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Title Sequence Timeline Submarine

00:00 00:08 Film 4 logo/animation

Film 4 are the primary production
company involved with the movie
00:09 00:18 UK Film
Council/National Lottery logo The UK
Film Council chose to fund the movie, and
this money was provided by the National

00:20 00:23 Film 4 and the UK Film

Council present This title is used in
order to introduce and establish the
narrative. The institutions involved are
again mentioned, this time appearing in a
stylistic manner which fits the film. The
font used is sans serif and, despite being
capitalised, connotes to a light-hearted
tone/genre. Likewise, the background on
which this is placed is blue, this linking to
the title Submarine.
00:30 00:33 In association with the
Wales Creative IP Fund and the Film
Agency Wales title These production
companies were involved in producing the
film, however were not the primary
production company. The font and style of
these titles remains the same, with letters
of various sizes and spacing. This, again,
connotes to light themes which are
applicable to the hybrid genre of
00:34 00:37 In association with
Optimum Releasing and Protagonist
Pictures title These production
companies were, again, involved with
producing the film, but were not primary
production companies.

00:38 00:41 The following shot is

included between the next titles, panning
across the characters bedroom. This is
used to quickly establish setting as well as
character (i.e there are multiple
drawings/photos on the wall, from which
the audience can gain an understanding of
the character prior to his/her introduction).
Likewise, the interruption of titles
maintains audience interest.
00:42 00:48 The titles are then resumed with,
again, another two production companies who were
involved with making the film.

00:49 01:39 There is then another break in titles, at which point character and
setting are further introduced. This is achieved through the visual introduction of the
protagonist, a voiceover in which he expresses his view that everyone thinks theyre
an individual, as well as multiple establishing shots. In addition to this, a nondiegetic soundtrack plays. This music is soft, slow and appears almost melancholy
perhaps establishing character feelings or tone.

01:40 01:43 The official movie

title Submarine is then displayed
on screen, using the same font and
style as the previous titles. This is
placed over an extreme long shot of
the sea (again establishing setting),
which adds to the overall aesthetic
value of the scene.

01:51 01:54 A final title is used in

order to introduce the beginning of the
movie. This simply reads Prologue,
implying to the audience that the
following scene is to merely give them
background context regarding
narrative or character (as would be
found in a novel). The font and style of
this is different to that of the previous
titles, arguably displaying a visual shift
from title sequence to main narrative.
The movie Submarine was created by independent filmmakers, however received
funding from the UK Film Council. The titles, however, would not be outside of our
range of capability, thus making them applicable to our opening sequence. The
consistency in style and font creates an individual and unique identity for the movie,
whilst also enhancing visual effects. I think that the placement of the final title
(Submarine) over an establishing shot of the setting appears not only aesthetically
pleasing, however further establishes narrative. Likewise, all titles are relevant in
nature to the movie (i.e a blue background connotes to water/the sea as well as the
title, and the sans serif font connotes to a comedic genre); and are placed on screen for
an equal amount of time (this being around 4 seconds). Submarine is an independent
production as ours will be which is represented through the conventional emphasis
on artistic and aesthetic value within the credits. I will be able to use this within my
opening sequence, as Submarine demonstrates the use of simplistic but effective