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639 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA, 94102 (224) 999-3963

Northwestern University
M.S Integrated Marketing Communications (Data Analytics)

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Anticipated 12/2016
San Francisco, CA and Evanston, IL
Graduated 6/2015
Beijing, China

B.A in International Journalism and Communication

City University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China

Exchange Program in Marketing Analytics

San Francisco, CA
Marketing Analytics Project
Conduct total addressable market sizing analysis and create market segments
Build logistic regression model to predict churn rate of current users based on their site behaviors using
R, and create action plans to prevent churn
Analyze key drivers of subscription with Python and R, identifying opportunities to increase engagement
and potentially convert casual users to core subscribers
Optum (UnitedHealth Group)
Salt Lake City, UT
Business Intelligent Analyst
Analyzed transactional surveys including call center survey and implementation surveys with excel, built
Shapley regression model to prioritize tactical recommendations using R and reported performance trend
analysis, comment analysis, and action plans to corresponding teams
Pulled out a dataset with over 85,000 records and 100 variables from Salesforce using SQL, and built
logistic regression, classification tree and random forest models with R and SAS to predict win rate
Provided insights and recommendations on 3 sales categories (New, Renewal and Upsell) in top 4
markets (Provider, Payer, Government and Employer) to help sales team better allocate resources
General Mills
Chicago, IL
Advanced Modeling Project
Defined engagement metrics, segmented engaged users and profiled them
Built regression spline model to predict customers propensity to buy with their website and email
engagement behaviors with R to identify marketing opportunities
Thomson Reuters
Beijing, China
Marketing Analyst
Built a database of potential customers with excel as well as ad hoc analysis
Analyzed digital platform performance and generated monthly report that provides performance trend
analysis and recommendations to improve CRM and brand awareness
Weber Shandwick
Beijing, China
Digital Marketing Analyst
Analyzed social media performance and generated weekly report for client Abercrombie & Fitch and
Hollister, including performance trend analysis, sentiment analysis and strategic recommendations
Created digital media campaign plans and content strategies for A&Fs first store opening in China on
Wechat, Weibo and some other social media platforms
Statistical Tools: SAS (Certified), R, SQL, Python, Tableau, SPSS, Excel, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, HTML
Language: English, Chinese