yuba Community College District.


September 26, 2016


Page 8

The right to vote is one of the most important responsibilities
U.S. Citizens hold – unfortunately many forfeit the right to help
choose the leaders, representatives, and policies that shape
their lives.
Don’t let that be you! There are important measures such as
Measure Q: a local school improvement measure that
reauthorizes a portion of Measure J general obligation bonds to
fund projects such as…
 Repairing leaky roofs and deteriorating plumbing
 upgrading science, math, engineering, technology and
vocational education classrooms
Improving and expanding facilities for nursing and health
care training
For more information on Measure J visit our blog. Its not to late
to register – mark the dates below in your calendar!
Voter Registration Deadline:
Online or Postmark by 10/24/2016
Election Date: November 8, 2016
(Vote-by-Mail Ballot must arrive by 11/1/16)

1. Learning option in which people get together to share
4. Highest-Graduate school degree
skills/review (2 WORDS)
9. Late
2. Place to track events, due dates and other important
14. Hands on science classes (for short)
16. College student’s focus of study
3. Half-year term
17. Yolo County’s House of Representative
5. Important tests to study for
18. One type of help found in the Student
6. U.S. Secretary of State (2 WORDS)
Success Center
7. Freshman or Sophomores
19. College Instructor
8. NBA Champions 2015-16
21. A home for books
10. A place students can reside
23. Help with paying tuition (2 Words)
11. Last name of WCC’s President
24. _________ organizer – Visual study aid
12. No-shows
25. Grant/payment aware to student to
13. Messy roommate
help with costs
15. A place where students can buy textbooks, snacks and other of college
26. Classes offered entirely online
20. People who have graduated from an institution are called… 27. Undergraduate Degree
22. Voice of the “Genie” in Aladdin (2 WORDS)

For crossword results – visit our
blog at…
Get to know your campus!