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The Lorax
Choose two of the following questions to reflect upon and write about on your Forestry Page underneath the
heading I Speak for the Trees!

How could the Once-ler have managed his company to protect natural resources and not run out of trees to manufacture Thneeds? Is it
necessary to protect all the trees from axes that hack?
The Once-ler could have used selective logging which is when a mature forest is examined and trees are selected based on height, girth, or
species. The trees are cut in a way not harming the forest around it. This manages so that it ensures continual regeneration of young seedlings nd
provide balance. No it is not necessary to protect the trees from axes that hack.


What did the Once-ler mean by UNLESS? What responsibility does he seem to think someone like you needs to take? What kind of things
can we do today to ensure that trees will be available for all different purposes in the future?
When the Once-ler said UNLESS he stated that it meant a far away word/place. He also said someone like you should not care a lot about
something that will not get better.


Compare the Once-lers attitude toward the environment at the beginning of the story with his attitude at the end.
In the beginning the Once-ler only cut down a few, then when he realized he was making money he started to cut down all of the trees.


The Once-ler explains his actions by saying If I didnt do it, someone else would. Is this a good excuse for doing what he did? And why?
No this is not an excuse for what he did ,because if he knew someone was going to do it in the future he could have stayed and preented it from


The Lorax says he speaks for the trees. What does this mean to you? What is the Loraxs attitude at the end of the story?
The Lorax speaking for the trees means that ,because the trees have no voice to speak up for themselves they need someone to protect them. At
the end of the story the Lorax gave up and left.


What seems to be Dr. Seuss purpose in writing this fable? (A fable is a fictional story that teaches a lesson.)
The lesson Dr. Seuss was trying to teach is a lot of people are not aware of what is happening behind the scenes, of forestry, ome peole are
careless to the damgae they are costing ,because money is far more important to them.

On the same page.. write either an alternative ending to the Lorax or a sequel to the Lorax
Write a alternative ending to the Lorax with a more positive outcome for the Truffula tree and ecosystem
Whats wrong said the One-ler. All the manufacturing had stopped. Look!,\exclaimed the Lorax. Not a tree or stump in sight. All the trees were
gone! No animals live here, its just a gloomy waste land said the Lorax. I must do something! said the Once-ler. Plant more trees, and youll be
happy youll see! Said the Lorax. Days on end the Once-ler spent hours planting trees and many months latter the land was happy as can br.
Write a sequel to the Lorax that might explain how the Truffula tree made a comeback through replanting and proper forest management while still
being used to make Thneeds.

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