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~\ Virginia Department of N y); Emergency Management Emergency Preparedness Handbook 2016 Se )=a8 NA fli) OMAKE A PLANO STAY INFORMED Collect these essential supplies to last at least 3 days for each family member. 1 gallon of water per person per day for drinking and hygiene A battery-powered and/or hand-crank radio. Extra batteries. Awritten family emergency plan Flashlights Toilet paper, soap, plastic garbage id I hygiene it kit, including a list of a ae ca aaa ies, and extra contact lenses Special items for elderly or disabled or glasses family members Sa. Awritten list of prescriptions, the Pet information and supplies Sy Prescribing doctors and at least a week’s supply of medications :Download the free eady Virginia app for lerts and more formation. Deva te Rec Vigii app Ready . 4 irginia www.Ready » 12713R100 CGETA KIT | IVAN ANSI stay INFORMED (RT aiax mee ale-lo emu Lim el Tee Oe RRC Tole Sr eas Meee Acc a euch ee De kes Ue a During an emergency, it’s Where can you reach your family during an emergency? often easier to reach family or friends who live out of town. Workplace and phone: a School and phone: ty Out-of-town contact: Workplace and phone: School and phone: Call or text #: £ Doctor: Veterinarian: Phone: Phone: Decide on a meeting place if you cannot return to your home. —— Medication: Neighborhood meeting Insurance: place and phone: pence: Phone: Prescribing doctor: Out-of-town meeting { Medication: { Medication: ao place and phone: Dosage: Dosage: Prescribing doctor: Prescribing doctor: Download the Ready Virginia app Download the free Ready Virginia app for alerts and more information pared under» grant irom FEMA Gran Programs Directorate snd the US Department of Homan Seeuety. — 12713R200 AGETA KIT OMAKE A PLAN Iai STAY INFORMED ANOAA Weather Radio is the best Listen to local TV and radios for way to get weather warnings for information from emergency your area. They carry weather OAA officials. Have a battery-powered information from local National fi 5 and/or hand-crank radio to get Weather Service offices 24/7. information when the power is out. Sign up for emergency alert Get the Ready Virginia app for notifications through your local your mobile device, available on government. the iTunes App Store and on Google play. {Download the free Ready we ipeady Virginia oop for IFQINNA | aterts and more information. 127138300