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WARRANT (DA) 01- 39970





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BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on thi day personally appeared the undersigned affiant, who after
being duly sworn by me, on oath stated: My name 1s Brad Love, and I have good reason to believe that on or
about the 9th day of October, 2016, in Wichita County, Texas, one
NAME OF SUSPECT: Fuller, Jermar Jamie
Did then and there commit the offense of
OFFENSE: Capital Murder
A violation of Section 19.03 of the Texas Penal Code, a (Capital) Felony Offense

Affiant's personal investigation of this alleged offense.

Affiant's belief is based upon the following facts and information:


D __,

a fellow peace officer of the City of Wichita Falls Police Department, Wichita County, Texas,
who personally participated in the investigation of this alleged offense, providing this information to affiant, and
whose information affiant believes to be credible.
On the basis of facts developed during the investigation of this offense, it is believed that the suspect, on or about
the date of October 9th, 2016, committed the offense of Capital Murder, at the following location: ... N 3 rd
Street, Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas.


The facts of the offense are as follows: On 10/10/2016, at 1141 hours, your affiant received a call from
the Public Safety Dispatch Office advising that Patrol Officers had been dispatched to a check welfare call at North 3rd Street. The dispatcher advised that the reporting person, later identified as Bertilda carpenter said
she went to her sons house to check on him and found him and his friend unconscious and unresponsive, and
believed that they were deceased. Your affiant responded to the scene and spoke with Patrol Officers who advised
that they had been dispatched to the call at 1131 hours. The first officers to arrive at the scene briefly spoke with
carpenter at. North Broadway, which is across the street from
North 3rd where her son Samuel Rankin
lived. carpenter advised that she thought that her son and his -=d of his were both deceased inside the
residence. Officers then made entry into the residence to check the welfare of the occupants. Upon entering the
residence Officers observed two obviously deceased males in the residence. The victims appeared to have
sustained gunshot wounds, so the residence was cleared by officers to ensure that there were no more victims or
possible s1,1spects inside. Once the residence was cleared Officers went back outside and began securing the
perimeter of the property with crime scene tape pending the arrival of detectives.
During the processing of the crime scene, pursuant to a search warrant, Investigators observed that there was a
black male and a white male victim who both appeared to have suffered multiple gunshot wounds. The white male
victim was found to be William Samuel Rankin, A.K.A. "Wedo", and the black male victim was identified as David
Wayne Phillips Jr. A.K.A. "Duke". A records check of Rankin and Phillips discovered multiple street gang affilations
and involvements. In addition, Phillips and Rankin were discovered to have multiple involvements in offenses
related to controlled substances. Investigators discovered multiple spent shell casings as well as projectiles of
unknown caliber strewn about the living room and kitchen floor of the victim's residence.
Phillips and Rankin were later transported to the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences / Dallas County
Medical Examiner's Office for autopsy. Projectiles were recovered from the bodies of Phillips and Rankin during
autopsy, and there deaths were ruled as homicide.
During the course of this investigation your affiant interviewed Bertilda carpenter who advised that about an hour
before she discovered her son had been killed, she saw a black male walking out of her son's front door. carpenter
advised that the black male subject walked out to the street and got into a red colored four door vehicle, before
driving away east on North 3rd Street. Your affiant was also told by friends and relatives of Rankin that he was
known to keep two handguns, a .45 caliber and a smaller caliber semiauto, in the living room of .North 3rd
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